Anti-Social Official Trailer (2017) Meghan Markle Thriller Movie HD

How’d you make is it? I do [motorbike] [currying] [on] [a] can? I’m gonna go and see my boyfriend. He’s an artist [a] street artist Whooping it’s guys you guys Go pick of that person You inspire me. Do you think [that] the street are still has a rebellious edge? Oh definitely? Yeah, frozen unless you’re after that wall can we speak out me no, I’m good, but I will call you after my dinner No me the little circle. This is the my boyfriend no picking up those You don’t take pictures you know keeping that person? capital most Prestigious Department store Look, I like your brother. I like his friends there. They’re cool, but I just I want you to know that I’m by your side, [so] [you] got robbed in my brother that mob is out there looking, huh, shut up, shut up We have graffiti art fetching six-figure sums in some galleries, but the heat on you now boys. You better bury yourself This is a [once] [in] [a] [lifetime] score She probably got off the gangs in West London [ah] [thea] Bring the job [before] you’re looking at the face [value]. He’s 20 million quid [I] Hate violence, they are naughty I’m sleepy you little bitch town. I’m just not used to Detective Sergeant Baxter from trident and became done unit the other little turn Queens evidence the first chance they get I love you, too How much money guns are paid to stay silent? It’s no use to you know. He’s got the details or something you might be interested in I’m glad you don’t hang out with your brother those dudes nothing pulling you down or constant They do not call me [that] [Chris] said that you [should] handle it. It’s a big [job] serious amount of money we might The ice machine go ahead

  1. Is she gonna be in a ton of films now just cuz she's marrying royalty… it's not what you know it's who you know 😅

  2. I (sadly) have to agree with some of the other commenters on here and say this doesn't look good. And yes, I'm 1 minute into the trailer and I'm ready to fast-forward this.

  3. This has got to be the worst trailer edit …ok nm worst trailer in the world that I have ever seen . I've seen a lottttttttttt of trailers .

  4. Sorry, I just can't watch anything with Meghan Markle acting again….it just won't come across as "realistic" whilst knowing she is engaged to Prince Harry…

  5. This film uses glamourous and good looking actors to portray motorbike gangs doing jewellery robberies. The reality is that those who engage in street crime do so because they feel ordinary life offers no hope or future. SO they get into drug dealing and robbery to acquire the things that ordinary people have.

    It is therefore misinformation to portray street gangs using actors who are the polar opposite.

    Street gangsters are not glamourous, sophisticated or even socially desirable. They are just young teenagers without a future who decide to melt off someones face or stab some one to death just to get their phone.

    Of course a movie showing people who are ignorant, violent, and sadistic towards ordinary people would hardly make for empathic viewing – but would instead leave a sickening taste in the mouth. It could probably make a good horror/terror film, but certainly not the fun adventure portrayed by these socially well adjusted and successful actors.

    Perhaps the movie should focus on the suffering caused by assaults during these robberies, and the random and severe violence inflicted on innocent people – who must suffer with injuries for the rest of their lives – just so some teenage gangster can make £100 and feel flash for a minute.

