Anthony T. Browder sits with Rock Newman to discuss religion and it’s origin

here well guess is this out work that it was quite possible that you might learn more about your
religion i-ten much about history in and you have in year entire life uh… might guess this our is anthony team called many things tibetology ust if i’m saying that right cultural memory specialist someone who has are taken off more than twenty soldiers to are has been someone who has looked at man’s history onset of time and who brings a unique perspective to these airways uh… dot br out of thank you collateral
call your doctor brown thank you so much for for for joining us
here there will be discussing well let’s let’s talk i’d ass and i i’m gonna ask each of my
guests here i’d find itself hassling stuff as doctor cars after ben carson men disrespect uh… the uh… the pediatric
neurosurgeon from uh… just upgrade internet
guestlist actually actually as king of the question i said that in the bible it talks about jesus as heading hair light lambs wool barn right one takes that just about in in equal it would sound to me light he’s talking about someone that
looks more like jerry cochran lol men howard cosell on that particular subject what color was achieved well who did
this he was uh… this was a person of color uh… he was not the you’re continue his
medical condition uh… needed in ethiopia image and more in a
bad with the meaning of the nation with no part of the bad with the takes place sorcery is a broken written about it people of color uh… by people who led color so where people traditionally have uh…
habit of doing is concerning themselves wherever they would like to see
themselves so whoever controls the image of jesus controls the world and that’s one of the reasons why he’s
been presented throughout the world is not an is not an
african you know i i i read something i i want
to principal partly in but i read some things that said until the line writes the story about the whole until that time haunt the will always be blore exactly
exactly you know when the mistakes through the remaking the moving that uh… everyone who who’s written a battle was writing the
word of god there’s there’s no truth to that one of the other mistakes we make
love you know you make it that in itself is an inflammatory statement true folks op probes this world that dumb bible is the in correct little liberal one hundred percent word of god that’s not true and anyone who has studied about when
those investment two uh… if you talk to any theologians
people going to school specifically to learn of the stakes they would tell you that
there are all over uh… there over five hundred different versions but the bible
there’s one book there’s over three thousand different denominations with people with separated from other
religious institutions because of how they interpret this text of the bible as
we know it is a book that was written by a man as a matter of fact about this
comprise of sixty six in different books they were written by sixty six different people over a period two
thousand years so this this motion one person said down inspired by god and
wrote all these books isn’t unrealistic notion and getting
anyone who is studying the history of the subcommittee would
know that you know i come from a world part of what i’ve done in my life is up
above the boxing that particular state knox out much of the prints of religion and see these hot instead right and and asked us to a sister where we were to use uh… a boxing
metaphor most of the people who claim to be
really disillusioned boxing helped alone by myself because if they don’t know quick guide is although he knows what
someone told him guarantees and that’s really the biggest
issue that we deal with it would be honest with ourselves if we truly honest with ourselves then we will have now is a fact that most of the people who read the
bible uh… probably read the condensed
version of the bible you came to his version of the bible is the most
adulterated version but it was about to diversions in existence posted to read the king
james version of the pirate don’t even know who came jan zero nine out of it
which which makes the question if you’re reading the king james version of the bible you shoot attempt to know who king james what we’ll hand and and and and how do
you answer the question who was king james give us a little bit
about it give us his biography where will asserts
that the syrup into the show and now this is the king
james king james is a man who would make a dolphin like santa claus king james as well as a murderer king james was uh… what was known as being out a-six joe he
was often called queen gangs but from the members of the tennis court and what he wanted to do ways to right
in official version of the bible that validated his worldview king james
comes out of uh… the the uh… to intervene and the church of england was that was
established because the king of england didn’t feel that was necessary for him
to take directions instructions from the bull so they broke away from the roman
catholic church it will be available church and so he
said to me what you have if you look at the history of of christianity is exists
right now is that whenever uh… a specific powerful individual agrees with the
mentees to come down on power they simply walk away point net return
established their own shares that’s why you have with thirty five hundred
different denominations martin luther in german uh… in germany uh… protest it but the catholics were
doing he posted was reformation oren on the
wall protest it is a resort m protest me he broke away from the roman catholic
church and established the protestant and so within the protestant traditions
you have various tracy got all of these people who say that they follow the same book
but they are mature bedevil can’t uh… but when you get to the book when you
get to the original source material and what you’ll find is that original source material came out
of multiple takes they were written by people afternoon ancestry thousands of years at least at least
eight hundred years before abraham who is to be considered to be the
matriarch within within the jewish tradition uh… and so what should and years
before the photograph let me get out the number here bolts i know this is hot but is all right the telephone number to call him ’cause
i know you want to get involved all there’s a one-line open two zero two eight eight nine nine seven nine seven we certainly welcome your call uh… this is a subject that have really
wanted to you to bring to the airway since since since
i first started we find it that was that there were many years ago
when i attended a a local church is a matter fact this it’s right up the
street and it’s called union temple baptist church building balls levin
willie wilson this is the rest of the uh… and one of the reasons that i had
an attraction his to his preaching was he talked about how religion is that this is and if we really think about god god is about and given a choice between you know any word that talks about animal n_f_o_ lots of people talks about division i’m much more attractive to the word of a lot so we have soul the remaining all sheet got how we got and so much that says outweigh n and right now mister
separately talking about what is the majority religion in this country and that is christy i
think that the and in christianity it states that except that if u you don’t you don’t get to the father
unless you com through accepted to lower and savior jesus christ now there are six billion
people in the world there are two billion that leads non-christian so ya gonna hale uh… when i will be does her best that’s probably one most powerful force
of intimidation if you don’t believe my way if you don’t call guy by the same anti
contact and i can kill you against do you i couldn’t shoot i can cast a ritual
again it’s love you i can do everything that violates the commitment of gotbaum should not
killed if if you don’t agree with my bladder petitioner got those ads in and
