Anno 1800 The Anarchist #32 - Preparing a Coup || Let's Play Sandbox DLC [PC 60FPS]

and welcome to Elsa Rao a thriving city that was actually just created but it's already looking very lively here and pretty hot as well but nice buildings nice buildings I gotta say that other than that beautiful of course and lots of things that we have to do in Al Jarreau I'm very busy down there I'm big one of course now so probably one of the biggest ones that I've built so far in the new new world there's not much that you can actually do here so 20 years is of course something and rum and the boxing arena of course we can start this one off with placing a few boxing arenas so I think one here and one over here should suffice for now so let's get rid of those four houses there and yeah those four hours there and lots of to boxing arenas so that's the one there's the entrance it should have bigger entrance those let's have on a smaller square here and perhaps some ornaments surrounding the boxing arena like yeah a statue there of brave souls who fought here and the wall palm trees course can always have some palm trees here and we do the same thing here so we need another boxing arena let's have a smallest square here again and yeah why not a step sure we could actually have no a smaller one this one here and some palm trees and there's a catch here somewhere it's not in my home by the way that is in the game let's build those palm trees they're beautiful and now people can fight to death in those boxing arenas at least one tooth that's the minimum let's all get the expedition selfless deeds they steal your children the air hangs heavy around the sailors as they are questions whether in the hut their hosts considered explorers half hopeful half guilty from the certitude that non-paying jobs are not the ones your crew and choice when child has to be offered with each new moon an elder explains as she gestures towards the nearby river who else bandits raid the surrounding settlements tomorrow the bandit steamboat will come to claim their village dues this village dues shadow the kidnappers back to the hideout with a river skiff that's a hundred percent chance let's take this one here your crew navigates Florida mint mangrove with a plum the unusual environment doesn't manage to stop their steady rowing and the sailors soon reach an outpost marking the entrance of bandits camp sobbing children are taken from the kidnapper steamboat and dragged wards a distant barn half a dozen armed men guard the building what happens there attack the bandits before they reach the barn the bandits don't know what hit them using the element of surprise to dare advantage to your sailors break into the camp and stifle the children's escorts before they can call for help they hushed it hits and squat behind what few bushes offer protection monitoring the other bandits the attack wasn't noticed um go all out on the bandits and save the remaining children that's only 20% audacity does not make up for the lack of numbers damn it the crew manages to take down five guards before the noise attracts more armed bandits and the sailors are driven back to the boat before they can liberate any more children they flee the village and flee to the village and share what they've discovered with the villages glad to have freed some kids but all too aware that many more remain captive we tried at least we tried and yeah I still don't see what this is a so logical expedition and it's at 28 percent now hopefully we can finish this one soon one more event probably and then we have to call it back all right that's that and we should have lots of beef and corn now in Al Jarreau beef there and corn full actually so let's build six to tevia makers and yeah I've already built the warehouse for that so one two three four five six and let's accompany that with fire brigade and yeah another warehouse here now we got two T Lea's finally and we can use those tortillas of course here in El Xero to make my people happier and what we could also do theoretically is get some bomb bins there so we do have the alpaca wool already so we should have some alpaca here in store yeah it's full and we do have the cotton fertility here as well oh my there's another explosion I hate those mine explosions because the building gets destroyed and I can't rebuild it anymore because all those mines need special resources so it's down here far away in hoc joven well let's get my cargo ship here with some building materials especially windows and reinforced concrete and some steel beams why not down there to hawk oven so we can repair this one and right while I'm at it looking around the cities this of course is my city some of you requested it to show you the other cities that we have so the anarchist city looks like this now also actually quite nice with lots of Engineers I don't see any investors though and the anarchists and special ornaments like this tower here what's it called dissemination of truth ornament and I think also yep that that one there Aniki is the only way so that's how the city looks from the anarchist those ornaments and yeah we're still waiting on some quests from him so when I go for the diplomacy and I choose him and ask for quest he doesn't give me anything right now it's a pity I really don't know what he's about he seems very weak and passive so far hopefully that changes at some point that's that that's his um City then you go from El Callao not for marking that's the other one that's certainly not his main Island hopefully that's only Lucas here just get a second one here and that we have engineers artisans and engineers yeah definitely a lot smaller what I'm doing here by the way is buying shares