Anti-Social Socialist Podcast ep 1 | Heck off fashie - John Doyle response video

you hello I put remake I put makeup alright do you think we're good to start now okay let me just make sure I'm cooking the right thing whoo I forgot to do this yeah of course just give me a minute and I'll make sure I do everything what I don't have PayPal eventually okay should I pull up the stream now or should we keep it on stream starting soon because they could hear us they could hear us because I have to stream starting soon thing up should we pull it up where do you want the site on the video first alright I'll just send you the choices again I have the M that why did it get so fucking small you want to do that one I reckon copy link address and put it into here alright I'm gonna hit this I'm gonna make sure once a desktop yep and we're in your life uh you're gonna make sure right it's just a bit too late I believe so buddy was I'm going to eventually get chat on screen but until then we're just gonna have to deal with this so you're gonna be in charge a chat alright so today for a makeup we're going to be doing John Doyle isn't that fun you know we're going to do socialism takes over 2020 really quite thunderous applause I'm not inaudible okay you want hold on money okay you know what let's just start over the video I think I fix it I mean we have to rewatch this it's fucking great spend now you muted it now you could hear all right john doyle in check off coming hello there ladies and gentlemen welcome to heck off you commies did you watch the debates did you watch the same debates that I did because did you not they don't spend why do you have to fucking leave all the time now you cam I did not personally watch the debates but uh kateri there were a ton of fucking memes I saw and that's about it I don't ever let's do this his red flags going up my guy's red flags you know not that they had any Flags on stage last night because they don't believe in taking pride in the country but you know Israel I can tell this is gonna be bad already really easy for back in the day if a Democrat said something like you know I think we should probably not let felons or mentally ill people purchase guns and Republicans would be like ah they're coming to take your guns vote for me cuz I won't take your guns but now you've got a me here what hold the fuck up no I think we should probably not let felons or mentally ill people per any flags on stage last night because they don't believe are you bathroom yes I am I am back I watched a little bit and as he said some stupid Oh me taking pride in the country you commies did you watch the debates did you watch the same debates that I did because red flags going up my guys that's where where we please point to the red flag I did probably not one clip is it in there it is a matter of oracle red flag or is he i call be like physically soviet red flag oh there's a ladder there's a ladder I'd be pretty down with Ken this is ageless last night because they don't believe in taking pride in the country but you know it was really easy for back in the day if a Democrat says no if you want to help people you don't take pride in the country now he said there are no flags there's no class therefore you don't take pride in the country swag I think we should probably not let felons or mentally ill people purchase guns and Republicans would be like ah they're coming to take your guns vote for me cuz I won't take your guns but now you've got Amy here from Minnesota just straight-up admitting that gun confiscation is what's going to happen gun confiscation right if the government is look at her fucking smile not to be a dominant or anything but what the fuck with that smile that's face in general is potato face we good yeah goddamn Texans how do you not expect conversation confiscation you give them the offer to buy back their gun but I'll say this I look at these proposals and I so what happened on Ocean in Australia wait so offering to buy people's guns is confiscation now hey Chavo have you bought anything from the store recently no I don't go out thanks for destroying my metaphor I'm gonna throw something at the Mike G that those we think said yeah okay the point is if you buy things from stores you're confiscating items from the store now I think they've I think what they're you were what she said was they're gonna take them but allow people to buy them back I don't think that's what she said I think she said do you want three windows right here from Minnesota just straight up admitting that gun confiscation is what's going to happen gun confiscation right if the government is buying back how do you how do you not have that conversation the same they're giving them the offer to find by the go yeah that's a buy the gun like what I heard is like the government gives the stage you're gonna do this that's what I keep hearing I'm me I don't worry got confiscation from say does this hurt my uncle Vic and it's deer stand coming from a frog hunting and fishing state these proposals don't do that okay so she said they're giving them the option don't look looking supposed to be all about options how is he gonna twist this because we'll give you the option to get money for it when we take it from you what no she said we'll give them the option to to buy them if you buy something from the store you're just giving them money to take