Are All Religions Equal (Responding To Amazon Synod: Catholic Salvation)

(gentle, stirring music) – Are all religions equal? There are many Catholics who believe that all religions are equal, and that we have a reasonable hope that all are saved. That it doesn’t matter
what we really believe, as long as we seek god, try to do the right thing, be a nice person. They say the plurality or diversity of religion is good, and something god actively willed. Is it true? Do we have a reasonable hope that all are saved, and are all religion equal? Well, it’s called Universalism, and according to 2,000 years of Catholic tradition, no. I mean, the church teaches that Jesus Christ is
mankind’s only savior, and that he instituted a church for the salvation of the world, and that his church has the full means of salvation subsisting within it. I realize this is not
a popular thing to say. There are many Catholics confused about the necessity of Christ, and his church for salvation. This confusion is compounded by the way some bishops or priests or lay people within the church try and communicate the teaching of Jesus to sound more inclusive and more pastoral. But it’s not pastoral if it’s not true. Now the Catholic church does teach, that a person, by no fault of their own, who has not heard of the gospel, they can be saved. But saying somebody can be saved, is an entirely different thing than saying we have a reasonable hope that all are saved, and that all roads are equal that, you
know, leading to heaven. So what I’d like to do is consider this: look at the holy men
and women of the church: the saints. And look at what did they believe? And then look at what they did. Because when you examine
what they believed and what they did, you get a pretty clear picture of the
teaching of Jesus Christ. Because nobody became holy by believing a bunch lies. Let me repeat that: nobody became holy by believing a bunch of lies. So is it true that we have a reasonable hope that all are saved? And is it true that all
religions lead to heaven? Well, if it’s true, then you should see those marks in the belief and actions of the saints because their lives communicate to us, truth. Jesus said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make
disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” Now consider this: why would Jesus tell him apostles to go make disciples of him, like other followers of Christ, if we had a reasonable hope, that everyone was saved? And why would he instruct his apostles to teach others everything
he had commanded, unless everything he had
commanded actually mattered? He didn’t say, “Guys, I’m about to ascend into heaven, go therefor
and be nice to everyone. Don’t preach in a way
that takes people away from the local traditions
and indigenous beliefs, be nice. Get along. And don’t worry, because all roads lead up. You now have a reasonable hope that all are saved.” God who revealed Jesus as savior, would not then actively will other religions that deny Jesus as savior. I mean, this, this would
be a contradiction. Now, can we hope that all are saved? Yes, but we should hope, we should want, everyone to be saved. Is it reasonable that all are saved? Well, you can hope for things that aren’t reasonable. For example: a lottery ticket. You can hope to win, but
is it reasonable to win? No, probably not. If the apostles understood
the teaching of Jesus to mean that all roads lead to heaven, that god actively wills
religious diversity, then there’s no need to be radically committed to making disciples. They would have responded as though, “Well, it just really doesn’t matter what one believes, because in the end, everyone’s going to
the same place anyway.” But you see, the apostles had a tremendous urgency in their evangelization. Because they believed Jesus Christ was god’s revealed savior to the world, and it actually did
matter what one believed. And you can see that the
apostles believed this, by how they lived their life. Saint Peter was crucified upside down. Saint Andrew was crucified. Saint James was beheaded. Saint Simon, he was crucified as well. Saint Jude was clubbed to death. So was Saint James the Lesser. Saint Philip was crucified upside down. Saint Bartholomew was skinned alive. Legend has it, Saint Matthew was killed while offering Mass. Saint Thomas was stabbed
to death in India. Saint Matthias, tradition has it, was either hacked to death, or crucified. Now my friends, does this sound like a bunch of men who believed that all are saved, or that we have a reasonable hope that all are saved, and that all religions kind of end
up in the same place? If that’s actually what they believed, then the twelve apostles
were absolute fools. They gave their life for nothing, because in the end, after all everyone ends up in the same place. And if that’s actually what they believed, and actually the teaching of Jesus Christ, well then, they don’t deserve the ST dot at the beginning of their name, because they sacrificed
themself for nothing. The Sacrifice of the
Martyrs: What did they do? For example: Saint Sebastian,
third century saint. He was sentenced to death after converting his fellow soldiers. He was tied to a tree
and shot with arrows. He was thought to be dead. He was found and nursed back to life. Then, he went before Diaclasis again, but was clubbed to death. Does he sound like a man who believed we have a reasonable
hope that all are saved? I mean, if so, why would he risk his life two times, two times, if after all, all roads lead to heaven? I mean, this is clearly not what Saint Sebastian believed, or the early church martyrs. Well, what about martyrs of later on in the church? Take for example, the Canadian Martyrs. Jesuit missionaries who came to Canada for the evangelization of the first nation’s people in the mid-17th century. They came knowing they were putting their lives in danger,
yet they came anyway. They were ritually tortured and killed. Now here’s a question for you: did the Canadian martyrs think that the indigenous beliefs and spiritualties were effective at working out salvation? Did they believe that they were on a road to heaven? Well the answer is no! They wouldn’t have given their own life if they had, right? Now this is what really bothers me about this whole thing, when we have church leaders who say that god actively wills the diversity of all religions, or that we have a reasonable hope that all are saved. It is a complete mockery of the saints, the martyrs who game their life, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet here we have church leaders who call upon the
intersession of the martyrs, yet they reject the fundamental reason why they are saints. Because they gave their life believing that Jesus Christ was mankind’s only savior, and that he instituted a church that offers the full means
of salvation to the world. So do we have a reasonable hope that all are saved, that the
diversity of religions is actively ruled by god? No. No, that’s, this is not
what the church teaches. Finally, what this catechism says, “Basing itself on Scripture and Tradition, the Council teaches that the Church, a pilgrim now on earth, is necessary for salvation. He himself explicitly
asserted the necessity of faith and Baptism, and there thereby affirmed at the same time the necessity of the Church, which men enter through baptism as a door. Hence, they could not be saved,” I’ll repeat that, “hence,
they could not be saved, who, knowing that the Catholic Church was founded as necessary
by god through Christ, would refuse either to enter it, or to remain in it.” And my name is Ken Yasinski, from Thank you for watching.