of themselves are ungodly but the people never stop to do to look at how specific religions
have been used to commit some of the most heinous acts ever imagine r_u_ anti-religion nomad you know what i’d be a very and feel very strongly that every person has a right in responsibility too interpret the career through their own co two
layers and no one has the right to come into your home and kill you and slowly who simply
because you called the created by a different name isomeric given the deeply
religious man they stated rule the world for the last two thousand years more
people have been killed in the name of god will be saved so if we stop and look at this mechanism
it has been going all and that’s what it is you know the man this is the going on in
the so-called middle east menaces is going well with the so-called war on
terror the man i just came from a cyber this
came from alabama infocus selma alabama still fighting the
claim the same kind of wood burning a cross before their next my great grandfather you know how do you reconcile these
differences you mijn reverend wilson a few minutes
ago album roseanne uh… wrote a book a
number of years ago in talked about his experiences at how it divinity school and it every student how is giving the
school learns a course takes the chorus when referencing
the c jones button cc jones was the nineteenth-century uh… minister who wrote a book called the religious an
oral instruction for the negro his book came about as a result the
white folk in the south being that africans were born is laid out his
will rise up and killed and so at the two hundred years of this nation the
united states of america for breeding is laid out that has to be christians
wouldn’t cc joel’s came up with the process uh… which we can introduce enslaved
african population into christianity by giving a specifically passages in the
bible pacific god ordained slavery which means the god ordained him must be
a slave in the slave master anne specifically selected those passages
this it’s labeled the mastered and then they would find uh… a black man who they could easily
control in the would give him these or instructions because it was for boarding at that time for blood flow to know how to read or write so he’d
given these below instructions and after he had memorized the stakes they’ve been
for the first time announce they’ve been here in america gave black folks sundays
off so that we can sit out in the field and
listen to this in a good now right uh… bliss white preacher told
him in order to pacified the negroes and so is it that
indoctrination manifest itself uh… in all of our churches specifically the black churches all throughout this country every sunday
morning we get that interpretation that’s why we are so passive that’s why we’re willing to tell you the
chicken or the christian americans wanted to tell you the t we uh… obvious the callers you are where i am aware my listening audience would be aware sunny morning is commonly referred to as the single most segregated well nineteen ten to eleven is the most
segregated our in uh… i remember growing up in a catholic
church and the symbol you’re replying folder of the jesus review was eight very peeled skin uh… like the sweetest gentleman long belong he says there was again if you look at the bible it’s hot apollo parent was reading his hat jesus in the land of can and soul somewhere at some point outlook
dot land of can and it was the land of the black that’s what the word literally means
immunization of the black people and somewhat of a logical you know i was like will if he was hidden there for some time this blonde hair swedish looking ruled by in jesus why would you heidi in the land of camp soul talk to us for you talked about are in hundred here’s before a brain christianity has been practiced awhile mobile mail four to problem thirteen years uh… fair their has been a have a comment that christianity than the life of jesus the greatest story ever told how useful well uh… i would say that you uh… take that
literally it is the greatest story ever totally the truth but as i have a story because they have a story as a minister
for an amount to me uh… years ago the bible contains truth but the bible
is not true so you have to know how to read it is a
story the metaphors it is a story of profound wisdom has the
story of of uh… biography of the people struggle against
the president but the bible is a book that was
compiled from many different books for example most people who who while let me back up
a second the imagine going carson uh… ben
carson uh… his business and the advances my daughter went to the sender dentist
uh… elementary school in in uh… in high school uh… the g_d_p_ to sydney adventist
dvds is one of the highest ranking blacks in the event is uh… in in the nation cues from the
carribean and the seven advances headquarters
uh… was originally in silver spring maryland uh… at that time blacks were not allowed to go to descended into school sarojini p does this brother this
probably created his ballroom uh… said we’re going to school for
black folk this deal longer israel one of the reasons why i i i wrote my
during the dvds certainly going to school is that when i went there to
interview the principal and teachers there what put impressed me most was
that every classroom here to pitch of the baggies every class and had a picture thank you and what when was it this was and in the uh… is uh… a in the area in the night you
know house point fifty two helping candidly speaking i never really saw the picture of a
black teas smu until i was sometimes but i wasn’t until
i was in my third too so does this uh… you have spent an enormous amount of time in egypt i wanna talk to you about that my name is rock newman folks you listen
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gentleman off for holding on the line of police you’re on the rock newman show with
uh… anthony browder daughter you the they can but there were two if you would expect
that that whole it so yo what those u well you know the word out because we
worked out hymns is the knowledge of chemical the work
chemistry counselor were killed uh… so we’re talking about sizes philosophy and
introduces the beginner now valley which is uh… the deep space if we want to find
the always document to civilization known to man this this this idea of the
mystery schools is a misnomer uh… that was a time that was given to this
afternoon to case missus and by the greeks so to the police work without the kids were learning to rusty
mystery because they call it a mystery school ice the said that all of the wise
men of the past uh… traveled through bhumi uh… it’s been said that uh… you sure
you should have been pretty endeavor demand to be no today’s jesus christ uh… during the period from ages out thirteen
to thirty uh… these missing here is that this
person of the said that he study intimate and that means we learned of a
host of people no uh… were known as proved respected
people whose steady intimate i a lot of that information has been
suppressed that you are fine by going back and reading something into
text information and that is so closely parallels reside in the bible in the story of
uh… of jesus did although it has to do is delighted to be originated from the
source which is incorrect well let me ask this the holy trinity the holy trinity as we know talks on the
holy ghost right fair talk to me valves ancient egypt and thousands of years war what the would we commonly known now as
the holy trinity the similarity in in agent deedrick she worked through it but most of the holy trinity in context uh… we’re told that jesus was born
india zero uh… but new research shows that the person is
identified as this is probably going about four bc about doing this was not
declared her son of god if three hundred fifty years after he
was born after the council’s messier uh… mary was not it was not so at the
jesus was born of the vote in until some three hundred fifty years after his
birth it was not the cobra did jesus was part