the item it's just theft but with money are you serious jungle this is anarcho-capitalism spend theft with money deaths yeah the value of the rifle cannot be measured in time worth help the value of the rifle can't be measured in dollars hmm then how did you buy it originally he that's here upgrades or whatever the true values peace of mind hey Peter mine John Doyle peace of mind knowing that hey if our governments ever tried to go to radical and one could argue that after these first two Democrat debates that it's basically inexorable within my I can't wait until a bunch of fuckin conservatives rise up trying to overthrow the government and then they realize the government's literally on their side and the fucking soldiers that get sent to them stop them betray and go to them I even the soldiers probably like the National Guard or something maybe the fucking cops well the entire state apparatus is going to be on their side but they're the revolutionaries right yeah the fucking LARPers or what have you and that's the thing that I mentioned in the Venezuela video that's art we will do that at a different time that's like 40 minutes bro yeah that's why I said a different time zoo Eila we don't have the time to do it right now Ghibli the most important takeaway from witnessing these failed socialist countries which is not socialist that that's all I'm gonna have to say about that and I know we repeat the same fucking points but it's because they keep saying the damn same thing when we talk about who's really in detail we'll probably go over a while it's not socialism so we'll probably watch that video oh yes a different time because you don't have the fucking time to do it right today which is that they voted this into effect in most cases they allowed this to happen to their country Yetta happen a lot in line in America do you know what we did then we destroyed their fucking countries and twos and sanctions and CIA operations exactly give the government that much power they're not just gonna give it up when does that ever happened hey when is the government ever just given a power spend well I mean according to them it happened in 1991 when the Soviet Union dissolved but you know when Yeltsin and Gorbachev just sort of you know yeah you can the power democracy yay apparent according to them it happened then but you know who needs consistency who does you know what I'm so we'll be talking about how Venezuela's bad and next episode we're gonna go full tank II and it hasn't so you can vote your way into socialism but just be prepared to fight your way out of it and we prepare to fight your way out of its bend whose counter-revolution yeah suit he's our he's openly calling for counter-revolution against the Socialist Workers revolution right now no no he's saying about democratically voting them in democratically voting in Social Democrats is voting for tyranny it's voting for socialism socialists cheering happened before and that Senator is why we need guns I don't care about your I guess that's under you said you could you could bite him back you know the one who said yeah yeah they could sell them yeah she's 33 any guns yeah no you know not the fascist and all the white nationalists are coming off the water that's not dirty weenie guns no it's for some senator in uh Minnesota yeah fucking Minnesota senator dislike Stalin came at the Georgia came out of nowhere totalitarian dictator over a really large country that logistical II couldn't have been dictatorial I want to see a common has come out of Georgia and run for president you know what I might move to Georgia Stalin to point out may rename myself the man of steel uncle in his deer rifle I really don't I'm sure he's a nice guy hunting is cool and everything why would you pull up a picture of him so he could have the pop sound effect he just learned how to use After Effects brownie here let's not no no one wants to make you miss turkey season now my uncle no the capital justice who constantly steal steal our money you mean them that wish to violate our rights that's really it the Second Amendment I ask the people wish to violate our rights you know the Second Amendment only talks about like state militias right like we're not even supposed to have a federal standing military the l a– the original intent of you have founding fathers mmm-hmm but over time the constitution has been changed and added on to mm-hmm you know these the same people who talk about how we don't need to change the constitution of the same people who probably have supported slavery man was not written for your uncle to sit in his deer stand the Second Amendment was written because our founding fathers knew that power corrupts and as a result government tends to expand and they also said we shouldn't have a standing military he said we should have a militia yeah they also said that slavery was a okay they had slaves yeah look I'm pro-gun but for like totally different reasons than mr. Doyle exactly I'm pro-gun but when I hate to say about when I when we encounter people like this we have to fucking the Fendi other side he's making me be anti-gun he's making me a liberal yeah utopian world view because the natural manure of the tree of liberty is the blood of both patriots and tyrants – its manure all right you got that the same people who argue about oh the blood of patriots and tyrants must water the tree