Anno 1800 The Anarchist #30 - El Zarao || Let's Play Sandbox DLC [PC 60FPS]

allô and welcome back the expedition has returned from its voyage the three skål expedition and what i can see is that we have a legendary item here perform flamethrower expedition bonus naval power 30 other than that well it's a flamethrower that where we can spit flames when we activated on a ship then we have the fireworks once again we already have them and we have a hydrostatic torpedo for military ships gives us some naval power there and some damage overall yet again a pretty disappointing expedition so when we see what what it needs you know what work it needs there's not much to get out of that anyway that is the expedition there are still lots of other the expedition so we can do and I'm pretty confident that we get some nice items out of those as well for now another exhibition has started its the archaeological again and as we can see we are at the highest level here ancient architecture so once again we get the highest reward there is on these exhibitions I'm eager to see that we can see that in four minutes and what's also pretty cool is I'm there with those exhibitions you get a lot of attractiveness so we are a big guy limitless right now pretty high up there that's because of well actually we could be higher as I can see that because we have some brains there where are the ruins over there oh oh that looks bad there's a bit of fire year let's have a fire station there could I have a second one somewhere let's have one over there but this looks bad oh no I lost the cab assembly line the first one I'm also going to lose the second one as far as I can see I've never seen such a huge building in ruins before in a no but yeah we could be much higher there that's it beautiful enticing metropolis there's some flame flames in the background so the visitors can see something over there but that's it it's just part of the game it's just part of my city flames here and there alrighty but we are pretty high up there now with the attractiveness and hopefully we got some special items out of that we definitely have lots of tourists tenancy 2200 tourists there in my city we also have some new expeditions at 3 skull expeditions through logical ones so let's see if we can do something with that first of all I want to see what ship I do have close by first of all we should get more cargo ships because I'm using all of them of the ones that are available right now to be I don't have any cargo ship anymore as far as I can see that perhaps he's selling some RG RG selling a cargo ship and that's Val sworn to waltz one let's see how far I can push it there's the wall spoon no that's not doing much that's a huge bonus tears let's see if another one can give us a bonus there at 34 oh yeah that looks better we're at 59 now we still need something for hunting perhaps one of them gives us something for hunting yeah not not lady Lou it's crafting diplomacy crafting and faith didn't I have something for hunting no I thought I did now doesn't matter let's get some fur coats 50 of them and some rations of course so let's get the schnapps there so that's 67 percent on a three skull zoological expedition that should work so the pirate one was at 70% and it worked just fine let's see what animals we get out of that okay and the exhibition is now over so we get another full reward here let's see what we get out of that some legendary items I can see that missile one temple 50 attractiveness that's part of a sad lost cities those two here a missile one house and santillana cave painting for another forty origin of mankind set so let's see we should actually be able to fulfill a set there we have the miss one temple and then we have the miss one house close to it and I don't know if we fulfill the set now I didn't get any achievements so I don't think so those to rinse there and then we have the cave paintings here on the other side just like that and yeah I will definitely expand my museum so what we can do here is let's get rid of the trees there once again and the fence and I will need to well place a few more exhibitions here and then we close it off with this one here connoisseur a new influence point probably because I built so many exhibitions there now you know let's make it symmetrical okay there we have a lot more artifacts that we can store and of course as usual we need to finish it off here with the fence going all the way over there actually over here like that kaitlin's museum um more space here for more attractiveness I want to see what how high we can get actually actually get here with the level so we still have lots of artifacts that we can store here and yeah let's have another archeological sumptuous exhibition we need oh yeah we need to import that when your plantains for coolers bicycles and rum those four are available to us but we need two plantains from the new world so let's go to the new world I should have some ships here yep there is a frigate I delivered some timber here to bellavita Carla and we also should have a free cargo ship here the crusty beard with some more timber let's get this one to pelo vertical as well because here we wanted to start with the tortilla production if you remember and before we do that then I should have two plantains here yeah I do and I can use them then and I can see that I can build another fried kitchen let's have three more fried kitchens here got some right here nothing serious and right that our exhibition is going to be a big one as well for some new artifacts I still want to see what happens if I complete a set other than that I don't know what these set Bonilla for part of the set lost cities it doesn't tell me much though what that lost city is and yet we still have some artifacts here with who even only ten attractiveness definitely need to get rid of those as well okay that is working now now we just need to rid of it and while we wait a bit we can start with availability column so here we have the bricks now and some timber again so let's start with some depots and also one of our expeditions is now on its way let's build two depots there but that's not enough let's build a third one let's get the ship here in the cargo ship to murillo where we can load the plantains then for the exhibition and while that cargo ship is on its way let's start with bellavita Karla we do have two clay deposits here we do have some space I mean for the city it's not going to be the biggest city we're going to use this space here and we're going to use this space for the city and then I have this whole space here that's actually quite a lot for the two tiers that we can use so I do have lots of timber not to worry about that so let's get the first bridge over here to the second part of the city done and then yeah that we're still going to have like to build two more bridges there so one and then the second one over here okay so lots of space here then for that production first of all we need to get the workforce though and we do have some gold deposits yours well four of them hmm that might be useful them because we still have to get the pocket watches if n yeah we still have to get the pocket watches for the happiness knock this one here this one's fulfilled by the Town Hall but those buildings here yeah this one needs pocket watch and jewelry so true thinks that my engineers and my investors won't and I should also probably get a variety theater up here while I'm at it because yep their lack of variety theater especially in this this area here there's a school I don't know if I need that school there I probably yeah I do need it so I need to get rid of some buildings here let's get rid of those engineers and just have a variety theater there okay and of course let's also make this a bit more beautiful some ornaments around it so some stature again here and what else could we have here let's see some benches no people can buy the latest edition of the program there are the evenings program and yeah then just let's have some trees there on either side or flowerbed flowerbed is also very nice let's have flower beds up there and then finish it off with two trees there for another variety theater that should make the people a bit more happy here again and yeah Engineers won't pocket watches and investors too so pocket watches will be my next goal then shouldn't be that difficult just need some gold you know and glass that's it so we do have plenty of glass but we just need a bit of more gold