Architects of Woke: Stokely Carmichael & Racism Without Racists

This is a story about the forgotten architect
of the woke consensus on race. A long lost godfather of the orthodoxy enforced by America’s
elite institutions. His name is Stokely Carmichael. You might not know who he is, but you definitely
know his ideas. Stokely Carmichael was a civil rights wunderkind. Barely out of his teens, he worked closely with Martin Luther King, and rocketed to international fame after uttering this fateful phrase: What does that mean? Well, that’s exactly
the question that caused him to split from MLK. MLK: “Well let me say first that this march
is non-violent…” Reporter: “Mr. Carmichael are you as committed
to the non-violent approach as Dr. King is?” Stokely: “No, I’m not” Stokely: “In order for non-violence to work your opponent must have a conscience. The United States has none.” A Marxist-Leninist, Stokely helps found the
Black Panther Party and seemed destined to become an icon, the swaggering, militant alternative
to MLK’s hopeless naïveté. He’s even anointed the next Malcolm X by
the New York Times… But then, all of sudden, He vanishes. Stokely moves to Africa and virtually
disappears from American politics. He names himself after a couple vicious tinpot dictators
and spends the rest of his life trying to establish a continent-wide communist ethnostate.
And he ends his life in conspiracy-drenched irrelevance. Before Stokely left America, he engineered
a unique idea. A little drop of intellectual arsenic that’s permanently poisoned our
politics. Stokely: “The major enemy is the honkey
and his institutions of racism. That’s the major enemy. That is the major enemy!” There it is, on the very first page of his manifesto. It’s a good description of Jim
Crow. Redlining. Poll taxes. These are institutions of racism. But Stokely’s definition was
more expansive, writing that institutional racism is “less overt, far more subtle,
less identifiable in terms of specific individuals committing the act.” Stokely invents racism
without racists. “‘Institutional racism’ attributes negative
outcomes in African American life to this force, this implacable force that’s out there.
Racism. Racism. Over which nobody has any control.” “Starting with Stokely Carmichael ‘institutional
racism’ means institutions that are complicit in producing disparate outcomes according
to race. So that means that if fewer black people X than whites, then the institution
in question is racist.” “What you’re also doing is moving any
responsibility for or agency over those outcomes from the hands of African Americans. So calling
mass incarceration an expression of institutional racism… Was it the legislature that made
the law that was racist? Was it the police officers as they’re enforcing the law? Was
this the courts that were adjudicating claims of having broken the law? Identifying the
racists who were responsible. I want to know exactly what you’re talking about and people
don’t tell me that, they often don’t tell me that.” And blaming some free-floating oppressive
force has a perverse effect: the architect of black power becomes the architect of black
powerlessness. “African Americans are then reduced to bobbles
at the end of a string that’s being pulled by powerful white people somewhere behind
the curtain. It seems to me that it invites a kind of complacency, a kind of infantilization.
And here’s the irony of the ironies. The very people in this situation who are agents
are the racists! And the politics of the institutional racism monger reduced to making moral appeals
to racists to stop being racist.” Stokely Carmichael crashed into the civil
rights movement and permanently set it on the new trajectory. Martin Luther King framed
his fight as getting America to live up to its own ideals. For Stokely, America’s ideals are a sham,
a thin camouflage for its true purpose: a grand white supremacist conspiracy. MLK wanted to transcend race, seeing it as
a cosmically obscene source of division. Stokely didn’t reject racism; he flipped
it. “Cause this is just another example of white
privilege, using your white privilege, and what are you going to do with it other than
come into this space and take.” “The second black leaders start putting
their fists in the air and chanting ‘black power’ the civil rights movement goes off
into the deep end.” “A balled up fist is not a jobs program.
It’s not decent housing. Laws are made by majority vote. You must persuade the other
guys, otherwise you don’t get what you want.” “Those other people produced results in
the world that we live in, the people afterward were on stage. And there’s a difference.” Stokely’s gift to America: the corruption of the civil rights movement. A new kind of wokeness that sees whiteness and blackness as these
forces locked in eternal combat. With leaders that don’t solve people’s problem,
they just make careers off of them. “And the tragedy is that that way of looking
at things has been seen in educated circles as the central way of being enlightened
and black. Stokely is smiling, definitely.”

  1. It seems to me that the only type of institutional racism around is in the form of racial preferences for employment and university admissions. Why our parents and grandparents decided to forever disadvantage their own children in order to advantage other people's children is a deep mystery.

  2. Communists and Fascists are both equally bad. Also communists perfected concentration camps while Hitler was in jail in Germany.

    Communists put Ukrainians, Kalmyks, Cossacks, Chechens, Lithuanians, Poles, and many more ethnic groups in concentration camps before Hitler.

    If your only basis for saying Fascism is worst than communism is racial prejudice that is a false analysis. Stalin and Lenin repeatedly starved out and deported groups based on ethnicity until they submitted to cultural destruction and assimilation like the Cossacks, Ukrainians, Volga Germans, many many more.

    This was easy from communist philosophy. Since communists believe in class genocide all they had to do was associate an ethnicity with a class enemy like nationalists or in the case of the Cossacks, their association with the Tsarist elite army units. Didn’t matter if you were Tsarist. You were part of that group and deserved forced labor and extermination for your collective crimes

    This was not entirely different than why Hitler rationalized the extermination of the Jews. He thought they were the top bankers, businessmen, and financiers that ran the capitalist, communist, and most of the socialist organizations. Because this race was seen as part of the elite class, their betrayal is what caused Germany to lose WWI. Hitler was a socialist and hated capitalism too.

    This was seen in the Czechoslovak Slansky Trials in a communist context. 3 Jews (among others) Vavro Hajdu, Arthur London, Evzen Lobl had their ancestry presented as evidence of their “counterrevolutionary” nature and activity in court and they were sentenced to life in prison by the communists after WW2. Many were executed as well in Eastern Europe.

    Now a distinction is to made that Hitler believed his race of Aryans was above all else and that races existed in tiers of purity.

    The Communists though not rationalizing one race was the best did rationalize some were the worst and deserved destruction or forced assimilation. That isn’t any better!

    Different ethnic groups were targeted in different communist countries for this exact reason. The philosophy calls for elimination of ALL CLASS ENEMIES so by that logic, importing this toxic philosophy to different countries will almost inevitably lead to racial and ethnic persecution relative to the power structure of the country the communists are in.

  3. "All we say to America is to be true to what you said on paper." These are brilliant, powerful words of consensus-building.

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