Anno 1800 The Anarchist #34 - Ramping up Defences || Let's Play Sandbox DLC [PC 60FPS]

greetings ladies and gentlemen welcome back to a new Andrew 18-hundred let's play episode and we are back here in Sleepy Hollow and we've got quite a few things planned in this episode I'm first of all I want to say something and about the anarchist a main quest line it is not triggering in my game forces for some reasons it is a known issue the forums are full with that problem and it should actually trigger from me because I've done everything that is necessary and for some reasons I'm not getting it there is one more solution to that problem one more thing that I could try I could get my military might higher than his Summa economies hider um I was in his 90s I'm in his 90s again um he still doesn't want an alliance with me but what we can do is we could push our military might there um not with ships though because I have got way too many ships already what we need to do is we need to push our defenses with the Harbor cannon towers this one here for example so I need to build lots of them in my order Harper's first of all in battle rock oh and yeah attractiveness 450 for some reasons Pleasant port town oh there is some festival and some other city so in Balrog and also in the new world for this reasons I've got one of my cargo ships there it is full with weapons look at that and also now with steel beams and we're going to send this one here to the New World so I want to have lots of cannon towers there and let's have a look at their Shawn la fortuna you should also be selling some weapons but we don't have to you know we don't even have a trade with him at the moment and also it doesn't really like us that much no he still doesn't want to have a trade um nope and still he doesn't want to okay doesn't matter we still have to wait there a bit before we can go for crater as a mission we could do the mission though steam vessels lack the elegance of sails but this game cannot be won unless you adapt fast to the new rules bring us what we need to upgrade our fleet and left 4 Tunes people will remember plus 3 it should push us in the 50s and hopefully get us a trade agreement with him and we need to deliver 20 tons of steel and 20 tons of steam motors okay that's quite a high demand there of course we can fulfill it let's take one of our battle cruisers for this for the steel beams we do have steel beams in in the new world but we don't have the steam motors they're pretty sure of it so let's let's get um this Idol crusader let's load some steel beams and the steam motors there they are for that Sentebale cruiser there to the new world to do that quest and while the ship is on its way we have something else and that is e World's Fair sumptuous exhibition is over and we got the highest report there again so once again let's have a look what we get out of that out of a some true archaeological expedition some temples there again a harbor and some cliffs there epic and legendary let's go to the museum here and there's the budget for artifacts and here we can see now all the sets so sorry that I didn't show it to you before that there are all the sets here and we can see what sets are finished and some sets give us bony and this one here empire of the ego for example there's only one item missing and / if the Eagle perhaps we do have that we do have an Augustine Forum already as I can see again cultures we already have that buildings it's a bit harder to finish those sets but we have lots of artifacts here that we can use like the same Munda era north on sagas legendary do we have something like that as well Bronze Age wide-toothed sort of Riddick okay I fail to address their demands well it was quite positive there was a quest if you've seen that um that I have to keep a positive trade balance and it was like 50 or 60 was pretty high up there but I think we're getting a ride there somewhere oh yeah they're causing trouble here but only a fire no explosion yet here on Terok so let's let's have a look at the artifact stairs I've got two more legendary ones we got we're going for enticing metropolis now and let's see there is one missile one glyphs for the lost cities and another one auto shroud of the Great King that is no set Pony but another glyph here that we have that we can see I like them because you can see them from far away I should probably put them together making a picture out of it but yeah we've got quite far there we are an enticing metropolis now let's see if we have finished any set so far we don't and they have another team under equip in your town hall poster of the leader the art nerd kists want that so they want to have a poster of the leader but where do I have that item we'll have to find that item there some money years some – consumption and some – 90% right chance I'm still 150 K up there that's quite okay for me but where's that poster of the leader let's have a look we haven't received it so probably the Atticus is selling it nope it's not here where do I get it select the pertinent administration and equip it with the correct item or specialist your workers are thrilled by everything they've learned about anarchy in fact so taking our day that they've stayed up all night creating a poster to paste on your town hall oops nope I want to see where it is okay it doesn't say that perhaps it's on on some of my in one of my islands a poster like that the poster of the leader well it's certainly not on my big Islands there's one here there's nothing here there's something down here nope does it say