there I think we actually can buy gold from someone there it is yeah we can actually buy gold from Eli I think that's already enough that we need yeah and let's also have some more propaganda again about that gold does it need any attractiveness no it they don't okay so I could just have it on Sleepy Hollow then everything the whole gold watch production you still have some space over here and they are not here but some space over here where we can have the gold watch production doesn't cost us any attract attractiveness anyway so that shouldn't be a problem I'm still waiting on the plantains there so let's get them over there 150 something like that where is it there it is yeah let's get 150 tons of that to the old world that's for the exhibition and then we can continue now in Bella Vita collab with some more productions so first of all collide and load more timber I can and let's start this one off with the marketplace again no no Alliance I'm sorry I'm going to have only one alliance and I was with the anarchist once he allows it we still need to do some quests for him I think and a new city is being born let's have a chapel here let's have two chapels won't actually let's have it in the middle and of course I need a marketplace before people start to riot let's get rid of that block here altogether because I also want to have a fire station near of course just like that and some ornaments like that I haven't used them yet philodendron and some palm trees and some Frost that's a funny word some shrubs they're close to the chapel okay that's that and we still have some space here let's build some more houses and of course we also have lots of timber so we can use the first clay pit here because I want to have also a brick production on this island there's two clay pit and then two brick factories far away and then we can have some more buildings here and also fell below vertical is a town now lots of towns yeah it doesn't look so bad and we shouldn't forget a timber production a proper one so we also have some space here that we are not going to use for any production so we can use it why I mean consumer production so we can have this one here for timber let's have a lumberjack hut here one here and one here and three sawmills and another brick factory here okay that's that um right now the question about the consumer goods that we actually need to your Poncho's and fried plantains I would love to get the fried plantains from let's say Murillo's that would just make much more sense to me I don't want to build those productions again and again so we are probably going to use it from murillo or if you're having else arouse well I think that you have you have that production here as well no I don't okay Elsa Rao lots of space in el jurado we have couch it here and we should have a second production here we definitely have the pontius here that's a good note yeah so I don't need to have the poncho darkness than in bellavita color anything else here yeah the sugarcane for the rum there's my rum production very beautiful island so we have that here hmm let me think about a second I could have the fried plantains here though we have lots of farmers and the fried plantains only need farmers and I need a lot of space for the tortillas because chilies are being used for murillo else around for Sleepy Hollow for the exhibitions so I need to have a lot of that or at least for let's say Murillo el jurado doesn't need any 13 years yeah if I build some more houses there this one doesn't have a street connection let's get rid of it I need a few more farmers for the plenty in production and we do have the space here I'm a bit surprised at that that we have so much space here and we also have lots of space here actually we could have Elsa rouse the biggest city and the new world bigger than Morello because the marilla were already quite capped here I could build a bit more here but it would be very scattered do we have a fried plantain production here already that I could just expand hmm that's a difficult decision of course first of all need a few more ships here so let's get another cargo ship I just love that she's selling that here as well yeah we have the wood production here so I would have to move that doesn't matter and in beloved Akari we have 500 farmers now so let me just have a look there 40 40 Lea's then you farmers and then workers for the two tinea makers I could have that in l0 you know I could just move it there and use it to Tilly is here right away and then trans put them from El Dorado to Sleepy Hollow let's have it like that because I've got much more space here so let's get rid of those sawmills and lumberjack cutters let's get rid of that all together and I'm going to build them further up here there that that looks like a good space there good spot so you have the lumberjack with a hundred four ninety-nine and 75 let's find you and then – so Mel start that's perfectly enough I don't need that much timber anymore and here we can have now a whole new district in Al Jarreau so I'm going to make else around my new center in the new world right and so ex-official expedition needs some attention mutiny arrange a meeting with the leader that has the highest chance they soon reach an understanding I do get some morale mutiny has been prevented very nice and also my ship has returned from its voyage so I think that's the yep fry plenty so it's on its way now to Sleepy Hollow hopefully it's on time yeah we still have enough time here 20 minutes and it's the last thing that's been needed and then we can have another ancient architecture reward Chester because we want to fill this one up of course with the highest our items and there was a big explosion here and we don't have enough resources so I need to get another cargo ship with windows to tarik no problem really since we have everything kept but I definitely do have in the fire stations there one two three let's get a fourth one here two very important this strict here and the power plant is on fire too so I do like the electricity here at the moment let's also get some windows over there and some reinforced concrete while I'm at it the windows something else and some bricks and steel beams to rebuild that okay Bella vaticana yeah we do need a few workers here that's because of the bricks but let's get rid of them again why because this is not going to be my center here after all you know so all sorrow is going to be my center it's just much more space here that we can use makes more sense to me to use this one here this can be a huge city and the thinker will need another chapel here somewhere yeah lots of a chapel there and we can also have those boxing arenas I like them boxing arenas people can box there all we need is a bit of bricks so we have lots of bricks in Murillo whoops where's the entrance there it is Harper okay and here we can use that than for a beautiful big city we do already have ponchos here and all we need now is the fried plantains so I'm going to establish a trading route from Murillo to that we need a bit of timber in Murillo so I'm getting that from Al's around an and actually wait a second I don't need to wait on that all the time let's get some lumberjack huts here there's one with a hundred percent with the sawmill sure thing still after that aligns with Mercier so let's see what happens there and another one here for the timber productions we got two now and then we can expand a few more of those plantations here the fish oil fish oil is not a problem fried kitchen then it's a bit of more of a problem but doesn't matter for now we need a bit more fish oils so hopefully we do have some sure there it is we can use that one or this one here and then I'm going to transport that to Elsa Rao okay and last but not least we need to unload the fried plantains there it is and this should be on time 17 minutes and left that's perfectly fine so now we can load those 100 fried plantains there's the cart delivering that 2 cards beautiful and we can also reach that again and see what else lies in store in this last chest there and of course we are doing that with the science items done as well because I want to see what boosted what items do you get for boosting and lots of tourists here now pouring into my city of Sleepy Hollow well money-wise I don't think we have that much of a problem anymore we just focus on the xle exhibition now and of course in the new world we still have lots of things to do and that's it for now stay tuned

