hello gasp JP heartache here and welcome to another episode before I get into showing you guys another awesome solution to watching free movies free TV shows free on-demand programs and more let me go ahead and ask our new visitors to go ahead and smart subscribe button activate the bell icon and stick around for more videos just like this remember that I always recommend you use a VPN before you shreem any free movie or free TV show are using Kodi or any apks or anything like that if you want to know what VPN I personally use and the one I recommend come to my webpage right here my youtube channel and you see on top right here I have best VPN to use or look in the description of this video to look at it but if you click on it it will take you to this page and this is the VPN I personally use and for me that's what I recommend for me it's the best I've used multiple one of them and this is for me the number one and the best that really gives you more than 3000 VPN servers around the globe and works with Netflix and many other things that other VPN to not work with alright so go ahead and check it out or look in the description or for the link click on it and you go and try this out alright it's really really awesome alright guys so here it is right there once you go to this website the URL is M for you HD com M for you HD com once you go there this is what you see you have the website right there you have a search right here what I recommend for you to do is look on the top of the website you have top movies new episode TV latest new movies 20 19 movies most watched so go ahead and click for example any of those menus right there let's go ahead and try top movies once a click on it what's gonna happen it's gonna go ahead and pull up the page for you and there you go now you have access to the actual website but everything has to offer as you can see now we have and for you HD movies new movies new episode TV series by year by genre when you click on a little drop down you have all the genres they have to offer right there and they have a search tab on the top right right there for you to click on and on the far right you have quick menus to access from 2090 movies or movies top movies most watched two movies on run scroll down here and you see everything right there but as you can see it's all laid down for you right here very easy website to use straightforward with everything of course as long as you have the two things that I've always recommended for you guys which is one turn on to your VPN you know the VPN that I recommend to you guys it's the best VPN in my opinion in my book second turn on your ad blocker whether you're on a computer a phone or an Android device if you want to know how to turn on or install an ad blocker I've already recorded videos on that look in the description of this video I'll put links to the tutorials so you got score don't watch it but make sure you have that so you don't suffer from any ads any pop-up apps or anything like that but once you have that turned on guys all you have to do is go ahead and have fun click on it and have fun so for example if I went ahead and what to click on them let me for example go ahead and click on I love action movies so let me click on action and it's gonna gonna pull up all the action movies for me right there and let's say I want to watch I don't know I want to watch a leader click on it alright and as you can see it's gonna go ahead and take you to this page right here where you can watch it and this is where you click play to watch it right there and then you have at the bottom here those three servers for you to select from so you got a do you select a movie to play and look at that he's already playing the movie for me that easy if I fast-forward it right there guys as you can see so this is really awesome really easy and straightforward to use and I hope you guys will like this so go ahead and try this out and let me know in a comment section below what you guys think about it how's it working for you and what device until then guys if you liked the video go ahead and smack the like button at the bottom there and I'll see you next time for another video you'd be safe like I was say Shalom

  1. My Recommended VPN to use and the only VPN that properly works even with Netflix:

  2. Wow a lot of sites are coming out in the past month. I believe something is up to no good as far as tracking on how is interested in free content and that. All over youtube about a dev that got arrested for doing basically same thing. Unless they operate from diffrent County

  3. Awesome video brother JP. Much appreciated. Love those backup sites. Keep the videos coming. Hope you have an awesome weekend

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