1. AOC and Bernie are Stalin and Lenin! They want forced labour camps, mass starvation, and mass murder! Don't buy there free everything bs! Don't buy there totalitarian bs! Don't buy that the government will take care of you from cradle to grave! Believe in yourself! Believe in capitalism! Vote Trump! Vote Republican!

  2. AOC speaks like Hillary and still hasn't learned she talks to people like they are stupid and like she comes from the south she's a Puerto Rican woman from Queens but yet the way she speaks is that she come from down south very insulting to the Black and Hispanic members of New York City I would think maybe she is carrying hot sauce in her pocket and she is willing to share it with you if they get their way every single union job and New York and New York state will lose their Healthcare from their jobs and will have to now pay for their own health care not to mention a few remember AOC as just proposed welfare 4 illegal aliens in this country and free college it is not free it comes from working American people every dollar coming from the government comes from working American people I don't know about you but I don't want my money to come out of my paycheck for somebody that does not belong here

  3. "no one should be graduating college with life-crushing debt."

    Then don't take a loan or pursue a degree that has validity within the market place.

    She could have used that economics degree and bartender skills to open up a local restaurant, hire locals (women & POC especially), and pay them a fair, living wage.

    But embracing capitalism and make meaningful change from the inside would just be too reasonable, wouldn't it?

  4. AOC opens this rally by "Lying Through her Teeth" she was recruited by Saikat Chakrabarti and the justice democrats and her brother had to convince her into running just watch the youtube video of her saying exactly that!

  5. Americans can vote for Bernie Sanders and Medicare for All in the 2020 elections or they vote for Trump and and watch him act crazy on CNN,MSNBC and FOX news for the next 4 years.

  6. I think it is time to add 1 more head onto mount rushmore when everything is fixed in the U.S and that face is Bernie sanders.

  7. We love you AOC 💖 keep up the fight the good fight because we got your back just like we got Bernie's…! President Bernie Sanders 2020 GOAT 😉

  8. Big news flash! We will never be a Socialist Country! AOC is a liar! Full of bull crap! President Trump will win by a landslide! You people who are lazy and want our Country to support you! Go get a fricken job!! Wow! There must be at least 125 people there! See u lazy people at the polls! You will not be in Congress next year! Republicans are coming to take their districts back!

  9. Dems can't tell you of one other place on earth that a socialist society has prospered.I bet AC/DC was pissed when they found out there song was being used for Bernie's intro!

  10. Bearnie will be the next president of usa I been predicted many other things and become reality is not what I want is what I fell Bernie is the next president

  11. Bernie Sanders is the real deal we should not allow anyone to push us into the idea of a Joe Biden Donald Trump presidential race Sanders is the stronger candidate

  12. LOL – there may have been 25,000 in the park but not at Bernie's socialist rally. Wow, Moore admits Obamacare and Obama telling all they need college isn't paying off.

  13. I’m a professional camera operator and I was there. Bought by the fossil fuel companies like THIS ONE (Corrupted Disney) and others are transmitting this great event BUT using a defected sound (not using the direct line microphone they ALL had available from several sound mixers present there) to distract or affect the message from these real politicians. Shane on you ABC!

  14. Look who Bernie Sanders is accepting endorsements from aoc and the infamous ilhan omar wow now you tell me they are not socialist they are out right communist for sure. So the real question is who is really dealing on Russia's side????? Bernie Sanders SPEACHES sound exactly like a dictators he also likes using the word "revolution" a lot…that alone tells you what he really is…

  15. I was a volunteer there and I had the chance to be in the crowd of that shot. I was to Rep. Ocasio-Cortez's lower right side with the phone. She is absolutely compassionate, logical, and outstanding. Seeing Bernie and Alexandria yesterday, I can tell you that was a historic moment in America.

  16. I read the comments section. My viewpoint is that disagreements happen in life. What makes humans unique is the lens in which we view the world. One common thing I do observe is a need for oneness. In short, we're divided as a whole. Let's be better and learn to disagree without being so critical of the opposing party. It's how things change- by discussing all angles and soaking it all in.

    So, lets all clean our lenses.

  17. Cory Booker says he wants to punch the President. 
    Joe Biden says he wants to beat up the President. 
    Robert De Niro says he wants to punch Trump in the face
    Kathy Griffin poses with a severed bloody head of the President. 
    Johnny Depp talks about an actor assassinating the President. 
    Madonna talks about wanting to blow up the White House. 
    Scalise gets shot and almost killed 
    Hollywood makes a movie about killing Trump supporters 
    Tucker Carlson has left wing activists at his home threatening to burn his house down with wife kids inside.
    Yet, the Socialist Democrats, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, TDIP, Media Matters, and the DNC say “Trump is inciting violence”.

  18. Someone needs to tell this silly old man not to use AC/DC it's "devil music" as he stated back in the 80's, remember Bernie???

  19. Bernie, why have you not came out and defended Tulsi about the horrible comments Hillary made about her? Tulsi threw her career under the bus with the DNC in 2016 by resigning her position in protest of how they treated you and campaign for you wholeheartedly and now she is being smeared by the person who stole the election from you in 2016 and every single person has commented about this except you… WTF?

  20. Now that's an endorsement and more. Passionate, personal, detailed, complex and coherent.

    I'm a Brit so it it doesn't matter but I do believe these two are your last best hope. If I were there I'd be campaigning for them, stuffing envelopes, hitting the phones.

  21. And zips it about HRC's scurrilous slander of brave Tulsi Gabbard, who quit the DNC to support Bernie in 2016. They should all be rallying to her defense, but instead… crickets.

  22. AOC your the best brilliant Congress woman. You did the right thing by endorsing Bernie Sanders. Your speech was moving like always. God bless you God bless Michael Moore and God bless Bernie Sanders the next president of United States that will change our nation for the better.

  23. Slow download, but worth waiting for. Stick with Bernie because he has proven his ability to stay the course in Congress.


  25. Government controlling your lives is freedom? This is the pure definition of the blind leading the blind. BTW, the U.S will never become a socialist society, ever. There will be a Civil war before this happens, mark my words people. From an apolitical U.S Combat Veteran.

  26. I'm in my 30s and never been polled. I'm sure his supporters are not fully represent in polls. Burnie is my president

  27. Crack head AOC sounds like she's behind a bar.
    ….Hey Mam, can you make me a double whammy on the rocks.
    otay, says crack head

  28. Congratulations Bernie you are on finally on your way to becoming President of NYCity ! and Alexandria Cortez will make it happen for you ! I mean she has a great things for making things Happen ! Because she has great experience in it ! I mean she did get rid of that Billionaire Company Amazon ! How dare they want to give NYC 30 million dollars a year in tax revenue and give over Thousands Of New Yorkers Jobs ! I mean what City needs that ? Oh AOC You Keep us Young !

  29. This here rally took place were Amazon was going to build it's second headquarters…
    Employing at least 20 thousand New Yorkers.
    How many people in that small crowed actually have jobs?
    Or are they there for the FREE HAND OUTS?!!!

  30. a0c +three & communist/socialist bernie have a zero percent chance in 2020.
    His message does Not resonate with regular, normal Americans.
    Plus… he is most likely ready to die from old age.

    Besides this is MAGA COUNTRY! (Jusse Smollett)

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