Anno 1800 The Anarchist #29 - An Interesting Encounter || Let's Play Sandbox DLC [PC 60FPS]

and hello ladies and gentlemen welcome back to anything on braids look at that great Goblin the battlecruiser he is coming in with a lot of felts here in Sleepy Hollow just in time before the exhibition starts we have another 9 minutes to deliver those 70 tons of felt spans there they are so let's unload them and now we should get at least one more chest here's the Agricultural Revolution hopefully so they should get it now let's have a look there it is the cart loading loading the felts and then delivering it to the Exhibition Centre so let's have a look here now it's going to 20 out of 70 and I think it's fully out of 70 we're going to reach the next chest here so that's something that was just in time very nice but as you can see um something is missing and that's the tour tedious so we've neglected that production chain for quite too long and that's going to change let's go back to the new world so here we have two things um that we want to do right now the first one is the cigar production that we already will relate the foundation in the last episode and then the tortillas but the tattaglias there is a problem because space is very rare here in the New World perhaps I underestimated the amount that you need the space that you need so we only have one more island left here and béla bartók a lab this is the island where I'm going to have my total production because as we can see we have corn fertility here but I'm not going to make a whole new big town here out of that with all browsers and everything but I'm all only going to place the farms here so the corn farm and the beef farm the cattle farm and then I'm going to deliver those goods to an island where we have lots of workers and I think Murillo is the place here because we already have a bigger production here and I can just expand my town here better or I'm going for Juanita Lucia that the thing is I'm going to you a lot of workers here for the cigar production and that is what we are going to do now so let's have a look there's two cigars and you can start with that right away we do have the timber on this island so the first thing the first thing that we need to do is on this very small island we need to find the space for tea tobacco farms and then we also need to have the marquetry workshop so if this one here we need to find a space for that as well for the lumberjack huts there so let's go over here okay and let me just have a look how big the tobacco plantation is they're going to have a blueprint for that 100 night Oh almost 200 fields there so it's pretty big takes up a lot of space so yeah let's place some here I'm sure we can we can fit in some fillings here so let's have a blueprint mode for now and those trees are really high it's hard to see something here so I don't know how many I could place here let's place one ah that's a hundred ninety-two now and then we can place the next one that's pretty far apart okay that's still not enough that is enough now how many of them do I need oh they take a long time as well two minutes for each crop form that is quite a lot KN 192 and then we do the same here so we've got four of them now we need four for one cigar factory okay so I need to place yeah let's see if eight more that it fits actually so let's have one more here and then we need another warehouse that's one and another one here and then hopefully we can fit in 192 fields on this side here very nice working out okay so that's one two three four five six seven eight so we got eight of them now and we need four more I'm doing that four more can I fit them in here somewhere oh that's a tough one I could probably do it here no that's not going to work it needs to be here so two more here I think like that one more here and one more here and with a mouse and let's hope this works 192 yeah that should work and one more here oh that is actually working out so we got 12 of them now let's build them let's see if I can build all of them whoa yeah that was a smaller lack there okay we do need a more timber here though let's go for El Shaarawy have 300 tons of timber here it's my timber Island in a new world so those are the tobacco farms they're working now no warehouse in range I know and no okay and then we need the lumberjack huts so we should have another warehouse over here where we can have some lumber over here actually and if I want to expand well there's not much room to expand here anymore I could place some more forms here and probably yeah here and here even though we got the oil fields here so that's going to be a bit tricky but we can still expand one more at least we don't we shouldn't need that much cigars you know the consumption of that is not very high okay let's get another 250 tons – we need a luthier over here and the expedition also needs our attention parrot hand level 3 the arid Basin water has dribbled almost to nothing during an inland survey on route to the rendezvous but hope springs eternal a muddy river strikes through the arid Basin the crew are delirious when they realize it is not completely dried up do you stop for water or press on let's look for the source of the river finding a river source is easy but turning it into a shortcut that takes brains okay we found a shortcut while searching for the source of the river and yeah we didn't lose much morale here and can press on we're still at 68% some pretty confident with this explosion exit expedition there okay now we can place those last ones here and then we need another warehouse here now and I'm going to place I um to power four workshops but I need I mean I played twelve here so I need to build three cigar factories that means I need two workshops to work that now I actually need six and it's six workshops six workshops let's force I need to lumberjack huts so one here ninety percent is totally fine for this and one with an represent here right I'm definitely going to have a problem with the workers though so I need I need more operas I can see that already let's upgrade a few more here costs me a bit of wood but anyway that's fine okay and then I need the marquetry workshop so six of them that sounds a bit locked and since quite a lot to me but it's right at six of them because I need two to provide one cigar factory and I want to build three cigar factories so that's six but that's going to be a problem for my workers as we can see we need lots of more workers they're gifted to warehouses there let's upgrade to and create something I don't think so that should work out they need a Street there okay and then I can place three cigar factories so I think they are quite big no actually that's fine so we can have three here and yeah I can upgrade that warehouse there and that way house there and now we need a bit more timber to upgrade more people so let's get more timber from l0 that didn't work out quite as planned the workforce I mean that's a lot there so we still only 600 more Oh Brer O's we do have 500 farmers so it's actually pretty close what we could do is probably we could probably build a few more houses over here that might work let's get that timber and then we finish DC our production and three should be enough for quite a while there is a place here a space here for trade unions so I could probably use some items here that reduced the need for workforce let's have a look I think I do have some items left here this one's pretty cool so effects all production buildings workforce needed minus fifty percent so we're going to use this item there let's get what's the name of the ship lalibela let's get this one over there and get the the item that