Anno 1800 The Anarchist #35 - Quests of the World || Let's Play Sandbox DLC [PC 60FPS]

and welcome back to Sleepy Hollow in this episode we are doing everything that we can to trigger to finally trigger the anarchist main questline I really don't know when it appears but I think I'm giving it another few hours of gameplay and then we can you know just take an alliance with him probably when the military is high enough and then I'm just going to defeat him entirely because there is no way for me to get anything else here the main quest line is just not triggering and as long as that's not happening I can't do anything here so we're doing a few quests here see if we can see or find some new quests um in my in my city here so there's a quest here somewhere that I should find it's on the map here the red doctor there it is just in a century as that sure of me will galvanize the layabouts of the city interaction productivity will so soar and so will profits and I need to build a memorial garden okay we need to find a memorial garden for that for that building I think it's over here somewhere that's a fountain a memorial garden let's see there it is memorial garden generates a small amount of attractiveness and we need to build it anywhere in the city it seems so we still have some space here where we could do that I think or behind here can we can we place a street over there yeah we can do that so we could have a smaller garden here what's of a paved Street for that right I want to have some trees here first and then we can have this garden here memorial garden right in the middle like that and that solves the quest and we get more than conservative playwright bonus income for engineers and let's have another paved Street here and then we can have something around it like I think two fountains might do nicely around that that's too big of course there was another one oh it's so hard with those ornaments here there it is okay and some benches here where people can enjoy that day okay so we have done that another quest and as you can see when the city is big enough you have like quests everywhere so really there is another one over here somewhere so if I solve one quest I get another one right away I just need to find this one now the map is a bit unprecedented at it right now over here but it's actually here in the past resection a genius in a new city a fruitcake can you help me find my cousin he's a huge old fella who never part from his spear unmissable the puddle quest fine and collect the pastry chief and the cook is exploring the market wearing a white apron there's the market I hope it's that one here and he should have something white on him let's see if we can find him and I have an epidemic in Sleepy Hollow let's have a look there oh yeah over here I should have a hospital close by row there it is it's a big one let's see there's a market here with the chef should be here somewhere I can't miss him oh that looks like someone's passed out there but it's not the quest item that we need hmm that's him strange it's not here obviously but according to the map oh it could be over here there's another market over here somewhere let's see there he is look at that easily found and we get an epic item out of this one effects the bakery productivity 40% for the bakery that sounds good late let's see wait a second here Balrog we do have bakery as well as you can see we have quite a surplus of bread already I don't have I don't think that I have a trade union here yet I have one here for the breweries that I'm not using actually there's the big free pastry chef and nothing for the bakery here yet but it doesn't matter you know if bread is so full we don't really need that for now what I definitely want to do though is another expedition so that's something we can do and yeah we do have another rescue mission I like to do those because they kind of are like a surprise at the end and let's end we don't need a battle cruiser for dad but a cargo ship here the walls warm oh no that's Elte was one is in in Al Jarreau actually it's not even close let's see let's build another cargo ship there and I think I can also just you know purchase one yeah there it is okay so let's get that cargo ship there over here it's taking Iver and Kenny where we can use now nope not for the archeological one but for the rescue mission so you should be close by anywhere where are you there okay and let's see we do have not for sales book but for Sleepy Hollow crafting and force oh yeah that's a huge bonus there but I would like to have something that's equippable on ships you don't have much on that right there's something for diplomacy that pushes it quite high for medicine and now we just need a few things for with diplomacy faith drafting a navigation diplomacy let's take her for diplomacy no we need something for faith let's take the medicine they're such naps for Asians and medicine and then we need something for hunting let's see obviously we do have lots of the Tilly's now we're still low on coffee totally low we need to do something about that bread was for faith as far as i remembers let's take the bread there it is and now we need something for hunting I think the fur coats are perfect for that very nice so that's a moral morale of 95 percent poor the rescue mission here and it's on its way Guinea we're on another rescue mission there let's check it real quick we don't have any air kiss quest so far let's go back to the New World and see if you offer something here but it doesn't get no new quest here at the moment it still doesn't like us much okay and let's have a look at that the military again we are still pretty close there but we have to get better than him for the military power so let's expand our Harbor defenses that we have here mounted gun no that's not the one the cannon tower that's the one okay so let's have a few more towers here it's totally too much but we have to do that and I I don't even know how the anarchist gets such a high military might you know it's just amazing how high that is let's get the bricks that we have here on the battlecruiser and the weapons and let's get this over to let's see buona Lucia I don't have any harbour defense here yet though I do have a quest err let's have a look let's look at the quest my grandkids keep pestering me to play with them and I'm not the only one kids here