1. Who gives a fuck. I am gonna buy a fake considering the shit is all from Teespring and it is Gildan. These dudes are not in it for legitimate business practices. 1000+ are still owed merch.

  2. lol.. Charging over $100+ For a hoodie that cost like $10 to make.. lol. Im all set with my $8 gildan and hanes products lol

  3. ANTI SOCIAL IS NOT GILDAL it’s a higher grade hoodie I’m wearing one as I type it’s high quality just a thin hoodie

  4. I’m sad that mines not real and all but like who cares it’s warm and like who’s going to inspect us while we wear our warm hoodies

  5. Do you think they fake bags? I just got a sling bag from the 2018 fw and it was from a reputable buyer but I just wanted an opinion.
    Someone… on the internet …. help me!

  6. I fucking hate living in Canada, I bought a bape shark hoodie from and the duty was almost 300$. Supreme isn’t as bad tho I bought a supreme hoodie for 200$ and hat for 60$ and the duty was only 55$ cad so not as bad but bape and anti social is a pain in the ass

  7. is this fake or real;promoted ?

  8. Why would somone fake this?? its not like it sells out super quick and the online prices are already cheap as it is haha.

  9. Very disappointed when I recieved my real assclub. Quality was shit. Was expecting a champion like quality hoodie but shit was so thin lol fuck this

  10. who the fuck is gonna know if its fake or not if you go out in public with it ? why do people care ? lmfao.

  11. 68$ is retail so idk how fair it is to act like that’s the price. As soon as these sell out, they’re sometimes worth like 250$

  12. I bought my ASSC mind games hoodie for $80 off of grailed because it was slightly faded and im not gonna lie it is quite comfy and thanks to this vud i was able to legit check it and its 100% authentic thanks G 🔥

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