of liberty are the same people who clutch their pearls at any mention of anti state action you know yeah the same people who like cringe at black lives matter because they turn over a few cars here and there and the same people who throw rocks at you cry when aunt Eva throws rocks at shit because yeah but you know it's only okay when they do it my favorite part is when they think anything that slightly left of them it's socialism Bernie's a socialist bro I mean he might be he's definitely really path he's clearly Joseph Stalin reincarnated he's all into which he's like us to paraphrase very much maybe that'll be his backup plan we need to get Bernie on stream no imagine him being president still on Twitch dude imagine him live streaming his own inauguration a place fortnight well getting his inauguration speech I fucking wish it's Thomas Jefferson and speaking of Liberty is Thomas Jefferson well if any of the one he said Germans were gonna take over Pennsylvania yeah there was like a major fear back then they were terrified of the Germans moving in and but where's the Germans now did why aren't they in control of America why aren't we destroyed because of the Germans weights been it was the Jeremy Lau no we had the Germans than the Irish the Italians the Russians shit dog have they taken over our country are pure-blooded Americans no longer thing – honey no no I'm not kidding I remember looking this up one time Kentucky 30s in the city or something your nationality majority American American state thank you fucking Kentucky tonight it was kind of Aleutian I don't fucking remember they need to perform a Kentuckian revolution to restore America this culture doesn't even care about it anymore I mean hold on because naturally the results government tends to expand and so we have a right to bear arms because we have a right to self preservation and it would be unwise to violate that in the name of your utopian worldview because the natural manure of the tree of liberty liberalism is utopian apparently I mean if we're saying utopian society utopian society of not wanting schoolchildren murdered tope come on you you want gun control you want guns to be taken away from maniacs you utopian patriots and tyrants to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson and speaking of Liberty this culture doesn't even care about it anymore I mean we're too comfortable this culture doesn't care so he's about to say something somewhat smart give him a minute well and we're dangerously ignorant we're dangerously ignorant you're distracted by didn't look right there right there right there he's right dangerously ignorant we are we don't care about liberty we don't care that the capitalist exploiters daily we don't care we're ignorant we're too distracted by Oh Netflix he's right the problem he cannot follow it up with a logical conclusion that capitalism is the illness yeah the problem is he sounds he says something kind of smart but then drinks it black yeah yeah he ruins it in like a sentence afterwards I think just give it a man you can see it right down there enjoy capitalism sure and then he has a fucking Trump to eat yep care about the future of our country because what what do you you're telling me that I'm taking this for granted for granted meaning this this could be gone someday when's the last time you've heard anybody say we can I just finish reading this analysis on 19th and 20th century world governments and I do have to say I've noticed some parallels between their collapses and symptoms that we can see surfacing here no well he's right though there are plenty of yeah there's plenty of parallels Germany's um had a rise in right-wing violence and look what they did Mary was had yeah we're having a rise in right-wing violence remind us remember when the fascist own took power in DUI yeah yeah like the contradictions that lead to fascist cooze and socialist revolutions are beginning to surface in our country it's almost like we're getting close to the collapse of capitalism until fascism takes over yep it's always oh my gosh I'm rewatching the office on Netflix for the eighth time and I totally forgot how cute season 2 Jim and Pam are it's like these people have no personalities I agree with him though it's like we're too fucking caught up in this dish when you have fun bro attitude politics is done but it's really the argument from last night a political Innis ism is no longer an option get involved get involved remember last night hmm remember the argument from last night but toast bucket oh yeah that's basically what he's saying no no he doesn't care he just wants it he wants video games and toys yeah we need we need to get involved more people okay just get involved a Plutus ism is no longer option so all you left us out there get involved get angry and get loud but a posters did you know there's a proud boy protest at DC on the 6th it's disgusting to all people who want to fight fascism you can go there and in Minecraft taking knowledge ages you can counter process you can stand next to them the signs that say proud boy subtle and you could take milkshakes of course you can drink the milk shakes to keep yourself hydrated and do nothing violent with them because violence is big bad of course we we don't compose I can't fucking do it I can you're way too good at this I'm good at lying I'm deceiving you chub-o $6.00 designer