so I've got so much money I've started buying shares from Cali oh not for marking islands but this one here I've got two shares here and in a new Walt he's got one island here as well where I've already got two more shares and I'm just going to buy all of them and take over his island Stan and my goal is to destroy him with that with one click then at the end without using any military force even though of course I would have the fleet I would have the numbers for that but I want to try it financially I've never really overtaken a company an opponent by financial force only that will be interesting hopefully I can do that I certainly don't have the money there that's that and the Admiral certainly is the biggest opponent and the expedition has returned very nice yeah let's have a look at the city here first beautiful absolutely beautiful with the mountains in the background huge mountains snow-covered mountains and yeah he's got investors so he's pretty high there with us and that's the Admiral let's have a look with the expedition holds in store for us Oh an elephant very nice swordfish and bottlenose dolphin Eastern channel sets that's the elephant therefore the attractiveness let's get those items back to Sleepy Hollow and then I don't have so much space here anymore I could get rid of the black bear and have the elephant here and I think I've got another 20 attractiveness here somewhere yeah there it is the parrot and let's use the swordfish here its water again hmm perhaps I can have it here then that's a dolphin and yeah let's have the puma here and the swordfish here so we got the water here again and there's another black bear and we can use the Puma I detect the checker here okay that's the zoo I'm I'm probably going to expand your dough because that is very very limiting right now nothing here right no but also the exhibition has ended so let's have a look what the sumptuous exhibition holds in store for us the quality the refinement the abundance this event will go down in history let's see it's the highest year one unique inventions let's unveil the rewards Simmons electrifying elevator it's only Epicure by the way so that's a bit disappointing effects all Mountain mines productivity 40% the Orioles automatic blowing machine it's useful for expeditions effects glass makers and light bulb factory fully percent productivity and the Tillman's tube soap factory rendering works dynamit factory 50% increase useless unfortunately all those items are pretty much useless since I'm especially especially so I don't need that anymore you know why because I'm not having many workers and artisans anymore only workers and artisans need the so lead the engineers don't need soap anymore and since I've got so many engineers and investors I don't really have a high demand on soap so I don't really need those items I'm going to keep them of course because selling would be a bit yeah would not be it not be worth it it's sixty five thousand for such an item that's nothing but we're going to keep it just in case just in case we need it at some point and we also have a school here that I don't need anymore I could build a school over here and get rid won't get rid of this one here and build another Town Hall I should be able to build one yeah there it is that's the Town Hall as benef I am you need to love TIA I have to look up that there soon and let's have the town hall here some benches and stature okay and here I can use the fully attractiveness so their major psyche Lilian that I got from the anarchist I can use that for fully attractiveness that's pretty nice booster and oh another fireworks happiness fifteen attractiveness and bonus income also useful something else bonus income for engineers why not put on money there so we can use that okay and something else of course I'm someone of you pointed it out of course there is always a right you're happening because there's no pup in this district so we have to build a pup here and that should be enough actually for the pup there it is k-dubb makes the people have here and let's also rebuild those factories there lots of them have been destroyed by a fire and explosion explosions destroy the buildings right away I can't do much about that but now there's a Pupkin people should be a bit happier now when I look it up yeah at least they are content not unhappy anymore so there shouldn't be so many rights here anymore and this poor district of Sleepy Hollow but I've got a nice viewer outside outside of their windows you know just looking at the exhibition over there right I've got three or five major sumptuous exhibitions on in a row I think it depleted my coffee completely no I've got some coffee and again but it was pretty low there let's have another exhibition and let's have another archaeological one again because I want to get those rare artifacts we need coffee again totally at this time and I forgot the name again but we 70 tonnes of that okay and bicycle and drum we can get those two things there from the new world we just need a cargo ship over there let's send two more cargo ships that's in one let's send this one here to the new world I don't have installed the trade route yet for that um we do have no ship here for sale okay but we should have lots of cotillion now here in el sera let's see there yeah 77 and the name that I always forget off the cuff there where is it there felt felt felt felt let's see made from alpaca so what we can do we have still enough work force here I'm going up here I'm going to place another warehouse here and I say I'm going to build three alpaca farms here only three I don't need more and then three felt produces here of course we also need a fire station and