Anti-Religious Symbolism in Happy Feet

Now I know you guys have been waiting for a new review for quite some time and don’t worry something huge is coming, but I thought I’d give you something short to tide you over. So this review is about “Happy Feet” and I’m not destroying it – even though some of you might want me to. I’m actually here to talk about the symbolism that nobody seemed to notice. At heart, Happy Feet is an extremely anti-religious movie. And when I talk to people about that they’re like: Whaaaat? I’ve seen Mormon youth groups play this movie, and nobody thinks twice about what the symbolic implications are. Why does everybody think they have to shut off their brains when they’re watching a kids movie? And although their “save the enviroment” message is more blatant, I’d say the anti-religious message is much heavier. So why was everybody only talking about the enviromental message in the film? People were like “Ah! Propaganda!” “Trying to teach kids not to steal all the fish from the ocean? Bleh, that’s socialism!” I thought it was like an animated “Inconvenient Truth.” I half-expected to see an animated version of Al Gore pop up. You know what? I’d like to teach my children how to think for themselves about the issues. Including global warming and the environment, instead of having them indoctrinated by some Hollywood director. But I guess if they were going to have a pro-environment message anyway, they might as well make fun of fundamentalist Christianity You’re only gonna offend the same crowd. So the movie starts out and right off the bat you know they’re already using symbolism. Even if it is just blatant references. It’s no coincidence that the character that acts like Elvis is named Memphis. But what winds up happening to him? All the male penguins are huddling around for warmth and then the elder is like Praise to the great ‘Guin who put songs in our hearts. And fish in our bellies! [YMS] So they’re religious. It shows the figure of their penguin God above them in the northern lights. But what’s most important is that directly
after it shows Memphis thinking about his wife and it’s in the exact same way that the
northern lights were all above the other penguins. But this is in his head. So right off the bat it’s implying that the God that they all worship is inside their heads. Hm… Later in the movie you find out that they have their own explanation for evolution. [ELDER] A thousand generations ago, our forefathers forsook our wings for flappers. You graduates going to sea for the first time, are to reap the benefits of their wise choice. [YMS] Wait a minute, this looks kind of familiar. Then it turns out that they blame the shortage of fish on some religious explanation. [PENGUIN] Solay, what’s keeping them? Pray brothers, the great ‘Guin does not test us with a lean season. Why Noah? Have we not all been dutiful? [YMS] The main character searches for answers on his own and comes across a completely different culture where they have their own religious beliefs. [PENGUIN] You want answers? -Yeah. That’s all you need? -Yeah. Nothing else? -No. Then this is very easy. You go see Lovelace! [YMS] In this one they give pebbles to a crazy televangelist. He’s very clearly profiting off of their superstitions. He’s even speaking in tongues. [LOVELACE] Speak to me, oh mystic beings! [Lovelace babbling] Yes! This, friend, is my sacred talisman. [Singing] ♫ Talisman, talisman ♫ Bestowed on me by the mystic beings. -You saw mystic beings? I hear them! They speak through me! [YMS] And wouldn’t you know it, later they reveal that he was just bullshitting the whole time. You were swimming, and it just got caught around your neck? Oh, no way, he’s a guru! Lovelace, did you ever actually meet a mystic being? Officially? I knew it! It’s all a lie.
[YMS] It seems like the only antagonist penguins in the film are the ones who act extremely religious. I mean the culture than the main
character comes from is based around song. But he isn’t born a singer, he’s born a dancer. And no matter how hard his society tries to mold him into the prepackaged idea of waht a penguin should be, they can’t change who he is at heart. But of course the elders don’t tolerate things that are different. [PENGUINS] We’re just having fun! Harmless fun! -Harmless? It is this kind of backsliding that has brought the scarcity upon us! Uh, excuse me smiley, can you speak plain penguin please? He thinks the food shortage has something to do with me. Do you not understand that we can only survive here when we’re in harmony? You and your foreign friends lead us into your easy ways. You offend the great ‘Guin. You invite him to withhold his bounty! He rules the seasons. – He giveth and he can taketh away. [YMS] You can almost draw analogies from his tap dancing to homosexuality. I mean they basically had a gay couple in the sequel. [SHRIMP] We can start a little swarm of our own! -We’re both males We’ll adopt! You adopt, I’ll adapt. [YMS] But then again it’s not like gay rights are the only social issue the Catholic Church has been against. So I guess the tap dancing is just supposed to represent anything progressive, ’cause by the end of it they realize that rhythm and melody are two things that definitely go together. Anyway I think the main message is this film is to be yourself even if it means questioning authority, and that sometimes the easiest answers aren’t always the right ones. Anyway that’s all I really have to say about “Happy Feet.” I hope you enjoyed my quick analysis of how much this movie hates religion. Let me know if you wanna see any more short videos like these. Maybe throw out something every once in a while where I actually talk good about something – like a real film critic. Otherwise, I’ve got plenty in the filmbashing that you guys are used to that I’m working on right now. Just hang in there. Captioning by qwervo. Liked it? Send me dogecoin! DPFbr1PQCjSDnbemi9CNV798nrAURRK8PC If you’re a cute girl in the Seattle area, hit me up! /u/raven_rise Even if you’re not, you can say hi anyway! /u/raven_rise … le reddit army

  1. I still think Movie had good points. Since I think this speaks more to my age group. Not adults.

    Since I had troubles with trying to grow up and being like what society and my elders wanted. Even if it wasn’t normal. But I’m extremely happy with how I am. Happy Feet was a fun movie, and I will still enjoy it.

