AQ3D| How to level up classes, level and get gold! (grind)

how's it going everyone welcome back to another video so today I'm just going to let you guys know how to level up your past fast now this isn't gonna take you from 1 to 10 in like a minute or anything this is a grind you need to grind level of your class and yeah so you know if you expect in a really really fast wave just like a 1-minute King it's not gonna be that you're gonna need to grind your class ranks now I have a perfect area for that and there's some things you need to know obviously you're gonna need some friends or just people they're active grinded because it's a pretty good way to get gold and XP and fat16 now firstly I just wanna mention you off skill now some might not have this but warrior cross field is probably one of the better ones here just because of the AOE if you go there you can use this at any class that you used as an extra and we ability so I always use this for leveling up my class getting gold or classic ski just because this frost over here is an AoE and I can use that to hit new monsters and more monsters hit means no more XP I get once they die so where exactly am I going now some people may be nowhere to go and this is the under it's a bit old yes I know but I had a few people ask him like hey Jake how do you level reclass real fast and this is how you do it so the spawn you want to go to this door over here the one with a stone and you want to go up to it and it will open a menu now it's very important which when you pick you wanna pick the leading survival this has a level cap on number 10 so it will downgrade your level now this is actually good because you are fighting the enemies of your same level so therefore you'll get me maximum amount of XP you didn't know if you try to fight enemies that way below your level you you get reduced XP and coal so you want to go to the Legion for survival so you know I am lucky enough there are actually people here I should probably change into warrior I only have any classes to level up the combat combat but AoE is probably the battling good Justin because you can get the monsters get more tags now obviously if you do in class XP you want to use your class XP potion XP potion for XP and go for gold obviously so yeah this is a grind you're gonna be here for a while just letting up your classes it doesn't take too long the first five levels for the class are pretty easy to get but after that it does kind of slow down a bit but this is a good place to get real levels now again you do want people try to work in the middle see I destroyed by a group so these guys all seek here a date class now I don't put you up the level of the class but that's what I assumed you're off to god damn he is a level just look he's level 19 so he's probably come here for XP again this place is good for XP gold and classically so we need to pad stay in the middle that's where the best position is just so you can hit with the mobs so yeah this is the area it's pretty easy to do and it's gonna take you a while just because you know this team is a is a crying game at the moment there's no super or make a place that instantly that was you at the moment so this is the best we have if you have any bad places let me know because this is what I've been using for all my levels and all my gold the moment and you know it would be nice to find a different area to level up in but yeah guys this is the era it's in the end the world and it's the Legion for survival so yeah guys I hope you do the video if you did please leave a like comment and subscribe and as always I'll see you you


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