concoctions of caffeine and sugar binge watching mindless television how do we just take the coffee instead of a milkshake exactly oh I get I'm picking up what you're putting down lefty dog whistles out here we need to fucking start that we only have two of them you know – those are which ones we have egg you remember you remember egg boy certainly do I certainly remember no you remember egg boy not that egg egg yeah ex-boy and in the same with the milkshake we need more fucking one we need more fucking POG whistles I mean we don't I mean we really don't we could be open about it yeah our views don't need Douglass's because we're not advocating for death based on genetics based on sexuality great okay let's get back to this we're gonna off-topic this is good of caffeine and sugar binge watching mindless television programs for hours if not days on end alcohol consumption and like liking dogs that's basically it that's what our people have become what's right good day drinking no I agree though we are too fucking caught up in our own momentary bliss to recognize that society's burning around us I know that oh my gosh we're fuckin just we're destroying our planet we'd rather post dog memes that actually fix it and that's the fucking sad part people need to get involved and shit active people we are fucked talk to your friends about socialism it's not fun and I'm sure some of your friends are going to leave you but at the end of the day it's what has to be done it's important we're live okay where the fuck did we leave off I don't know don't don't you just love this professional-quality right a fuck were we we were I like seven minutes into the video okay whatever hmm we're live howdy-ho Oh No okay we need to rewind like a bit go ahead that's closed it's closed off what fucking play as quote conservative beliefs about foreign policy such as acknowledging the existence of radical Islamic terrorism and demanding that then President Obama do the same okay I mean he always opposed to pull that fucking card up Obama woman and coincidentally fucking boomers speak for about six and a half minutes but hey she's lucky because Andrew yang was only given three minutes to speak it and by it was able to speak the most yang Yang and yang is the outsider so yeah no way that they were going to let him speak because because he's Asian the Dinaric spend yep well you know you don't have a higher IQ on average if anything they're they're all just Asian sir process they're not white supremacist their agency missus stretchable that's why they want a fluctuation that's why white nationalists like their wife and I've hinted at my support for Andrew yang before and some of you have asked me to clarify so I well the reason I support Andrew yang is because Andrew yang he tipped down his hat that's had math milady no no that equation he was he said you know it's only he's only wearing that because he wanted to talk about yin and yang is Asian yang has talked about math well that's probably have to deal with his fucking universal basic income yeah said I make sense and to be fair rejecting identity politics is kind of dumb universal babies again comes out I like the concept to meet bucks concept is okay execution and still I'm still gonna vote for Ewing if he gets to pick rejects identity politics he does not demonize his political opponents I mean Trump should be demonized look at the shit he's done yeah I don't like I did like on one of his first raids as president he fucked up and he killed like an American citizen joy and he's an outsider and I genuinely believe that he is a good person honestly most politicians aren't good people I mean look at Rommel and what I would very much like to see happen is yang become something of a household to name because I think that he could shock the Democratic base out of this trance of everyone who disagrees with me is Hitler 2020 yeah 2024 also where dafuq did he get they always I mean there's good reason to compare the right to Hitler maybe has something to do with them going further left he has nothing to go with them going for the right the right runs too late further right and then looks back at them at the Democratic Party and he's like wow these leftist sure are getting further and further away these leftist sure are getting so far to the left no don't just go right they go up they go up into the right up yeah they transcend the political slide of left and right and move up yeah they move further towards authoritarianism oh you're referring to like the 2d model I was referring to the fucking compass yeah that's the 2d model yeah what do you think I meant I didn't know I was picturing on my brain can only handle them concept at a time sugar yeah just think when you know I was gonna make a joke but never mind to the Democratic establishment will allow for that though and evidently that is correct but instead yeah as a Democratic establishment who refused to acknowledge the progressives and probably gonna give bite into nomination anyway yeah just like they did when Hillary yay yay and then we're gonna get Trump again and it's gonna be an awful another four years I'm very happy about my future I'm not still hoping that he can influence the dynamic to some degree and he's also the only one with any ideas is the rest of them don't have any ideas Biden sure he doesn't have any fucking ideas everybody else is literally