of this who’ve been stranded by the sound goes into a two hundred fifty
years after his birth to something significant happened it change the story of this man and that
happened to pushing through twenty five of the council messinger uske sixty b nine seconds certificates at what i’m hearing some
background noise so to get even immune that or it if we
could they crawl up during that war thank you but this time but the good news uh… overlooking kennedy’s lotus
documents a musician on this planet we were planning to lead but footprint for what became judaism
christianity and islam the first to review that was the first
over trying to be the first over trinity comes out of this doorway of the family paris became a that is a man by the name of the sire his wife to sell it in the senate who according to the story aside and then the story is at least six thousand new zero four thousand
years or removing the story of jesus the christ asar could united the tumor has about
the molecular until this is why i was uh… abuse the system by the name of
the set and when we travelled throughout africa
to share his knowledge uh… with his brothers and sisters on
the cutting edge limiting the amount of darkness in his absence whose aside by the set product unloading
imagine we couldn’t do it now ordinary out his brother said manicured aside because by adding two
fourteen pieces is going to be a draft land selectman looking for the missing part
of the house his body who said that she found thirteen of the
fourteen parts of it was his body initially reconstituted her husband
literally remember him that is backing band is this included
the first mummy in recorded history so then student set about to bury her husband in before she buried her husband she
grew she grew because she was doing a little assume the worst agree because he was
going to vote into another consummated the marriage and us they would not be anchored to the throne
ever has been so recorded in chemical the six thousand
years ago the spirit of this deceased man sa came in promoting his voting record set so i can’t take it to the temple of
additives in egypt today to show you betsy carved on the walls of the impregnation of the senate and then uh… set unanimously voted so that’s that’s also
flipper years earlier before there was a name an immaculate
conception rest there was no in virginia woman who was impregnated by the spirit uh… oblique of the but we don’t usually because of so i was
out of the attitudes of duty status uh… among the people of ten and so he’s been impregnated his wife
the set now let’s go to she gave birth to her
son hair rule or on december twenty-fifth and i was born of liberty in the star of the birth of a rule so closely matches the story of the birth of jesus christ
if you put the two storey side by side you see the one this copy from another but the copy of the story of jesus
christ came four thousand years after the
original thrust you see the original story of the the truth what was then
it’s up to you so they’re in her room who really do need to come home jobless to restore overthrown of his
father’s side of the week who conquered set in the claims by the scanned into a
miracle curd in africa will not do something about it is a bit of the post
of miracles the governor who was the second miracle
aside from the uh… p spiritual impregnation of the
senate does suck america was at the here rule mclean his father’s found in his father
and so i was resurrected from the day who’s the first person in recorded
history whose said to have been resurrected from
the game then that several of the resurrection of us are as this summer but they were
placed in front of the temples acumen decimal was known in ancient times as a
token we know what to do is in our lives the tartars i was in the world is called
the washington monument so that in mind that this it’s in the
geographical center the resort to moscow or washington d_c_ is a six thousand will simple the rebels
as the resurrection of the first you were going on this earth asar nineteen is the crisis and so when you look at the store with
these two people karoo and asylum the stories were combined uh… by constituting during the council
asean three three five bc here who represents the process through
which over three million can align himself
with spiritual consciousness so that he can do good on their word ben-gurion petrol represents the process by which that those two men
after he dies is resurrected in assumes his rightful place in heaven so karoon and aside become jesus christ when the story is really terribly
by your peers thousands of years later so that truly uh… uh… mister brower that truly rolls p into the police and the cornerstone of christianity eds again as we know
what you know so is it your position you know i’d like
the you know here this in a very sober understandable dummies like me to be able to understand would it be
your position that the very tenets of christianity the
immaculate concessions you know birth of the birth of jesus christ the son of god is something that is a story taken and sold two thousand years later as
being overused uh… node no question about it no question about the benches in the first baptism and maybe you can go to camera today is two things about tourism carved on the walls of linking him uh… and so are the tenets of of of
these traditions resurrection good between commencement
taken them as the moses will derive from the forty to administer them out wilting enjoys the requested uh… the father of into college in the
united states the founder of the origin instituted universities kind of got in
trouble in uh… nineteen thirty-five he said
that uh… between two members would arrive in the
forest for them to administer them of my mind and there is no commitment uh… there are certain online okay that’s another false witnesses we
must remember but the program after waiting so long
why do i mean this was in class uh… and and then again going back to
to working americans know these teachers the ten commandments come out of the tower articles the moses gave his people build
only applied to moses is people don’t apply to
everyone else so that was taken members would guidelines for a run segment of
people to apply to a very long but they have been applied to other threw us out
of your client the impact giving cleans the impact on eighteen each timeframe that you’re talking about we’ve talked mostly about christianity that time period the research the examples given onto judaism and slot well adjourn may have the story about engines coming to egypt and in a small number in meeting with them numbers increased
tenfold uh… we have the story uh… boom coming in to do and it seems
to me if you look at history they came in to youtube without began a concept
and then left with analysis transform their
consciousness and they’ve been wrote the story of the struggle to their own
courtroom learns to give them a place when the world stage a member of the
human beings gary greenberg lie reportable given by
using the term reduce attorney and practices in new york wrote a book called one hundred and one
without the bible in which needs to be able to do it good all of the turks in the torah were
derived from committee text and we compare the story specifically the killings lewis that is in uh… the temple dot
abbeville solicit all the teams from the beginning committee trying of to the time so to the first was a
father venice is the second uh… that kills most closely parallels be patriarchy of the jewish tradition it’s the same less this wouldn’t thousands of years later
in order to do with that group of people in place in history to be cruel for
themselves they call themselves the chosen people
my people could people free people choosing their
relationship with the crater orleans letting people and compra people
are posted to go into religious traditions of the congress insulators so i i i bust a move to to do you uh… racking listeners looked the reason why afternoons are sold in america
christians because i i was were christians an embarrassment another part of the