seem to be utterly bored with some alpaca wool I would make plush toys for them hey twenty tons of alpaca wool in pune duluth eeeh i think we have that here yeah you have that perfect that's the quest let's see what we get out of that another epic item for animal farms maintenance cost – eighty percent extra goods not that important and we do get another quest right away perhaps it's a quest line let's see we are lucky enough to be living times of peace but many of my comrades are still fighting against the grip of La Coruna they require weapons but it would be too risky for you to smuggle them yourself if you entrust me with the supplies I could send them to my comrades through our undergrad Network let's see what supplies that our 20 weapons okay that's good because I am already delivering some weapons now to balut bonito luthier and then we can finish this quest here too and there's a hidden reward for that and we do have quite some weapons in else arouse what I want to do is I want to build more cannon towers here as well oh I can't do that why not it needs a lots of bricks there let's see I do have lots of bricks in Murillo let's send one of our cargo ships over there and then we can just buy the bricks there and continue building those are finished now let's see how much that pushed us you're not not very close to we are at 100% here for the repetition and still doesn't want an alliance with us so we are battering an economy but we are not that good in military so we need to get better there even though it's kind of hard to achieve that it seems especially because it costs so much influence what I could also do I could build some more battle cruisers let's build two more battle cruisers and right that's about it what I also see is that we don't have any oil in Sleepy Hollow anymore that might be something I need to do okay so let's get some more oil over there I think we do have some well in the new world we definitely am producing quite a lot here as you can see it's way too much actually so we need another oil tanker there for Morello so I'm going to just purchase one it's much better to purchase one that to build one building one does cost rate our resources purchasing one just cost me a bit of money there and lord and lady that's the oil tanker lord and lady let's get Lord and Lady on that well trade routes that we have somewhere here from Murillo there it is we already have three oil tankers there now we have four on this trade route and let's get this one there to the wild thing those names and the wealth thing is also going to be on that trade route and I know they're a bit close together but we have so much oil in Murillo I don't think that it's going to matter let's have a look at the new Walter again let's upgrade that well no actually I do have some well storage here already they're producing and nine hundred said I could have a trade union here somewhere if I have the item that affects the oil wells no I don't have that here at the moment I do have it in the old world – lets get the bricks there from Murillo over – Elsa Rao and in ponytail luthier I'm unloading the weapons and the bricks I can finish the quest with that that gives me a millstone cigar factory and flour mill not that important not that useful but we need more bricks here – I'm using a battle cruiser as a trade route here right now of course I shouldn't do that we do have at least one cannon tower here though that we can build I can use every little thing that I can find let's see no for some reasons we don't climb there anymore on the military power despite building so many defenses and having so many ships let's also oh yeah compels ship of the lines anymore hmm the tough one yeah doesn't matter we need to wait a bit I think we need to wait a bit before the defense is kick in you know and and it counts towards the military score and right there Shawn La Fortuna he's selling a lot of weapons there so let's get one of our trade ships cargo ships over there and quite a lot of quests are over here all over the place so I'm going to do one of them at least and we've also constructed a new ship the cargo ship that I'm going to send right for n because she's also selling lots of weapons and as far as I can see no quest so far still no quest ok that's that what we can do though is what I can see is that Shawn actually has a quest for us we should always do the pirate quest because they can open up quest lines as well and La Coruna is preparing to strike again we need to be prepared please take a picture of the Armada they're gathering so we know what we're up against he wants me to take a picture of a battle cruiser up here I'm helping a pirate there and that's the picture here we can submit that voter has been taken and we do get a bit of reputation there with him that's the quest for now let's see how high our reputation is with him quite high terror actually in the 90s now I think we could go for Alliance at this point yeah it's certain I don't know an alliance with a pirate let's do the Alliance there so we are at Alliance now with Jean La Fortuna and I think we're also going to have a Alliance with N and the anarchist actually likes that that's good that's good to know okay and yeah we are pretty much on alliance with two pirates now of course that's dangerous you know I usually don't like alliances it's dangerous because if the if Hugo is now going for war with one of the Pirates I'm going on war with Hugo probably not going to stare lines are too long I'm just I would just want to unlock a few quest lines there and I think some special ships that you can have alright and once one has returned with some bricks so we can build some more Harbor defenses here in Al Jarreau and we do like some influence now so I can't do much else influence wise since the ships also cost me some right and this is this looks ugly here in a in Sleepy Hollow right away we drove the hospital in action there but there's still a sickness there probably need more hospitals here in this area writing something else wait a second something that I just popped up in my mind I do have an item that effects oil wells right something like that somewhere let's see it should be here I don't have that anymore seems like I don't have that anymore oh yeah and they are again with a rare item for the cloth industry let's take that I don't know if that is