a Republican just in disguise Bernie Warren Harris at least they have fucking ideas Biden not so much but I'm I'm holding true to the idea that Biden is literally just a Republican in disguise do you think Trump bought on his campaign trail do you think he's gonna mention will build the wall this time get it this time guys I'm sorry I kind of fell asleep on the issue maybe Bernie too but you know it's like just maybe Bernie it's not like he influenced most of these people or anything should we build a Washington DC what's just he both around it tipos or mdc-t both around the White House this is how we perform revolution we dominate the opponent Joe Biden Kamala Harris Elizabeth Warren they assemble teams of policy coordinators and strategists to figure out what they're gonna be running on and you know there are total puppets all these you know it's really both of you to assume the right isn't full of puppets to big oil companies corporations are you there reminds me of a story but I'll get to that later and off stream cannot wait that's why every politician has their own little compilation video on YouTube of them switching their stances on things like seven or eight times trouble mostly Trump I think are you saying people can change their politics over time I think that's what he's advocating for maybe that's why they think burning is still still a socialist maybe I'll be great I mean they always pull up that video of him saying of of him in the eighties drunkenly singing in the USSR that one no the other one don't about little the one about Nicaragua oh yeah I should probably watch it the one where he said the one where he said bread lines were good because the people least got food oh yeah that one I mean yeah bread lines are good people and we we have red lines in the u.s. we just a lot of red lines yeah we call him soup kitchens is a product of his own forethought and even if we think that that is misguided or unsustainable you have to respect him because he respects us and you know that's refreshing that being said he also joined them in support for decriminalizing illegal immigration and providing them was talking about Bernie right just talking about young I don't know who he's talking about either white good talking about Yangon either way good with health care so you know it's fun while it lasted but it was a meme to begin with and all good memes must end mister mister guy you can invoke the fucking video thousand dollar freedom dividend for every American adults starting at age eighteen you see that how they laugh at him the absolute audacity of these people to laugh at Andrew yang like really that's the radical policy a thousand dollars you just called him a meme you just called him a meme and you're complaining that they laughed at him are you okay I don't know what's wrong with him look at his hair he looks sad in the streets man you know what's really sad imagine they were laughing at Trump imagine how mad he would be he would be slamming his desk that's what we're drawing the line here it's fine we're gonna have Medicare for all and all includes illegal immigrants oh and by the way we also want to decriminalize border crossing that plus free health care is the largest incentive that we could come up with maybe because it cost less than our fucking military there's solid military but there's when it comes to doing like lowering the military budget so that we can you know fund other shit they're completely silent and they just refuse to talk about it no that's bad because we need your military you need to have we need to have more military spending than like the next ten countries combined for more of them you just come pouring in and since it's decriminalized just pouring in just pouring in can we just abolish the u.s. just no mortars can we just abolish every country and then just have a world Soviet no borders no borders because earth is one country we are earth the anyth we are thien's earthicans earth begins of course that's me we have to we have to be similar to America yes if it's not if it's not an American letter then it's obviously evil to tell the territory god yeah you good I'm good all right just making sure my internals are fucking up oh yeah really will just be undocumented immigrants because they won't be illegal anymore we also want a bit I mean there are illegal immigrants who have been here for 10 20 this guy realized this guy realizes like illegal immigrants commit crime less than natural-born citizens and the feel like a net benefit to the economy right like this myth that they just drain the economy is really stupid why you're gonna use facts in this debate it's all about feelings I feel like they contribute more to crime ideally illegals write in the name the only way they commit more crimes if you include the illegal cross thing which isn't even a federal crime it's a check yeah it's a civic dispute meaning like the state is not I believe I believe that that means is the state is not obligated to enforce it exactly assault weapons we've got 90 trillion burning a hole in our pocket so we like the green new deal we want some publicans yeah the green new deal is pretty decent could go further but yeah it's decent could go a lot further but you know but college free preschool we want every convinced no no he thinks all of this is bad I don't know what world he lives in he thinks it's too