Argument with a Social Scientist at IIT Bombay: Rajiv Malhotra #3

    —————————————–By Shri Krishna from Bhagwat Gita
    Your HEAD –> is Brahman bcos it thinks
    Your Hands and Shoulders -> KSHATRIYA bcos they fight when someone attack you
    Your Stomach -> is VYSYA which feeds your body
    Your Legs -> Shudra which help you walk on road, mud, dirt, climb mountain etc

  2. The Girl was so confused and probably trying to point out that Dalits are being oppressed by upper class..

    We have to get over this idea of backward class/SC/ST and all sorts of non-sense. This can happen only when the conjuncture from both the sides.

    I cannot imagine that this highly educated girl bringing it up, She might feel she's representing them, but infact she's being critical about things and creating more animosity.

    I don't see much difference between this learned social scientist, a pseudo-secular (politcian trying to stir emotions of islamists) or a fanatic Hindu priest (A handful who exist in remote villages, who deny dalits entering temples citing them as lower caste)

    But, I atleast expect some sensibility in this generation youth, who are learned to be pro -collectivism, pro-nationalism rather than to cry about these atrocities in society, which is a by product of what Rajiv Ji explained about Herbert Risley (Lord Risley).

  3. Wow, amazing job.. It is so true that we are being taught everything that is wrong with us. .Teaching us stuff To Make sure that we don't have any confidence with in ourselves to face the world when we will be clouded with self doubt.

  4. Rajivji had made logical points as always. Also, some people stupidly measure literacy in terms of English language skills. But even during slavery days, majority Indians were educated and literate in their own languages. In pre-slavery days one did not need to be a phd to do a job that gave them money. Even today, a fellow whose goal is to sell vegetables like his father, does not need a degree. As long as he can manage his own little business even if it is selling on streets, he is okay! In many cases their maths skills are better than the so-called educated. I have seen myself.

  5. This way the question is framed is symptomatic of how far certain Indians have gone in being associated with the breaking India project. People like Kancha Illiah have nothing new to offer other than make anti Hinduism rants. This is all fine since Hindu bashing is in vogue and an easy way to get labelled as a scholar, get a lot of space in the print media. They spread canards and falsehood about Hindus and Hinduism in every forum that they get to speak. So the one in current proposition is that the Vedic people (and therefore the upper castes of today) have invented nothing and if ever they have, they have only done so as stolen ideas from the Dalit people. Therefore the caste Hindus have no right to ask the Westerners to stop doing so.

  6. how knowing a technology of some smelting makes them scientists? such technologies co-existed with theory of phlogiston for a long time. granted old theory of phlogiston was a theory just like new theory. but a theory becomes part of scientific effort only if testability and methods of testing a theory are also proposed. science is not facts and theories and hypotheses. science is attitude to challenge and test theories and retest theories. science is testing like in michelson-morley experiment. science is accepting result of that experiment and engendering einstein's thought experiment of special theory of relativity. science is methods not specific facts or theories or even technologies. homo habilis and many primates (even crawling worms) do technologies. knowing and inventing technologies does not make one scientists. credit for what? not being able to defend when taimur came killing? neither our monarchs and nor common people (certainly not low castes and more importantly also not upper castes too) were prepared for invasions. before and after those invasions we did perfect job of destroying literature of charvaks who were our true and only scientists. for inventing smelting technologies we must give credit. more importantly giving them level playing field in present times. not quotas. level playing field in competition not outcomes. you invent, you discover, if you have merit you win no matter your caste. no discrimination. discrimination makes new low castes.

  7. we owe all our major epic literature to Dalits.both Veda Vyasa who arranged entire Vedas as we know today and Valmiki who is the author of Ramayana were from tribal section of society.recent genetic study concluded thst intermarriage of various 'castes' could be conclusively said to have begun around 500a.G only.before that the genetics points to interested marriages being the norm.

  8. Lower caste people these days are more concerned about hating Hindus, than fighting for their own rights.
    So after getting reservations, they still want to hate Hindus. It's like unless the roles from history are reversed they will not be happy. So we Hindus are just supposed to go turtle in guilt and let lower caste people get all the wealth and power. Aren't some lower caste people already abusing reservations? Merit has gone to toilet & we are now to let idiots take over? I said idiots – at least by merit/intellect or even integrity.

    Rajiv Malhotra is actually making this more clear. It was advantageous to the British and even now to the West for us to keep fighting among each other. We got to go beyond this.

