Aquarius it's so funny how the last become first and the first become laughs have you ever seen that before have you ever seen the tables turn have you ever seen that underdog go straight to the top rags to riches people just completely changing things around I feel like that's what's happening for you but it's not just because everything is working all that in your favorite it's because you're able to use your resources to outsmart your enemies and this is how you remove obstacles and blockages that would normally stand in other people's way if there was one word to describe the energy that is around you now and coming up lingering throughout the next few months that one word would be to and of course to help you further understand what it is that I'm trying to tell you Aquarius I need for you to go with me on a mine trip so you go over to your friend's house your friend tells you come on in you guys sit on the couch and you begin to have a great and wonderful conversation now the time is going by you guys are laughing and talking and this friend says hey pull out your phone I want you to download this app now your friend tells you the app you look at it you read all about it and you're like why on earth what I need nor want this app your friends like you never know am I come in handy one day huh so you download the app and it's just kind of like a big whatever the days and days go on and you completely forgot about the air now one day you go to this building you have a meeting and all of a sudden it is nighttime you have to walk through this parking lot to get to your car now as you begin to walk and it is nighttime you get this creepy sensation that someone is following you you look behind you and you don't see anybody so you keep walking but then you get that sensation again and sho'nuff you see somebody they kind of dust off trying to play it off but you know that this person is following you you speed up your steps this person speeds up you keep walking faster they walk faster then all of a sudden you see that this person is closing in the gap your heart is pounding you are very very nervous you're trying to make it to your car the keys are fumbling in your hand and you just feel like dude I might not make it to my car before this person makes it to me so you reach your hand down in your head and next thing you know you turn around and you look at the person who was about to rob you they're shell-shocked they get scared they turn around and they run away now as they run further further away out of your eyesight you look down in your bag and you pull out your phone and you chuckle to yourself as you make it over to your car and get in but you realize that that sound effect at that your friend told you to download really did come in handy that person who thought they were about to get you was tricked into believing that you are about to get them isn't it funny sometimes how those roles reversed isn't it funny sometimes how the tables turn just so quickly but in your case with this energy it's not just the tournament this it's the way the events turn around because you didn't necessarily have a gun but that doesn't mean you didn't reap the benefits of someone who had a gun in that scenario you see your boxA outsmart the enemy you're about to confuse the devil or confuse negativity and use it to your advantage so the next time someone thinks they're going to walk up on you you just remember you got the tool all right Aquarius so I'm really feeling the energy of you guys just being able to use tools to your advantage now what is made in your life take it as applies for some of y'all business business moves this is relationships this is all people coming back from the past you being able to duck and dodge negative energy okay a lot of people that own that sole purpose max like you're finally reaching that point you're getting your train on the right track and a lot of people are trying to jump on the bandwagon or whatever and it's like no you have to go get your own let's see what's coming up now in the traditional Tarot for you guys ooh the world card completion of cycles so one thing is is moving forward okay you're moving forward things have completely shifted things have turned around a lot of people especially if you're on this essential process you are really feeling that turn around okay where you went from one part of your life and then it completely shifted to a new part nobody be the same again okay wrapping up cycle some of y'all this is world travel when we see this but this is you being completely done with something and moving to a new level a lot of y'all are stepping into new territory you're about to start doing things you've never done before when you start to expand your horizons when you start to use your tools to your advantage and you start removing those blockages and those obstacles you get exposed to new options okay you start coming up doing things for yourself you start making more money now you're exposed to new options a world of new options and when you have a world of new options you start to pick and choose things that you've never done before now this is important because I feel the energy of like excitement like do you know how exciting that is to be able to finally have doors unlock the truth you've never had unlock before but this all comes through being able to use your tools otherwise these things become blockages you have to bust through these blockages you gotta outsmart the enemy you gotta outsmart some of these things you gotta use your brain you gotta be quick on your toes which you already naturally are but I just feel like coming up this is gonna be the way you bust through those doors and start making more more and more things happen to prank cross by oh it's a cup well so some of you guys can be meeting a cancer Scorpio Pisces after you wrap up a lesson wrap up a season with someone else or you guys could be moving into a new season where you're just gonna start over you're going to refresh the relationship but this is also that overflow a lot of people are looking for the overflow it's like I've been doing my thing I've been working hard to obtain you know this level of stature whatever and I'm looking for the overflow the extra not just the the minimum though that I can get by not just it's enough you're looking for the overflow the abundant the cup runneth over type stuff and this cycle if you're not already through it if you're not already over it's coming to an end and this is the brand new beginning okay so let's write here showing you now some of y'all just have to hit that crossover point okay this is how he turns around remember we said the last one to the first okay we said the tables are turning in your life so look at this the end and the beginning that's how we're shifts that's how it turns around this is the perfect example of that so for those of you who needed a confirmation that okay did I do the right thing