  1. I’m glad there’s people like you putting out high quality content on this, a lot of confused Catholics may need to see this. There is too much false theology becoming popular among the cardinals. Strange times are upon us. At least for me, seeing all these false prophets speak in Rome only makes my faith in the truth stronger, because it is so clear what these evil infiltrators are trying to do. They are trying to erase the trinity from our theology. It can be sickening at times, but I know this will make the true followers even stronger and more prepared for the road ahead.

  2. So well done, Ken. It's such a shame that we can't get this clarity from our priests and bishops. Perhaps this is, after all, the time of the laity in the Church.

  3. Very good argument. Christ told the Apostles to go out and preach about him to be saved. Not accept all religion (that don't accept Christ) as a way to life and heaven.

  4. The BOOK of TRUTH has arrived as prophesied in Daniel and Revelation. It is the REAL DEAL! It also has the SEAL OF THE LIVING GOD within it. GOD BLESS YOU, your FAMILY & your LOVED ONES. 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for your teachings. As a Catholic Canadian, I am hearing a lot of support for the changes
    of Pope Francis. Let us all pray the Rosary and to Saint Michael to crushed the serpent's head! Please continue to enlighten us! God bless you!

  6. Yes, all RELIGIONS are equal in that they are only man's attempt to reach or placate the Being that they perceive as God. They consist of rules, regulations, and religious practices that somehow are supposed to make the people acceptable to the Supreme Being, or to try to garner His (or Her) favor. They are creations of man and his human intellect and reasoning. Christianity IS NOT a religion; it is a relationship with God the Father, through Jesus His Son, the Savior of the world. People often try to make Christianity into a religion by adding works and religious actions to the Gospel message. Paul warns against these things in his letter to the Galatians. The religions of the world ARE equal in that they are totally ineffective in establishing a relationship with God or making the people acceptable to Him. Only the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is able to provide the pathway to a real and vibrant connection with our Father God in heaven.

  7. I was raised a Catholic, and I loved my faith, then. At one point in time in my life, I found great heart ache while attending mass and I tried to overcome that sorrow by returning several times but found no solace. I did not return again, only upon my father's insistence did I attend with him. (honor thy father)
    In the past two or three years I have begun anew a search for a faith, for spiritual guidance. I listened to multiple videos, preachers, priests, and theologians. When I came across E. Michael Jones video, my interest grew. I was still reluctant, but continued to find the connections. In the last month, I heard the key statement that has fortified my belief that Catholicism is my faith, again. I have also discovered I am a profound traditionalist, which was the reason I initially left the church so long ago.
    Still a doubting Thomas in too many ways, I am walking forward toward the Church once more. I found some great priests, online, and I pray daily.
    My research leads to one answer, Catholicism is the Church of Christ.

  8. I can’t judge for myself, but for the Holy Spirit who guides in logic I know that whoever says all religions are equal and that the Catholic Church is not above all other religions, anathema! anathema! anathema!

  9. Thrilled to find you! This is my first video of yours that I’ve viewed. It was very good. I love to hear people talk about Our Lord Jesus with passion and conviction. We need more men like you to speak especially to our husbands and male adolescents. God bless you.

  10. Oh my gosh. Everyone hears what's they want to hear here and freaks out. I've not heard anything said, from the Church that all faiths are equal. Secondly, a reasonable hope means that all salvation is ultimately up to the Lord. He has final say. Hence everyone does have a reasonable hope, in this regard. Of course we need to evangelise and spread the news of the Gospel. Of course we need to carry on doing missionary work. Then, using practises of the native country in the mass is normal. Of course one cuts out those that show worship of any idol. In Japan, instead of shaking hands they do a small bow, for the sign of peace. This is quite normal and has been happening in the Church forever. Can everyone get off their high horses and stop being so sanctimonious.

  11. Subscribing! Thank you for this video it is music to my soul! You clearly have a love for Jesus and his church and you want to proclaim that truth to everyone. This is what us Catholics need to hear now.

  12. As a Protestant have to say this is the best Catholic video I've seen. I hope all this talk of pagan inclusion will open your hearts to the sometimes pagan traditions already held by the Catholic Church and many Protestant churches. It is clear your love of God is devout and, while I see all organised religions will come together soon (including the main Catholic and Protestant movements), I hope that those who discern and stand firm can in some way have unity in our true love of God and each other. The traditions of man, both outside and inside the church need to be stripped off.

    A shared belief that Jesus is the ONLY way to salvation isn't church tradition, it is Bible truth.

  13. We believe in one God,
    the Father, the Almighty,
    maker of heaven and earth,
    and of all that is, seen and unseen.
    We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ,
    the only Son of God,
    eternally begotten of the Father,
    God from God, Light from Light,
    true God from true God,
    begotten, not made,
    one in Being with the Father.
    Through him all things were made.
    For us men and for our salvation,
    he came down from heaven:
    by the power of the Holy Spirit
    he was born of the Virgin Mary,
    and became man.
    For our sake he was crucified
    under Pontius Pilate;
    he suffered died and was buried.
    On the third day he rose again
    in fulfillment of the Scriptures;
    he ascended into heaven
    and is seated at the right hand of the Father.
    He will come again in glory
    to judge the living and the dead,
    and his kingdom will have no end.
    We believe in the Holy Spirit,
    the Lord, the giver of life,
    who proceeds from the
    Father and the Son.
    With the Father and the Son
    he is worshipped and glorified.
    He has spoken through the Prophets.
    We believe in one holy
    catholic and apostolic Church.
    We acknowledge one
    baptism for the forgiveness of sins.
    We look for the resurrection of the dead,
    and the life of the world to come.