  1. This game and islands that you've made Nivarias looks almost identical to the other anno1800 games you played before this ie your campaign mode and your other sandbox modes. Once you have the zoo setup with the museums and the science museum it's pretty much it for the building wow. All that's left is continuing to build more houses in more islands etc and in your case here to see how long you can roll out your piece of string without going to war with anyone including the black guys who keeps threatening you for money. ie you are stringing out this game as far as it can possibly go without going to war with anyone. As Keralis and others did they raced to smash their opponents as fast as possible with Keralis leaving the pretty Bentine till last because she was pretty but she still had to die according to Keralis and one that happened the procession took place royal family knightings etc and that seemed for them the pinnacle of the game and to continue would just have anticlimaxes of just building the same stuff over and over in other islands ie there is no variety like in Skylines as you can create 2 very dif cities but here when you have to scrap your farmers and artisans for the engineers and investors it eventually looks exactly the same as you played before like a similar parallel universe with slight variations but no radicle differences like sim city or skylines could do. Basically, this game makes you follow its rules one way or another otherwise there are consequences. Thus with a goal setting and crossing off you are robotically following orders from et Ai whereas the other city building game you aren't bound to rules and quests and ca just create different cities with total creativity and no restrictions to making it unique from other cities. Not here though.

  2. Just love this serie Mattias.

    Question : Does all of the islands belonging to one of the thre Ai "playerna" have the same things for sale?
    IE can you go to the anarkist second island and buy things that his prime island dont have?

  3. If you want to check your bonuses from zoo/museum click on main building and then use the artefact/animal button tells you once you have a set complete

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