expensive but our fucking military that's fine yep idiot or something let me point in laughs and oh well John you know they're not all socialists there's the moderates up there really they're not socialists at all not none of them are socialists maybe Bernie in disguise while bernie is a hidden Soviet I fucking wish but other than that the rest of them are you need know the Democrats seriously just needs to go to the next like needs to be enter the debate with like a Soviet hat you know the fur hats with the hammer and sickle no you could get a no get the IRA one just go out there thinking IRA thongs he goes up on stage singing kinky boots that's the first thing out of his mouth now be great well we need actual socialists but none of them are socialists there are centrist who are at best their Social Democrats like Bernie and war and yeah most of them are centrist look at this fucking faith in this free frame he looks like he just pissed on the carpet he's getting schooled but one guy that came out and said hey yeah we need to chill out on this or social or something hey socialists how can the chill out on something they are not doing the only reason we think they're socialists is because we're so far to the fucking right it's not even funny spend what yeah oh sorry it's not even funny how far to the right we are no no it's depressing it's very depressing Hickenlooper yeah he's it like point three percent in the polls so I don't really know good taking looper okay if any how you got fucking ideas the Hickenlooper breakfast cereal costly it can loops honestly the first time I saw his name I thought it I don't said Cooper he like in all honesty I thought that was his fucking name although that might have been the fucking means because how shit he is socialism looper yeah he's it like point three percent in the polls so I don't really know that the party is listening and you know is this whole thing continuous will have opportunities to rip apart these policies one by one by one is the policies you can't rip apart you just feel they're wrong you just feel it's expensive of course it's gonna be expensive but look at everything else we're spending money on so how about shame there hey how about we cut military spending in half so we can you know fund shit so we can upgrade our crumbling infrastructure no that's that's not we can't do that how about we eat the rich just rich in minecraft feed them to the zombies no how about we heavily tax the rich to pay for some of this stuff tax till just use loopholes my dude and what if we per have blue poles you can't perfectly close my dude but that's not the point here the point is that a time you talk to your friends it's time to talk to your family members your co-workers anyone that you know that's a Democrat because it's time to go up to you anyone your friends your co-workers your boss any of them in screen with us and when you go up to them tell them I'm a Republican and you notice so I want you have a stapler in your hand please and it please send it for me staple me to the wall please just fucking end me because my ideas my ideas he he does in fact have a Donald Trump tweet on the back of his computer because my ideas shouldn't be allowed to spread so please end it all just tape and staple me to the wall please and the rest of them who are you know Democrats and everyone else they can live on happily without you maybe maybe that's why John Doyle lives alone you need to staple Republicans to walls and minecraft we do not we do not condone political violence total we need to we need to voluntarily state only if they do it voluntarily only if they ask us to do it which they should yes they should yes at this point it's not even about getting them to vote for Trump it's about getting them to realize how toxic and radical their own party has become oh yes how radical Social Democrats are and not how social and not how radical conservatives have gone not probably the Democrats the Democrats aren't even shooting up mosques how radical is that it's gonna make a joke but how radical is that better shut up a mosque dude not radical as in political but like read dude why do we have to be this fucking edgy spend like this is your idea well we're both edgy already you're not even recommending that they vote for your candidate you're just saying hey you know are these really things you're okay with yes a lot of people are okay with these things yeah so have you seen the balls on me cool have you seen the polls on them why would such a problem with getting poor people help well because if we help the poor people there is Louisville won't have as much money you need to take personal responsibility and dick your sin pick yourself up when you've been cut in half because you fell off your crane at work you need to strap yourself up by your bootstraps and apply to thousands of jobs who probably won't hire you if you have a black sounding name which and we just illegalized helping people so that everyone has to take personal responsibility yeah well scold the ancap bra and say charity not in a charity that's illegal too who cares oh good shit of JFK they an advocate for at home good good no no no Bill Clinton was faking the Democrats who were ready you know these only Social Democrats right and he just moved them to the center that's what Bill Clinton did nobody fucking liked them Clinton Clinton doesn't