  14. 12In everything, then, do to others as you would have them do to you. For this is the essence of the Law and the Prophets. 13Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14But small is the gate and narrow the way that leads to life, and only a few find it.…

  15. Your problem is that you teach that the invincibly ignorant can be saved. They don't go to hell for infidelity, but for other sins. You don't accept the defined dogma that there's no salvation outside the church, therefore you become a heretic. The church teaches that even if you die in the name of Jesus, if you're not catholic, you can't go to heaven. Btw Vatican II was not a catholic council. Francis is an antipope.
    Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence, “Cantate Domino,” 1441, ex cathedra:
    “The Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes and preaches that all those who are outside the Catholic Church, not only pagans but also Jews or heretics and schismatics, cannot share in eternal life and will go into the everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels, unless they are joined to the Church before the end of their lives; that the unity of this ecclesiastical body is of such importance that only for those who abide in it do the Church’s sacraments contribute to salvation and do fasts, almsgiving and other works of piety and practices of the Christian militia produce eternal rewards; and that nobody can be saved, no matter how much he has given away in alms and even if he has shed blood in the name of Christ, unless he has persevered in the bosom and unity of the Catholic Church.” Go to for truth.

  16. Hello catherine galathianakis! You stated, "We believe in one holy
    catholic and apostolic Church.

    Let me begin by saying that GOD has only one church, which he gathered Himself for Himself. HE did this by giving His Spirit to those who listened to HIM and no one else. These people trusted in His Words and truly repented of their sins, as a result, the FATHER in Heaven Himself taught those people and sent them to His only begotten SON who sealed them with His SPIRIT who in turn sealed them as His possession until the day of redemption. These people hear His Voice, they have Eternal Life.

    The important part here is the fact that those who trusted JESUS were taught by the FATHER Himself, not some priest or pastor who was taught in some seminary.

    Didn't JESUS say the following?

    Man does not live on bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of GOD.

    Don't put the LORD your GOD to the test.

    Worship the LORD your GOD and serve HIM only.

    I was raised catholic, but a day came when I sought JESUS like never before and I found HIM. It wasn't because I was catholic, it wasn't because I was a baptist and it wasn't because I was a seventh day adventist, but because I became a member of His true Church. It was because I sought HIM out His Way, I didn't follow my father or mother, I sought HIM out on my own. It was His Words that I obeyed, not the priest's words, my prayers were genuine, not something I memorized in school or in church. To listen to anyone but JESUS is to commit the same sin Adam and Eve committed, spiritual adultery, where Eve listened to the serpent instead of listening to GOD and Adam listened to His wife, Eve instead of listening to GOD. That's the reason why many Christians commit this sin many times everyday. It happens because people trust people when GOD, the Prophets and JESUS said not to trust any man. Didn't JESUS warn to watch out for the false teachings and their hypocrisies? It wasn't meant just for priest in His time, but for today as well. HE also warned against being deceived, which is because of trusting someone that shouldn't have been trusted. In effect, when people do this, they put their salvation in the hands of a priest, rather than in the hands of GOD.
    They made their priest their god.

    It's also the reason why many Christians listen to governments legislation when the go against GOD's Commandments. They listen to other theories about the creation of Heaven and earth, as well as climate change. They allow themselves to be taught to rely on their inner-self, another spirit and even the secret things of the devil. These acts are acts of betrayal, to deny GOD's Power and to make HIM out to be a LIAR. This is the reason why most church-goers are without the SPIRIT of GOD, because they chose to trust the spirit of error.

    Who taught your priest the Word of GOD, men or GOD? Who are you listening to, men or GOD? If your priest was taught in a seminary, he was taught by men; therefore, you received the Word of GOD according to men. If he was taught by GOD, he's teaching you what the SPIRIT of GOD is telling him what to say and the priest would have told you to go to GOD and to test everything he tells you, so that you may find GOD.

    Your Salvation is the most precious thing a person can receive in life, examine yourselves to see who it is that you trust and obey.

    May GOD bless you all.

  17. You are doing a wonderful job by using Church traditions and scriptures and her saints to refute this heresy. However you should be brave enough to mention the culprit of this heresy and who started spewing such rubbish. It is not Church leaders but it is our own premier ‘shepherd’ pope Francis. Be brave when speaking out. God bless you

  18. Poorly Cathecise Catholics tragically unless they do the act of will out of the God given Free Will start learning the One True Faith through as personal encounter will receive Graces in one’s personal faith journey from my own personal faith experience as an Episcopalian convertee into the Church during the BenedictXVI pontificate arrives at the Heart of the one True Faith testified to this wonderful salvation by grace in reality of Joyful Existence .Remember Young Catholic laity’s personal faith encounter First is the need of the hour our ‘Act of will a must to do thing out of God given Free Will ‘ One will eventually arrive at the Heart of the True Catholic Faith take up the lives of the saints e.g. in one personal life apply a Sacred Scripture teachings unravel by the power of the Holy Spirit which bears great fruits by grace for those who begin with belief.

  19. it is not known how, where or when St Matthew died……so just don't say according to legend he died while saying mass….the apostles didn't say mass as catholics believe it….that is ludicrous and most untrue.

  20. Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense. This does not mean be cynical and distrusting. Buddha

  21. This is the most eloquent, gracefully spoken, calm and honest video I’ve seen on this topic. Thank you for being courageous in speaking the truth about our faith and the call to follow Jesus and to no longer fall for false god’s or false teachings. God bless you!

