1. This book is an example of the pot calling the kettle black. My relatives lived through Stalin's horror. A few of them managed to escape but most did not. This book is filled with lies, falsehoods, deceptions, distortions, and half truths. Talk to Poles who were there, Talk to Ukrainians. Talk to ethnic Germans who were Russian citizens. You think they hate the Russians because Uncle Joe was such a nice guy and simply misunderstood? Get real. This book is historical revisionism at its worst and an insult to the people who died under Stalin's rule. Read Gulag Archipelago, Coming Out of the Ice, The Long Walk, and other books of peoples' experience in the gulag system. It was hell on earth.

  2. Grover Furr is a distorian, a liar, and an embarrassment. Watch as Sergey Romanov destroys him:

  3. I read his 'Blood Lies' a few years ago and absolutely loved it. I just purchased his brand new one (2019) "Stalin: Waiting for the Truth" and can't wait to get to it. The former was a dissection of Timothy Snyder's fraudulent work, the latter is a dissection of Kotkin's lies and deceit.

  4. Y'all should take all the research and do a fundraiser and make a big documentary about it telling the truth about Stalin and the USSR.

  5. "even in one will publish the truth about Stalin" he says shocked the country that lead the charge in this merry go round dr suess bullshit world of accusations against Comrade Stalin LMAO..bruh, you read history books right?…R E A D >.>

  6. COMRADE STALIN DID NOTHING WRONG!!! except the military uniforms, why not make them red? ..Green?!? Ugh! >.> lol

  7. Thank you guys!
    In fact there are people in Russia who can be called "stalinsts", who praise Stalin as "successful manager", who like him from burgeois perspective. These are victims of capitalist propaganda aimed to separate Stalin and Lenin, Stalin and communism, but with Stalin being a "good guy" in this case. (that's the type of propaganda aimed those Russians who actually lived in USSR and who know from personal experience that it wasn't the "bloodlands").
    They don't realize that Stalin was in fact a workers leader from very beginning. For example he was a leader of massive and successful Baku strike in 1904, ended with first collective labour agreement in Russia.

  8. Good morning. Can I ask you uf you have french version of your interview? Can anybody translates to french ? Thanks for answers

  9. Stalin is like a dustbin everyone can load his shit off.
    Even most leftist use this, it is this weak line were you can dumb everything, just accuse him of haven done so.
    It goes mostly like this:
    Leftcom: That's why I'm against capitalism and for communism
    Anti-communist: Ohh, so your basically saying you like Stalin
    Now it happens:
    Leftcom: Ohhh, no no, not even a single inch, he killed more communists than Hitler,
    you don't know he was a sex-obsessed psychopath, anti-communist-accusations
    Anti-communist: Ok, than, yeah, I'm still against communism, but you seem to be not so deeply brainwashed kiddo
    Leftcom: Huh, at least he still likes me

    Doing a pact with the anticommunist lie in order to save the own face.

    "Combat liberalism":

    "[…] To let things drift if they do not affect one personally; to say as little as possible while knowing perfectly well what is wrong, to be wordly wise and play safe and seek only to avoid blame. This is a third type […]"
    -Mao Zedong

    Nothing more to say

  10. Я волком бы
    К мандатам
    почтения нету.
    К любым
    чертям с матерями
    любая бумажка.
    Но эту…
    По длинному фронту
    и кают
    учтивый движется.
    Сдают паспорта,
    и я
    пурпурную книжицу.
    К одним паспортам —
    улыбка у рта.
    К другим —
    отношение плевое.
    С почтеньем
    берут, например,
    с двухспальным
    английским левою.
    доброго дядю выев,
    не переставая
    как будто берут чаевые,
    На польский —
    как в афишу коза.
    На польский —
    выпяливают глаза
    в тугой
    полицейской слоновости —
    откуда, мол,
    и что это за
    географические новости?
    И не повернув
    головы кочан
    и чувств
    не изведав,
    не моргнув,
    паспорта датчан
    и разных
    И вдруг,
    как будто
    господин чиновник
    краснокожую паспортину.
    Берет —
    как бомбу,
    берет —
    как ежа,
    как бритву
    как гремучую
    в 20 жал
    глаз носильщика,
    хоть вещи
    снесет задаром вам.
    смотрит на сыщика,
    на жандарма.
    С каким наслажденьем
    жандармской кастой
    я был бы
    исхлестан и распят
    за то,
    что в руках у меня
    советский паспорт.
    Я волком бы
    К мандатам
    почтения нету.
    К любым
    чертям с матерями
    любая бумажка.
    Но эту…
    из широких штанин
    бесценного груза.
    я —
    Советского Союза.

  11. lol how the fuck could anyone believe this commie? He knows full the bolsheviks were murderers, that's why he likes them.

  12. If you find the audio noise difficult to listen to, try to find an EQ (equalizer control) on your system, and pull out a lot of the 80-180Hz range. That helped me anyway.

    Thanks for the interview with Prof Furr. 🙂

  13. Furr's book, "Blood Lies" is a masterful work of deconstructing the prevarications and half truths surrounding Stalin. Eventually folks are going to have to deal with Furr's excellent scholarship. The demonization of Stalin will be a vilification-train slowly running out of steam thanks to "Blood Lies."

    Be dismissed, mocked and ridiculed by reading "Blood Lies" and learning the truth.

  14. Lenin's biggest mistake was thrusting Galician indigenization over all of Ukraine his only fatal mistake . Indigenization was a justice policy and a good one but by doing this in Ukraine we reap what is happening today to pro Russians in Ukraine . Rubbing salt on their wounds by banderites for all their sacrifice for all of us against nazism

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