  9. At least she is listening with patience and trying to understand the other point of view. Lots of other social science students r closed minded and do not even indulge the possibility of a different reasonable reality.Rajiv Malhotra is right.This is because of inferiority complex.

  10. Sometimes I feel pity for the Indian students. They think they are learning a lot but in reality they are learning so little.

  11. Inka toh roz ka Randi rona laga rehta hai, now should we debate with them rationally, or shall we deal with such elements of our society the "cardassian way"

  12. Well he's does have a point there. Our education system really has created a hidden sense of inferiority in us,this inferiority complex you would find getting subtler and stronger as and as we progress up the "intellectual" ladder

  13. social scientists seem to forget that entire Vedas n purana literature is attributed to a 'dalit' called Veda Vyasa.n Ramayana also written by another dalit called Valmiki.

  14. I think in our schools, the western 'moral science' books must immediately be changed with Indian Sanatan manner of 'society Ethics' where one can study Indian society but in Indian perspective and not with western malicious agenda. Also the subject names must be in pure Hindi and there must be one medium and standard of Indian education system as many mediums are causing chaos in respective mindsets. Also that any world university which do not recognize Indian diploma and degree, than we must not recognize their diploma and degree in India too. Today's moral science and history is like feeding your child with poison. Infact what todays history summorizes is not 'Who We Are' but its all about false glorifying congress which was highest distortation of mordern history. Moral Science must be ban and NCERT must be controlled by respected Rajiv Malhotra. And so there must be a compulsory NCC for everyone and these young children should be send to Army Camps and it must be compulsory. Than there must be compulsory apprentice for students of 9, 10, 11 and 12th, Diploma and Degree etc. There must be a government controlled hub under MR Malhotra where all private Indian companies must be listed which than train the youth. And it must be a credit system. Any student who is failed, must not be allowed further. And if anyone get failed continuously than he/she should pursue the same procedure but in private. The schools and colleges must be free overall in India. Teachers number must be cut out immensely. Only the teacher which pass the screening of intellect, IQ, Nationalism, Positiveness and psycho test just to refine weather one is a pervert in behavior or not. HR can prepare such test questions which Teachers needs to be filled while applying for jobs. An outstanding credits and experienced biodata must only be allowed to teach our youth. Besides, students must have to rate the Teacher at the end of each year which needs to be done by schools and institutions and colleges where student name and identity must be made hidden. And so the basis of a healthy and aware society can be made. And most obvious, the right history of our culture by our Indian historian particularly Mr Malhotra must be implemented immediately. Our history books needs immediate reforms. Our history is distorted under burdens, western malicious social abuse, pleasing foreigners and defaming natives, wrong facts and figures, wiping out a huge chunk of time period in BC, and many lies in our history book which has distorted our Indian youth with some west inferiority complex and with self guilt complex. History books misuse issues like social reforms, ill practises and caste system and human rights. All these things must be rewritten with truth, accuracy and these topics must be taken out. And we must introduce what wrong west have done in India, how they misused and propagate lie about caste system and Sanatan Dharam, how islam ruined Indian society. We Indians are ashamed to discuss the truth. But History must be truth and not what abrahamic religion preach, i.e, they preach to distort the history in the manner which suits their ideas and mindset to make looters and invaders as some kind of glorifying people. We need to teach how in the name of persians, the lie about Aryans were injected by western historians. Its time to tell the truth that there is no word like Aryan. In vedas, Ramayana and Mahabharata, its ARYA and they are out Kshatriya class of highly trained Warriors. Perhaps best in the world, with divine weapons which they got with thier Tapasya. We must own our Sanatan heritage which is the oldest and present it with truth rather than satisfying western interests. New history books must be immediately introduced in our syllabus. Infact both ancient and modern history knowledge and curent affairs must be mandatory for all Indian. This happens when same books are introduced in our market. Malicious people must be ban to publish wrong books and must be blacklisted. NCERT books are crap and its high time that a group of scholors like Mr Malhotra must redesign Indian syllabus which laid to the foundation to better future India. congree deliberately ruined Indian text books which was like a curse and they were put into their place by Indian. And I know that all the bad they did to India, they will never ever be able to make any comeback. Indian hate congress so much that Indian are blood-thirsty about congressi goons. Any government gets the mandate to shape the future of that country. congressi goons totally ruined it. Mr Modi Government must start new syllabus immediately. The chaos we see in jnu and such lost youth of today's generation is because of the fact that congress didn't carried Nationalism and Devotional messages through textbooks. Rather congress have ruined the history by their agents which stress less on 'Who We Are' but stress on distorting history to please foreign invaders and looters who lives in India by decades but with their foreign names which has nothing to do with native Sanatan ethics and practice. National Anthem must be made compulsory in every institutions. 15 August and 26 Jan must be celebrated in schools and colleges and attendance must be made compulsory. And those who do not bow their head in front of our Indian National Flag must be thrown out immediately and their names must be circulated as blacklist so that no government and private sector can ever give them a job. And like foreign countries, there must be a centralized Job center where all details of people doing jobs within India is stored. Job center must be geared up and must insure that no single youth is free. If someone is free that put him or hr in Tea stall to sell Tea. Our respected PM have proved that all work are same and you can always have a future if you are hardworking. One last thing, their must be absolute control of media as there are many anti Indian goons in Indian media and many anti Indian people are given a media platform to vomit venom against India. I think all information medium must be put into scrutiny and all those who are engaged in anti Indian activities must not only be blacklisted but RAW must butch them and their families. No license must be issued to anti Indian news channels. All news must be put into scrutiny before they went public by another government centralized agency. All this rule must be applied to anti Indian newspapers also. Beside, such anti Indian must be raid by income tax department and must be send behind the bars for lifetime. More youth oriented programs must be made rather than ektakapoor type crap retarded serials. I think information flow must come entirely under national security. I have noticed how Bollywood slowly turned into urdu. I have noticed how urdu is injected forcefully into Bollywood. I am totally against writing a movie name in urdu too. Any movie name in Bollywood must be strict in Hindi as its our national language and than in english as its so called international which is not even required. I think Bollywood songs must be written only in Hindi. I strongly think that Bollywood needs true nationalists which can show our oldest civilization, our native heros. Rather than celebrating looters, occupiers,invaders and foreigners. I think unlike congress,we must stop appeasing a particular section as it have make them retarded. Our native Hindu religion are Sanatan Dharam, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and we must only focus on our native religion, their scripts and their teachings. So foreign share be exactly the same what is Hindu share in foreign land. Simple.