  22. “God is Love”, said Christ.
    “If you know love, then you already know God”, said Christ.
    “Above all All things, Love one another”, said Christ.
    These three sentences tell us all we need to know. This means above laws, above books and even above God. This closes the bible and puts an end to religion. The rest is contradictory to these three sentences so therefore one or the other is false. No religion is superior to humanity, period.
    Religion is socialism at its finest. Christ had no church and no religion. He was killed for blasphemy against the religious laws of his time. Killed for teaching that God IS Love.
    Since Christ was killed for blasphemy then I believe him and not the laws of religion. God is Love. Had there been love in laws and religion, our world would have been a much better place.
    You see, socialism and religions biggest fear isn’t God but love. If you don’t know Love then you will never know God. You will keep giving liars your money, control over your thoughts and even your children. Learn to love instead. It will definitely save the children and set you free too.
    I say this because I love you too.

  23. Thank you! The more that I see videos such as yours I have a reasonable hope that our Holy Catholic Church will be saved from the current craziness.

  24. Ken Yasinski you are spreading LIES on your channel.
    This video is a BIG LIE, and the host is spreading LIES. Pope Francis did not said "actively willed by God". this statement is FALSE!
    I repeat this video is a LIE!
    Proof: Pope Francis clear the "willled by God in His Wisdom" as "God PERMISSIVE Will and not God's ACTIVE Will".
    Please Ken, you must apologize and correct the content of your video, as spreading LIES is a MORTAL SIN more so you attacking the dignity of Pope Francis thru FALSEHOOD!
    Exodus20:16 and CCC2479 is a MORTAL SIN againts 8th commandment.

  25. May God bless you brother Ken,all the Saints in heaven must have rejoice on hearing your godly speech.Amen

  26. The idea that God wills the "plurality of religions" (as suggested by Pope Francis), is completely and absolutely wrong. This denies the statement of Scripture that God wills all men to be saved–meaning they need to be saved and are lost without the "one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus." If God wills a plurality of religions then He is actively working against Himself and the sacrifice of His only begotten Son on Calvary. Who needs Calvary when you can merely bow down to a pagen "deity" (St. Paul called them demons) and be saved.

    Catholic and Protestant clergy that propagate universalism are intentional or unconsciously working for the spirit of this evil age, namely global multiculturalism.

  27. Pope Frances is most definitely leading the world into a nwo, "Jesus is the only way truth and life, no man comes to the Father except through him" there it is if someone does not follow Jesus then they are not following the way. God is the same yesterday today and tomorrow, he did not change just because it's 2019. If you'd like to leave me a comment go for it but if you can please thumb up or down because YouTube doesn't notify me of comments only likes.

  28. Reform churches barely have anything left. They look like plucked chickens compared to the Catholic Church, unfortunately. Now communists are plucking the Catholic Church and society in general. FIGHT FOR JESUS. FORGET ARGUMENTS BECAUSE COMMUNISTS GOT US ALL IN THE CROSSHAIRS!!!

  29. What a powerful video. Thank you for putting this issue in its proper perspective, it’s astounding our church leaders can’t see the impossibility of this false teaching. You make it very clear. Again, thank you!

  30. Hello Michelle Art. I'm not the one lying, it's the people you listen to. Who told you that the bible was corrupt? It wasn't JESUS, was it? It sure wasn't the FATHER in Heaven, was it? If you believe that the written Word of GOD is corrupt, it makes sense that you would look to another source for the Word of GOD, a priest. After all, without the written Word of GOD to depend on, how else will you find GOD, or your god? It's ironic that you not only quote the bible yourself, but you say I follow lucifer when I'm not the one worshiping creations instead of GOD, you're the one who's deceived.

    The devil is deliberately robbing GOD of His Glory by elevating himself to be like GOD by making GOD's creations his creations. He does this through man first, because in man, the devil's corruption dwells, then by the use of high technology, so that he too can be omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient but that's another story.

    All people are corrupted at their conception. This corruption was passed down from generation to generation, right down to you and me, by way of Adam and Eve. It's the devil's mark, it says that you belong to him. It's the devil's way of claiming you as his creation. It's this corruption that causes people to sin and rebel against GOD, it's this corruption that deceives the person it occupies and other people who are quite willing to listen. It's listening to the devil's corruption that really makes trusting people impossible. People listen to it everyday, they don't realize that that is what makes them a slave to sin. That's the way the devil intended on killing you, by setting you against the Almighty GOD. That's the reason GOD gave His only begotten SON, so that you may be restored to your original condition, to rid you of the devil's corruption and fill you with GOD's Righteousness, so that you may stand in the presence of GOD some day and live forever. In contrast, those who refuse to hear the Word of GOD according to GOD, written or spoken, are those who would rather listen to the devil's corruption housed in them, so they really do belong to the devil.

    John 8:42-47  "Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love me, for I came from God and I am here. I came not of my own accord, but he sent me. 
    43 Why do you not understand what I say? It is because you cannot bear to hear my word. 44 You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies. 45 But because I tell the truth, you do not believe me. 46 Which one of you convicts me of sin? If I tell the truth, why do you not believe me? 47 Whoever is of God hears the words of God. The reason why you do not hear them is that you are not of God.” 

    The Word of GOD exists for many reasons, one of those reasons is so that people can test what they hear and what they read, so that they are not deceived. The Truth according to GOD is only thing worth trusting in the beginning of someone's search for GOD. If you can trust and obey the written Word of GOD, JESUS will trust you to trust and obey His SPIRIT and you will hear His Voice. Anyone who hears His Voice has Eternal Life.

    Any priest or pastor appointed by GOD would have warned people against trusting in man. Moses did, the Prophets did and JESUS as well, taught that you are not to trust in man, because they can lie. Trusting in man instead of GOD is the betrayal of GOD, because in effect, you elevate man by trusting in him and make GOD out to be a LIAR by doubting HIM and deny GOD's Power. This is known as humanism. It's not the HOLY SPIRIT that people receive, but the spirit of error, the same rebellious spirit that the Judean priests had in them when they put JESUS to death, the same rebellious spirit that was in Jesus Bar Abba whom the Judeans passed over JESUS, the SON of GOD to free another Jesus. Only in JESUS are you to trust, HE won't lie, that's why HE wants you to trust HIM and HIM only. After all, that is the work the FATHER gave people to do, to trust in the One HE sent. If you won't do that, you will be destroyed.

