hi guys this is agile and total lioness at me and I said Nicole rapid nice booties with Obama topical boom hasta maana kini a more animal inside opinions views from lentil salsa my situation current local or international or national or national local local PD national provincial they were international CJ so so many topic not on the whole begin at all video blog Goodman tackle by Cena well Thomas go time couple the national independent independent important partition policy and that drop the traditionally pinchy and Spratlys autoscent Oh Carlo bubi polenta afternoon super to China Camus lista papa Oh capitalist Anna okay atop another post on my costume well done got the Buddhism me him pray general agreement on tariffs and trade World Trade organization's and it goes to nice one electron assume so kita mapo-gu stop and perma or filter – okay Andiamo suits bow policia new marginalized uh some East Atlanta is out a lot o country so simply a chain and I shouldn't put Hmong agreement oh hey in your noggin 800 marginal Estacada madam appeal so colita appeal the Honda tarrlok at all the soup no pickle Lumiere a no man is an island island the untapped but all fun ahold oh so he caught on somebody well Tony boy any guru China mr. papa old capitalist night honey treinen mean square massacre because before the Chinaman massacre China was purely a communist country now after students in China so what had happened in the Philippines during that circle bloodless bloodless revolution it's a revolution the students of China before carpet that bloodless and peaceful revolution Sabbatini Jing so there was a great student demonstration at the cannon main square in Beijing way past nineteen eighty nine and it started it all so the politbureau of the Communist China before had decided to and nearly to kill anyone who would be there in the peaceful demonstrations result so they were killed they were killed so the bloodless revolution of Manila by way of data Revolution was not totally copied by residential China before but after which the government of China trying to make the change to give justice to those who died especially the students okay what had happened then was part of history already on China because China tried to re-emerge as a hybrid communist capitalistic country so the measured combination we are building back to the people the Chinese government combined capitalism and communism communism in the sense that the political system is still a communistic system because it is still dominated by one party from municipal councillor all the way up to the premier and the president it's being dominated by one party only so it the Communist Party of China has the same in all of the political life of all the people of China true in that way they are still communists now the people are now given the right to travel before there was no trouble – there was no way to today so we can surmise that it is now a hybrid communistic and democratic system and they have the right to travel they have the right to to business to have business global businesses private enterprises to enter into business so uh nothing on Japan and mountain channel min square okay now hold on now put Bob you're known in sick na hito and then medallion sila say what we call this one traditional ways what we can see that it's not hybrid because there are now rights given to the people but the political rights of the people are not yet there in that sense we can say that China listing a feminist and a community basis the communist and political system and economic system is less capitalistic mistake there are no emergence or Chinese Chinese companies wowie wowie there's no wobbly there's no Alibaba right and it's not competing with multinational companies in Europe and in America the only thing is there is still a semblance a great semblance of communism in China like in sports sports they are developing talents they're developing balance in China they are trying to stop and they can get many athletes minutes with good swimmers many good runners many good basketball players in the case of young women he was scouted by the Chinese training pool to be a part of the Chinese national team okay he had served the Chinese national club for so long but when he tried to fight the colors of using brackets in the NBA he now started to pay back to the government because the government said no you are not serving of the country but you are now trying posture your own purposes so we have to pay back the government because the government has already and develop you and has paid for your donations for you to pay back the government so communist system still because the government has paid for you you have to get back in the government because in a democratic country what the government has given you cannot be taken back so it's still an apology ha ha mr. Capone pero la finta honey lesson okay the whole community level we didn't even vape it and reborn righto righto brat only bored so a woman we didn't compete system and communist idea from leeward and follow me it's a tiny it is because China is the most populous country in the world and believe it or not there are still people people in China so because of the population explosion China there are still unemployed people so what why is it that there is cheap liquor in China it is because of the mass production for you to for you to to be an honorable way of life you have got it so I'm not telling me ich liebe or protoman so come on Manny Moe a stag hunt down that path doesn't anglerfish many more for example so subtle up is my Barranca of benching cost opposed do a comma buoys Phillip is that the handling of gamma habla peace para tip only for such Anna because the Chinese labor is cheap producer the Ma Bell poor barato and illa hang producto and they can sell it to the public the cheaper way compacted indeed given to the United States Australia even delivered to Europe Mahalo and reported to us in China it is cheap because of the population what's the reason why the Chinese products are cheaper compared to the to some other countries and vulcan pls kappa snus is a change simply but it go civility toget a get to the a tool to kind of calm population oh good not sound put Parker high limbs to the chain and Mahalo man and a poor lady – Mahalo man so I'm in Langley bore it cannot gorilla cilantro some Hanuman Hanuman semana that's the reason why the Chinese the Chinese products are now reigning supreme over some other Pradhan the Quran would