Aries July 2019

[Applause] [Applause] Ares hello um I do readings here in person here in Orlando Florida just go through my website click the link below to book an in-person reading today um also huge month astrologically so I don't I try to throw tons of astrology and I am evolutionary trouser but anyway a big you'll hear me throw some of those messages in because it's just it's a craze Falls month of astrology for July so kicking off the month of July eight of Pentacles Wow eight of Pentacles is Felicity wins the race one foot in front of the other just keep going you're honing your craft fine-tuning your skills my housewife here and the housewives deck she is painting this one plate here and she's really happy about it and what I just want to tell you I'm hearing a warning for you Aries is I see these plates is up in the air and she's really focusing on this one thing and like don't forget that there's more to life than this one thing so if that's your love relationship you also gotta look at the other areas of your life if that's your work career you also go to look at the other areas of your life just you don't want any of these plates to fall because they're hanging for too long is what I'm hearing so Minor Arcana but just a little warning for you so already for a sociological message is huge total solar eclipse with Sun a moon in cancer July 2nd in America anyway so it clips those are massive ending so that massive awesome new things can begin sometimes can be painful doesn't have to be just a really really big deal cancer is a sign of home and family so and then some will say where do we really live where do we really live in our minds my mind is telling me is the thing telling me that this is the room in the house that I live in that did a duck so if that can be seer changes and upheavals in your ways of looking at things and seeing things so wrapping up that first week of July for you is four of Wands so four of Wands it's been love and marriage card so congratulations if some of you are doing the love and marriage thing awesome force our stability wands our creativity I just want to tell you sorry but it's another warning my housewife here is put her feet up with her martini she's made a little hammock out of her mops and her rug there because she's been working real hard awesome but if you look really closely there's a guy still putting the roof on the pool isn't in yet and so what I'm hearing is just don't rest on your laurels I look do you see my body language I hate and I'm going to give you this message because the other thing eclipses do is just like zap us energetically so that we can then rev up into the transformation but eclipses can be a bit draining um and it can make us want to rest but like Aries not for you I don't know I just feel like a lot of my Aries your transformation as a result of this eclipse is going to involve a lot of action and effort and who's better actioning and efforting than Aries so it's not time to rest and relax unfortunately for you guys it's time to go go go is what I'm hearing I mean enjoy it maybe take a few days off but then get back at it is what I'm hearing kicking off the second week of July queen of cups so queen of cups king of cups is master of his emotion queen of cups is getting there but she's all emotional so this housewife here is very like I don't know we'll see so whenever area there's an area in your life kicking off the second week of July where you're just kind I don't know I feel like someone's coming back around and there's the Aries hey I know I've been a little flaky but I'm really in at this time or I know I seem like that was ghosting on you if it's love seemed like that was ghosting on you but here I am and you're just kind like you know fool me once right shame on you fool me twice shame on me um I'm gonna keep going to see what you know what just at first glance on this card I'm getting it's not a bad thing to be a little I don't want you to be jaded I don't want you to be skeptical necessarily what I'm hearing to tell you is just to be be smart you know eyes wide open like alright you know this person's been this and that before so I'm gonna be a little cautious but don't be jaded or or say automatically say no is what I'm hearing wrapping up the second week of July July 7th through August 1st mercury is in retrograde no idea what that means google it it's kind of become kind of mainstream to know about that at this point but um so I won't go on and on in this video maybe I'll just release some mercury in retrograde video for your everyone two of Wands two ones is a pairing it is coupling so once is creativity this could be a new business partner a new boss definitely could be love wands or that spark of attraction um what I'm hearing it is ready look at this this is the 80s new wave deck um he is on this full moon at the top of the hill and I'm seeing areas that he has been waiting for you to get up that hill and speak in a 80s new wave I'm hearing that song by Kate Bush I've been running up that hill and running down that road um you've been taking a journey and someone has been watching your journey and they've been waiting for the right moment to pair with you and they've been waiting for you they've been at the top of the hill like watching you cut struggle so really feels boss business partner to me but again it could love as well I've done that or I've been interested in someone but I'm gonna let you get through the issue going through there because I don't want to hook up with someone who's going through all that you know what it means so interesting centered the spread overall energy of the reading seven of wands Wow I'm seeing that this guy has um he's he had a choice and he reached down and he grabbed a wand and then he's like cool I make this choice I I don't know I mean making the right choice I'm not sure I'm not pulling it towards me I'm gonna like look at the other choices one more time and when I'm here to tell you is throughout the month of July we get grounded you know with grounding