Anno 1800 The Anarchist #37 - Salzburg! || Let's Play Sandbox DLC [PC 60FPS]

so let's have a look there what new rewards ancient architecture another miss one temple miss one house I think that is new and Patrick are carving once again so think D I don't think we have the house yet let's see if we have their solo attractiveness miss one house and let's see how the whoops set looks like lost city we still need two items there so many things here that we haven't got yet I haven't even finished a single set and I think I will need a second Museum can you build a second one I think you can yeah we can build let's see if I can build this one yeah okay I can't believe Museum here if I want to and a big city should have two museums not only one no quest from the anarchist not in a new world not in the old nothing there yet okay but we can have a second museum then if you want to if we have more artifacts than and what I also want to do is have a trade route for the fried plantain I think we have one but that's not enough no actually we don't have one nope so let's have a fried plantain trade route from Elsa Rao to Sleepy Hollow for the fried plantain for the exhibitions and let's use bolts warm but that but of course we're doing that we also need to get a better fry plane production then and the oil is still down to zero but I should have another well tanker now where is it there it is starfish let's put starfish here on the other trade rod on oil there it is I've got five ships on that already I've got six ships on that trade right now and murillo still has enough oil in store okay let's add so we wait a bit now for the oil the new oil tanker to kick in here let's build another cargo ship in the mean time getting that over here and that's it for that and let's go back to Salzburg since we can build a few more buildings here whoops and I'm going to have another park here in front of the church okay auntie we can have another park if we want to so let's go back to my ornaments there perfect so that's in the middle at least this time having two entrances here on either side and then I'm going to yes I'm uploading this to YouTube as well afterwards I'm also recording episodes right now for the let's play so you can see the livestream then and I'm also going to have like the 25 minutes episodes as well out of this one here okay so that's that we still need some ornaments here let's see I definitely want to have something big in the middle again that's too big a statue or something like that would be nice again at that that's not symmetrical do so what's the problem here with the tiles there okay what if if I get rid of that one here again get rid of that Street here and then we can have another ornament here ornamental fence okay and then symmetrical now we can place it here in the middle the big one nope that's not a good idea though an ornamental garden yeah we just have to live with that here with that cut here there is no other way there's no other tile that connects with this one there no that was not pretty okay so we don't need that extra one here after all just going to move it over there like that that we have another small nice park new defectors yeah let's accept them and let's pull the street there again okay that's that a beautiful park there in front of my church let's have the minds chance and the -30 and happiness happiness is more important than income to me at this point so let's just raise the happiness there to have a happy population and you think we can still have some more houses here oh in Salzburg there's a fire right here let's have a fire station and one over here yeah that should be enough perhaps one down here no I don't think so okay perhaps I should have a mole parks like this in Sleepy Hollow too and yes let's also have a let's have brick roads here since I have enough bricks anyway for now though I don't have any workers here yet but a good thing is I can I don't need you to have new productions at the moment since Sleepy Hollow doesn't need those basic goods any more like bread like schnapps so I don't need to build those productions again for sales put yet okay I don't need a hospital here yet since I don't have any artisans in salzburg yet so I think the catastrophes are tied to the tier of your highest population and Islands so I can only have a fire here at the moment if I go to workers I can have rights here too and if I go to artisans I can have illnesses here too I think that's the idea behind it let's have some workers here now the first workers in South Brook and it is a port town now you I think I like this park here just in front of the church so if we go now all the way over there into the park can sit down here and just have this beautiful building there beside it and yeah there is a brick road that I need in front of it of course and also here looking good let's check if the battlecruiser has come back with yellow ship there my ship returned from the voyage there it is Neptune Oh and it seems like dibs like the other one is gone the only one ship is here yeah I think it stops patrolling actually it stops escorting the other ship when it comes to the next world that is definitely a book that should not be happening I remember doing this though in the campaign and in the first sandbox game but it actually worked at some point ok storage here is finally at zero so that means we have finally got enough ships in murillo or for morello for the oil production there so I don't need to to work on that anymore so we can focus on a new oil island if we need that at the moment we do have some oil here now in Sleepy Hollow and I don't think that I have any shortage so all my power plants are working at the moment nope oh yeah everyone is working this one's just waiting here it's being delayed so I think the optimal router would be to have two train tracks but that is a bit too much I think so it needs to wait here sometimes you see because they don't they don't collide they can't collide of course so there can only be one train on one track at the same time oh he buys a share on one of my islands see I'm this one here no you don't let's buy that back right away okay no more quest from the anarchist since we got alliance with him since we got allied with him that's a bit strange and hello no or no the fifth so that's that hmm we still have to wait so if the wait for that quest here but well that's part of the game on this in this case so we can use the time of course to continue building in Salzburg but still have the marketplace here and we can still go all the way down here up there again I want to have some trees there perhaps let's have some more trees there nope a couple trees I want to have apple trees I like them because they have a flower bed and the trees and I cannot do Aniki now so energy is something I think that's part of the main questline I can only help spread Aniki with doctorhugo I could do Aniki of course if I delete om or all my police stations then I would have riots all the time that would be anarchy okay