by leaving this relationship behind for good for good did I do the right thing for leaving you know that friendship work or that particular behavior or that thing that I used to do am I good am i good is there going to be a brand new beginning that I like because of that and there it is okay so yes this is the confirmation that that laughs become a first type energy the tables turning and switching around oh you thought she was gonna walk up and ride me no hahaha brand-new beginning I'm good now I got a new strength okay you did something you ain't think you can do and you didn't even have a gonna forget you look at you you didn't even need it and you still got the results you needed all right and a deep root of it mmm page of ones so a page of Wands is that like I want to say this would be in our scenario this is kind of like that Robert or this is that news or that information coming it's just something that maybe you heard or this was just something like maybe even your friend who gave you the tool this is the the thing that you needed that one little piece of communication in this case the communication was the sound of that gun cocking you know let me see why this is important I'm speaking you give us one word to tell us why displeasure ones is important in aquaria scenario perseverance yeah this is the petty and mature energy that you had to persevere through this is how you got the turnaround because she was able to outsmart this specific energy now this person is creative it's a younger type of energy but some of the artists may be simply you know you work at a school and the kids be doing all kind of crazy stuff behind you got the last laugh and that ain't got a do right or they an attention to something like that and then it could also be just like I said for somebody are even on a major scale where somebody was trying to get over they were trying to do something and then I'm tables turn I'm like oh but you persevered through it and that's how you get a brand new beginning I know this little page of ones wasn't so innocent when I'm song I know that I can do whatever I set my mind to so some of y'all this was simply the obstacle that you had to overcome now this is um every deal Sagittarius energy right here so I gotta say for somebody honest is a relationship if some of y'all could have been a creative project that went wrong and thought they were going to get over on you and now I'm with Sutton haha they trust themselves recent past oh six of Pentacles so we got some generosity we have some balancing of the skills oh that's many what recently happened but some of y'all you came to some type of compromise this is Taurus Virgo Capricorn energy right here it doesn't necessarily have to be that sign but I was just throwing like whoever this was it was maybe an unfair situation and you had to really do something to balance the scales okay and it could have messed something's dressed – gasps you know making a gun but this is you making the scales balance for some of you guys you really have to actively pursue in life make something happen without putting in too much effort as if that makes sense okay you didn't have to necessarily have the gun but you still got the same results now I was gonna clarify as I'm clarifying two cards popped out three cards popped out look at that you had to fight you had to make the skills balanced without necessarily even having the gun and look who showed up we got the demo right here we got the ten of swords right here we got the fighting a conflict let's walk through this mind trip the devil showed up thought he was about to get you had to persevere through this little little round alright then here comes the fight but it's not necessarily a physical fight it's you fighting with your mind is you fighting using that sound effect being able to quickly locate the gun sound effect and no on your toes that's what you got to do to our smart key enemy and then boom what happened enemy got to go you got to go okay now I love the way spirit just did that through these cars I don't I mean wow this is amazing yes confirmation confirmation confirmation you are getting you were moving these obstacles that will keep coming thinking no no no no person to be a person here and this is all in the past which is why we got this wrapping up of a cycle and the brand new beginning the last are becoming first and all those people who thought that we spent a run up look at him look at the enemy look what you're doing day wow wow okay in your head space that was deep in your head okay I just want to flip over three of cups some of y'all just want to have fun after going through a time where you have to do this in the past but you have to overcome all this stuff of course now it's just like do can I just relax can I just go have fun some of y'all want to go on vacation okay celebration meeting up with friends I feel a very light-hearted energy coming too because once you remove this kind of stuff this kind of energy these are people relationships a lot of y'all leaving narcissus behind and am I good the right thing by leaving the narcissist yes you did yes you did okay you made those skills balanced and now you just want to have fun you just want to relax it's like that energy was so heavy some of y'all should just really take the W just take your W you may feel like you had an L but it's a good L it's kind of like oh I lost a whole bunch of way you don't understand like it isn't like it works okay believe me so what is coming up next ooh two cars went to bounce out Wow hmm you get two major arcanas you get the lovers and then you have temperance so the calm after the storm and now we have the love now we've cleared all of this so the emotional fulfillment wrapping up of the cycle relaxing and being able to get back into the groove of like a fun energy and then pull look what happens it the angelic realm takes over and then brings you what you deserve because you decided you decided that this is not what you're going to accept anymore you're not accepting toxic behavior toxic friends toxic relationships toxic family toxic business people you're not accepting it you put it a wrap put a rat to it and then the angel said oh good Aquarius did Aquarius wrap up a cycle then Aquarius go ahead and put it into it and finally put they foot down and say no more no more no more I'm not accepting that well we got spirit the universe have decided that we got to give a queries something else something better because a query is decided and once the query is decides the universe falls in line so what have you decided now let's see what you fear what do you fear boom ace of Pentacles TM that brand new beginning that brand new beginning so shifting over once again but some of y'all this is the the whole job thing misses the Holborn it's a business for yourself I should preneur some of y'all are going full-blown into entrepreneurship with no safety net you full speed on expressway