with stability make your choices I don't know why I've seen this for you guys you'll have to tell me but it's like they see a lot of like making a choice then wondering about it making a choice than doubting yourself making a choice than doubting the other person and I'm hearing to tell you like like just almost always our first initial gut instinct choice is the right one you have everything you need to make the right choices in your life in the month of July Aries I just feel like maybe all of this astrological stuff this doing a number on you I'm not sure but um your choices are good and sound so don't doubt yourself and constantly you know good you know what I changed my mind yeah I mean so just cool well this is kind of a warning month for Aries so I'm happy to be helpful in that way by the way in readings sometimes this is how it goes and part of what I'm here to do is to say I see you're going to want to do that but don't you know so awesome kicking off the third week of July the Hermit card could be a major kind of signifier card for Burgos this could be a major kind of Virgo in your life there is that if you are majorly involved with the Virgo then then the Hermit lights his own way with his lamp in the deserts in the dark alone you know he goes it alone and he lights his own way it is right underneath this card so areas I feel like this message is saying kicking off that third week of July like um listen to yourself and your own internal guidance don't do that thing where you take a poll hey I've got this thing going on my wife I'm confused I need some help what do you think what do you think what do you think what do you think it's crazy making when you get four or five different answers to the same problem especially when you really respect these four or five different people done it that is something um it's been a while but that was that was something in my in my 30s let's say that I did all the time I just I just didn't have a lot of self-confidence and I was constantly doubting myself and my decisions and I would just be like I'm gonna do this what do you think I'm gonna do this what do you think and now I have one two two trusted friends and every once in a while the third person chime in on a situation but it's usually only after I'm clear and I've made my decision um I might be like oh Claire I've made my decision but do you would you have anything you would add to this is what I do want that so you have a lot of your own answers taking off that third week of July don't get confused by other people's opinions is what I'm hearing and two of cups you really got business boss job stuff on this one and two of cups is the Minor Arcana levers cards some feel it's as significant as the Major Arcana lovers card it is so it doesn't have to be love if you're just like I'm not interested that's cool um stick with me it's it's um this is a pairing with you and someone else that is a matter of your heart so that could still be business if you love your business that you work for our own right this could be friend this could be reconciling with a family member it's to be a lot of things um for some of you I like just they do have say this I just hear dark night of the soul and watch it first a tiny amount of you maybe just one of you they're in an embrace and she has her cup up right and that says to me like she is like I'm in it to win it with you I want this let's do this and he is tipping the cup behind her back like why I don't know I'm hugging you and making you feel like I'm in this but I don't know so Ares I'm here to tell you and um I feel like for many of you whatever situation this is you've been in a situation with someone you've been on a journey with someone and it's like they reel you in um for some of you it's multiple journeys it's work it's love it's friends it's all kinds of things they reel you in and they're like okay Ares you know come here come on come on and then you get in and they go just kidding I can think of two totally different situations and people automatically on this so I say that to you now Ares whoever is immediately coming to mind um and it's really really hard sometimes to be like this I mean but for for sorry it's a complicated message for tiny amount of you this is love but for many of you this is a situation it's just something other than love so I'll let you figure out which one you are if you're confused watching this towards the beginning of July come back and watch it again later sometimes it makes more sense later also I've had many fans tell me that the weeks this is a general reading it's sometimes a week three happens on week one and sometimes week one happens on League four so just a little FYI for you July 16th partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn like we don't have enough eclipses eclipses do actually always come in pairs but sometimes it's it's not all in the same month it's one only in one month normally in the others so partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn and that's going to be about hard work and authority and are you the authority of your own life and are you will need to put in again the work to make your big back beautiful life happen is what I'm hearing to say to you and sometimes the work is saying no more you know setting boundaries saying that isn't good for me you're not good for me I'm not gonna fall it again for that again or you're good for me but I seem to always get way more invested in this thing you do and I'm going to match your energy from now on not gonna give more then then I get you know um sometimes it's okay to give more than you get but on this situation I'm hearing areas be done with that and and for some of you I'm hearing you do that across the board you overly give give give give of yourself your time your energy even mentally in situations worrying for others whatever and then you're exhausted at the end of the day while everybody else is in bed sleeping soundly you know kicking off the last week of July ten of swords awesome ten of swords it's