now I can upgrade some more farmers here in Sleepy Hollow again since we have enough timber and we certainly do have enough bricks here okay this district looks better and better now we still don't have a timber route Chiodos let's have another timber trade route run Sleepy Hollow – yeah Bell Rock nope wait a second yeah Bell Rock let's get 150 tons every time and we should still have one more there it is skinny bear but that's in the new world as far as I can see Olympia that's the one I could certainly do that I could certainly have a parasite city out of Salzburg though I don't think that name is funny doesn't do much justice to Salzburg but yeah I could have a huge city here with just investors at some point we'll see mostly about that it's a lot of work to do that again and I think Sleepy Hollow looks quite nice there we're close to having only investors in Sleepy Hollow since I'm getting rid of the last farmers there and then I can start getting rid of the last workers here and so on but it's really a long time the thing in a know is you can't do everything at once so it's only gradually that you kind of upgrade your city step by step that's something I like about the game though you can't just have an investor town investor island out of nothing so you really have to let it grow organically over a period of time okay that's that so looking back from bachelor we still need to wait for some timber I do have a timber production up here kind of yeah four sawmills there that works for now and we do have the work clothes coming in and some timber here as well and we should be pretty full day yeah on schnapps and work cloth that's good and we could also start being full-on bread since bread is something we have quite a lot here in Bell Rock and it should also be full in Sleepy Hollow yeah so what I'm doing is the trade route with the bread no with the with the schnapps to sleep out to Salzburg there it is and let's use this one here as well for bread and for beer since we have enough of that too and let's get all of that to Salzburg at least someone is using those Goods again in one of my arm cities still no quest from the anarchist always looking we could have another exhibition though I've done quite a lot of archaeological exhibitions there's let's do one for science again and see what we get out of that we do need canned food beer cotton fabric and chocolate that's not much is that no oh no that's the large one let's cancel this one I want to have the sumptuous exhibition there that's the one so that's champagne fried plantain torte Elia felt oh my I remembered the name there and chocolate Oh cigars not chocolate I think we have everything there for this exhibition we do have the trade route for the fried plantain where's the felt we do have enough coffee again and we have so much felt here 650 tonnes so we should have everything there we have enough to t Lea's and the fried plantain should come in then oh okay I didn't know that so we could try that so apparently if you build a town hall with anarchist items on it people will decorate so we have we have a district here the perfect district to try that out because I don't have a Town Hall here yet so let's have a town hall no wait a second I want to have as many buildings in its area as possible let's have it here and let's have a town hall here head manager new influence because I think I've built so many town halls now and of course we're also going to give this one some ornaments I want to have a fence around it that fits more or a hatch straight hatch like this but it doesn't fit doesn't look as good as I hoped it would so let's just have a fence here looks good so let's have some anarchist items there I think I got some no I don't have any here right now so what we could do is we could get a ship of ours like this one here flying dodo 2d anarchist and there's also quests now let's see utopia naive childish prosper preposterous oh how these stuck ups at the medical school enjoyed mocking my ideals but I have always been the better man yes I will open up my doors to them let them contemplate what they once left at deliver them these in formal invitations and yeah let's pick up the invitations there some one of my ships is on its way anyway the last laugh I don't think that I've had this quest yet this might be good let's get one of my frigates over here as well to the anarchist you and to this questline there too and what I wanted to look f-for is yeah some of those items here so we do have quite some nice items like the patriarchy the rout of class struggle let's get those items there and activate them in the Town Hall once my ships arrived okay still on its way and there was a explosion in Pune telethia I did not forget that there it is there is a ruin I will not be able to reach repair this this needs some bricks here though and some timber we do have that we do have enough of that actually let's get those things over here to Bonita and we also have the epic item there that improves my cigar production so I should have my cigar factories here and I already have a trade union there let's use this one also to affect the cigar factories and now it boosts the production there even more and what we need though is more lumber no more timber but they have a full output storage anyway as far as I can see the a cigars is full so we don't even need all the cigars that we produced right now hey let's buy some items here like this book and also the popular People's Court see what else he got that that alone looks good to democratically elected minister and a poster I don't think that I can I um equip so many items there but let's transport them over here and see them what happens yeah three items are possible so I can use the first three people there that I bought and the other ship should have arrived – now – there it is – forget let's get the invitations let's get the invitations there from the ship okay and where do we need to get it now deliver it to Sir Archibald oh there's the tower the lighthouse that we need to deliver those invitations then right let's continue in Salzburg in the meantime self book should have do we have some bread here now stuff like that yeah we do have some bread here now and beer perfectly happy population in Salzburg there are all artists here you know one of them likes to work so we only import everything that we have only artists artists living here and we can see that by beautiful parks and ornaments everywhere let's have another marketplace over let's have another block first okay and then what kind of a marketplace here and we probably will need another fire station and this time now to a police station since we have workers here now no let's just have a fence on the other side it's a police station after all not the most not the safest fence though okay yeah let's have some more buildings here and of course also more apple trees once again where's my ship with the invitation so far there it is still on its way


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