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Tech Arkit youtube channel my name is Ravi in this video session we are going
to start a new course which is called ansible
automation the automation with ansible so the course content so we are going to
see that what is the course is and what is ansible is how the course is covered
and how many videos in this series is going to be posted so all the details so
what is the cost Rs.32000 you have to pay in order to learn this goes and where is
the best resource we can look for so let start the ansible course here so the
first of all what is a and signal so why ansible you have to learn so ansible
roughly say if you want to say in a single line which is useful to use any
method like configuration management and application deployment tool so most of
the times for the administrators like example say the system administrators or
the linux administrators or the network administrators they have to log in to
the multiple servers and install and configure so many things in your regular
job activity so this tool if you have a single playbook in place then when you
run that playbook so it will do all the job for you so that’s the powerful
automation tool or the configuration management tool which you can use in
many methods like which you can use your daily to daily tasks for boosting your
job role and spend that remaining time with other
things are something different for your career so this will save you a lot of
time in case of a installation and configuration so example what that
example ansible listening open-source software which is
basically used for configuration management tool and application
deployment tool so this ansible is not only for Linux administrator so which
can also support for Windows which can also be support for the network
equipment like you have a multiple network equipment where you would like
to enable example say that I would like to enable the SNMP community string in
all the switches and routers so then how we can do that you have to log into each
and every server and go into the configuration management and from there
you have to write the configuration for the SNMP server to be enabled and
community string to be added and allow the remaining server to be allow so
every device you have to log in and do the same example say if you have 100 or
200 devices it will take like at least one or two days to log in and do that
same stuff all the 200 devices but using this ansible playbook for network
example as I said you can simply run that playbook and it will do your job in
five to ten minutes so that powerful will be this tool so if you learn this
handy tool so that it can help you in your configuration management or the
deployment and patching all the stuff so but basically this ansible tool runs on
a Linux operating system so that you have to have some Linux knowledge no
client is required so the ansible does not require any client to be installed
for any kind of sending a remote commands are they sending any remote
configure management so it uses SSH protocol so
all the network devices and Linux devices and the other devices will
support SSH protocol but if you have a Windows Windows should be enabled with
the WinRM so the WinRM if you enable on the windows side you can also
use this ansible playbook to deploy configure the everything on the windows
as well so this is about the roughly any what is ansible so the next one ansible learning path so how you will learn the ansible so what are the
steps are there to learn our expertise the ansible skill so for the Linux
administrators required the master required skill is RHCSA so they have
to be in certified of RHCSA certification so that you can go further
so this is required skill for Linux administrators anyway that is a very
very basic certification which is required for the Linux administrator so
if I my YouTube playlist there is a our RHCSA administration course which has a
completely in 53 videos you can go through that course you can learn the
are RHCSA as well so next one is the ansible essentials you have to know some
essential stuff like what is exactly and ansible and how it would be all the
stuff the next one is automation with ansible so after learning the some essentials you start automating these things with the ansible start writing the
playbooks so the next one is ansible tower so ansible tower is an a
premium one you have to purchase from the Red Hat so that the it has to have
some license so but it is a graphical user interface where you can run some
playbooks and implement some playbook for all the stuff you can do from the
web interface so that has some modules and that has some extra features then be
ansible core version so that you have to learn after that advanced automation
so from you already learn the ansible essentials automation you did some like
writing the play books and all the stuff and you know the ansible tower then you
are an advanced automation engineer so where you can do anything in everything
from the ansible using ansible modules you can develop play books you
can develop so many stuff or that ok so the next one is network administrator’s
how it can help you for the network administrator’s how the system
administrators like which are user windows user administrators windows
users maybe windows administrators so there they have didn’t no need to do RHCSA complete course so if they did that is added advantage for them but
they wanted to learn something like a network administration part then they
can simply go for RH124 that’s in a very very basic administration one topic
so they have to learn some commands how to use and how to install the packages
and how to manage some storage stuff and removing the logs reading the logs all
the stuff they have to learn like when I was for the ansible so they have to
know some text editing tools all the stuff so that is basic administrative
they have to learn in order to learn the network automation so after that
ansible per for Network automation they have to learn d0457
course then they start doing the network automation stuff after that ansible
tower so they have to learn the ansible tower so in order to expertise
their modules and all the implementations are in the automation
stuff so this is how the ansible Learning Path so how you have to learn
other if you are in a Linux administrator these paths you have to
follow if you are a system administrator like Windows admitted or Linux
administrator you have to follow these stuff so the next one is in this so this
is the course is the ansible automation series
we are going to post all of these videos in a series like class 1 class 2 class 3
something like that so here unstable automation D 0 4 0 7 we
are going to learn in this course so what the course is covered so the course
is covered here these were basically this administration tough the automation
stuff is designed for system administrators specifically not for the
most of the not for exactly for the developers but this can also helpful for
the developers so in introduction to the ansible so what is an AMC well and how
it is all the stuff and installing and configuring the unstable core version
and tower version unstable inventory configuration so after installing the
unseeable how we are going to configure your inventory main inventory host files
and creating the groups and all the stuff and running some Allah commands so
how it can run some immediate are add commands on the multiple systems so we
can set up your unstable lab so all this stuff and introduction to ml language so
what is why a ml language and how we would place them major role on the
writing we play books after that learning the amel interaction then you
have to write some play books and san 30 yeah and your dirty your hands with the
writing some play books and in these play books you are going to learn what
is how to write the variables and conditions loops and rolls so how we can
write all of this then you will be good for effect in the writing with play
books then after that how we can prepare ginger to templates so we can make use
of ginger to templates to speed of your automation stuff then implement unstable
world so this is an a what is like you know need to expose your password but
you can implement the wall to inject your password with the encryption so
that you don’t anybody cannot see your password so that
see how you can implement it then ansible
modules so how many modules you have to learn which model works for what so all
of this not all the models but there are some important modules you have to learn
for the administration tough there are so many modules so based on your
requirement we have to use them so then implement and Sibyl tower so this is the
installation and configuration of the unseeable tower version then
troubleshooting playbook playbook errors and troubleshooting and Sybil so how we
can whenever something goes wrong how you where you want to check where the
playbook is went wrong so how you have to follow the syntax all the stuff
implement unseeable in devops using the container services so whenever you want
to deploy some containers or containers using the unseeable
I’ll run some ec2 instances on the AWS so how you can do that so this can also
be helpful for the DevOps so these are all the content we are
going to learn on the ansible automation course stay tuned thanks for watching
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