world this november’s was maybe muslims so-called conquered the world took around the religious students take
on the line was the philosophy an education of their own savings so if
you can step al encoding under muslim and and that’s one
of the reasons why uh… acted from somebody was in researching a
history i began to see myself as less of a
historian and will be memory recovery specialist our job is to restore our memories
before worlds were turned upside down and when we do that we will find a win for the first when we
used to conceive of a bad concept it will be one of the parliament
provided it deep ocean about got past that only
after they came to our home and sat down at our table protest talk about what it meant to
identify with a higher power would have meant to be civilized and a couple questions about that they
could understand their biggest army in tibet back home and beginning to introduced at the door
people as is there a understood relationship with the and
singing you’ll job we’re here at the we actually do you
know someone looking avenue as is the rock newman show fourteen eighty aman again we can be
seen and heard around the world at w_w_w_ dot rock newman show dot com instituted uh… something that i found pretty fascinating in the washington
d_c_ eerie mcm it was called on the beetle tell us what leads you to do that and what needs of all the but on the
design about on world i have been to fourteen times their
wares thirty two years and the was my second trip to egypt in
nineteen eighty five upon returning to bc i began to notice
that there were a profound similarities between structures here in d_c_ and identical
stresses that i’ve seen the need to do with created thousands of years uh… earlier so i created i did my research i
resource a history of the luau designing developing a washington d_c_ in nineteen eighty six a introduced what
was then known as the f a city tour of washington d_c_ we now call the
diplomatic tommy innocence never comes out of every such as though it was a
concerted effort on the part of america’s founding
fathers to recruit the architectural symbolic and spiritual essence of navajo curtis
organization here in the potomac river valley and so everything from the road
to the city there is no design of the city the location of the city was our
desire to replicate geographically uh… symbolically and spiritually dozens of nevada casinos ask you what
what is the sense of pol founding fathers to those whom laid out
the country man how were they aware of the lands woodburn relations and so what you find amazing reviews
masons claimed a direct movies but i think you need to do so did the first
most in the first built of stone was grand this is the second about missus
and was not in the game but but if you follow that definition the president is
a star laughing important designed the first manly surfaced on the strip removed uh… others ulcer which was built
twenty seven hundred b_c_ inducing assesses candidly before
caucasians situation is going to do to further
develop produce a position we still have a testimonial of the first
amendment voting and recruiting nineteen stores gas group is still standing there so many things europeans who studied the so-called mystery system
of voting music realized it imaging eat it was a foundation of humanity kota
civilization in religion so they saw themselves as the custodians
of that now it’s so when the masonic founding fathers
developed this country but decided to recreate ito so if you look at the uh… on the back
of about one of the symbols of the grocery in the back of the dollar bill
speak about this when weather pyramid uh… only because of the way so that’s
one of the college abet appeared to be part of the pyramid uh… brother rock is the i’ve had with
the sun of a sunset that’s why you have the russian minute is indeed
geographical center of the original ten mile square washed mbc article i section of the u_s_
constitution status to v planned capital of this nation was to be ten mile square quieter now by a square about two miles that’s are part of the senate more and
you have to do this place in the geographical center of the two most were
is awash in miami no building to be talking masterchief five hundred and fifty five feet what does that may five them if i was a number of a businessman myself atm that my limit is five hundred
fifty five feet high fifty five P wise to all of the measurements associate
with that number five five banana fiber businessman and so the
question is who is the man reminded refuses would totally destroyed
once did but if you go inside of the monument you go inside of the moment above the elevator uh… is a pack of george washington
evaded the texture to the observation deck on the five hundred foot level above the image of george washington is the symbol
called the here will be dead that is the same with the was crowd too
but the intercept if we took religion egypt that was a symbol became to represent her room defeating
sick and restoring his father’s king is right now things better i think i’m
optimistic ml dell at the wind i found out if you look from the capitol to the monument to the lincoln memorial
there’s a straight line in from the jefferson memorial to the
monument to the white house it’s a straight line exactly they
intersect in the middle and make across at the russian mind at
the washington monument zachary now on the other side of the white house starts sixteen straighten northwest
washington d_c_ movement talk to us about the significance of
sixteen st supposedly there are more religious
institutions on sixteenth street gain anywhere else car capital square mile one every like uh… though is that there is a proper
sixteen streak on the routine hill park sixties she was the original meridian lied to washington d_c_ maruti line is a
point did this is an offsite accessatlanta mounted to the marks the
position of the signed at high noon the sun is one of the old assembled forgot to create all night so when the sun system memory to align the sun the
position of the son is known as rock already and that marie de la represents a
quarter or spiritual like his fellow thermal through the white house all the way down sixteen st that is a reason why you have more
churches when the sun institutions and religious purpose in tuzla sixties
treatment done whether seven-mile stretch of land in the country uh… sixteen street is also called that
avenue of the charges in god’s boulevard it’s no accident the bloodstream is um… hasn’t been is good here and and uh… uh… web another one of the keyboard is this sixteen st number seven
represents resurrection or or heaven so run six to seventeen uh… sixteen st louis seven miles along from some gesture
japan at the white house to his termination point of houston avenue is
seven miles um… the number seven represents resurrection
of god or have been sixty-three also is the seventy seventh
degree of latitude on the map is not an accident these people do it their homework so when you’re when you’re in a position
of condemnation which individualistic studied the best examples of nation
building to their books listed so these america’s masonic info a founding
fathers went back to their history and found the best examples existed in egypt and so the literally
many creek blvd and now i would have been in the potomac
river valley and the issue is you may not really understand what this
is all about but this location the shapes these alignments this generally specific emerging and those who understand but but imagine is present and know how
to use that means you will empower themselves to do things that the average
person connected modern technology has yet to figure out or to be able to duplicate it’s courts gross appear if you can just
imagine will be able to confirm the building was
from the time of this construction around twelve hundred b_c_ until eighteen eighty four when the russian money which is what you
want your casually as you would do drawing out numbers right but i want my listening
