AOC On Capitalism & Democratic Socialism

so Chuck Todd asked alexandria Ocasio Cortez about democratic socialism and her response here is worthy of exploring take a look the president spent a lot of time I'm using the S word ilysm and socialist it was a not too subtle I don't know whether it's a dig or a enhancement I'll let you decide flattered okay fair enough you have said you are a Democratic Socialist can you be a Democratic Socialist and a capitalist well I think it depends on your interpretation so there are some Democratic socialists that would say absolutely not there are other people that are Democratic socialists that would say I think it's possible what are you I think it's possible I think you say you do so I'm a capitalist but I don't say that okay you know if anything I would say I'm in in a democratic economy but gotcha but the but is there so so in some ways whether it's you're coming from say Elizabeth Warren's perspective where she says you know she says things like I'm a capitalist but we need to have hard rules for the game what does the private sector do better than you know that the private say look government should stay out of X because sector does that better yeah I think there's a lot of things there's a lot of consumer goods where the private sector works and by the way I think it's important to delineate that just because you're in the private sector does it you can be in the private sector and be a democratically socialist business worker cooperatives are a perfect example of that it's not about government takeover it's about how much do workers have a say in your business do you have workers on the board do workers enjoy a decent amount of the wealth that they are creating or is the majority of these profits going to shareholders while you're paying a worker $15 an hour to live in a New York City apartment and so that to me is the difference it's not that public the public sector is democratically socialist and the private sector is not it's really about a more nuanced understanding of how our economy should work okay so there's a lot of stuff there that's good but then there's a little point that I really wish she would say Bernie Sanders would say and the rest of these people would say so first of all I like the fact that she said some stuff that placates a lot of mainstream media now I don't think let me let me be clear I think that she's gonna be smeared by the right no matter what there are a lot of bad faith actors on the right who are just looking to get her so they're gonna take things out of context and they're gonna lie and they're gonna mislead and that is what it is that's par for the course we're used to that by now right wing you know commentators and grifters just totally misleading people on stuff but for people in mainstream media they don't actively dislike Alexandria Ocasio cortes but they don't necessarily agree with her if that makes sense so when she says she was asked a very straightforward and a fair question I think from Chuck Todd hey what um so what what's better in the private sector because a oh she's been kind of walking this fine line between no no I'm not a socialist socialist you know a Democratic Socialist and here's what I mean by that and there's you know all these caveats and hedges and all this nuance and whatnot but she says very clearly oh consumer goods yeah that's I mean that's an answer that basically I give I've spoken about that before I don't want the government making video games video games or furniture stuff like that so there is a place for having a private sector obviously it's supposed to be regulated and obviously we need to have rules that make sense but yeah the idea of like be totally moving beyond that I don't necessarily agree with and maybe that's my own problem but I can't conceptualize like I've read a lot of Noam Chomsky in my life and he's it's fair to call him an anarcho-syndicalist or a libertarian socialist I'm not that and I'm not that because I simply cannot wrap my mind around the concept of what an economy like that would look like and anytime somebody tries to explain it it makes no sense to me I just don't get it when they try to explain it I'm like I don't understand what you're saying and what you want me to tell you and that could be because they're way smarter than me and I'm too dumb to get it that's perfectly possible but at the same time it also might be that they're just honestly they've gone too far and they don't have answers for those things and it's like a leftism of the gapps type argument we're like oh we don't have an answer for this thing or this thing well that's okay cuz I'm lefty er than now and that by definition is better you get a little silly when you start going that far so that's why I've always said I'm kind of a standard believer in social democracy I like to describe my ideology is either libertarian left or populist left but point is and this is the reason we're doing this segment here ALC kind of agrees with that okay so when she says consumer goods make sense in the private sector a pure old-school democratic socialist would not agree with that would not agree with that now at the same time she does give a an olive branch to that ideology and she says the same thing honestly that I say which is okay I mean it's not like I'm not post capitalist at all I have little elements of post capitalism in my philosophy and one of those things is I would allow for worker owned cooperative like every company has to be a worker own co-op some businesses would choose to continue to be traditional capitalist hierarchy with the owner and the boss and then people working underneath said I don't think that's by definition oppressive I know some people disagree with that but I don't so but that seems to be what a o'seas position is – hey I'm not trying to totally ban capitalism I think that some things like consumer goods and make sense for it to be in a private sector a regulated private sector but then I also agree with ideas like worker owned co-op so it capital list in a way but it makes sense if people want to explore that road and I totally get it and