APLIT5 The Influence of Social Classes in The Great Gatsby

in F scott fitzgerald's jazz-age novel The Great Gatsby the story takes place in elegant East Egg where the old money resides as well as the new money of the less fashionable West Egg which both represent the influence of social class as a theme throughout the story twenty miles from New York City a pair of enormous eggs jut out in the Long Island Sound I lived in a less fashionable West Egg across the bay millionaires tucked themselves away in hidden palaces visible to me on that first day as a distant mysterious figure on one side and a green light flickering on the other the plot of the stories built upon Jay Gatsby's yearning desire to recapture the past and his love for Daisy Buchanan and now a married woman the first example of the differing social classes is seen when Nick goes to Daisy's for dinner in Chapter 1 the overall setting of the event is very sophisticated yet still laid-back which is very different from Gatsby's high energy over the top and even naive party attended by Nick in chapter 3 the symbolism of colors contributes most to the stratification of social classes within the book for example the colors yellow and gold are frequently compared at Gatsby's party in Chapter three the two girls and twin yellow dresses are not nearly as captivating as Jordan Baker whose slender golden arm is rusted and Nick's during the occasion although Jordan does not live in East Egg she spends a lot of time at Daisy's house yellow is also the color of Gatsby's car which ultimately leads to his downfall no matter how hard he tries Gatsby will never live up to the golden lifestyle of Daisy and those who come from the life of inherited wealth relating the aspect of colors with irony the color white symbolizes faithfulness and purity yet it as Daisy and Jordan who are wearing white dresses Daisy ends up being one of the most selfish and heinous characters in which she starts an affair with Gatsby for personal enjoyment and revenge on her adulterous husband and Jordan leaves Nick claiming that she was engaged it is ironic that the two characters associated with the sophistication of East Egg turned out to be the worst characters Daisy Buchanan the golden girl a breathless warmth flowed from her promise that there was no one else in the world she so wanted to see did they miss me in Chicago uh yes um at least a dozen people send their love how gorgeous they're absolutely in mourning they're crying yes I don't believe they're shouting similarly Daisy's name is associated with the flower which also represents innocence and beauty this innocence however is ephemeral a Nadder center is the yellow of moral corruption overall the juxtaposition of the eggs represents the barrier between Gatsby and Daisy both socially and romantically Gatsby will never be enough for Daisy because she comes from a life of familial wealth and inheritance his attempts at courting Daisy are futile and pathetic for she never intends to actually be with him and although he assumes his new riches and lavish lifestyle will attract her ez will always see him as the man who came from nothing

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