Antifa's violent communist history exposed

the attacks on a conservative journalists in Portland Oregon recently making headlines new light is being shed in the radical group known as an Tifa when America's Jack mazovick sits down with an expert on communism to learn more about the group's founding principles very excited to welcome to one American news Janiak Alec the host of American thought leaders John thank you so much for being on with us pleasure now one group that you have focused on a lot is the ante fund the rise of the ante for violence we've seen in America tell me what is this groups origin well aunt Eve has actually been around since the 1920s it was a group that was basically you know created by the essentially or supported by the Soviet Union in Germany to promote you know Communist revolution basically and like the very very curious thing is the the type of work that they did you know supposedly anti-fascist work actually helped contribute to the rise of fascism in Germany there in America in you know essentially all sorts of cells an typhus else in America and present throughout Europe why is it that they resort so quickly to violence first of all let's just talk communism right instead of a core value if you will of the Communist Manifesto is achieving you know international communist rule through a violent revolution there there are a lot of parallels between an Tifa and the red guard in communist China the red guards were essentially you know young folks who with strong communist principles who are basically effectively empowered by now to go around and harass kill in many cases destroy traditional culture and basically anyone related to the I don't if you call it the old guard or basically history all of the remnants of the traditional culture of China we're at the mercy of the Red Guard and the Red Guard basically had carte blanche whether it was people whether it was books whether it was musical instruments whether it was it was the whole reign they were they were basically the shock troops sent to to to wipe out vestiges of tradition communism seeks to in is very ideal ideology to replace essentially all tradition with itself and whatever reality it concocts because according to the communist ideology reality is whatever the victor says it is on a given day and and and that's it so any tradition or roots that people have again whether it's music whether it's you know specific cultural values whether it's faith and so forth has to be done away with because those things will stand in the way of you know communist utopia there's no limit because I mean again it's it's spelled out Marx belted out very well you can use whatever means want to see more videos like this click on the link below and subscribe to one American news on YouTube and call your cable provider and kindly demand that what American news is added to your lineup call and subscribe today

  1. Antifa, is nothing but a brown shirt gang used by Hitler to build power with force, in the end it never ends well for their type, they get a mind set that no one will attack them, then they push one too many times and the push back ends real bad for them. It's coming they can count on it.

  2. Antifa will push their agenda to the point where Americans will stop them dead in their tracks. As sad as it is,you must fight fire with Fire.

  3. Since the Democratic party now is pushing Socialism then Communism's next to come America will be no more.Wake up People Darkness coming no more light.God Bless America

  4. Antifa better hope some nut job doesn't go after them with a gun; a lot of mothers are going to be crying.

  5. if you could get people that could make a complete sentence without using β€œum” every other word, would probably get you more attention

  6. F those dem/communist traitors, they are crooks who only want power and money, they will never help USA.

  7. Antifa is known by another name the black block. It was created by the USSR the KGB as an infiltration group to overthrew governments. Thier tactics are infiltrate thier society and government then create chaos. Then usher in communism. Antifa is world wide and now funded by China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuelan and liberal billionaires like George Soror and many other liberal progressive billionaires. In America they go by many names, Antifa, CodePink, CARE, Black Lives Matters they are all the same the black block.

  8. I want to see more evidence of how "antifa" linked up with the communists and their goals, especially in Portland,OR…

  9. This is interesting, because as a fascist, Hitler was actually fighting against Communism. Since 1967, our definition of fascism has been changed. Webster's collegiate Dictionary at that time, defined it as: A movement toward nationalism and conservatism as opposed to internationalism and radicalism. Likewise, we have been given a false history regarding Hitler.

  10. ANTIFA was started and funded by Soros in Europe then their ideology was indoctrinated in the colleges mostly on the west coast.
    It is past time that President Trump label them as a domestic terrorist organization and shut them down and start arresting those affiliated or supporting them financially

  11. As much as I wish they would go away, antifa is protected by the same constitution that protects everyone else. The only thing that can change that is if the government officially declares them a terrorist organization.

  12. Sh*thole mayor Wheeler and Brown WON’T pass unmasking law or ANTIFA declared domestic/worldwide TERRORISTS….. mayor can’t even fix potholes in 2 years…..

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