talk a little bit about for three then they'd be a device and World Trade Organization and general androvich regenerate the military country German be German technology proven its inner hmm really famous Italia to opt for Lydia so the great co-employment me know so that investor must beg an adult about the time Travelocity foreign foreign corporations going to China because China has a cheap labor labor cost of its booming population Mozilla Vantage you Lana so when I give you one man can open what about following me oh Moo town dinner agreement on tariffs and trade voila Napa Louie one boundary no yeah but the less Knar and negocio so Antonio fabulous one building as a country and sorry pal what do not know so general agreement with parrots and train also World Trade Organization by parish maybe lower down below it depends to the agreement of the countries involved okay Canada Russia US Australia China por una de : so we Momo we doing a wing on an Australia I can't lower the turret so that you can enter Australia easily America can do that too Russia China okay no problem there's the problem because 30 countries it no problem in China to ship its products to Australia because there is cheaper turret there no problem with America if she will ship your products to China because there is smaller turret there okay so there's gonna be a what we call neutralism between countries Dubai Laura Mozilla they hosted a special attack on and tarifa put the money there in the Malkin see undermine countries Malkin see uncommon countries why Kellerman there are surplus capitals and products coming from bigger countries and they will send their surplus capital products surplus capital and products to the smaller countries and smaller countries my surplus capital and products bar voila I wanna see for the last China like the Philippines so can we export to China how can we exported America they are tamo do people say autopilot will general agreement on tariffs and trade and the World Trade Organization is not beneficial to the Philippines it is finished be sure to try not yes we cannot be countries Canada yeah unanimous hola hola Samos salutes got WTO quantitative restrictions and quantitative restrictions on in a phyllo dough more uncut o producto we can say likeness on bassy Saha a dopamine hangin on like for example yes and I am the man playing demand and demand so Philippines on sugar for example at reboot alga 1000 in sucks pero and produce is 800 sacra so Coulomb 200 200 200 sad so captain we have to me and cut so money what did that every section whereas so do I'm that Khun countries what are they holiday restriction Swedish Lima Peru land dream new product oh so didn't put in doctor said China much paratha so therefore each ATT WTO is not beneficial to the pilot to the small countries like the Philippines can look under turbulent le hameau own safety nets hmm koala seal a subsidy he Musa – ah like for example an auto race who know that aggressiveness Dana Morrigan ratio application launch a good bowler lantau grace Phelan how can we compete so anti rip current because by way of the price to education law with regard to the rice exporters pouring exporters that's been over to lady there for rice coming from Burma Vietnam Thailand can rain on us so what should happen to our local producers in my name what I need to go Mahalo Caillou Gaston the copay at Augusta's sambar rice versus okay get in portable gigas go west if in orderto that WTO Bogota balletto moon over down below pero we go so many lower nila apprecia cool lastly competence and delicious alone like rice pero old Milton a bolo like chemical fertilizer what I wanted to produce other well imma take upon one assignment and a product oh so we did Nick Alito presume Harvey's upon you lower down at alternate well they get put a muscled read yo mama so Mahalo that's to Mahalo gustoza fuckin work Hogan I'm gonna really died every time so mind my own do not wanna so let us you know deal a subsidized model and subsidized and moving former and probably by this act or – Quinta hotel subsidies a good yet no I think about yeah good thing in my yard domain a good compare that was us the cumin a subsidies a lahar they said 200 Gramado organic about what dollar k my TP sauce got to quit back with more and more with the piece of strands of CDs a mother to say para see I have tickets but we whole path Oh sowho not mean that touch that that's the sad reality happening to – small countries that get to the finish so how shall we remedy the present situation say Calvin somebody at all possibly comedian will we get out of that general agreement carpenter in and blah blah WTO imagine a less capable time so Monday represented resented to talk you laddie selects examples sugar how about hit being a so-called GA t TW t all second plus we wouldn't have the business transactions with bigger countries but only bit smaller ones like us maybe Malaysia Indonesia with Britain this island and then Vietnam at least we can compete with them with regard to the quantity the quantity if they can give us 100 such a price we can give them 100 100 support a toast not once a month on Ginny Lee so at least we can equally compete with them because you cannot the Philippines cannot completely China the Philippines do not come quickly the US but it's gonna completely Canada in a name oh I'm a sugar they agree with us k to help the Philippines 25% 50% owner or palapas into her own master 25 percent are told sugar autonomy in port he should get a tonig input us woman and act on sugar for 1,000 opinion Anglin owns that a book country yeah I don't know producto watching Tara quad panel open 25% my mood Allah says in tan so 200 the caught up in awake sport oh you wanna put that very important to put the outside like Australia Thailand kappa righto we put a puta so your honor and that dance at trading wanna become a loophole aleatory padai hot that bamboo but I thought he had that say USA coulomb discipline Bishop Bishop Konami trunk – no not cool on path so no importa little grace roly-poly hospitably get a dress indoors her only the politicus it was anyway italic outcome in importance of exports and Italy does not owe input expert canal as a topical well him is lying to people the poor solar double video my happen oh you know plug Elam Antonio tombola historia Karen no-go my you bateau porosity or dilly uneasy are you okay I do oxy men have Omega all away a local autonomy


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