no brakes and that can be scary or that's what at least you may want to do you want to may want to take a leap of faith awesome for some of you are if you leave certain energy behind you may be worried about finances you may be worried about money how am I going to make up the difference if there's some type of difference in like income so let's see how can we get over the fear what should you be focused on tonight whoa whoa whoa jumping out gratitude staying in a state of gratitude I'm grateful for my new beginning yeah I'm grateful that I have a chance to start over to build something new something bigger something better I'm grateful okay I am thankful for this life and the opportunities that it presented so this brand new beginning whatever it is that you're scared of whatever you feel like you have to leave in the past whatever you outsmart it to get away from you have to be grateful that you got away from that okay not to say that everybody's people or whatever you're getting away from was all just a terrible this person in the world but I feel like you're leaving things that serve that no longer serves your highest good okay and now you may present it with that brand new beginning and it can be scary but what Spirit is saying is let's just stay in the in a state of gratitude because really ain't no where else to go but up you can't aren't released for some of y'all feel like you can't never do no worse than this last person on this last thing that you just left I feel like you can you'll never do that bad choosing ever again okay so now you'll be rewarded with what she really wants okay now what is what is it that you look like how do you look to other people right now oh the magician well yeah cuz you look like you've gotten over some things and you've overcome a lot of stuff and you you make things appear that problem you know what here it is you're good at creating the illusion which makes everyone else fall in line right so you created the illusion that you had a gun and you're back on my fellows pretend like it was a gym bag or something okay you created the illusion magician like you had the gun but in reality you did it but you still was able to make the results that you wanted appear Aquarius so so this is good and gentlemen you look like you're manifesting too because you have this angelic support so you really are manifesting you are seeing some results and especially that there's leverage situation in these two aces popping up especially this X right here we talking some money so people are looking at you like how you creating all of that stuff you know but I'm telling you it's because you you took away this and if you hear you said no this is not working and I'm putting my foot down and no longer will people be able to walk up on me I'm pulling out the fake gun alright let's see what your hope for nine of swords this is Aquarius energy here what are you hoping for it to get up out of this stress this anxiety this worry whatever it is that has you worried I'm feeling like this connected to the past oh and that small one last step of being able to cross over and completely make it to your new beginning okay because it is a lot to leave behind but some of y'all is real you know these are people you've known forever and I say that a lot in this season because that is just the theme for the collective a lot of people are realizing when it comes to so purpose I realized that some people some people's opinion some people start some people's beliefs people from the past whatever whatever don't I love with my anymore horror period and some people are really feeling like dude in order for me to make it I have to kind of let this go I have to and you it's stressful it's stressful but when you're manifesting you moving towards my purposes like we gotta go we gotta go you gotta go we can't keep sitting around being like this okay you're a magician you got stuff to bring in all the rest of the people who a part of your mission they'll show up now what is the outcome of this energy oh whoa so gonna pop out okay so we have both of these are fives the five cups and the hair of fun so we have five so we have changed period this is I feel like this is more so you picking up the pizzas finally being able to get out of this anxiety you're gonna look at what you have lesson you're going to decide that moving forward is your best option for those of you feel stuck this is also you being able to use your tools and your resources to go from last to first and then this here is the Hara Fox okay so the Hara fun as the outcome in conjunction with the lovers card to me represents some type of engagement some type of maybe contractual agreement we're moving in together okay or you guys are you know sign is something together you doing something but this represents engagement marriage licenses mortgages but coming together and it could be a sole contract for some of you guys who have traded in this enemy I mean yeah this enemy it's so funny because in the past we haven't been devil and in the recent future I'm in a recent future in the near future we have the angel can you see that so in the passion defeat at the devil and now the angelic realm is taking over you have his brand new beginning and emotional fulfillment you're picking up the pieces from all the distress anxiety and everything that could have hurt you or try to break you in the past and now you got a new contract coming a new agreement okay so this is beautiful listen see one more of these to wrap up this reading and see what else Bill wants to offer to get you going Oh friendship okay so this is that I told you this may be a contract with friends as well new people coming in I told you it's all going to fall in line the people who are supposed to be with you are going to show up okay the people the toxic energy the fighting the jealousy all that had the competition all of those people you defeated a you won't out of that energy okay and the people who are supposed to be with you on this part of the journey are going to show up so don't even sweat that I understand that a friend is in my life for a reason and guess what sometimes those reasons run up and those reasons run out end of it so that new can come on in new contracts ladies and gentlemen new contracts new stall contracts knows Frank contracts you're spending okay you're part of a tribe down so you're gonna meet people who understand you and this level okay not the people who will have to go numb right so that is what I can feel you Aquarius thank you guys so much for all your support I appreciate you guys go ahead and subscribe if you're not already subscribed I appreciate you and if you need a personal reading hit me in water somebody's at make sure you guys look in the description box so you can see how to list your questions okay thank you guys so much once again and I'll see you in your next video

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