the name of the Ireland nope doesn't say that okay I really don't want to have a large scale right there at my hands down here we don't even have workers here so it shouldn't be here pirate flag nope it's not here that poster and I don't think that lives in a new world either nope no idea where that poster is supposed to be I can't buy it let's see I've got my Town Hall somewhere here there it is perhaps I can choose it nope okay interesting equipping your Town Hall poster of the leaders select the protein administration code I don't have that item perhaps you need to wait a bit for it to purchase somewhere they've stayed stayed up all night so I think I do have that item somewhere but really I don't know where okay I can't change that now let's go you Tripel rock um something else isn't bell rock that we need to do of course and that is paved streets some of you commented and dot on that and of course Bell Rock is one of my larger cities and of course a larger sheet city should not be with dirt streets let's pave it all the way up here we have so much so many bricks here I can pave the whole street with that the whole city to make a beautiful town out of that one here perhaps we can even grow it later then with artisans okay I hope you're satisfied I am a slave to your opinions unfortunately get all the way up here um we still have so many bricks but those are farmers you know I don't want to have paved streets for farmers doesn't fit okay just up there and yeah we're going to leave it like that well perhaps here let's have another it's right there it's not that exciting to do that I know there's a quest but I'm not doing a quest right now too many quests are open at the moment and I think we're going to fail at this quest because I don't get the item I hope it's not bucket again that would be really aggravating now those anarchists our quests are not really stable it seems to me okay so we got that um and we also should have let's see it shipped down here yeah one of my other ships so we can purchase some weapons because I don't have that many weapons and let's get that to Balrog because we have to create a harbor defense here and then we can continue on to hawk Haven another one of a bigger cities here still has dirt streets here in the middle but you have some bricks here left so let's have some paved streets there as well we another Church here in Hawk Haven Hey from its boy and what's that that's something for the pirate Jean Lafitte tune over here we need to send it with steel beams and the steam motors for that quest it's a bit odd that your fleet is not contributing to the military might entirely so I really need to have some more defenses here I don't have any I just totally neglected it because I'm not expecting any war you know I focused heavily on it on diplomacy during the quests there and even the Admiral is 100% happy with me so I don't see any reason for that and even then if they would attack you know I have a huge fleet in both worlds now I don't expect any surprises there okay the Balrog does have paved streets now and something else this island here is empty and we could actually yeah we could actually have a city here but we're not going to leave it with that name year that's a bit strange if you have a name in the comments please tell me and I'm going to rename it to this one here let's unload the timber and the bricks because I want to have an island where we have farmers only because I have way too many a few farmers and I don't want to have any farmers anymore on Sleepy Hollow so we still have some farmers here and yeah I could upgrade them all of them actually that is tempting I'm not doing that now since my farmer workforce would be negative then but I want to have all the farms than here in well lose your and yet we definitely to rename that please give me some hints there some names and that start here with a Main Street again I always like it when I have the foundation I have to build a foundation and oh there is a quest the anarchist has a quest for me a Puzzle Quest I would never dream of taking away people's right to revolt but honestly why can't these people understand that it takes time to build a new society the issues they raise are nothing but a few bumps in the road to our utopia you should talk some sense into them find the mob oh that's oh in his city yeah in his city right a simple one so we just have to collect them so it's not just main quest again yet again at least I don't think that it is there is another mop and one more I think okay that was easy we get another three reputation there and we are at 100% and we still can't get an alliance here so I think the Alliance is tied to its main quest or the military might so we're going to see that soon she and I'm also going to turn in the quest star for Sean very unlikely great writes perfect good and we have trade now with Sean Sean what are you selling probably some weapons yep weapons very good I can use them right away I'm also going to sell some steam motors there and let's get those weapons there and let's deliver them to else around or to Murillo let's send them to Marilla because we have steel beams there already and I can start my harbor defense over there and where's my cargo ship there with steel beams and weapons let's get that to Al Jarreau and here we can start with the harbor defense done as well so on two islands simultaneously and in Bell Rock so here we should have the cargo ship arriving soon there it is the musk ox too for us to have harbor defense in Bell Rock too so we got three more