  15. Ramayana was written & credited​ to Sage Valmiki who was a hunter.We have given him the highest position as"sage"

  16. Salutations for giving respect and also a befitting but a gentle answer to the would-be scholar if not a Sepoy of Breaking India Force. Poor Girl is the Victim of our educational system. What else can you expect from a slave of our educational system? She just did what she could to put up a brave look!!!, seldom realising braveness is to be inculcated in character and not for showing off. Poor Schooler is not even aware that Valmiki or Vyasa dealits as per her view are credited with Ramayana, YogaVasista (authored byValmiki) and Compiling of Vedas, Mahabaratha, Srimath Bagavatha and 18 puranas and classic book of the spritual Logic / Mimamsa Sastra BrahmaSutra (authored by Vyasa) and were given the respect of Mahrishis'. Read Periapuranam to know about the social hormony that prevailed in southern India before the invasion by Mugal's and British.

  17. Thank you so much for educating us through your videos and books! I am blessed with the knowledge on Indian civilisation and I am proud to know the truth about it.

  18. is ladki ka asli problem yeh hai…
    agar koi aadmi kehta hai ki "a given technology originated in India". Then this girl has a problem with the word "India". She would rather have "a given technology was pioneered by lower caste people"

  19. ….all plz dont fight…you want evidence of caste system..then go on any indian matrimonial websites..ha ha ha..

  20. typical inferiority complex…this retarded girl probably talks about herself, her family & friends when she says "we Indians have never had the culture of giving credit to the right people"…On the subject of dalits, what about Ambedkar, he was not given full credit, but it was because of the pseudo-secular islamist congress party and its icon nehru who banned Ambedkar from getting Padmashree or any true recognition…just goes to show even IITs are not spared from suffering dumb fools within its ranks…At the age of 42 or so, Rajiv Malhotra sacrificed majority of his wealth and gave 100% of his time to the cause of giving credit to Hinduism, and what has she done to give credit to the "right people"?

  21. I don't want to attack this lady or social scientists in general saying you always talk negatives. Its their choice. Only thing is you should not be imposed so much on your minds. But they got it completely wrong in claiming due credit is not given. I think it is factually wrong. I grew up listening to the words like, "you can't do this particular kind of work like those guys do, they are experts in it". Surely people used to associate one particular kind of art and skill to appropriate ones.

    The main problem is with how much respect these arts/skills/professions were given. This is something that should be talked about. Socialists, you are hitting the shadow of the problem. I would say that respect was not the same over time like rajiv ji said.

