Anno 1800 The Anarchist #36 - Allied with the Anarchist! || Let's Play Sandbox DLC [PC 60FPS]

so we've upgraded now all the investors and we got over 100 more influence I can use that to get my item here to that effect the oil wells but what I can see right now is that we don't have any engineers now in Sleepy Hollow anymore I definitely need to upgrade more artisans we have enough artisans there so that should fit though we need more timber so what we do now let's get one of our many ships not that many cargo ships unfortunately I should have a free cargo ship somewhere I'm building another battle cruiser there so that takes a bit of time oh and we've reached a new influence there the tycoon because I think we have so many trade routes now and that affects all my ships by 15% speed this influence bonus there that's for trade that's for the trade there oh yeah and that's another battle cruiser there and we're still we're still trying to we're still trying to to also reach the highest up here look at that it's so close now 30 more points then we can supersede him in the military might and that hopefully will trigger at least some quest again so I read it in the forums it's probably one of the strategies lots of people have the problem that main quest is not triggering I'm still hoping for a patch there but yeah that is the main goal right now let's go back here to the new world in Al Jarreau we have some defenses here and I think we still have some weapons there as well is that right yeah 70 tons of weapons there and also in bonito luthier so let's get some more bricks those 150 tons of bricks down to l0 and that I can use them okay so that's that um we are not producing any timber anymore in Sleepy Hollow as far as I know we're just having some lumberjack huts here for the locks that we need for the suing machine factories so what I want to do is I want to get more timber of course to Sleepy Hollow I think Archibald is selling lots of bricks there yet so we kind of could have a trade route I really don't have any free cargo ship at the moment let's cancel that pile crews that aren't built to more cargo ships no I don't have that oh yeah well they're cargo ships over here in Salzburg I do have cargo ships let's get one of them to Bell Rock and let's get one of them to tarik got lots of timber there as well now I'm not making a timber farm a timber farm is just totally useless actually because I'm producing so much timber anyway and I don't need it all the time you know plus I'd I want to save the space here and there is no warehouse in range think something's going on here as well oh he's not got enough area there anymore for cultivation yeah let's just get rid of that one here no I don't think that I have to restart you only have to read I only had to restart last time because the anarchist is an opponent but patches usually don't need you to restart the game that is just not in a no at least I haven't experienced that yet Admiral Vicenta Silva offers you a delivery request let's do that and it's in the new wall as far as I can see yep 10 tons of copper ore come on that is not something that I do have in a new world nope I don't have any copper here well let's get some yeah let's get a battle cruiser there for my copper I don't want to waste a cargo ship for that I should have plenty of copper in Taric yeah so let's just get the copper there and deliver it then to him and I always check the anarchist islands there are four quests nothing yet we do have enough timber now though and influence a week what we can do here is having the trade union for the oil wells like that and he's praising me for building a trade union that's good and let's get that item up here now so affect your world 20% in productivity goes to 625 no it should actually go much higher because I think it affects every oil world that we have you know so that's like 25% 25% 25% and so on I think it's much better than the bonus for that anything else here nope not like Oh or wells productivity 25% of course we're doing that let's stack it up it is stacking after all so yes that get that pushes the productivity even more and let's also see this one here sank and that's unusual the breeze floats among the waves mold grid and planks of wood strings of cloth fragments of broken plaster all tinted by the gray shade of time filled with childish excitation the crew discusses the possibility of going underwater trunk covered at the breeze origins oh it's the diving bell again lucky for us this time we have a specialist for that 40% chance and the diving bell looks decent and feels solid to man climb aboard and the bell plunges into the depths while a whole group of sailors plumb pumps air into its ventilation tube hope that it will resist the dive and push the Bell into the hole oh there's only five present there the Bell doesn't resist the fall instead of gliding along the sides of the hole the Bell tilts letting the water in the man call for help and the crew immediately tries to pull him up fighting against what rocks snared the Bell doing their best to save their mates and unable to react when the rope snaps into the hands they're left oh okay they're left to mourn their seabird companions we lost some there but we didn't lose any more L or we lost Morel okay it doesn't show that in the expedition menu at least not every time and we are here now at seven hundred eighty percent productivity and we also have four ships on the trade route from the new world and we're still down to zero here I hope that goes up at some point right and the other thing is that we still don't have the engineer book force anymore so we definitely need to get more timber and I sent our cargo ship over here to Bell Rock which has lots of timber so let's get that over to Sleepy Hollow and I do have the battlecruiser here for the copper that we need it's ten tons of copper and ten tons of gold which yeah at the gold we can get in a new world so I think Sean is selling gold yeah let's send the battlecruiser there to the new world and let's get more timber with with crusty beard the second that should you oh and what I can see there is a quest at the anarchist Island oh hello apparently some people from our community have arrived at your docks by mistake that were meaning to go or somewhere else as they have no means of return I must ask you that you deliver them to us back to the friends and families of course a pickup quest residents are drift oh look at that they're on all my islands that's a problem now if I click on yes here they're going to be boarded to any ship that is at the port right now so that is a huge mess no I don't know how to do that now I've got so many ships in Sleepy Hollow it's getting on one of the random okay so on which our ship is the dissident now on this one here yeah Neptune oh let's deliver that item to the anarchist docks it's only one as far as I can see right I hope it's only one item please let it only be one item otherwise I will have to look for a lot of ships here none of them have it though I think it's only one ship oh yeah looks like only one and yet Balrog is still not looking good we still have to wait for the illness to pass there's no road connection here let's remove the building and replace that with something more beautiful and we have a write-in Hawk joven too but not a big one and we have a police station there anyway okay just looking for the ship now that is sending the item there it is yeah that would be fun indeed right having a pirate flag on one of my battle cruisers and just destroying his ships though I think I will need more pirate flags for that I have one because one battle cruisers just not enough you will just attack it with my hole with his whole fleet then right and what we can also do is in the meantime while the ship is on its way there we could get another sumptuous exhibition so let's go for archaeological again let's start this one it is champagne prep plantain totally offer and cigars we have everything there I think the fried plantain dough could be a bit low let's see there it is yeah so we need a bit of that bit of fried plantain there no big deal though since we're producing that there it is let's get Welles want to deliver that and he's ready to have the Questor let's get how many do I need again sorry 60 60 fried plantain let's deliver that to the New World to the old world of course and let's turn in the quest er we do get a useless item there I don't care about and we can send the food trader on its straight route again that is one quest so the quest work like that that there are several tiers of quests in the anarchist quest line so every time every time you finish a quest you have a chance to go