    JESUS said, "Man doesn't live on bread alone but by every word that comes out of the mouth of GOD." In order to do that, you must trust JESUS and that means obey His Words. HE also said, "Worship the LORD your GOD and serve HIM only." What most people don't realize is that by listening to people is to put yourself at risk of being deceived, which is a sin. It's a sin, because anyone with the SPIRIT of the MESSIAH in them can't be deceived if they keep trusting and obeying HIM. To be deceived is to be disobedient, because it wasn't JESUS that you listened to, but another and if you listened to another, you betrayed JESUS. This is the same sin that caused Adam and Eve to be ousted from GOD's Paradise, to live a life of hard labor until their death. They lost their right to the tree of life! The same penalty is applied to all people today.

    The road to destruction is wide, because many are travelling on that road, but few people travel on the narrow road, because it's hard road. That narrow road leads to life and only a few find it. This verse indicates the number of people who will actually make it to Heaven, most are headed to hell. You can't afford to be so stiff-necked, to not bother testing what you hear and what you read, you show JESUS how little you care about what you believe about HIM and how HE's not worth the chase. It wasn't the priest who died for you, was it? It was JESUS who died for you, so that you might trust in HIM and have Eternal Life, instead of being utterly destroyed. Get off that "high horse and humble yourself by turning from sin to GOD. Start testing what you hear and read, you just might spare your life.

    May the LORD bless you.

  31. Great job Ken!!!Keep up the good work in helping others to understand traditional Catholic teaching. Catholic Doctrines or Dogmas are inmutable and do not change with time nor due to the progression of mankind in any given era. That's what Modernism teaches, not Catholicism. Ave María, keep the faith.

  32. Thank you 🙏 Thank you 😊 The True Catholics Love 💕 you ✝️ Jesus Christ Loves you ⛪️for telling the Truth 💒

  33. Blessed be God for ever. There’s only one true faith that would be the Catholic faith not many. Unfortunately even many Catholic clergy don’t believe this.

  34. What is happening now in Rome during and after false vatican 2 council is an apostasy to the Traditional Catholic Faith. Vat2 is an endtimes counterfeit church and the whore of Babylon prophesied in the Bible. Vat2 and its antipopes are promoting all the heresies condemned by the Great Ecumenical Councils of the Church. Vat2 is the Eclipse to the Catholic Church prophesied at La Salette by the Blessed Virgin Mary. That's why in Apocalypse 18:4 it says, ''Come out of her my people and be not partakers of her sins and receive not of her plagues.'' For more information visit and watch the videos ''The Third Secret of Fatima, 3rd Edition'' and ''Is the World About to End, 2nd Edition'' and many more.

  35. Time to come home. The modernist pastoral reforms of Vatican II gave birth to this. Now you know why we opposed it. Time to return to tradition. Real Tradition. Traditional Catholicism. Not PJPII- ism but the TLM and the PreVatican II Faith.

    God Bless

  36. Thanks Ken! God bless you. We’ll get out of this through prayer, fasting, and charity. God will see us through. We need only become saints

  37. Poster for Amazon Synod in Rome shows woman breast-feeding a weasel

  38. The Catholic Church sold out to the UN around the time of Vatican 11😭
    The wreckage in the past 50 years is dreadful because after V11 the rebellion against Humanae Vitae was a disaster.
    Until we get back to the solid truth of the one true Church and preach the truth about human sexuality we are going no where👊
    Pray for our Prelates to man up🙏

  39. The post Vatican II church has lost the faith as it preaches another gospel. Yes bishops and priests are to blame but remember a fish rots from the head. Our current "pope" is to blame and is the only one who can fix the problem.

  40. Equal no no no
    No women in leadership?
    Nuns can be cardinal s
    And do a better job than these groomers and practicing pedafile homosexual men running it from the Vatican pedafile cardinal pell

  41. Interesting video. But PLEASE read your Bible! There is ONLY salvation through Jesus Christ and by GRACE! Not any church, baptism or good works will save you! Be careful and don't be deceived! JESUS is the only way!
    God bless you!

  42. No Judaism ✡️ was the first to declare one God and Christianity then Islam declare only One God and as angel Michael says as God nobody. Amén 🙏

  43. Them "feel good lets hope not to offend anybody" crowed is after you! Also them triggered people from other religions. Good to hear this hard to swallow truth from somebody, havent heard this in a while, it scares me.

  44. all religions are not equal Christianity (and I hope catholics have switched from the faith to Christianity) is the ONE TRUE RELIGION ONLY THE BORN AGAIN

  45. All religions are fundamentally different and at best superficially similar. Christians are saved by grace through faith in the only begotten son of God/Yahweh whose name is Jesus Christ. All other religions are works oriented, headed by satan.

  46. If all religion are equal then I don't have to remain a Catholic . But I do not subscribe to that, that's why I am a Catholic.

  47. Orthodox is the true Christianity. It remains unchanged for two millennium. Holiness before Reason. Reason is just a tool.

  48. I bet that Our Lady of Fatima didn't have anything Pleasant to say about Vatican 2, the New Mass & practically the whole Conciliar church. This must account for the reason why it was meant to be published in 1960 and namely wasn't!

    Cardinal Pacelli (future Pope Pius XII) said the following in 1931:

    Suppose, dear friend, that Communism is the most visible among the organs of subversion against the Church and the Tradition of Divine Revelation. Thus, we will witness the invasion of everything that is spiritual: philosophy, science, law, teaching, the arts, the media, literature, theater, and religion.