just like that now we produce felt here in Al Jarreau and we also produce too tedious so I can say to that cargo ship hopefully I catch it in time no that's rum it should be a one without a trade route there it is so that's a theseus at two and theseus two is going to be on the trade route now for total yes and felts so he's going to say he's going to transport 100 tonnes of that and 100 tonnes of the felts let's hope that we produce enough to Sleepy Hollow so I don't have to worry about those Goods anymore when we have another exhibition now I just need to find him I've got so many ships now there is Theseus too and he's doing that now I probably should have a second ship on this route then as well but it's hard to for me to tell right now how many 30 lives we actually produce over there and yeah I've started the felt production already so why don't we just continue here and have a few more alpaca farms for abundance three more I hope there's the space for that looking good okay and then we have another three felt producers just here and yeah we need a cotton plantation of course three of them so that just be possible let's see yeah over here no let's have it here three cotton plantations that should be possible right one two three hopefully oh they need a love space there yeah but that's possible and here as well okay and of course three cotton mills with that so let's have another warehouse here lots of warehouses lots of new warehouses and fortunately for us we do have the resources so three cotton mills and then I want to have yeah three pumping Weaver's and of course you also place another fire station you and now we produce those funny hats there for the population of l0 people will go crazy about them the latest fashion and we have enough else now – and the two tedious beautiful this should be filling up soon now I'm suing machines yeah well wait a second we do have a trade route after Tillis and felts and why is he not just taking suing machines in Sleepy Hollow and beer right fifty tons of beer that's a hundred tons of beer and hundred tons of suing machines are hopeful I'm hoping that I'm not depleting the storage here of stupid hollow with that and we transport that to Al Jarreau and I'm also going to accept the refugees here since I still have a hope here that at some point we get a quest line out of that and I'm not pretty sure right and also let's buy the shares again so another share here in a new world so we got three now and we're doing the same here I'm going to buy one off from the Admiral oh that's 600,000 there's the to set financial takeover is cheap and another one here so I've got three shares now on each of his islands and I hope he's not buying them back frantically and then we yeah two more shares and then we could actually oh I'm the world leader now thank you and then we could just overtake all his three islands that he's got he's not cut much he's got three islands in total and influence bonus okay so took two years and felts is being transported now we still have thirty three minutes that should be two two routes that the ship can take from that and I think we can also no become by any thirteen years here at Madame casino do we have a new expedition parrot and let's go on another parrot antara sign assigned one of my battle cruisers to create goblin for that we need a few items there oh it's already around represent there I don't need much more it seems some diplomacy might be good some schnapps affirmations and medicine and something for crafting I think yeah let's get something for crafting on board that's it let's start that exploration two skulls only for a pirate hand I'm not doing the archaeological expeditions because I think I get much better items out of my walls fair and I just love that building very detailed for the next exhibition because what won't fill these ranks here want to have all of those exhibitions here filled hopefully with more nicer items like this one here I like that and this one here looks full to better than those buildings here which all look the same okay let's have looked back at the New World real quick I want to upgrade a few more houses here since we can afford that on either side to make else around the biggest new world city yet bumbles are coming now beer is coming now as well for them and the sewing machines also and too tedious is filling up now hospital right that sells something we need inside the big city I will need two of them so one here and one over there that's one and there's the second one and the expedition is not on its way and let's also have some palm trees here again in the back separating the houses from the hospital there's also some free space here have some palm trees there and penita lutea right that was the fire um and once again I forgot about that so let's rebuild this we got some rides here I think because of low attractiveness they don't look so unhappy to me oh and there's lumber missing here so we should have some more lumberjack huts I'm using the space there already hmm where could I use them there is no warehouse in range my stupid self exited again I totally forgot about that at some point I guess and let's have one here without any sawmill close to it so you can just transport the locks there right to the warehouse which we need for tea run distillery here another one here all right Ian with a beautiful view we're going to leave it at that stay tuned

  1. Thought that it would be some kind of story as it were with the Pyromaniacs with this Anarcist Dlc, didnt you?

  2. I only hope no one declares war on you for buying out their Islands cause u have No defences anywhere but Sleepy!

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