to reach a higher tier in this quest line you know and once your tier is high enough I think there are three or four tiers of quest sets once you're high enough in the tier list and you get his main quest line and you should see that quite easily being marked as number one or number two or something like that and with that you get the achievement then that I'm after but yeah it's a bit difficult there are three major achievements that I want to reach with him the first one is of course this main quest line the second one is having an alliance with him you get the D Alliance after the main quest line or when you do like when you have higher military power or something I think otherwise he doesn't you know Oh chance of access is low we have an alliance with the energies I'm talking here and the function is available to us look at that and we have the achievement they're perfect we have an alliance with Hugo finally after so much time we're pretty close we're pretty close there to choose military power and DLC is cynical ISM influence point what is the bonus there no bonus as far as I can see but finally we are on alliance with him so that is the first major the first major achievement that I want you to do the second one is his main questline perhaps we get it now now that we've reached the Alliance I'm and third one is defeating him of course but finally we have the Alliance there I was waiting for that for quite some time now okay let's unload the timber that we have here and now let's upgrade more artisans to engineers first let's upgrade a few more workers there right there we can upgrade some artisans and lots of artisans here yeah that solves the problem for the workforce let's also upgrade this row here and probably those buildings there as well okay now I'm down on timber again but that was enough so we have a positive work balance there again okay so that's that we've upgraded some more we've solved this problem there as well I can unload the rest of my goods though on my cargo ships I have a few cargo ships now free again that that's definitely good so look at the expedition exhibition they're filling up except the fried plantain so that's on its way too then we don't have to worry about that anymore and while I'm assets I'm just going to upgrade a few more workers over here in this district there and I could also upgrade them to engineers there yeah keep getting more people in fifty five four thousand alrighty now that was very useful that was very good very successful here and now we just have to wait for the main questline once again the expedition is still on its way the copper is still on its way we don't need to worry about that for a moment what else could we do we could do another quest and the expedition also requires our attention again Fistful of doubloons let's track down the thieves 25 percent 20 percent chance they're the fleeing footprints are easily found look for trader ruff to cross the river there was a safe passage let's attempt to catch the wild horses we had that several times now and we get a reward out of that a common horse for the soup but we're going to refuse that since we don't really need a common item they're clogging up the cargo space okay and let's go now to Salzburg we still have some we have some time now in our hands and continue building this town here at the moment we have only pharmacies to the main intention right now is to get enough farmers here with the commute appear that we can built now by the way because we have enough influence again let's do that that's the commute Pierre and now Salzburg is connected to the world and now we have enough farmers so I don't need the farmers in Sleepy Hollow anymore so I could just get rid of them then at some point not at some point let's make it now I can upgrade more here why can I not upgrade them they don't have a pup the pup is here though oh look at that they don't have a street connection that's a pity now it fills up now I can upgrade them just need to wait a few seconds for them to grow and we have lots of farmers here that also need something I guess no they don't need anything so why am I not up I cannot create them why not it's a Content farmer but it's an unhappy population why probably because of propaganda and because of the work conditions but I should be able to upgrade them ok not possible at the moment yeah doesn't matter let's just leave it at that and focus on Salzburg so we can do more buildings here on either side and what we definitely need to do in Salzburg is sketch snaps but as I said already at some point we do have so much snaps because we don't need that snaps in anymore in Sleepy Hollow we could just have a trade route with snaps from in from Balrog where we produce all that snaps so there it is and we just get 150 tons to Salzburg and we choose one of our free cargo ships there let's see Godspeed that's an idle cargo ship Godspeed is now on its route I don't have timber yep that's the reason let's get one of my cargo ships back to tarik note to Bell Rock there are have enough timber I've got a big timber production in bear Rock so I should probably also get a trade route there and Bell Rock still looks in a bad state but not anymore okay that's that snaps it's on its way now to Salzburg as well and yeah there is my fried plantains just arriving now let's get that to Salzburg to Sleepy Hollow not Salzburg of course and only the fried plantain is missing now but we still have 30 minutes time okay let's have some ornaments here that's an apple tree let's use the apple tree there I like that one okay and the fried plantains should be arriving soon just eagerly waiting for them there are no quests right now here in the old world as far as I can see and no question Sleepy Hollow despite being such a big city and where's my battle cruiser you should have arrived by now there it is right with copper and oh yeah it's already here so what we also need though is some gold and we can buy that from Shambhala Fortuna and I also want to get such a performer and worship there that's the special items that you can get when you reach a high enough reputation with the Pirates it's a flamethrower ship and it's also steamship of course and fast because of that so let's get the gold from Sean and also some weapons right and let's bring that to the Admiral over here then we can turn in that quest with ya a Corsair at least one item there that we can use on expeditions and we still have enough we still have enough influence there so hmm I still want to kind of have a power more powerful military than him so that still needs more orbit defenses but I don't have any cargo ship here anymore as far as I can see let's get the money to him because the monitor is fast and better than a clipper in my opinion anyway a fast deliveries and I wanted to get more timber oh there's another epidemic again in Bell Rock let's get the timber over there Sleepy Hollow yeah another big one very strange by Bell Rock has so many epidemics we have in hospital here we go we should have some schnapps no not yet schnapps in salzburg should be coming soon to make the population a bit more happy and let's also see what she has in store for us – 90 % sounds good and also tea – 30 % there and some income perhaps no some happiness that's that okay and probably another block here and then we can have the marketplace here as well or here let's have the marketplace here okay attention again let's see calico strokes snare a merchant ship a helpless merchant brick is being pillaged by despicable pirates its captain is a friend to many of your crew who are ready to die in order to save him the pirates answer to calico Roberts the last terrible pirate but the light is dim and they have not noticed your ship well in this rescue mission we have had more pirate contact now than on the parrot on missions this is the second pirate encounter that we have lady Lou the redeemed pirate has a guaranteed success and we get a reward for that as well some gold and pocket watches though we don't need that actually but doesn't matter some money at least there's war somewhere oh no the Admiral is trying to overtake an island from the anarchist they're at war with each other and I'm not dragged into that war despite being an ally of the anarchist – perhaps they changed that 100 tons of bricks over here – Elsa Rao met specialist I haven't seen them yet there are some items that reduce the chance of illness that you can activate in the public-houses so in those town holes there that I could do but it will only affect a small area here they could still get sick up here and that we can also hand in the mission there for the Admiral and befalls it on that jolly good