audience and those viewing around the world to hear you hear you will twenty four hundred years to powell’s
them four hundred years b four the birth of christ site what we
know as society to whom twenty four hundred years before them the pyramid right then good primitive
kofu was built and so that there would be good maginnis
a booming this to me that to approx riva two-and-a-half blocks
when i’ve had to have tax plan but we have to that’s why comprise of over four million stone blocks which we admitted to have to unseat as
much as the car close enough stones and was one building
to make thirteen prior statements it is that still today the most perfectly
aligned structures to northern existence and that we will not vote budget was when he was slow down
immediate jones would have been slow to me to do this cuz i begin to do now is
that historical reality so if the jews was that they need to bring the premier
was broke twenty four hundred b_c_ before they ever had was blaring then how can we do is create something
before they came into existence wednesday the our story are mostly you
realize that other people story does does not and that in another step is a monitoring
experience what’s your sense because you’re talking about off forty hundred stone that was lifted more than nineteen store smtp robo buoy
are great primitive kofu is there was music forty eight stories four hundred and eighty feet off like i said there’s nothing more than
ninety sqft dick so what’s what’s what’s your sense road
rather in order to the matter is out on the house broke but i know she’s answered correctly the technology does not exist today to
replicate destruction there are five stones in the inner recesses of their
ability to win excesses seventy tons more than the railroad locomotive we don’t have the technology to bury
from limestone the wing suddenly turns and so so that is a mystery and that is also
one of the reasons why which i think it is not an african
cubans in socal supposedly in the middle east is assisting with the middle east the vocab dealing with is removing africans from africa removing african history from the
history from the store after the people in a silent to other people whether that history is is political history scientific history
or religious history prosperity has been stolen and has been used by others to empower
themselves and that’s one of the reasons why we are the most physically emotionally economically is totally
disenfranchised people on this planet because we don’t know our story we listen to everyone else’s
interpretation of us and all of those interpretations
prisoners at our millis so until we can step back and be courageous enough to identify at that that african dude is
enough and begin to see if we were through
their eyes we were always be inferior to others v graham so stupid that’s about this as oppose the were sitting on down we don’t even know the marines that was used to describe the d_n_c_
increased the greeks and romans were the first intelligent philosophies if you do in this article to do with the
started it was in tears out about the browser is a method to get hurt that’s that’s a story that’s been told and and and and and um… at her you before mhm speak on that subject invent long
before greek in rome philosophers right spoke their words african philosophers anna university that was the deal regional university
share a little bit about that uh… uh… greasing uh… with those great
radioed uh… right it was home it would be really add in the odyssey about any fifty bc uh… well and becomes a nation state
when violence and rudeness found the city of ohm about seven thirty
five bc but i would like to do that in hotel at
broke the step pyramid twenty seven hundred b_c_ we had numerous examples of
africans building university is the first people to read uh… first people to write first
recoveries in the first governor diverse nation state for civil servants because architects engineers
philosophers physicians will call african people and was built in so that’s one reason
why i’ve been going to from west thirty two years i take people also need to
isn’t it every summer we’re now thanksgiving internal mujhe right now in
understood away if you were the first african-americans in history to be five million excavating a tomb in
egypt and when the time to waste continue to lobby uh… took the dynasty previous petaluma crack
a movie who was the priest at the temple a pipette i saw it
now no misconduct temple is where the temple of i mean can be found i’m lyn yet that word unwin which is an afterward a committed group
which means the unseen presence of god almighty so this priest whose two hundred
excavating karach unwin his name means i’m in the unseen presence of god
almighty knows my spirit his job was to do the morning libations in the
home depot losing its sanctuary every morning before sunrise to say the
words to evoke the presence of the unsympathetic god almighty so that that spirit can literally
inspired the eighty three files on people who wrote in that city within the city
is about twice as large as the vatican now that this is the largest temple complex every group of human
beings on the earth the brother who do it this this
important job is about who stood with debating we found in his tomb pyramid takes the
oldest takes ever recorded by human beings dismissive really identified those process of the celebration of the
sold if there’s a so to be saved the salvation of the soul the recitation of the fortitude of the
reasons that the premises and identification of the place where
the souls go to be reborn won’t get that in his torso i don’t have to look anything up only
talk about what i know when we talk about what i study an advisor to fax uh… and i will deal with what i
believe believe the sub you accepted that proved i do things that are
rock-solid then there are real behind that because my guess how you
received via textbook response uh… to my out when i did say that anthony broderick uh… i sit expo comm response uh… when i uh… that you were going to be on the show on
the ten o’clock hour today in how one of the responses was why you having that be on he promotes an anti-white agenda he
promotes an anti caucasian agenda uh… road that’s not true without the
movie is is true and acting truth needs to be told to
talk to everyone black and white brown in melaka everyone needs to know
the truth because everyone’s been lied to uh… and and my co-producer service information with anyone who is willing to listen is
to get people to begin to see themselves through new eyes go free realize that africans word of mouth on fathers of humanity
which genetically that has been provincial every person on this planet
is a vatican ancestry there is no systems race race is a first
crime story who was quoted by race is at the
university of guns in the seventies seventy-seven to turn the world upside
down so people were were cochin just enough to want to take
the time to learn the truth to study and an end to meet at unbiased
interpretation of history so what that means this note is
developing on by a state history got agreed everybody’s story compare the stories common sense prevail and when people to do that they begin to change their mind so
presumably becoming obviously someone who has to be a very much you know there’s a there’s a local law
apparel store in the metropolitan area um… the students run by a friend of
mine and he named his business in his appt we are one you talk about the uh… the original
man being upbeat being of african descent and part of what art form the mentally uh… so much believe here and what i’m
going to try to communicate through the easier ways is that we are one new and what you shared with
us today goes a long way i think to opening
people’s ized understand that at the end of the day in spite of how the story has
been retold of so many different times with much
fallacy that ultimately we are one thank you so very much for being on the rock
newman chill uh… i want to you know welcome you back in anytime i would
certainly like to have you again that wraps it up for

