1. hope the Frank team does an exerpt video of just the portion about the HISTORY or STONEWALL , this was a great summary,Frank delivers clearly the intense history ,easy to absorb it … would like to share that info with other and PROMOTE QUITE FRANKLY 🙂

  2. The bigger question is how can you play for and represent a country you refuse to show reverence for?

  3. The gay community is quickly losing support from the people that have stood for their rights and helped them have a voice. We are seeing now that they could care less about the rights of those very people and have no problem squashing theirs to further their own. Recently a survey was taken from high school students asking how they felt about the gay community…it turns out that they are tiring of all the LGBTQ movement propaganda being shoved that their throats at every turn. I see potentially all the progress the gay community has achieved over time, being forced back into the closet by upcoming generations that will deny their movement…all because they will look back and see their behavior and unpatriotic stance on this country. This is sad because there are many many gay individuals and partners that are patriotic and conservative and support our President. They are the ones receiving the backlash from both sides.

  4. I guarantee some of the ANTIFA scum that have been arrested have been in 'therapy' some time in the past. #MKUltra

  5. I heard In The Summertime the other day and it has been playing my head until yesterday when I heard Santana/Rob Thomas and Smooth. Santana was way better than Mungo Jerry's spittin' band, so I didn't mind it as the song that replayed over and over. Then, I listened to your show. This morning I woke up to Mungo Jerry. Ugh, (sigh) . . . . . . .Thanks! Have a good day anyways!

  6. I wish T.C. Williams would get back on YouTube., "The Doctor of Common Sense" was  one of my favorite shows., he must have been  growing too popular, too fast., I still don't know what excuse they used to cut him off., it sure wasn't fair, nor talked about much by other patriot channels  either.,…I think the Yur-a-pee'n libtards started  that "scarf" thang., …any video you see from France shows 60% or more wearing big, billowing, long scarves wrapped one or more times around their necks up to there ears., …and so many!,…and you just KNOW each & every one of them are full on, Grade A , #1 Libtard., the purest strain you'll find anywhere,…except a few areas in San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle that we haven't checked yet due to biological concerns.

  7. We need to arrest all of the Antifa thugs, and deport them to the paradaisal socialist society that they yearn for, Venezuela! if they manage to survive long enough to hunt and kill one of the few remaining rats or zoo animals, they may be able to peacefully have a discussion about their miserable Ideas.

  8. "Most important game in American History… Men or women's", really?? LMFAO!
    …..Ummm, NO. No-one gives a shit about women's soccer! Like, at all.

    These people are such ignorant clowns that they purposely avoid all the VIDEO EVIDENCE contradicting what they say, think and believe! Lol.

    I'm so sick of Hollywood, MSM, pro-athletes, and honestly, now, many of the people on YouTube.

    Thank You, Frank. Thank God for you. 🙂👍🇮🇹 🇺🇸

  9. Meanwhile the wall full of cabal owned company sponsors behind her have their "platform" on camera for that peice of funding and space on her jersey.

  10. The firmament does not allow going to other planets. Come on guys read your Bible it's the only truth there has ever been. It never changes. People are so brainwashed into believing such falsehoods.

  11. Could Antifa and their handlers be purposefully escalating the violence to have another Charlottesville? Antifa’s already threatening acid attacks for the July 6th rally. Dems are desperate enough don’t you think?

  12. Never seen that view of your set up at the beginning. Very cool. Cheers Frank, have a great week

  13. Can you imagine what would happen to the Antifa pansies in NYC?? Actually, Antifa tried to get violent with people in Manhattan a couple of years ago, and New York's Finest waded into them with batons flying. The police had 25 Antifa kissing sidewalk in about 5 minutes.
    BTW, the majority of Antifa live with their liberal mommies and daddies in the upscale subdivisions of southeast Portland area.

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