that's what she says so I think her the point is the answer that she gives here should totally stop all of the smear merchants from claiming that she's a socialist full-stop or even a traditional democratic socialist full-stop because she's not those things now that gets to the point of slight criticism which is and it actually this dates back to Bernie Sanders fucked this up originally Bernie Sanders was the guy who went out there and said I'm a Democratic Socialist but then when he goes on to explain what he means by democratic socialism he's not explaining old-school democratic socialism he's explaining social democracy so the difference there is traditional democratic socialism is social ownership of the means of production that's not what Bernie Sanders is talking about that's not what ALC is talking about so I wish they never let the cat out of the bag in the first place and miss described themselves but they did so now we live in an era where when somebody just describes themselves as a democratic socialist that doesn't by definition mean they believe in a post-capitalist society where their social ownership of the means of production so they kind of let the cat out of the bag by miss describing themselves because really they're just standard social democrats and they describe themselves as believing in democratic socialism and i wish they didn't fuck that up but they did fuck that up so now I honestly think we live in a world where you can't go back as if they never described themselves a democratic socialist so now when some people use democratic socialism colloquially colloquially hardware to say that just means I'm a social democrat and listen nobody's more pissed about this than actual democratic socialists who are like you're not me stop it you you're not post-capitalist you don't believe in social ownership of all the means of production so stop saying that stop saying your Democratic Socialist so my criticism is actually more of Bernie than than aoc because Bernie always says he's a Democratic Socialist then describe social democracy aoc now does the same thing as Bernie I'm a Democratic Socialist but here's what that means to me and hit her description it is I believe in social democracy so I just wish that Bernie had popularized the term social democracy and aoc had accurately described herself as a social democrat and Bernie had actually accurately described himself as a social democrat because then the right-wing smears will never never stop they'll always call you a socialist full-stop okay but I honestly don't think mainstream media would have called them socialists full-stop if they said no I believe in social democracy and here's what that means so I actually think they would have saved themselves a lot of trouble again not from the right cuz they're gonna smear no matter what but from corporate media and from mainstream media they would not engage in those bad faith total smears if she had described yourself as a social democrat and Bernie described himself as a social democrat I think you would even get these kinds of questions from the Chuck Todd's who's like what does that mean kind of thing are you post-capitalist because people would know that no you're not so I think Bernie and AOC kind of confused the public conversation on democratic socialism and social democracy and I don't think that was necessarily a good thing but now that we're in that space we have to deal with it and that becomes a little bit of a headache because I've seen it myself you know they've they've all been smeared as fully post-capitalist you know and that's just not true so to have to like go back to square one and explain that to everybody know here's what they mean by Democratic Socialist they don't mean traditional they mean social democrat and blah blah blah blah blah and I just think it would have been an easier fight if they said we're social democrats cuz honestly I think that's easier to defend and some people my audience disagree with me that's fine but listen you can't deny that I have the empirical reality on my side I just do that's why I don't need see ask the thing about believing in social democracy you don't need some theory like you ever talked to libertarians well in theory the thing that would work perfectly is if we did X Y & Z oh really where has it been implemented and worked talking a communists keep it real well I'll see in theater that wasn't true communism because true communism is when you do buh-buh-buh-buh-buh I don't need to rationalize anything I need to rationalize anything you know what I do Norway Denmark Iceland Sweden they're right there see them they're doing it see it look at all the studies all the numbers you know the empirical reality is they kick our ass on health of the middle class self-described happiness better health care systems more paid time off the list goes on or not so I don't need any rationalization any no true Scotsman thing it's just no no this see it's working see it's right there it's right there now is that the end-all be-all is it impossible to improve on that no I think you can actually improve on those kinds of systems but the framework is correct mixed market economy socialism capitalism heavy regulation of the private sector important rules regarding you know pay time off parental leave sick leave so on and so forth the basic framework is correct and it's a matter of improving from within that framework the point is I don't need to rationalize I don't need to justify I don't need to apologize or explain away failures of X Y or Z cuz it's just working what I like so and I think that that argument would have been a lot more powerful had Bernie and AOC and others it's not just them it's others who describe themselves as democratic socialists eyt as don't know I'm Democratic Socialist no you're not you're Social Democrats and you should have known the difference you know so whatever is what it is we got to deal with it now but outside of that I love I love the answer I think it's very nuanced I think it's very intelligent and I think it's where most of the people in this new insurgent left movement where they live