  6. Megan Markle is being used by every Black radical group, plus black society in general. Its really bothersome when a commentator begins the story about her becoming the duchess by saying. Today is a milestone for every Black American in the world. For she is the first biracial…blah blah blah..or others literally coming out instead of just talking about a woman harry met that he really doesn't know to well & I myself don't believe it will be a lasting relationship. I believe I myself as a woman that love isn't something that happens overnight and being graceful isn't something you can learn in one year people , one year. And another thing thats sad to be honest is harry had just given his first interview that was ever personal. yes he had others which were of his concern for many people living in poverty, never having the immediate medial necessities that can save lives, and as their their right in front of you, their body tells you their stories of starvation as their eyes dare not beg. That is why harry donated so much of his time with charities that could at least do its best to alleviate many of its problems. And overtime he returns hopefully somethings have changed unfortunately there are many obstacles in their way. The red tape, the UNs involvement is never a good thing for they will pocket 60% of any money donated to any charities which a lot of the times may never touch their baseline. They do absolutely nothing. They can't or won't even defend Israel & that is a big part of their job to do their best to bring countries together. In Rwanda shortly after Somalia helping with humanitarian efforts again you the UN failed to join in & unite. And I will never forget in Rwanda as the genocide took place when the Hutu led government(tyrants) & the Rwandan patriotic front(RPF) which largely consisted of Tutsi refugees whose families were brutally murdered & as they fled, the massacre killed over 800,000 thousand people & that doesn't include all that were never found. In all this genocide the UN went there to strictly saving anybody that was french, fins, itallian, people that were on vacation & of that nature. Their was a man named Paul Rusesabagina (Kinyarwanda a humanitarian) who while working as a house manager hid, & protected 1,268 Hutu & Tutsi refugees from a horrific death as they did to many men & women. And as this war was going on not one country including here didn't help these poor people. When I hear Black Americans constantly reminding society about their ancestors struggle they seem to forget how there are many countries of many different colored races that have suffered beyond anything you could fathom. Yet they still are suffering, people are still being brutalized, raped right out in the roads & there is nobody to protect them. They do not have police in these countries & those that do are hundreds of miles away, don't come & help anybody or as corrupt and thick as thief's. As they rob them of the very little they may have. But worst of all the horrible, frightening & methodical psyche between so many men that kidnap, rape, torture & kill their children. As they take their daughters for human trafficking is an everyday occurrence in many countries. This consists of so many countries all over the world but the main focus is in eastern All over the south region of South Africa, In Asia there so many countries where women are sold for dowers or sold for little to hardly anything. Yet they will bring into the man or woman that bought them over 100,000 thousand a year, yet Ive heard now days they expect so much more & when these women get older they become collateral damage or as they always make excuses by justifying their actions by insulting ones intellect if they have it they have paid for them & they could leave if they wanted but they love their work. they have a home, beautiful clothes, food & chauffeur to take them where they want. And once a year they can go visit their family, if their good. (pfft really?) So my point is as these the other commentators begin by saying This is Big people, Big. Because THEY are evolving. They have invited a Black American woman to become become royalty. The problem with that is its not true. Their were some princes that fallen in love with women of different colors other than white, rich, holier than thou, snobbish white folk . Some men were not royalty yet in fact many white males to whom were of wealth, upper class etc that feel in love with black women which lead to the name creos. That usually meant french & black . but as any ,man that has a lover that is involve with them, they'd take care of them, bought them homes & more yet the travesty here is these men had wives . Not only did they suffer but so did their the women, as well their wives. And a lot of these beautiful blk women from all over the world had their children. These men were madly in love with them but at that time it was okay(acceptable) to room them.What an ugly way to put it. So as megan marble begins her role as an duchess she needs to give a appropriate interview reminding society this marriage is not about her race, not about her being the first Biracial woman to be invited into the royal family. If she really loves harry that should be her initiative. For the Black community they are using this as a political agenda, that means she would have to play a pivotal role standing up for the races cause. That is something she hasn't touched because I believe she never saw herself as just one race or a=somebody that would walk in the name of freedom. I still have trouble with their need to march for black lives matter. they are basically suggesting other races don't. They constantly cry for their ancestors okay it happened & we as a world can't change the bad behavior of the way things used to be. They have also forgotten many Africans have a great distain for how Black Americans use them as a means for their fight. They say they do not know & for those that do that once were a true African would know the little they were taught is not the same as living it, no matter of our stories. As they try to erase history do they not know it is erasing the one thing they are walking for. the one thing Martin Luther walked for was peace, PEACE. he never once condoned the mentality of march, destroy, rob then run. Its a cowardly thing to do & so unfair for those that worked hard for their jobs & business they have burned, broken into & felt they were justified that it was earned to them to take whatever they wanted. I have seen many protests live & on documentaries that always end the same way. Right now everybody believes they are protesting for the cause yet half of these people are children & teens that have no idea yet what their lives will be. And if we continue to search cease & destroy mentality believing its long over time & for those that believe they should get reparations. How many times will the government or the house of senate, politicians who are dirty as ever keep handing out money to people who had family from decades ago. Their were slaves & other things that many men & women of power had done to black Society. It is time for all of you to begin with your head held high you have come along way. You have exceeded, exceed & risen from the fire as a raven does. It is time to stop manipulating the power that has been handed to you by using fear tactics & the consistent pressure you apply to our representative that I know are being paid generously so they were turn a blind eye to the actions that cause so much destruction. Isn't it time to move on & show what your capable of without the ghetto mentality. And by anyway if you fond this to be racist or offensive I to am biracial. My loyalty is to God & God alone all comes second. he has said love they enemy as you would love thyself. He said it is a sin to give false testimony against your neighbor that means everybody. And most importantly thy shall not make oneself an idol in the form of anything So if you preach Martinis words you must believe in him who believed in God. God also Said Thy shall not murder. Mr farrakhan killed malcom X because he was changing. he didn't want disruption within his people. He wanted the good to be contagious & remind people their isn't anything more important the peace & prosperity. he became love, martin became love. Oh and Mr sorrows along with jessie jackson are some of the most double standard, hypocritical racists Ive ever heard speak on TV & radio without any repercussion so why do others have to pay for their beliefs when they say things that ma be offensive? Well Im done..

  7. who would say that this is wife of royal family!!? Megan .Do not understand how royal family accepted her

  8. who would say that this is wife of royal family!!? Megan .Do not understand how royal family accepted her

  9. who would say that this is wife of royal family!!? Megan .Do not understand how royal family accepted her

  10. So in this movie, Meghan Markle hooks up with guy from a totally different background and society.. C'mon! Be at least a little bit realistic! .. wait..

  11. Wow. The british royal family got themselves a real D-movie actress. And these royalist morons call her Hollywood superstar…. I piss myself!

  12. Dang you would have thought the prince would have gotten his future wife into a movie with at least one A-list actor.

  13. MeGAIN looks waaaaay older than the character suppose to be… I now see why she was never considered Hollywood's elite.. The girl can't act at all.. Hell, she can't even act like a "Duchess"… That's the role of her life and she managed to louse that one up too… SMH

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