  22. Total disconnect. They shockingly lack comprehension of even what constitute academic work and what is not. 40 pages of booklet by Kancha Illaiha, vs volumes of rigorous academic books… ; she just can not give it up. Similarly about social sciences vs sciences-total ignorance but even lacks willingness to learn. And I hear these are the most brilliant student in a country where 40-50 % high school can not write a sentence property.

  23. His books must be incorporated into Indian History curriculum. Such intelligent and profound person that he is. Rajiv ji is indeed a great scholar

  24. The problem with this girl is that she did not even understood that rajivji documented the zinc knowledge that the so called down trodden. Rajivji… paramacharya's work are documented as voice of God. He has mentioned about sutrakaras like abastambar etc. It is clear from those points that the other caste were also involved in some parts of Brahman yagna

  25. problem is, she is too much invested in westernized education of india. Difficult for her to get out of the emotional delusion created by colonizers…

  26. Maha Rishi Valmiki wrote Ramayana (he is SC/ST according to today's classification), and everyone is fond of his pious work. Their is never a discrimination between celebrating performers and excellence. But, the girl is asking to propagate that work belong to a particular caste, which is wrong, we all are Indians, proud of our ancestors and proud of our motherland. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.

  27. Valid point on cast, old days much of brahmins wealthy people and rich people villages, right now what their position in villages, in old days caste value is depend on the importance and demand of their services given to society at that time.

  28. Did this woman really read the book? the book name itself is Post Hindu India. If someone wants to credit a particular community everyone will welcome it but using Dalit as a outer cover to Break india is not acceptable.

    In his book he wrote lot of lies about Upper caste people. some of his lies are include upper caste people are not in army, they are not in Agriculture,Upper caste people doesnot mix up with lower caste people, upper caste people invented lord ganesha, one upper caste community made the britishers corrupt who actually were very good, upper caste people cant survive if they form a different country, he says aryans invaded India and destroyed Harrappa civilzation and Drove the native indians downwards. Sometimes he says northern indians are invaders sometimes he says upper caste people are aryan invaders based on the need.

    If he really wants to give credit to so called lower caste people, Why to bring christianity in that, see how many times he mentions about christianity in his book. He sees people with only caste, he talks about the castes of modi,gandhi,nehru,amit shah.

    He is a member of All indian christian council,He is part of dalit freedom network. His writings are backed by the west. Once you read you will clearly understand it. There are breaking india forces acting beware indians.

  29. Introducing Social science studies @IIT was a bullshit decision. Mediocre guys come to study it and they are more interested in creating communal and political problems in the campuses. Most of them are not interested in studies.

  30. If I could donate my life to this man! मैं आपके अभियान से जरूर जुडूंगा।

  31. Abolish use of words caste system by law. This lady is confused about it. Speaker is knowlegeable. Will certainly read those books.

  32. I will not hire this lady who seems fixated on illusionary narrative. She needs to be prepared before making a statement. Another pseudointellectual pretending to be knowledgeable.

  33. I don't know if there was any caste system present in history but what is quite clear that Post Independence there is a caste system which has been imposed through constitution by way of reservation, SC/ST Act. and many more such laws and so called general castes are continuously being suppressed, harassed, and abused.

  34. Please come to IIT Delhi this year (2019) before I pass out of college. The only people who organize talks here are left wingers like Rajdeep Sardesai.

  35. IITians are like leech…what does a leech do? It sucks blood from the human body and survives on nutrients contained in the blood….IITians study for 4 years and their education is subsidised by the Indian tax payers money. After completion of b tech most of them migrate abroad and work as mid level managers for tech support companies. How many IITians really continue in the field they have studied in? I know IITians who have studied Chemical and Mechanical engineering and they have taken up IT support jobs only because of fat paychecks. Some other IITians who stay back in India choose weird non engineering careers like writing, politics, acting, sketching and so on….They take up one engineering seat of a deserving student who really wants to make a career in Engineering….I think government needs to stop this…

  36. Our youngsters will do well to keep an open mind and an analytical bent of mind when reading any book. Do much of writing is motivated from ancient times. The British made a tote based education curriculum and provided their world view of history, and sociology and religion. They incentivised with Babu jobs where one could be well off from following the superior. do much of history of India is questioned by subject matter experts now. But still the newer views have not found their way into curriculum. As a result, our younger generation is knowledge wise handicapped, and their blind faith in their teachers and colleges ( also similarly brainwashed) makes them to overrate themselves and their abilities. Her concluding remark was like saying I don't agree as though she had researched that subject all her life and was the authority on it. An academic degree alone doesn't assure you authority on a matter. It is the constant seeking of truth and the experience that comes with it that will help one earn a right to debate as an equal. These youngsters should ask in order to get the perspective. Take the views to be possibilities for them to dwell in depth and expand and round their knowledge in this process. Not cut such a rude and stupid figure.