  1. You forget how she thinks taxing 70% of the wealthy is a good plan and giving money to people who dont work for shit will fuck over america very badly. Make no mistake she misleads ans makes people think she isnt about socialism but that sounds as socialist as it gets except she doesnt know shit about what shes doing or talking. While i agree eith thr idea that corporations have too much power and lobby shit hella badly the ideals she brings along although theyre all not bad she still has a horrid sense of what to do

  2. Costco is one of the most profitable corporations around and the CEO is absolutely a democratic socialist where the workers make great money share in profits and makes the share holders money so it is possible if greed is taken out of the economy !! 🙂

  3. Why don’t you make an episode on AOC’s comment that New York should spend the $3 billion instead of on amazon on building the infrastructure? Maybe some clarification for her on what the definition of a tax incentive is?

  4. While Joseph Schumpeter agrees with Karl Marx that capitalism will collapse and be replaced by socialism, Schumpeter predicts a different way this will come about. While Marx predicted that capitalism would be overthrown by a violent proletarian revolution, which actually occurred in the least capitalist countries, Schumpeter believed that capitalism would gradually weaken by itself and eventually collapse. Specifically, the success of capitalism would lead to corporatism and to values hostile to capitalism, especially among intellectuals.

    "Intellectuals" are a social class in a position to critique societal matters for which they are not directly responsible and to stand up for the interests of other classes. Intellectuals tend to have a negative outlook of capitalism, even while relying on it for prestige, because their professions rely on antagonism toward it. The growing number of people with higher education is a great advantage of capitalism, according to Schumpeter. Yet, unemployment and a lack of fulfilling work will cause intellectual critique, discontent and protests.

    Parliaments will increasingly elect social democratic parties, and democratic majorities will vote for restrictions on entrepreneurship. Increasing workers' self-management, industrial democracy and regulatory institutions would evolve non-politically into "liberal capitalism". Thus, the intellectual and social climate needed for thriving entrepreneurship will be replaced by some form of "laborism". This will exacerbate "creative destruction" (a borrowed phrase to denote an endogenous replacement of old ways of doing things by new ways), which will ultimately undermine and destroy the capitalist structure.


  5. I would say stick a d_ck in her mouth to stop her from sucking up other peoples air but i wouldnt wish those horse teeth on any mans genitalia.

  6. Just like the left goes after Trump, ok my question who is gonna pay for all that , Answer Me ,you, all americans , by taking more Money .

  7. 2008-2012. Socialism for the benefit of corporations bailing out a failed capitalist economy. The next bubble created should burst any year now, and then they will need socialism again. Bernie, AOC, Tulsi, and others just want the people to reap the rewards of the better socialist ideas, not just the "elite".

  8. Hey guys! Please watch my video. I think its important for Americans to understand what capitalism and socialism actually is.

  9. Why is your opinion any more valid than the homeless guy across the street from me that lives in the park? the only difference is he doesn’t have an amateur studio in his mums basement. Come across like this well-informed educated guy but the fact is you have never done any stories that are actually your own you copy other people‘s and then commentate on them that’s what you are is an amateur commentator on YouTube & to claim the fact that you created justice Democrats is just hilarious. Your not part of the tyt network They created justice Democrats! it’s just insane the way you try to make yourself out to be important in the party when in reality you’re a nobody yet bro maybe one day you will be but seems your ego is so big these days I remember when You started this channel as a snotty nosed little teenager now your head is become so big you are becoming like the left version of Tucker Carlson except you don’t have the platform he has and you never will LOL stop pretending to be something you’re not you’re not a news reporter you’re not a journalist you’re a guy giving opinions on an amateur YouTube channel that runs from your moms basement for Christ sakes. So please let’s not pretend that you’re any different than Alex Jones or tucker Carlson on the right the only difference is You don’t have the fan base or the resources they have you have an agenda you’re a self promoter and not a very good one so stop copying people and trying to be something you’re notJust keep it real for chrissake every now and then you’ll start throwing some F bombs just to make yourself look tough 😂😂😂Then you use that word nuances just because AOC mentioned it like stop trying to look intelligent and just call it as it is bro you’re coming across as cheap and fake just keep it real are used to enjoy watching you back before you started getting a big head

  10. God she is a moron. What does she mean exactly that the workers get more of a say in the company? Who started the company? Who took the initial risk and grew a successful business? They get the same say as the new guy who just started last year?

  11. Capitalism boils down to the natural right to private property. If you have a problem with private property, I'm sure you will once they start taking things away from you.

    Capitalism brings wealth to everyone. "Redistribution" is stealing and will leave everyone the same in that everyone will be poor.

    Take it from a blind female minority millennial. Thanks.

  12. She's NOT that well known yet!
    DON'T do INITIALS of people without the revelation of what the initials stand for!
    NEVER do initials without revealing their meaning, EVER!
    I have to tell you this?? Wow.

  13. Kyle, is it true you and TYT made an agreement with JDs/BNC not to criticize or say anything negative about AOC or anyone else affiliated with them? I've been hearing about an undercover video with Exley that's coming out soon where he alludes to some type of agreement.

  14. No Kyle. Even if Bernie would have accurately self described himself from the get go as being a social Democrat, you know as well as I know that the mainstream media would have labeled him a socialist.

  15. Still silent on the GND? Kyle knows how ridiculous it is, otherwise he'd be making videos and touting about how great it is. At one time, Kyle would be one of the first Progressives to call it out but apparently he's just a partisan hack now.

  16. Oh Dear!
    AOC & her Chief of Staff are under investigation for Campaign Finance Violations.
    Didn't she tell Chuck Todd that "we need hard rules"?
    Oh she meant for Private Industry.
    Does it extend to HER?
    She is such a TWIT.
    Hope she goes to JAIL or is bankrupt with the Fine!

  17. Democratic economy? That doesn't even make sense. Democracy is a firm of government that has nothing to do with an economy. This girl is just an idiot. She thinks employees not only deserve 15hr but a cut in the business's profit? Gtfo. The owner who busted his ass to build that company is entitled to the profits. He/she worked 80 hours for themselves so they wouldn't have to work 40 hours for someone else. Know this ignorant 29 year old is trying to tell them that their employees who work 40hrs are entitled to a % of their company AND income on top of that?!

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