    I am concerned about the confidences of the Virgin to the little Lucia of Fatima. This persistence of the Good Lady in face of the danger that threatens the Church is a divine warning against the suicide that the alteration of the Faith, in its liturgy, its theology, and its soul, would represent.

    I hear around me innovators who wish to dismantle the Sacred Chapel, destroy the universal flame of the Church, reject her ornaments, and make her remorseful for her historical past. Well, my dear friend, I am convinced that the Church of Peter must affirm her past, or else she will dig her own grave.

    I will fight this battle with the greatest energy on the inside of the Church, just as outside of it, even if the forces of evil may one day take advantage of my person, my actions, or my writings, as they try today to deform the history of the Church. All human heresies which alter the word of God are so that a greater light might appear.”

    Sr. Agnes heard the beautiful voice of Our Lady speaking from the statue once more: "The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against other bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres, churches and altars will be sacked. The Church will be full of those who accept Compromises and the devil will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord. The demon would be especially implacable against souls consecrated to God. The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of my sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will be no longer any pardon for them."

    The Prophesy of Marie Julie says something similar about compromises:

    Another warning came from Our Lady on May 10, 1904: “They will not stop at this hateful and sacrilegious road. They will go further to compromise all at once and in one go, the Holy Church, the clergy and faith of my children…” She announces the “dispersion of the pastors” (bishops) by the Church itself, real pastors who will be replaced by others formed by hell, initiated in all vices, all iniquities, perfidious, who will cover souls with filth….New preachers of new sacraments, new temples, new baptisms, new confraternities…” (“The Breton Stigmatist”, p 40.)

    Prediction of a New ‘Mass’:

    (November 27, 1901, or 1902. Note: the date May 10, 1904 is printed sometimes with this ecstasy.):

    “I give you a warning even today. The disciples who are not of My Holy Gospel are now in a great work of the mind to form as the second facsimiles when they will make to their idea and under the influence of the enemy of souls, a Mass that contains words odious in My sight. When the fatal hour arrives when they will put to the test the Faith of My eternal priesthood, it is these sheets that they will give to celebrate in this last period. The first period, it is that of My priesthood which exists since (or after) Me. The second, is the period of persecution when the enemies of the Faith and of Holy Religion have formulated – and they are strongly enforced – these sheets as the book of the second celebration, these infamous spirits (or, infamous minds) are those who crucified Me and who are waiting for the reign of the new Messiah to make them happy.”

    “Many of My holy priests will refuse this book sealed with the words of the abyss. Unfortunately, (they) will be the exception, it will be used.”

    Also let's not forget why Fr Alonso said before he passed away.

    Father Alonso understood quite well to what extent the content of the Secret, and this alone, prevented the Popes from revealing it. In his last article on the Secret of Fatima, written just a few weeks before his death, while he prudently gave the appearance of justifying Rome’s silence, he wrote these remarkable clairvoyant lines:

    An inopportune revelation of the text would only have further exasperated the two tendencies which continue to tear the Church apart: a traditionalism which would believe itself to be assisted by the Fatima prophecies, and a progressivism which would have lashed out against these apparitions, which in such a scandalous manner would seem to put the brakes on the conciliar Church’s forward progress . . . Pope Paul VI judged it opportune and prudent to delay the revelation of the text until better times. Pope John XXIII declared that the text did not refer to his pontificate . . . And the following Popes did not consider that the moment had come to lift the veil of mystery, in circumstances where the Church has still not overcome the frightening impact of twenty post-conciliar years, during which the crisis of the Faith has installed itself at every level.

    Stupefying words: revealing Our Lady’s prophecies, the Fatima expert explains to us, would come to clearly vindicate the defenders of tradition and uphold them in their struggle, and on the contrary, restrain and disavow the supporters of the “Conciliar Reform” to the point of infuriating them against Fatima.

    Here is an 1862 prediction:

    St John Bosco: "There will be an Ecumenical Council in the next century, after which there will be chaos in the church. Tranquility will not return 'till the Pope succeeds in anchoring the ship of Peter between the twin columns of Eucharist devotion and Devotion to Our Lady."

  49. The existence of the letter is revealed by Fatima scholar Kevin J. Symonds in an interview published today by Catholic World Report. Symonds says he discovered the letter in the museum operated by the sisters of the Carmelite convent of Coimbra, Portugal, where Sr. Lúcia spent the last years of her life, and that he received permission from the sisters to publicly reveal its contents.

    “In her letter, Sr. Lúcia spoke about a ‘diabolical revolt’ that was being ‘promoted by the powers of darkness’ with ‘errors’ being made against God, His Church, her doctrines and dogmas,” Symonds told Catholic World Report. “She said the Church was going through an ‘agony in Gethsemane’ and that there was a ‘worldwide disorientation that is martyring the Church.’ She wrote to encourage Paul VI as the Vicar of Christ on earth and to tell him of her and others’ steadfastness to him, to Christ and His Church in the midst of the revolt.”

    Sister Lucy writes to Mother Martins mentioning Vatican II:

    The prayer of the Rosary is the spiritual bread of souls: Whoever does not pray, wastes away and dies. It is by prayer that we find ourselves with God, and in this meeting with Him, He communicates to us Faith, Hope and Charity: virtues without which we cannot be saved.

    The Rosary is the prayer of the rich and the poor, of the educated and the simple. Take this devotion away from souls, and you take away their spiritual daily bread.

    The Rosary is what sustains the little flame of Faith that still has not been extinguished in many consciences. Even for those souls who pray without meditating, the very act of taking up the Rosary to pray is already a remembrance of God, of the Supernatural. A simple recollection of the mysteries of each decade is one more ray of light to sustain in souls the still smoldering wick.

    This is why the devil has made such war against it. And what is worse is that he has succeeded in deluding and deceiving souls who have much responsibility because of the positions they occupy!