  1. Do people even know that there was an Arabic slave trade?

  2. The Catholic say you have to go through the bishop, the pope, the father of the church if you want forgiveness,,, when the Catholic religious is the worst religious to follow,

  3. More people have been killed in the name of some religious, and we have so many MAN MADE religious, I don't believe in ANY of them.

  4. Big Ups To Dr. Anthony For Speaking The Truth About Our Black History…Black Power All The Way And Forever 🙏👼👑👸💪🙌

  5. Stop listening to preachers start listening to black scholars like Anthony T. Browder
    Dr.Frances Cress Welsing
    Neeley Fuller jr.

  6. Negros are not Africans, but we are of The Tribe of Judah…Please investigate for yourselves.
    If Israel was in Israel now, what happened to the fulfilment of this Scripture and others? Why has this not taken place? Is God a liar?
    Ezekiel Chapter Twenty Eight Verses Twenty Four through Twenty Six
    24 And there shall be no more a pricking brier unto the house of Israel, nor any grieving thorn of all that are round about them, that despised them; and they shall know that I am the Lord God.
    25 Thus saith the Lord God; When I shall have gathered the house of Israel from the people among whom they are scattered, and shall be sanctified in them in the sight of the heathen, then shall they dwell in their land that I have given to my servant Jacob.
    26 And they shall dwell safely therein, and shall build houses, and plant vineyards; yea, they shall dwell with confidence, when I have executed judgments upon all those that despise them round about them; and they shall know that I am the Lord their God.
    This is why…
    Daniel Chapter Eleven Verse Fourteen, Part b
    the robbers of thy people {True Israel} shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall.
    {All this has been and is man-made and maintained to make it appear to be legit, God did not do this…
    Isaiah Chapter Fifty Four Verse Fifteen
    Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by Me: whosoever shall gather together against thee {True Israel} shall fall for thy sake.
    Genesis Chapter Ten Verses Three through Five
    3 And the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz {These are the people there now, Gentiles}, and Riphath, and Togarmah.
    4 And the sons of Javan; Elishah, and Tarshish, Kittim, and Dodanim.
    5 By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations.
    Luke Chapter Twenty One Verse Twenty Four, Part b
    Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.
    {Search The Scriptures, It Is Written, The Son of The Most High was sent for Our Salvation, for Us, this is where our hope and faith must be, not in mankind or what they offer}

  7. What's funny is… if the Bible was written by black men which it was.. And if the scrolls that they wrote were translated by black 54 black/scholars ordained to to so by a black King (James).which it was… if it tells us the so called white man is the devil: liar, deceiver, murderer, and thief… which it does. I gotta take their spin on history because they were closer to ancient history than modern civilization… The Bible never said that the Jews built the pyramids.. however they were there in bondage… The hyrogliphs in Egypt have NEVER been interpreted or read correctly, its all guesswork…Theory… The Bible 1611 King James is official.. in my view.. The Bible tells of Great civilizations before the flood… Egyptian hyrogliphs don't even mention the great flood, though it was recorded around the world, and proven to be a fact that it happened… Every thing in the Bible has been checked out, and tried to be proven wrong by educated people since Universities have been in existance,, not one historical fact in the Whole Bible proven wrong..

  8. although a fantastic interview the presenter talks way way to much.. Anthony Browser should be given the mike ..full stop.

  9. God is a man concept, even thé Word GOD is a man concept, THERE is no GOD except thé on es who man has créated metaphorically…NOW please dont GO off LIKE most people do, BUT knowing God is a concept it self, not a réality in terms of Being a person in any physical sense, BUT à science Being interpréted metaphorically, for undevelope minds To crasp an understanding of thé cosmological universe, which thé SUN is thé Center THERE of…and our socalled God…who wé cant live without…Thé SUN.

  10. This video needs to be retweeted, fb, and all media outlets people. Many of us have been aware but too many of us are not.

  11. God, Jesus, heaven, and hell are all inventions of the Catholic Church. It’s all mythical bullshit!

  12. This is deep. I have been coming into this truth and can't reconcile the religion that I grew up with against the truth. I have broken free and believe nothing.

  13. What about that it is titled the LIVING WORD OF GOD and what that means to imply ultimately. Those of us know that it means when you read it on any regular type basis, the reader AND his daily life is enveloped in the truth thereof, and though you read alone that GOD'S LOVE and WORD is become evident upon you and does set you apart from others who do not read it consistently . This is true and it is what the "LIVING WORD" means, and is meant to be read in this a consistent manner. Yes it is PENNED by MAN though TOUCHED by GOD.

  14. The Bible is a copy of the Sumerian tables which predates The Bible by thousands years, in 1684 The Vatican translated the Bible ( leaving out names and details) removing 14 books. Region was created to control and enslave mankind

  15. Socrates didn't come up with "man, know thyself " Too many claim he's the father of philosophy, but to the ancient Egyptians he was just a student. One that stole writings, teachings and made it his own.

    Luxor temple was constructed in 1400 bce which has the inscription " Man, know thy self"

    Luxor temple (1400 BCE)
    Socrates dies (399 BCE)

    According to a proposal by De Lubicz and Lamy (1956), the Greek aphorism may have been adopted from Ancient Egypt: there are two parts of the ancient Luxor Temple, the External Temple, where the beginners were allowed to enter and the Internal Temple where a person was only allowed to enter after proven worthy and ready to acquire more knowledge and insights. One of the proverbs of the External Temple is "The body is the house of God." In the Internal Temple, one of the many proverbs is "Man, know thyself, and you are going to know the gods".

  16. Really? For one thing if there is a problem, the problem is in interpretation of the text out of context. A whole lot of what you'll hear about God and The Bible are verses misquoted from The Bible and Verses from The Bible read out of context, by people who love to quote verses out of convenience who have not actually read The Bible. If you read within context, most if not all will generally come to agree on the central points of The Bible for the most part. Even if King James is a murderer, really? What of it? Does the Bible really read like a book by a murderer? Seriously, have you read the Bible? Do you even know how the Bible reads? Yes the Bible is translated into English. We all know that English is not the original language of the Bible but it is in English and other languages as well, so that the whole world would know His Love for us in that He, "God so loved the world that He gave His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ to die on the cross", for the salvation of all the world, for those who would believe in and on Him. Have you read the Bible Anthony? Yes God used man to write the Bible but really? How could there be any question of Who authored the Bible once you read it? Really? Does The Bible honestly read like man wrote it? You really think The Bible was written out of the craftiness of man? Laughable. No other book like it. The Bible is not the problem, Man in a fallen state, man in a state outside of the Grace of God, in need of His salvation is the problem.

    Anthony please. You should really be ashamed of yourself if the Bible reads like a construct out of man's imagination. You sure have a lot of faith in mankind. Jesus Christ is a historical fact. You as a Researcher should have already researched this and should already know this. What's good for Jesus is good for me and should be good for you. If Jesus states "It is written" and references from an earlier Book Of The Bible, now what? And what about the many prophesies of the Bible that have been foretold and fulfilled? Hmmm.

