1. That's why i hate social media. I have Facebook for my job, just for my job. And youtube for nice video like this.

  2. I love instagram but there are some things that hurt self-esteem. You have to use the app considering that life is not as shown in that social media.

  3. Social media not only produce disconnection, they are a great working tool and connection between people.

  4. Was at the zoo with my kids and 4 different mother's just taking selfies non stop on the merry- go- round. Instagram had more of their attention than their kids. Priorities right?

  5. I’m the guy in the white shirt at the end 😂🤣 I be hella annoyed and that’s why I stay in the house now 😂 post no pics of me at all.

  6. #️⃣most people on ig r living a lie & selling a story of happiness – only the dumb fall for it……

  7. How sad. Now we live among lies and truth. The problem is we do not know which is which. I dislike social media actually so I have ditched them. Only watching YT for interesting video like this. Ppl are addicted to posting and liking other ppl's posting and if they did not get many likes they would feel sad. How irony. How many real sincere friends do you really have online? We need to stop being obsessive to social media and gadgets. Many ppl are looking down on their phones instead of observing their surroundings.

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