    … They are the blind leading the blind! … And they would want to base themselves on the Council! They do not see that the Council ordered that all the practices be preserved which down through the ages have been done in honor of the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God; and that the prayer of the Holy Rosary, or five decades of it, is one of the principal practices that by order of the Holy Council and the Supreme Pontiff, we are under obligation to preserve, that is to say, we must preserve. I have great hope that the day will not be long in coming in which the prayer of the Holy Rosary will be declared liturgical prayer. Yes, because all of it forms part of the Liturgy of the Most Holy Eucharist. We pray, work, sacrifice ourselves and trust that —

    "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph!"

    Adieu, my dear Sister. The Statue of the Child Jesus that is to go to the Church of the Holy Name of God is still here. Whenever you want, you can come and get it.

    A warm embrace for the beloved Mother Cunha Matos and for you, in union of prayers as always.

    I don’t know the book of which you speak.

    Sr. Lucy, o.c.d.

    Letter of Sister Lucia to Mother Martins

  50. Q. Are there any other reasons to show that heretics, or Protestants who die out of the Roman Catholic Church, are not saved?

    A. There are several. They cannot be saved because

    1. They have no divine faith.

    2. They make a liar of Jesus Christ, of the holy Ghost, and of the Apostles.

    3. They have no faith in Christ.

    4. They fell away from the true Church of Christ.

    5. They are too proud to submit to the Pope, the Vicar of Christ.

    6. They cannot perform any good works whereby they can attain heaven.

    7. They do not receive the Body and Blood of Christ.

    8. They die in their sins.

    9. They ridicule and blaspheme the Mother of God and His Saints.

    10. They slander the spouse of Jesus Christ—the Catholic Church.

    Q. Why is it that Protestants have no divine faith?

    A. Because they do not believe God in those whom He has appointed to teach.

    Q. Who is the teacher among Protestants?

    A. Every one is his own teacher, his own law-giver and judge in matters of religion.

  51. Q. How do Protestants make a liar of Jesus Christ?

    A. Jesus Christ says: “Hear the Church." "No;" say Luther and all Protestants, "do not hear the Church, protest against her with all your might!”

    Jesus Christ says: "If any one will not hear the Church, look upon him as a heathen and a publican." “No,” says Protestantism, “if any one does not hear the Church, look upon him as an apostle, as an ambassador of God."

    Jesus Christ says: "The gates of hell shall not prevail against my Church." "No," says Protestantism, “’Tis false; the gates of hell have prevailed against the Church for a thousand years and more."

    Jesus Christ has declared St. Peter, and every successor to St. Peter—the Pope—to be his Vicar on earth. "No," says Protestantism, "the Pope is Anti-Christ."

    Jesus Christ says: "My yoke is sweet, and my burden light." Matt. xi. 30. "No," said Luther and Calvin "it is impossible to keep the commandments."

    Jesus Christ says: "If thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments." Matt. xix. 17. "No," said Luther and Calvin, "faith alone, without good works, is sufficient to enter into life everlasting."

    Jesus Christ says: " Unless you do penance, you shall all likewise perish." Luke, iii. 3. "No," said Luther and Calvin, "fasting, and other works of penance are not necessary in satisfaction for sin.”

    Jesus Christ says: "This is my body." "No," said Calvin, "this is only the figure of Christ's Body, it will be­come his body as soon as you receive it."

    Jesus Christ says: "I say to you, that whosoever shall put away his wife, and shall marry another, committeth adultery; and he that shall marry her that is put away, committeth adultery." Matt. xix. 9. "No," say Luther and all Protestants, to a married man, “you may put away your wife, get a divorce, and marry another."

    Jesus Christ says to every man: “Thou shalt not steal." “No," said Luther to secular princes, “I give you the right to appropriate to yourselves the property of the Roman Catholic Church."

    Q. How do Protestants make a liar of the Holy Ghost?

    A. The Holy Ghost says in Holy Scripture: "Man knoweth not whether he be worthy of love or hatred" (Eccles. ix. 1); "Who can say: My heart is clean, I am pure from sin"? (Prov. xx. 9); and "Work your salvation with fear and trembling" (Philip. 11. 12). "No," said Luther and Calvin, "but whosoever believes in Jesus Christ, is in the state of grace."

    Q. How do Protestants make liars of the Apostles?

    A. St. Paul says: "If I should have faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing." 1 Cor. xiii. 2. "No," said Luther and Calvin, "faith alone is sufficient to save us."

    St. Peter says that in the Epistles of St. Paul there are many things "hard to be understood, which the unlearned and unstable wrest, as also the other Scriptures, to their own perdition." 2 Eph. iii. 16. "No," said Luther and Calvin, "the Scriptures are very plain, and easy to be understood."

    St. James says: "Is any sick among you? Let him bring in the priests of the Church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil, in the name of the Lord." Ch. v. 14. "No," said Luther and Calvin, "that is a vain and useless ceremony."

  52. Catholicism is something that every one should know because it is a religion of paganis that every Catholics shoud run away from this pagan cult

  53. Only Jesus can save.Vatican 2 is full of heresies. But not only Vatican 2. Most Pentecostal preachers are heretics also.Even Vatican 2 said we shouldn't preach to Jews and muslims

  54. The catholic is different from all the other churches pray hard to the Nine Lords fatima is already on earth to kill the snake

  55. The Catholic church is the only church, which Christ instituted, where Christ Himself is Truly Present in the Blessed Sacrament. Every other so called religion is a break off religion that was created by men. They broke off because they didn't or wouldn't accept a teaching of the Catholic church. This question doesn't need to even be posed.

  56. NO ALL religions are equal. I don't think much a religion that requires me to bow down to stone, wood or metal statues that can't see, hear, talk, move, and can't stop birds from pooping on it.
    Heck I'm more of a god than that. At least I can more around.
    But Yeshua is alive. He loves us, talks to us, helps teaches us, and delivers us from harm and evils that destroys our lives and soul.
    Besides that Catholics are wrong for disobeying God's commandments not to pray to carved images.