    Several problems with your commentary on the Bible. To name one, Sixty-Six Books of the Bible, authored by Sixty-Six different people? True? Wrong.

    Other than that really great information, but I don't God will take to kindly to you discrediting His Word because you haven't read through His Word, and have only critiqued mostly by way of third party hearsay and character witness. Watch out. Get right with God, repent.


  18. The original bible is written in hygraphic on papyrus by ancient Egyptians. Was very happy and socked to find out that Christianity came from ancient black Egypt. Hebrew bible got translated into hebrews from hygraphic by Hebrews scholars.

  19. Ephraim is the UK Mannesa is America. Dude in all your getting get some understanding. For lack of knowledge my people perish. Twistyantity????




  23. Blind lead Blind, 66 different books written by many different authors but still points to one Jesus is a miracle #1 and #2 This book is the only book that has fulfilled prophecy that was spoken 500 years in advance to 2000 years in advance, you can’t explain away this Truth, The letter kills but the Spirit gives life. Tony you have half truth but you can’t tell me king James was conspiring to trick the Black folk by releasing his versionof the Bible, now the Catholic Church has presented there version of the Bible, If I took a pair of Jordan’s and called then Tony’s and sold then and made profits that doesn’t change the essence of the Jordan shoe because counterfeit representation.

  24. If you haven’t study the entire book how can you go and discuss it, If I never studied the entire Koran how can I discuss its validity? The Spirit of God will lead you into all Truth

  25. He dropped it, meaning highly intelligent and very good research, this is one of the intelligent brothers you want to immolate

  26. @Cortez Miller It comes down to one question, "Is God open-minded?" God gave us His Only Holy Word, The Bible, The Word being Jesus Christ Himself, that the world may be saved. God Himself says the road to Himself is narrow. If we don't know who's The One True God, then how will we know the true path to salvation – The One True Way To Salvation? The road is narrow because God loves you and wants you on the straight path. He separates Himself from all of the confusion and deception so that you can know with a certainty The Way.

  27. Once he said "66 books was written by 66 different authors" I stopped listening. How can that be when Paul is known to have authored 13 books in the NT? Yea..he knows NOTHING about the Bible.

  28. I find that Rock is trying to convince us more on Kemet which is why he comes against the contents of the bible.
    many of us don't believe Jesus was a blond hair blue eyed man. many of us don't believe most of the crap given concerning the bible.

    do people believe blindly? yes. but so do those who follow Kemet teachings. no need to push one by beating down the other. that's exactly what you guys are doing….some of us are more educated than you think concerning this topic.


  30. I understand English but when i listen and see the subtitles the subtitle is quite different from what comes out of the presenters mouth

  31. We may be 'one' in the sense of being humans. Btw, that guy who commented that this Brother was anti Caucasian doesn't get to make any comments like such. In fact, no so called Caucasian or European person from the Americas, or anywhere that practiced slavery gets to make such comments. Blame your ancestors for having the hearts they had to make them do what they did. And, that includes them who claim Kemetic or Mizraim ancestry. Your ancestors did the same thing by taking a certain people and forced them into slavery. And, those taken captive were not some so called Ashkenaz wannabe, counterfeit Ewes. Kemetic, Mizraim, Egyptians and many other people from Africa are Hamites. Descendants of Ham, son of Noah. The People of The Book t,hat were forced into slavery by the Egyptians and during the Transatlantic Slave Trade, are Shemites/ Semites. Descendants of Shem. Son of Noah. Their skin color may be similar, but they are different people altogether. I come from Asia, and all I can say is that the World, ancient and modern, went to mess with the wrong people.

  32. Christianity has been responsible for the most blood shed on Earth. The Protestant Christian Church was birth by the Roman Church in the 1500s. The Christian Doctrine has been designed to disqualify the Christians by violating the first 4 of the 10 Commandments. 1) When they asked The Messiah (His Name could never have been Jesus), what was the most important Commandment? He replied with The Shema. Hear Ye, Oh Yis'rael, your 'God' is One. But, Christianity teaches and believes that there are 3 persons in one god. That is blasphemy. Because, in medical terms any person who claims to have multiple persons in him or her, would be diagnosed as schizophrenic. 2) Who exempted crosses from being graven or molten images? 3) Blaspheming The Almighty's Name by calling Him, lord. In Hebrew, Lord actually means Ba'al. 4) Remember His Shabbat. Which is the 7th day of the week. Instead, Christianity have changed it to the first day of the week. Sun worship day and worshiping the sun. The cross represents the sun. 4 x 90d right angles=360d. The sun is a circle with 360d. Get it?

  33. The bible is full of truth and wisdom of a people chronicling their social; political; geographical struggles; parallel to their beliefs in a supreme being, who guides and directs their challenges, battles and victories. Nothing wrong with that; their experience can serve as an example to others to emulate, but it does not mean that it should be taken literally. Another thing that is pertinent is that simultaneously other cultures were having and documenting their social political and geographical struggles parallel to their beliefs. The Roman corruption of the original peoples story has been forced on people worldwide as the one truth.

  34. There are a few things that I am not agree with, yes I see the chain of thoughts but not thought through proper, which creates another issue

  35. The bible is simply Astrology. Angel is an angle. Twelve tribes equals the Zodiac. Lion of Judah is Leo.. Study to show yourself improved! Mock me if you want to. And all re-lie-gions leads to ROME!

  36. If we All humans had been taught the Historical Facts that Professor Anthony Browder teach,what a beautiful World it could have been,we are so blessed to have him on the Planet,his truth can set us free!

  37. The subtitles are extensively wrong please remove them…would have been nice and beneficial if they aligned with what's said herein.

  38. How is Egypt tha oldest civilization in recorded history?? Did this man forget about tha Ethiopians/Babylonians or does he hope to fool us into believing his story of us being from Egypt??

  39. Christianity as we know it was is an invention of man. It’s another name for tha mystery religion of Babel, all nations received their god there. This man lies so much, If Israelites went into Egypt without a god concept…why didn’t they make Moses their god…since he learned in Egypt and Osiris, as this man says, became a deity…he claims a man ascended to be a god when his sister had sex with his dead body and gave birth to Horus. And y’all believe this ish and this nigga??