islands coming in with harbor defense even for I think that should work hopefully that works okay Mac Mac which oh yeah Mac which was the era and in tariff the two islands actually I totally forgot that Mac which is a perfect name though also very beautiful big island and yes some of you said that I should probably push him to investors somehow the anarchist and give him an island the problem is I can't give him an island you know I could of course abandoned this one and hope that he takes it but I'm pretty sure the Admiral will be faster but we could try it I don't need those islands actually I mean well I could need them yeah I need them let's let's keep those Islands not give it to the anarchist I don't think that we need investors on his island to trigger the main questline I don't think so let's not do that let's focus on what's important that's the harbor defense so Balrog is getting some Harbor defenses here now the harbor cannons of course this one the cannon tower and whoops yeah I do like the influence for that do so what I need to do is I need to get more population and probably need to upgrade the engineers but they do lack the coffee so there's something I need to work on I don't have to influence at the moment also because I have too many islands and also shares on other islands you know like let's sell this one here that gives us back some influence there I bought quite a lot of shares especially from the Admiral I think nope from the anarchist yeah I'm full here look at that we're not overtaking the anarchists just yet I'm going to sell it to the Queen again also this one holder this one that gives us back some some influence there 10 influence each and the Queen is quite happy about it perhaps she gives us something in return at some point I think over here yeah there is old one okay and yeah also here all right that's quite some influence there let's use that to build some cannons and just to make sure how far are we now at two eight two hundred eight military power so let's see how much it pushes us when we built that 208 okay does that do anything not yet probably because it's not deployed yet still needs to wait a bit so Balrog is fortified that should be enough and we still have steel beams of course while influence is actually the limiting limiting factor here I did not expect that let's get those cannons to hawk oven where we should have some more defenses and ride Sleepy Hollow obviously be always fine I don't need any more defenses here okay do we have to have chairs here anywhere yeah let's sell those shares again I don't intend to destroy the anarchists just yet I mean it's quite easy this week to be honest but I don't want to destroy him just yet I just want to do the quest there also that's a nice achievement okay and he am beautiful Murillo I do have the mounted gun there it is the cannon tower but no ship yet where is it there it is on its way everything else arrived it oh yeah there it is lots of weapons and steel beams oh no the bricks are missing let's see where I can purchase some bricks nope I have to get them from Morello let's send my cargo ship over there as well that's that we need to wait a bit now let's go back to the old world they're supposed to speed some expeditions but none of them actually looks enticing to me I don't I don't really like to do them right now since I don't really eat them either it's full you know the museum is full at the moment and we do have a beautiful metropolis already and quite a lot of people are here now giving us 7400 to the balance and 2,000 visitors are here right some new refugees with yet another useless item for brick factories and concrete factories but we take him I'm still hoping that there's something coming out of that and still no poster there's also no location for this quest that is a problem please my Kagura Bisson hawk joven so let's build some more Harbor defenses here okay let's have a look at my score yeah 229 so it's definitely going up there okay once it's deployed and First Sea Lord I also get a very nice title there and yeah we're going to have a big riot soon if we don't solve that Questor and there's no search item function in this game eaters so it's very hard for me to find this one equip in your town wall the poster of the leader give the town hold but I don't have the poster of the leader nor do I know where it is let's have a look at my ships there are perhaps one of my ships has it in the cargo bay kaida has been another explosion here two buildings are down you should be able to repair them though nope but I don't see any of my ships having that item there this one's out in the ocean has lots of resources there for the commute pier that we need here on this new Ireland but that's about it so this item is non-existent on my on my side oops wait a second nope that is normal item there none of them have have it's some gold in here that's it and I think there are no poster anywhere to be seen anywhere to be found back okay that's been repaired and we should have the weapons here now in Murillo let's also have a harbor defense here in Murillo with the cannon tower the strongest one except big Betty of course okay and let's get some bricks here for else around you also want to have some big guns there as well of course and no new quest for the moment but yeah that's that's what I'm going to do I'm going to push my military balance even more and hope that he wants an alliance or um the main quest and then we see how we go from this point then stay tuned

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