AOC Says Endorsing Bernie Sanders Was ‘Moment Of Clarity’ | NBC News Now

  1. My Global Utopia begins and ends with individual liberty. Sanders and AOC not so much. They see you as subjects. They are your leaders.

  2. O good too dumb people that think that socialism works!!! And most people that like them are not educated enough to understand what there saying!!!

  3. In a world full of democracy and capitalism…two socialist's path cross….and when two socialist communists combine YOU HAVE CAPTAIN WELLLLFAARREEEE!!! Captain welfare..don't worry they will give you everything free…Captain welfare never fear you'll be in a camp soon..Captain welfare will tell you what you need!!!!

  4. 2 serpent heads in the grass. Traitors to Americans and freedom. These are so called leaders of people calling for revolution? Why are they allowed on TV at all.. Bernie why would anyone in their right minds vote for you after the crap you spewed here? Your gonna try but at the end of the day what? And you want to lead a nation?!

  5. Government paid doctors, nurses, administrators, property and equipment..
    Government paid college faculty, staff, campus and facilities.

  6. AOC is a joke, she thought a tax credit was the city giving Amazon money she lost New York City 25,000 jobs and all the economic growth that that would have come with along with millions upon millions of tax revenue but she foiled the deal because she did not know what a tax break is LOL smh, MABA (MAKE AOC BARTEND AGAIN).

  7. AOC: "We need to get all these old white guys out of office."
    Then like a true politician, she endorses the oldest white guy available lol 😂🤣😂🤣 what happened with the NEW GREEN DEAL?

  8. Notice they won't show the crowd from above to show the turnout. Only close ups to give to impression they had a big turn out.

  9. Bernie Sanders and ALC bound together to make America middle-class what it's supposed to be this is a Powerhouse and epic movement that America can do better this is awesome God Bless America

  10. AOC is personally responsible for losing New York City 25,000 jobs and has no conscience about it. She and Sanders are the kind of person that should not have power.

  11. If Sanders is nominated and doesn’t pick Tulsi Gabbard we’re screwed.
    Warren and Biden are both Clintonians.
    Both Tulsi and Alexandria are for the people.
    Time to vote out these old carrier politicians folks.
    Hillary Clinton is monster and needs to be silenced. Trump was supposed to hold her accountable and he’s failed the country

  12. Look at that crowd size! Jealous Donny's handlers must have hidden pictures of that crowd size from him. If he see's Bernie's crowd size he might have a stroke!

  13. AOC is a sad phenomenon…Its an obvious attempt to draw voters to Leftist policies by pushing a nonqualified young minority female psychopath with a monumental ego…

  14. Eye opener: EVERY Democratic nominee in the last 70 years who was OVER the age of 53 went on to lose the election to the Republican opponent while EVERY Democratic nominee in the last 70 years who was UNDER the age of 53 went on to win the election against the Republican opponent.

  15. I think people need a house to live in before they can go to college and all mortgages need to be cancelled first.And food and water should be free also because it's a human right not to starve to death!We can't just walk around naked either so free clothing should be somewhere at the top of that list.How am i going to get to my classes without transportation?Free tuition should include a car to drive and not a gas guzzling polluter ,only a clean new electric model would be appropriate.

  16. You can literally see how hard she’s struggling to not say “uhhm” and “like” between every thought/sentence 🤣

  17. AOC smiles at Bernie and says together we will rule this Country with a strong Socialist Communist iron fist, the people will bow to us and do as we say.

  18. The obvious! Differences is….. BERNIE SANDERS IS THE REAL DEAL! Copycats don't have my vote! Only BERNIE SANDERS WILL DO!

  19. Bernie needs a heart. Biden needs a
    brain. Beto needs courage. Kamala is a witch. Campaign trail looks like the
    yellow brick road.

  20. Difficult choices every day… Should I thumbs up the video because of Bernie and AOC, or should I dislike because it's NBC "News"

    Decisions, decisions…

  21. Those who fear this kind of approach to government are in effect saying Yeah but I like my insurance company rationed healthcare and I like pharmaceutical companies rationing my much needed medication lol

  22. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who's gonna drain the DNC Swamp of DINOs and fill it with progressives and actual left-wingers who believe in helping working people, and AOC understands that. The DNC has lost its way 40 years ago, it is no longer a party of working people.

  23. 26,000 inside the ropes – another 7,000 outside the ropes. SANDERS IS THE ONE. Vote in the primaries or KICK yourself later and forever – last chance for real change.

  24. Bernie doesn't always drink beer, but when he does, someone else pays for it. And kind of ironic that dingbat AOC who bashed "Old white men" now endorses Bernie. I guess Socialists think the same. And what has Bernie ever done for mankind? And he never held a real job before getting into politics. These delusional dummies in the audience are either aging hippies or indoctrinated college students.

  25. These Bernie cockroaches have no clue. If this ever happened the rich & there jobs would leave this country BEFORE he ever took his oath. This COUNTRY'S transform into a Venezuela would be overnight.

  26. Trump is traitor for literally admitting and acknowledges in front of his delusional supporters that he LOVES the Saudi king. And now he is sending our soldiers to protect them.

  27. Sick dangerous con artists peddling their snake oil

  28. God I hope he wins. He’s honestly the best. Biden seems consistently high or drunk, and Warren seems loopy. Bernie is the best option

  29. Liars lied about 25k foot traffic thru that area that day
    Dems said 25k audience was a lie they had 1k or less audience all the rest was walking by

  30. Bernie lost his daughter when she died 2 days b4 this was taped, greedy
    Conartists still con Americans for money for a freebie campaign

  31. I agree. The question shouldn’t be why not Warren. The question is, why we need Bernie. And the answer is because he’s a lifelong independent who only cares about people. He doesn’t care about himself. He can’t stand the injustice in this country just like 80% of Americans can’t either. Bernie speaks to people, Warren speaks to democrats and republicans. She’s nowhere near the center, but she doesn’t have the record or fight in her yet I believe. We’d do well under either of them, but Bernie is the only candidate who will inspire the swing states and nonvoters

  32. Personally, I'm looking forward to Killary Clinton entering the race, just so I can watch Bernie kiss her ring, again😁

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