    Coming to artisans, was the case any different in western world. How thus sociology student could not think of the squalor in Europe and America with the industrial revolution demeaning the artisans and making them robots doing repeated basic tasks in sweat houses proudly sold as Taylor management theory. What about the abject poverty in the communist regimes in the name of social justice with people working like animals and few leaders enjoying.. what about the ancient India which was the richest country even till 18century , with the west paying in gold to source the Indian produce. Artisans were the focal point alongwith enterprising traders and patronising kings in this economic prosperity. But these are not captured in the history and sociology taught to this lady. Nor she has the passion to go beyond the books prescribed to her. British colonialists inflicted physical cruelty on our artisans to favour their industry. As per the perverts and opportunists like Kanchan, indian culture and not the colonialists made dalit poor.

    I call upon youngsters to develop scientific temper and broaden their reading, get more analytical , develop humility and learn not to take at face value a lot of media and left leaning people – many of them are shallow , opinionated but worse still have their sights on funding from indulgent foreign groups and institution with their own selfish agenda

  37. Well, the people who have suffered will ask questions in today's world no matter what. Nobody's going to turn his/her cheek or be denied into temples in India. It's our fate that, the one man who wrote the constitution alone, had to adopt Buddhism in fear and insecurity. We are nobody without SC/ST.

  38. Hats off to tou Sir,
    Deep down every Indian citizen has this conciousness of self worth obscured by thousands of years of slavery and present defective educational system.
    You are providing vent to this feeling or what I will say in Hindi –
    सोयी हुई चेतना को जगाना

  39. If we leave aside caste system, we can always witness the status of people in our societies all over the world going up and down like a wheel. Once it is fitted to a vehicle, one side comes up and the other goes down, next, down side comes up and the upside goes does down.

  40. yes british started the caste system and wrote manusmriti.

    we all hindus should burn manusmriti, and demolish all manu statue.

  41. chinese also want to talk about their human rights violations in tibet, but their government is so regressive that they might get abducted and judicially killed.

    we indians dont want to be like that, dont give examples of chinese when you talk about human rights.
    comparing yourself with the chinese and arabians is the most stupid thing, they are not even on the level to compare.

    taking pride on false narrative is the worst.

    we talk about the caste system because it is still a relevant problem in this age. whereas slavery is no more in the west, still they do debates on that in the west.
    dont know which social science books of india you have read, but our books also talked about the good changes in the society done by several reformist like mahatma phule and his wife savitri, when women and lower castes were not allowed to study.

  42. Professor Kanchan illeya have copied work of literature, not own contributions and his words are more based on hates further he is converted, consider him as outsider indian.

  43. The question asked very clearly indicates the extent to which the young minds have been poisoned and brainwashed. This is because of the fake history and anti Hindu inputs goes into our syllabus. It is unfortunate that hrd ministry is simply not doing anything about it. Breaking India forces have percolate into our education system to a very dangerous extent.

  44. Problem is the people creating this rucuss are the so called upper caste, going on championing Dalits because of their inferiority complex .no dalit speaks like this, only the Dalits who is brainwashed or converted to Christianity talks like this.

  45. I pledge to gain knowledge and read about India through Rajeev jis lense and his books and if possible will carry forward this baton.

  46. Sympathy with the girl. Brainwashed by European system. Castism is very bad. but Pls.note caste considered lower today were Very powerful in ancient times. Yadavas.Lord krishna caste, Jarasandh, Shishupal etc. In South india many were Kings. Maurya dynasty.

  47. Rajiv Sir, I have a question.,is there is any wrong with MANUSMRITI. Is this book/Smriti distorted my marks muller and something else which we don't know. Pleases enlightened us.Thank you.

  48. Rajiv malhotra ji has taught Indians a new way of thinking. A new way of observing the world.
    His personal anecdotes teach a lot about world and how it functions.
    He should atleast be given Padma Bushan or Padma ViBhusan for his contribution.

  49. they always start with an explanation of their viewpoint.. and then ask the question.. is not asking a question directly part of our culture?

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