Architects of Woke: Chapo Trap House & the Marxist Vanguards for Alienated Millennials

Let me tell you about a podcasting phenomenon. A show that, within three years, grows from
lo-fi youtube live stream into the most popular podcast on Patreon, a million-dollar behemoth
with over 100 thousand listeners per episode, that sells out live shows all over the world,
and secures endorsements from celebrity comedians and journalists. What does this vital new voice have to say? Welcome to the world of Chapo Trap House. Birthed during the 2016 primary battle by
three twitter friends, bonded by an enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders, Chapo updates the socialist
manifesto for alienated millennials. Its tenets: Jobs are evil. Entrepreneurs are hucksters. You are owed a life of pure leisure. Chapo is trying to sell you their adolescent
entitlement as enlightenment. The collapse of communism and the spread of
capitalism has wrought unprecedented improvements in global well-being, with a billion people
lifted out of desperate poverty over just the last 25 years. But… I mean, hey, Will was lonely and bored at
his job at a boutique New York publishing house, so I guess we have to smash the system. Chapo Trap House has nothing but acid hatred
for the Democratic establishment. And they’re gunning for total domination
of the party. Chapo’s polemical style is sourced straight
from twitter, where progressive clout is measured by your ability to insult strangers on the internet. Civility is for suckers. Civility retains the oppressive capitalist
status quo. Why not mock an autistic man’s appearance? Chapo’s politics is gleeful tribal warfare. So, tune in to hear them fantasize about assaulting
a sitting senator. And justify mass looting. Chapo’s scorched-earth strategy is intended
to terrorize people into compliance, to terrorize people into silence, to terrorize people from
making videos just like this. They’ve raised a massive online mob to viciously
harass critics. To bombard people with threats of violence and death. This is a bumper crop of young radicals that
see cruelty as a virtue, and that seek nothing less than total domination. This is about as radical as you can get before
you start picking up bricks.

  1. "to viscously harass critics"- shows footage of comment saying "beating up fascists is cool"- well, we know where you stand

  2. Man, I wish they were this cool. Instead they are slightly more cool than a dope in clear, plastic-framed glasses.

  3. yeah you sure have to wonder where the 'Capital Research Center' gets their funding and why they're terrified of chapo resonating with people lol

  4. Can we talk about how the user alleging death threats at 4:34 is the mod of a ragecomic subreddit, has a weird
    obsession with chapo, and tossed out these gems (1,2), and himself advocated violence (3):

    (this one is just fun)


  6. Just showed this video to my blue collar buddies, Joe, Jamal, and Hymie down at the building site and we've all cancelled our subscriptions to Chapo.

  7. I could have totally taken this as chapo self satire. Thanks for spreading awareness about our fav soy boys.

  8. Do you feel even slightly ashamed at how much you're cherry picking here? I know it's on purpose but God damn.

  9. not sure what I was expecting but this is almost a parody of itself. acknowledges chapo came from humble beginnings, and then just takes out of context clips, where it's most often obviously ironic even when taken out of context, and then has some "trying to look cool" dude telling you how to feel about it. fuckin lol

  10. Work as being fundamentally dehumanizing and alienating used to be a conservative critique of capitalism. It took away from the time used to be a meaningful part of your family, community, church even. If anything is cruel, it's the post-war right-wing in this country.

  11. DUDE fuck Chapo Trap House! They are entitled brats who know NOTHING of the REAL WORLD. I am disgusted…. really I am. Great video on exposing these kooks.

  12. "Chapo's scorched Earth strategy is intended to terrorize people into compliance, to terrorize people into silence, to terrorize people from making videos just like this."

    WTF, I love Chapo now.

  13. Imagine having no understanding of irony but also trying to blow people’s minds while gesticulating like white Hopsin. Props to your editor though.

  14. The chapo guide to revolution is so obviously drenched in irony it's embarrassing you would use it to display them as evil.

  15. Love how they're spending their millions on weird viral marketing to get all of you riled up! It must have been Virgil Menaker's idea
    I'm a fan myself but have to say comunistism will dye, long live the new flesh!
    (thanks for reading my comment)

  16. It's a comedy podcast, you dope. Clipping the jokes out and presenting them as serious statements without any context is not a particularly compelling argument to anyone whose actually listened to an episode of Chapo.

  17. From the introduction of their new book: "The media is the guardian of discourse, and in the future, the only media that will exist will, of course, be Chapo and Chapo-approved affiliates." I know this is supposed to be a joke, but in reality it's the goal of every Socialist since Lenin and Mao. It's just surprising to see it expressed with such clarity.

  18. We called them flamers in the olden days of the internets. The beauty of us all growing up together on the internet, we can see everyone's personality profiles pretty well.

  19. The best part about you big brained bois the fact that I don't see any actual criticizing of the arguments being said in this video. It won't be long until /r/chapotraphouse gets banned, that's the pattern for every quarantined sub.

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