a minor work on a deaf card it is transformation it is the end of a painful awful if he is she stressful situation chapter in your life if you will and when I'm seen on this card look at her she's up against the board having a knife thrown at her like she has been up against that board for a long time just having knives thrown at her and what I'm hearing is open your eyes the knife thrower is gone whether that's your own harsh inner dictator whether that's other people whether that's some people you haven't been able to say no to and now you're saying no or whatever um open your eyes the knife thrower is gone it's ready for your next big bad beautiful chapter to begin and you need to do that with your eyes open it's what I'm hearing I love it I love it it's a beautiful message and also July 31st we have another new moon in Leo so the total solar eclipse is in a new moon new moons are what do you you know what do you want to get in your life it's the full moons shed and clear new moons or like okay now what do you want to put in there and it's it's a time to really um whatever you put in your life on a new moon tends to stick in space you've got two new moons and July – just be careful about what you are and aren't allowing into your life right um also I will just say before I do this card I'm a medical intuitive I've been doing a lot of medical intuitive readings lately I've been an RN for 17 years most of that in post open heart intensive care and I can like a human X psychic x-ray machine look in and take a look at your medical stuff and um see what we can come up with so just know that and come back in two weeks to watch my love and health messages and you'll see more of my medical intuitive in those readings and this is night of ones Knight of wands so Knight of wands I see you Aries ending the month of July in open-hearted like I figured it out Jamie I figured out who I shouldn't shouldn't give my time energy effort and love to and I know what I do want to give all of that to now so I'm waving my flag of open-hearted love energy to be like bring it to me universe like I hear that by the end of the month of July you're ready to stop blocking your progress from blocking your success again for a lot of you by giving your time and energy to the wrong things and people right I've done the work I've stopped doubting my choices that chapter has ended um I do have to say this though I try to save my love specific love stuff for my love videos but let's do this I can't help it I see what I see that if you strike the message on this for some of you with love be careful with this person right they don't quite honor you the way you want or they don't honor your relationship or coupling the way you do again doesn't have to be love but for longing for for some of you I'm speaking you about love right now wrapping up that journey with this person awesome love it this person like Knight of wands can be the player of the Tarot so here's the deal if you don't fully learn a lesson typically the universe will send the same exact person along they'll look different they'll have a different name they'll seem different your that goes nothing like my last one and then a couple months later your just likes exactly like my last one and then you don't do a lot of readings on why do I keep getting the same thing over and over and over again emotional unavailability go skiing etc right so what I say is and I did get this back here but I'll say it again you can say you know stick and state I'm in less persons being abusive or absolutely has cut off all contact with you if they're still like giving you a little something so they can stay work through it work through it with that person you know I didn't take it all the way away from them I said just be careful but stick and stay through it like like work work through the issues sometimes even if it's just I see all your issues I'm gonna turn this into a friendship I'm not gonna do the love thing with you at all or anymore or whatever I'm but I'm I'm not going to just cut and run and put my focus on someone new because it could turn around and just be that same kind of person that he might just for a lot of you it's emotionally unavailable um ghosty type you know when a push/pull right whenever you get cuz again they're like Aries come here you're like you okay and then there's like boom during your face then you're like so you you forget about at me start to move on hey Aries hey Aries what you doing later and you're like nothing I'll meet you at 7:00 and then like 7:00 comes you're at the coffee shop where are they you know and I'm saying oh sorry I had an emergency with my dog you feel me so but I'm hearing like work through it with this person so that you don't attract yet another one in is what I'm hearing because you are open hearted awesome ready for love at the end of July and open-hearted means um hey there pal I see what you're doing there and this is general message for everyone love friendship boss work whatever hey there pal I see what you're doing there and that must be tough to live your life that way must be tough to be that emotionally unavailable must be tough to be that terrified of a real actual intimate connection with another human being and while I'm looking for something deeper and more awesome I'm gonna have pass on the romance with you because I'm tired of that lesson but let's be friends and if I can be helpful to you in any other way to work on this stuff awesome you know I'm I'm not going to abandon you the way you constantly abandon me but I'm going to have boundaries and take care of myself and no longer be like you know sucked in constantly by you so I hope sorry that is just a really clear strong message coming through I hope this has been helpful please come watch your love health and sexuality readings for me in two weeks your love health and sexuality reading is still up for mid-june through mid-july so you can still go watch that one ah thank you so much but bye


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