  2. Catholics were actually some of the first people to defend homosexuals and give shelter to when they were being prosecuted and killed

  3. Funny, the kinds of stuff the movie is criticizing about religion is actually the same stuff Jesus criticized about religion 2,000 years ago. He was a rabbi, but a rebel, against the status quo of what religion at the time was. And the religious leaders (Pharisees) hated his guts, hence having him killed to get rid of him. He challenged their social standing and power, mocked their self-righteous life styles and scolded them for sneering down at people who were 'less holy' than them and ignoring the people who needed their help. You mentioned how the antagonists seemed to resemble Catholics. The Protestant Reformation that happened hundreds of years ago was a backlash against how the Roman Catholic teaching paired human law since the time of Jesus with the Word as equally important. Why place layers of people between any tier of society and God? The pope, cardinals and priests felt like 'gate keepers' of sorts, and still do, like they have more power and reach than any other person when they will always be just as flawed and in need as anyone else when it comes down to it. The protestants wanted to go back to the roots, teach what the early Christians taught, and not continue with what the Catholics turned the religion into– which looked just like the lives of the Pharisees before them.

    Anyway interesting video, I liked it. I feel like I noticed that before, but I wouldn't lump all of Christianity together as to what fits the boot here. Everyone is susceptible to this kind of thinking, this social power structure of telling everyone around them what they have to think and do like there shouldn't be a choice in the matter. Honestly I believe the Christians who act this way need to read through their New Testament thoroughly again, and decide if they truly are following Jesus's teaching or if they just don't want to. His comments on this type of behavior are pretty clear.

  4. As a kid I automatically knew they were referencing religion😶 I thought the references and messages were obvious?
    Lmaooo this makes me like the movie even more though

  5. I mean I would rather live in a world where movies criticize real things than a world where characters, ideas, stories, are constantly, black washed, gender changed, or just rewritten entirely.

  6. I was told to stop watching this as a kid because "homosexual subliminal messages" but I didnt get at all what that meant. And now that I have gone all these years without watching it, and I'm gay as fuck. I will watch it once more.

  7. Youtube algorithms be like:Let me reccomend this antireligious video 7 years after it was released to a guy who watches memes all day

  8. Northern light scene veiwed as a pessimist: RELIGION SYMBOLISM, PROPAGANDA, SATANISTS
    Northern light scene as an optimist (or any children, that were the targeted viewers anyway): Aw, look, the boy pinguin thinks of her girlfriend as a goddess.

  9. I thought it did have religious symbolism in a footloose kind of way where they were trying to disconvince dancing because they saw it as anti relgi-oh…

  10. I thought the moral was: The elderly are senile, scared, and they probably shouldn't be leading.

    Am I ageist or objective?

  11. Every disney movie has some real low key hidden meanings in them. Just watch shrek or the croods tripping. Shits dark and sad af

  12. I literally just rewatched this movie a while ago after a good 8 years or so. It clicked to me that literally one character with now a disability is treated like garbage by the rest and how he is so outed for being different? Like, I don't mind forms of religion in movies, I'm easy with that since I feel believe what you want, I won't change you. But the whole movie is just super dark and super sad in ways I missed as a kid. Of course it turns out to be fine in the end. But elders would bash him in the movie as well as him being a sort of bad omen?

  13. I never saw Happy Feet, but considering the clips you just used, it was pretty damn obvious they were shitting on religion

  14. The movie is also a direct parallel to the story of Jesus Christ fighting against the ruling Jewish ideologues, except Happy Feet doesn’t get crucified

  15. "I guess if they were going to have a pro environment message anyway they might as well they might as well make fun of fundamentalist Christianity, they're only going to offend the same crowd." Ahahahaha. Yeah never saw this movie but that is pretty damn blatant. Good stuff.

  16. 1% Criticizing Happy Feet’s Anti-Religious Symbolism

    99% Criticizing Happy Feet for making children annoy you about how precious their Mumble doll is

  17. Ppl make fun of Christians and we always cop it sweet and turn the other cheek but let the same ppl mock Islam…. they do not turn the other cheek that’s fo’ sho’. Muslims go nuts if you make a joke about them but Christians are just used to it.
    I know many Christians who love ppl no matter if they’re gay or straight. However I’ve not met a pro-gay Muslim.

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