  57. All should guide a person to heaven, though the doors of choosing depends on the person on how the person will process and how the person apply the knowledge taken

  58. Ken Yasinski Do not misquote the teachings of Pope Francis by saying an INCOMPLETE WORDS from his statement.
    Do not imitate the works of the devils by spreading FAKE NEWS!

  59. I have had it with this traditional christian religious way if life on earth is only heaven or hell then its spiritual slavery on earth and who would love a deity hard to respect him the bible some of the misogyny narcasistic god I said he is a narcissist

  60. I don't like seeing tribe destroyed follow jesus into poverty all this mess demonic this and that everythis is wrong

  61. Ken Yasinski
    Have you not deceived over 13k souls who have watched this video. based on false statement?
    Read Matthew12:37

  62. Heck man, it is so pathetic to see these liberalists, protties and some outright pagans in the comment sections. I dont watch your content brother, but know that if you speak the truth, the Lord will be with you. Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Sallus!

  63. GOD is GOD. There is only one. ONE GOD for all , Christian or non- Christian. GOD came and entered human history in HIS SON, our LORD JESUS CHRIST, YESHUA (JESUS Hebrew name means, " YHWH SAVES"). GOD THE SON came to fulfill the wish of GOD THE FATHER, WHO wishes all of humanity to be restored to their relationship with HIM as Children of THE LIVING GOD. Our responsibility as the Little CHRISTs ( meaning of 'Christian') is to be THE JESUS, YESHUA, of this and every day and age. We , the family of THE LIVING GOD, are to be the Light of the world, the Salt of the earth. We are by our love, (faith , works and words) to bring all humanity to TRUTH. What is this TRUTH? GOD , THE FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT, loves Man. HE always has and never has stopped loving us, whether Christian, or Jew or Muslim or other beliefs. But GOD sent us HIMSELF, in the PERSON of YESHUA, HIS SON to show us how absolute, how great, HIS LOVE is. What is The greatest kind of LOVE? "AGAPE", unconditional LOVE: THIS GOD, IN A CALCULATED, DELIBERATE, ACTION BECOMES HUMAN, despite the failings of humanity, despite our broken-ness and constant nonsense, greed, pride, ungratefulness, violence. HE MAKES US HIS FAMILY, CALLS US BROTHER AND SISTER, REVEALS HIMSELF AS OUR FATHER, GIVES US EVERYTHING WE HAVE, MOSTLY, HE GIVES US HIS LIFE, SO GOD AND MAN ARE NO LONGER SEPERATED (the heavens are torn open at YESHUA's BAPTISM, then, THE RIPPING OPEN OF THE CURTAIN WHICH SEPERATED THE HOLY OF HOLIES FROM THE COMMON PEOPLE IN THE TEMPLE, WHEN YESHUA DIED). JESUS, FULLY GOD AND FULLY MAN, INSEPERABLE + GOD— FATHER, SON & HOLY SPIRIT AND Man, now and forever, through the Advent, Death and Resurrection of THE SON, Man and GOD are now inseperable.

    Can a person who has incomplete belief be saved? The 'good thief' at THE CROSS tells you GOD's answer. JESUS CHRIST, YESHUA, died for all, anyone can be saved, at HIS absolute discretion. (Not for us to decide!) The good thief acknowledges JESUS, only as Man (" This Man did no wrong..".) and calls YESHUA by HIS NAME and pleads The LORD rememember him in HIS FUTURE KINGDOM. BUT his faith in The Man YESHUA is good enough , for this JESUS, YESHUA IS GOD HIMSELF. The good thief thus gets priveleged entry into paradise, no wait required.

    Second point, are statues forbidden. OF COURSE NOT!!! When in the desert, did GOD not instruct the Israelites, who had been bitten by poisonous snakes and scorpions, to make a bronze serpent, place it on a pole, and have it raised up, so whoever looked it would be cured ( the prefigurement of Christ on the cross) Do Catholics worship statues? Is looking upon an image worship? The injunction in the Commandment is to "not bow down AND worship."
    Lastly, could I just say this. It is a privelege and no less than an unearned honour to be in GOD's Family. As HIS children, we are tasked to be THE LIGHT TO THE WORLD (Cosmos). We, as "Little Christs", are to love as GOD LOVED, we must welcome sinner and saint alike, in fact, JESUS made a special place for the weak, the vulnerable, the lost, the despised, the lowly. The family within the Church must remain united and continue to nurture and support the growth and survival of the Church. But we must always find a place for all who seek THE SAVIOUR of the world. Be kind , as St Joseph and Mother Mary were kind and welcomed The MAGI , astrologers , no less, from the East!
    While OUR LORD , I'm sure, accepts us as we are, we in turn must respect the customs and profound meanings that go into the order of our worship of our GOD. The eucharistic rituals and form , the blessings of bread and wine that bring us the REAL PRESENCE of GOD HIMSELF cannot be adapted to culture. The one who seeks THE HOLY ONE must understand both scripture and ritual to be able to join all the FAMILY at the FAMILY SUPPER at the foot of THE CROSS. These core essentials must not be lost or approximated when adapting the order of the Mass to a different culture.

  64. Great video..Godbless Sir..Please continue making videos like these to reach out to people who is in dire need to hear the goodnews of Jesus Christ. Catholic Church is the right path if you want to be saved. Martyrs wouldnt shed their blood, their lives and lifetime for a shallow reason, they became martyrs because they understood very well the true gospel and teachings of Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God. Based on history the first established church was Roman Catholic which was started by St Peter the apostle on Vatican St Peter Square Basilica Rome.

  65. I believe what the Amazon Synod is speaking about is that, All cultures in themselves can be Catholic and an indeginious at the same time. This synod is a progressive step towards contextualizing Catholicism and not dumping of a foreign culture over others.

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