actually a hindrance to the main questline or not you know taking in the refugees it's kind of hard I don't know hard to tell we do have some influence again though and right the epidemic is over so we can rebuild that area here and we have enough pharma so let's just upgrade a few more here to workers okay and there's still a marketplace here that we probably don't need anymore but I still yeah I still have the problem there with the oil well I definitely need more oil there was an item I certainly certainly got an item at some point that effects ah there it is refiner oil wells 20 percent right let's get this item there and I know you can stack those items you know so if I have a second item that affects the oil wells by 20% it it pushes that even more I see I've seen some crazy stuff there with oil wells being at 1,400 efficiency or something like that but we definitely need more oil so let's get that item over here to Sleepy Hollow we can use that then in a trade union here that would fit perfect it affects both of the oil wells and we could build it then but it needs 20 influence influence is the main problem right now that means we should get some more investors since investors give you lots and lots of influence I can still upgrade a few here since we fulfill all the demands again for the engineers that's good that brings us a bit of influence there again we don't have any investors up here yet and I definitely want to have them here so the only thing that's missing your is electricity so a power plant will be eminent here instead of the marketplace most likely because we don't need that here anymore we have some yeah unhappy farm up here unhappy because I think yep there's no pop up here and also there is no marketplace here it's a very weak marketplace so let's go to pop here and the marketplace here just for now you know that just performer I'm going to delete them again once I don't need once I don't have any farmers of workers here anymore right we have that up here now so we can get rid of the marketplace here and off it goes and instead of that we can have a power plant here and that's it that's the power plant there and we should of course that of course pushes my oil consumption even more again we need to look out for that but we should have electricity here in this district then and then we can have some more investors here and let's also build another tree line here to kind of hide power plant there a bit more okay and my frigate should have arrived down here now perfect nope that's the clipper where's my frigate it should be well on its way there it is to get that item okay that's that so we can have more investors up here then we need them we need more influence there and let's also check it once again yeah it could it went up a bit like 10 points there we still need 30 points though before we can high get higher than him and that is important so let's yep the influence there let's build another defense down here okay I think I can build two more defenses cannon tower costs me seven influence oh it can actually build three more let's do that no of course you want to make this a bit symmetrical here three more there costs me more influence of course I mean there's no way that this military might is higher than mine but what whatever whatever okay and one of my expedition is on its way now to the rescue mission there we should get a pop up there soon another fire there and I think we also had quite the big sickness there in Bell Rock yeah Oh Bell Rock doesn't look good right now Jerez here now with the yep we get this item there with the oil wells and yeah that's about it I don't need any other item there for now let's get this one back to Sleepy Hollow and there is the first attention that the expedition requires The Treasures of Hassan Benza Heat oh if you're an investor and you probably know us a son Benza heat so he's the pirate in Ana 1404 an old man claims to know the location of a great treasure you've stopped over at a sense web port a gaggle of offices are enjoying sweet cardamon infused coffee in the Morning Sun when one of the patrons approaches he's old and blind his clothes dirty I have need of an adventurer like yourself for the treasure of the pirate Hasan Benza he this year it is just waiting to be found belief the old man I'll follow him that's a very low success chance there let's do that we're on a treasure hunt there the old man leads you into a trap he chatters amiably all the way to a hammam a steam bath where he insists a descendant of Penza heat now works before they can realize how misplaced that trust is in him your officers naked and relieved of their weapons are surrounded by a gang asking for payment fight your way out there has a 20% success chance let's take that it's a bit of a wrestling match how do you like that as Sara layers your punkest officer emerging from the fight the victor his adversary left gasping and bloody nose on the marble floor what do you think you're doing rage is the proprietor of these fabulously fresh cute baths this is a place of peace you have the files so much for relaxing shores leaves that's it at least it was not a total failure there and let's continue and of yeah we also have the newspaper there again let's take the minus ninety percent their income and right I don't I don't even have T influence there Kailas reversed it let's take the minus fifty there that sounds like a good deal and yeah let's take minus 20% and minus 10 here that fits so we do have some influence there left though not much all right and with that in mind I think we've done enough there and Barak

  1. Enjoying the series. But I think you're slightly misunderstanding one of the functions of the newspaper. You routinely treat the newspaper as solely a matter of propaganda & managing happiness, influence etc. That's fine, but the newspaper also functions as a useful source of information about problems with your supply chains and other gameplay elements. Here for example, it's telling you about a problem with ponchos. So while it's fine to use propaganda to make that bad news go away, you should prob also take the hint and go check on your ponchos.

  2. Looks like you need extra dock storage at a few ports, they keep maxing out. Looking good though. You need to pick a fight to get some chaos going.

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