  1. Hiya, Nivarias!

    I've been very much enjoying your videos of Anno and Frost Punk for a few months now. I watch because I love your play style, your calm approach to the game, lack of swearing, detailed explanations of what you're doing and why you're doing it. Your voice is actually pleasant to listen to. Thanks for all the entertainment and pleasure you've brought me!
    There are a few other gamers I watch that have played the same games. I am new to the game (which I purchased partially because of watching your wonderful videos) and think I've discovered an oddity this evening, that no gamer has ever mentioned and I wonder if you've noticed the same phenomenon.
    I shifted to street view ( the control-shift-R thing) and wandered around my island, starting in my schapps and grain fields, snapping pictures of views of my environment. As I moved from my farms into the edges of my community, taking screenshots along the way, I found that if I stood still long enough in any one place, the population seemed to flock to me, as though I were a visiting celebrity – to the point that standing on a dead-end street with factories and production facilities on one side and residences on the other, I was so surrounded by throngs of people that through the glitchy graphics, I could not see what else was around me. There was nothing but glitchy faces.
    If I moved a block away, into a clear area, so that I could see through the throng, but stood still there, they would crowd around me again in moments.
    I was amazed by this phenomenon and I wonder if you might try this to see if this is a real thing, and (if I'm correct) show the phenomenon to your viewers. It's weird, unique, odd, bizarre and I think (if you have the same thing happen) people should see.
    Chimo, my friend! Keep up the good work.
    – a loyal fan from Canada.

  2. If you're looking for an idle ship, just click the idle ships tab at the bottom when you're in ship section.

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