  40. America is using tha spiritual wickedness of Egypt to enslave us…
    He’s feeding y’all lies, Egyptians are not our people.

  41. How can he talk about “Jesus” being black but when he mentions tha Jews, he calls them jewish?? Tha ancient people called Israelites were black people. Where these white so called jewish people come from?? Egyptians didn’t get their nationality stolen, they were conquered and their land taken by Arabs…research history…

  42. who put up those ridiculous subtitles…seems like someone is trying to distort the message …black people wake up

  43. Wow, did anyone notice how completely confusing the close captions are and if someone was to read them they would be getting a totally different interview

  44. First of all 66 people were not the writers of 66 books..the first 5 were by 1 person Moses…the apostle Paul wrote 2/3 of the new testament..please research

  45. I’ve got a problem with him being black because nothing have been or is being done for our people!! So I’m thinking he’s white!! Jesus God characters

  46. 400 hundred years & counting of nothing being done for our people but we still believe in this Jesus & god character!! Come on people

  47. I'm spiritual and open minded. However Please reread the scripture…… HAIR AS WHITE AS LAMBS Wool. Not like lambs wool. Totally changes the meaning. Doesn't mean he wasn't of color…. Just means we read the scripture correct.

  48. How do we account for the miracles or works of God/creator that Christians report in their lives? Do they have a line to God that others don't?

  49. Thank you Dr Browder for your Courage to share the Truth the jesus seminar and the Slave Bible and the piso papers sum,s it all up that jesus never Existed here we Go !

  50. I’m not sure that what he states is 100% correct. Britain was still loyal to the Pope. Their flag still bares the Red Cross.

  51. The people in my family and around me have a strong underlying hate for me because I realize that Christianity is based on myths. It doesn't matter how well I have treated them, so strong is the need for all to conform to the lies. Anyway i was baptized at about 12, and they gave me a bible. I asked the Sunday school teacher could the bible be changed by man. She said no it is the word of god. I looked at the side of my bible, it read. King James version. I knew she lied or did not know.

  52. Black Americans are, currently, so DYSFUNCTIONAL because WE (our ancestors) fell from our higher estate, which allowed the sons of Gog and Magog to steal our history. Do not get mired down in hating White folks for how they OPPRESSED us … and they DID.
    FOCUS upon what WE must NOW do to REGAIN what WE lost because of OUR descent into mediocrity.
    And our ASCENT MUST start with REJECTING the RULE of Babylon's Black whores who are CURRENTLY doing EVERYTHING they can to PREVENT the Black man from SHAKING God the Black Woman OFF our back and STANDING UP off our KEMETIC knees.

  53. Educated black fool the enemy of your ancestors taught you lies and you keep walloping in their vomit.
    The Jews who built the pyramids are not Hamites or African so called and king James was of not what you said about him Anthony the devil even your surname is of white race why don’t you make first the reason for that first .
    You mr presenter you are doing your job perfect, because you know the truth but you came on disguise you are of your father the devil.

    Pyramid was built by the Israelites here is scripture verses.

    Exodus 1:1 Now these are the names of the children of Israel, which came into Egypt; every man and his household came with Jacob.
    Exodus 1:9 And he said unto his people, Behold, the people of the children of Israel are more and mightier than we:
    Exodus 1:10 Come on, let us deal wisely with them; lest they multiply, and it come to pass, that, when there falleth out any war, they join also unto our enemies, and fight against us, and so get them up out of the land.
    Exodus 1:11 Therefore they did set over them taskmasters to afflict them with their burdens. And they built for Pharaoh treasure cities, Pithom and Raamses.

    1 Maccabees 13:26 And all Israel made great lamentation for him, and bewailed him many days.
    1 Maccabees 13:28 Moreover he set up seven pyramids, one against another, for his father, and his mother, and his four brethren.
    1 Maccabees 13:29 And in these he made cunning devices, about the which he set great pillars, and upon the pillars he made all their armour for a perpetual memory, and by the armour ships carved, that they might be seen of all that sail on the sea.

    Jacob which is the Hebrew Israel is the former of all things he taught the Egyptians

  54. That description about Jesus is not about how he looks in an ethnic phenotypical sense. The place that comes from is The Book of Revelation. Revelation is an allegorical book. It is not meant to be taken at face value. It is about his representation of power. Nobody is walking around with eyes like fire, a voice sounding like many waters, and sword coming out of his mouth. Lol

  55. This may or may not be true … but what i appreciate the most is their respect and professional approach to each other. The way i see it all religion and i mean all is nothing more than theory because none of it cain be proven completely. Bits and pieces can certainly be proven but until all the pieces are there you will always have an incomplete puzzle.

  56. This is nothing more than a subliminal message to all the unbelievers who don't know the Bible ,……..   Many books has been written to keep you in darkness  .   The KJV 1611 is the only bible you should be reading and studying from   ,  don't be deceived people ,  He is an agent for and from the DEVIL .

  57. Releion is division. Look at this dude hand signs, Jesus not no Savior created by the Maricion, all religion is pagan.

  58. The lord of the Bible so the Africans were great and that if given time nothing they intended to do will they fail from doing it he then say lets go and confound their language.

    The Tower of Babel and the lord,
    (Deuteronomy 32:8; Acts 2:1-13)
    1Now the whole world had one language and a common form of speech. 2And as people journeyed eastward,a they found a plain in the land of Shinarb and settled there.

    3And they said to one another, “Come, let us make bricks and bake them thoroughly.” So they used brick instead of stone, and tar instead of mortar.

    4“Come,” they said, “let us build for ourselves a city with a tower that reaches to the heavens, that we may make a name for ourselves and not be scattered over the face of all the earth.”

    5Then the LORD came down to see the city and the tower that the sons of men were building. 6And the LORD said, “If they have begun to do this as one people speaking the same language, then nothing they devise will be beyond them. 7Come, let Us go down and confuse their language, so that they will not understand one another’s speech.”

    8So the LORD scattered them from there over the face of all the earth, and they stopped building the city. 9That is why it is called Babel,c for there the LORD confused the language of the whole world, and from that place the LORD scattered them over the face of all the earth.

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