AOC endorses Bernie Sanders for president

  1. Did I just watch straight up news coverage of this event from Fox with no smearing or twisting? What's going on.

  2. Socialists are following Bernie everywhere so don’t get excited about crowds. Might even be European socialists. Reportedly fake heart problems. She surely loves her former boss.

  3. What an opportunity. There is every Socialist in the country in one place! How many bullets would it take to eliminate Socialism in America?

  4. Black and dark dangerous agenda peddled by con artists terrorists liars socialists, & a scary communist ( Bernie)
    Shame on fox to gives this any air time

  5. I see many 'thumps down' here, I gave one too. I made mine because I do not like Socialist – Other people I saw complained that it was even reported. FOX is a News station. If they want to report News? Well – they can do that. I am sorry that some might think that NEWS has to be "All one sided – or the other". News should be: New stuff – Like – things we do not know – NEW? 🙂

  6. So Fox news , are you ever going to report on the FEC violations Bernie was charged with after being caught employing illegal aliens on his campaign team?

  7. It's pretty sad that most American men can't pay cash for most things. They cry all day about politics all day, but can't be real men and pay with cash.

  8. You mean the Young Turks and Justice Democrats endorsed Bernie Sanders because THATS who AOC serves. Strange how THAT Story has NEVER been reported on FOX NEWS?

  9. Oh, great, he has the endorsement of a waitress who's about as smart as a box of rocks. That will really take him places.

  10. Dump just lost nearly $1,000,000.00 in campaign financing (thanks to Rudy and America First) and they're about to lose a lot more. F45

  11. Grassroot campaign for non-stop advocay. Bernie gets squad support because Bernie got stent's. So it's evident who is playing the Dem's and the division in Dem's. Biden is out officially.

  12. AOC made key points about Bernie Sander's.
    – grass roots.
    – non-stop advocay.
    These two have great information of DNA.

  13. The dumbest person on earth is endorsing the second dumbest. FANTASTIC. DONALD J TRUMP GOD EMPORER PRESIDENT FOREVER!! (Or until our country is restored.)

  14. I can't find a negative connected to anything that annoys Elizabeth Warren. I'm from Massachusetts, I lost a couple friendships when I backed Scott Brown in the winter of 2012/13.
    BTW: Let's shout hurrahs for Mike Pence's upcoming victory in 2024!
    Oops, I probably put my YouTube account in jeopardy there…

  15. The was she talks and uses crab hands to emphasise ever lie like every other political parasite really makes me cringe!
    Sign of a socialist who’s been coached to give deceitful speeches!

  16. What the hell… Fox giving Bernie a fair review while CNN ignores the rally completely? Are we in the twilight zone?!

  17. I wish all those demons would just go to hell now take all the little demons with them acacio and Sanders that makes me want to puke

  18. Bernie for President! Value this man, Cause he will be around for a while… but not forever.
    It's rare to see a man of his word become & stay a politician, Bernie's never strayed from his path or been dishonest to the people. Not only do I agree with his ideals but I love his consistency, Hillary, Trump, both of them you can find videos of them saying one thing then in another video the EXACT opposite, we dont need people like that running our country… its time the people got what they deserved, a person who's been honest from the start about their intentions.

  19. Kokokok Bernie will sell out all the flakes for the highest bidder. Less than what he sold his mandate and soul to crooked Hillary.
    His campaign is robbing Peter to pay Paul.
    The company of Pauls here you're.
    Old Bernie, hikhikhoihoi

  20. Wow you think New York is a Democrat stronghold or something. Oh crazy sold his soul to the devil Bernie Sanders. How much money you think the Democrats will pay him to lose this time?😂 how many American haters are going to endorse the old communist? Working class vote here. Nope. Working class is okay serfdom sucks.

  21. Looks like witches on black mass. I fell sorry for this people. They don't now for what they cheering. Greetings from east EU where we threw our SOCIALISTS with help of USA on dumpster of history after they ruin our country. Because of that I'm thankful to Americans and advise from me is" Never trust a person who call himself a SOCIALISTS ".

  22. Bernie Sanders is going to waste a lot of time and people's money.!!!!. Wake up Snowflakes.!!!!!. Nobody in thier right mind will give this clown money.!!!!!!. TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!

  23. Thank you Fox. The best thing that can happen is people being informed, whether its left or right or center. Inform everyone with no spin and let the chips fall where they may.

  24. As if ever idiot who likes AOC doesn't already like Bernie Sanders.

    LOL Only 26,000 in a city of 11 million in the middle of "progressive utopia hell". I'd like to see Bernie Sanders get 5 or 10 thousand in every state other than California or New York.

  25. Bernie the communist who’s never held a real income job in his life. Who’s a millionaire thanks to his book deals. Who looks like he’s 150 years old. Yea I’m voting for him!

  26. Bernie Sanders is the man we need. Sadly Americans have been brainwashed about democratic socialism thanks to fox and tea party.

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