care about clothing which Clinton doesn't care about Clinton both the both of them don't care for each other shit the Shireen would still up by the way right I believe no one's complained yet it was really aren't even apologies abraca okay good this is a good thing who gives a shit before Bill Clinton Democrats were moving not all the way not just socialist but there are Social Democrats at best right and then they got moved to the fucking right are you back yeah I've been talking I've not heard a single word you said oh no we're live again yeah I said I was gonna check it then and I know you didn't I said I was gonna check to make sure to stream with online at what I said was before Bill Clinton the Democrats were decently Social Democrats not moving to the left but you know you know they were pretty decent yeah then we have Bill Clinton or what's a bush it was either for sure Quentin who pushed them to the right it was definitely clear because Bush was a Republican I don't fucking remember them but yeah Clinton pushed them towards the center and everything's been fuck sense worse all the time you guys need to fix it you guys need to take control of your party or more like yeah just think responsibility in your party what do you mean I'm similar to the people who shut up moths and did right-wing terrorism no I'm not they don't have any affiliation with me it's kind of boy it's live right mm-hmm I think so all right shall we continue or we do you want to continue what you fucking said I didn't I don't remember what I said okay I'm please in for our country I mean not to do the cliche campus conservative Oh what would Ronald Reagan do where's the Gipper when you need him but I mean he is pretty much a cliche freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction I believe is the quote and you hear that spend no I don't because you keep cutting it keep cutting what out spend sandwich chobo what you keep cutting notes I cannot hear you mouth shut stop yelling you fuck no I was asking if you heard what John Doyle said I didn't hear what John Doyle said either cuz every time you cut out at puzzles then go watch the fucking video on the goddamn website what website YouTube watch together you dipshit I'm watching it on there and how the fuck didn't you hear what he said need your help because every time your money helps how it positive care about the future of this country you should be donating to campaigns you should be donating to organizations that advocate for our values and for our country I mean not to do the cliche campus conservative Oh what would Ronald Reagan do where's the Gipper when you need them but freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction I believe is the quote everything I agree with him we cannot afford to be silent get politically active become socialist yes fucking advocate for radical change in the system we have radical problems for radical problems needs radical solutions radical solutions require radical action thank you you all ready to finish this up let's do this whole board to be passive history is watching and so are your children and their children and their children in future generations because of our legacy is that we let America fall to socialism we will never be forgiven it's not so awesome how dared people want decent living you're not allowed to vote for social democracy it's also democracy who needs it when you have going in debt because you can't afford health care in previous generations sure you know they let them take over Hollywood let them take over the media the universities whatever they look socialist take over the media how and when can we back that up future generations because if our legacy is that we let America fall to socialism we will never be forgiven in previous generations sure you know they let them take over Hollywood let them take over the media the universities whatever we're pushing back now and you're now pushing back against anything dude you're literally pushing back against policies that are going to save capitalism so democracy has the history of making capitalism stable it's man remember that picture I sent you with uh with Paul Joseph Watson remember to really do you really uh me me one reason to censor them yeah cuz you know Punk always advocates for conformity don't you remember those famous bands humates name am i right oh yeah I can't think I can't just so many you can't even be bothered and that's just so many we're doing that because if we don't then no one else will good let the socialist takeover embrace you chosen we fucking need it we do we're stalling when you need him you just need to revive Stalin where's mark when you need him we're doing well you got something better than Marxist only matte not one twin kid from Texas no we need somebody with an L name so we have ml ml no and then we'll have another M we need so we need someone with an L name to go before you could do it later all right let's finish it ready just hurry that's the most important realization if you don't no one else will they're good you've been doctrine aiding the country into socialism mass emigration firearm confiscation yeah good – all those things except firearm confiscation yeah that's a given that's not going to end you decide if we're going to resist it or not don't back off commie heck off


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