we need while I'm unloading the goods and have a look at the expedition once again oh yeah the crew faces the bloody customs of foreign land like the first we don't have any beer this time so no bloodshed hopefully send your strongest fighter for brawl and yeah that was successful we get the aureus going something that we don't actually need but we do have the space for it let's take the erase cone and we're still very successfully on that mission okay and here we have now enough timber let's get over here to the other side this is going to be messy because we have oil fields here we don't need the oil fields but they're in our way and I don't even see the streets here because there's so many trees here what we definitely should have here is a chapel and then we can place some farmers there or that's not going to work let's make it like that that's going to work no I did not want to place a ridge there that that hurt that was just 22 bird that I just wasted there under still enough space here though nope look at that he wants me to desperately build a bridge and yep this is not going to work so let's get rid of that building there I could have some more here I just need a few buildings there I don't need all of them it's still messy okay working out for now you do have quite a lot of farmers now so enough buildings that we can upgrade and a farmer so we can upgrade a a lot of them and this new district there and let's also get the Bell extremely loud Bell get it over here to put into look–there and they also need to place a trade union for that over here let's see that we can get as many buildings here as possible this might be the best option so let's get rid of those fields here I can replace them somewhere else easily and then we have the tree in here and I can yeah get almost all the cigar factories there and then we should be able to reduce the workforce enough so we'd have enough of a bearer of railroads there let's also upgrade a few more houses here and this is now a colony here as well and there's my ship coming in now there it is with the Bell and the newspaper again I look at that with 90 mm balance right now I like that there's the pelt and let's actually didn't see how much that actually Nets us beautiful we are positive now with the workforce and we even have room for more productions here that's the way I like it let's see how much further we can push the productivity here quite a lot 50% here as possible and then let's have a look at the cigar factories oh that's not really possible so we need to build another one I could have more notes ok so that's not possible but we could turn out another 50% um for the cigar factories there's another right here in the poor district and we could you know save a lot of space with that so that's a good thing we don't need to build any farms for a while so when it gets tight again with the cigars I can just increase productivity here without building any new forms and I would just need to well build a few more cigar factories there let's see we should have some cigars now there they are you know Airlines I'm sorry and Lalibela is going to be the first one on this route as the trade route Bonita and there are two cigars let's say 200 tons is that right that might be right those cargo ships are fast 200 tons should be sufficient now what the hell let's say 250 let's make it 250 and back to the old world to Sleepy Hollow lots of cigars to smoke Lalibela is going to be the ship for that for now once Lalibela is in Sleepy Hollow we can send Allah as the second ship for that okay that's the cigar production those quite a lot of work because those islands are tight and so many rivers it's quite hard sometimes to place it all there effectively but we are rewarded with not only cigars but with beautiful views of tobacco plantations where people are working and I especially like this Island because it's small has this huge mountain there and farmlands where people tend to their fields beautiful and that ladies and gentlemen is how we produce cigars okay that ship is on its way now with the first batch 34 tonnes it's rather fast so we are producing quite a lot of that I think yeah I definitely need another batch of timber here to build some depots and yes we're going to accept him we are going to accept him let's send a ship here to Elsa Rao because we need those we need that timber and there's all the quest here that I wanted to do we're all so proud of put talk requests we're all so proud of all the exemplary improvements you have done here as should you wouldn't be perfect to celebrate this town with a feature article in your newspaper it may encourage more people to emigrate to join us let's take a photo of the town hall where do you have a town hall here do I have a town hall on this island oh that is that no that is not the Town Hall that is the Town Hall there it is we actually have one whoops mmm yeah perfect brighter Shores we get a milliner air effects a bump in Weaver's progress and independence two key words that define our exemplary town our doors are open to anyone and everyone who believes in a better more just future get a bit more timber there and some bricks and the to tears of course that is something we totally forgot let's have a look at the expedition first the predator a fearsome predator stalks us send some hunters to track it 3-day passes three days pass and still no word send the rescue party it is only something of a relief when the rescue party returned it's bad news the hunters are dead okay we lose some morale there and yeah it's not really showing us the full extent of the moral loss every time so I definitely lost like 20 percent here now I'm at down at 45 it's still fine because we're quite far into the expedition now but I would really like that to be a bit more transparent doesn't matter Murilo is fine let's go to the old world she thinks are important here for now so the first one is the exhibition it's completed let's oh no it wasn't possible really to get the last chester i mean where we were fulfilling almost everything that's disappointing what do we get out of that assembly line effects a cab assembly line productivity of 50% but also the chance of fire the Harker's electric treadle laughs epic item effects all carpentry works oh that's not really something I need productivity 50% and the Vincent draw drag saw lumberjack house that was disappointing to epic items that affect my timber production yeah we don't need that good start another window for archeology again I like that one but I think I would like to provide my town with some tortillas first because I think that's what we also need here then totally –is that might be something right okay and I think there was another question that I want you to do as well another photography quest we would get an iron sword for the museum my great passion is fashioning costumes to help bring the past to life if only had I had real images to work from my designs could be all the more authentic perhaps you could photograph some museum exhibits from the Old North and kingdoms or even our long-lost ancestors from the Bronze Age all right I think I need to photograph this one here yeah let's see that's working out and we get a nice artifact for that let's put that artifact on display right away and for some reasons I can't choose it didn't we get it have a look mm nope doesn't seem like we cut the sword okay well we didn't get it it was just a mech 20% a 20 plus and there's another question now in front the Newseum why's that none of a terrific quest oh it's from him again Isabel sir mentos lighthouse okay let's go over here there's her lighthouse let's take a folder sail to artisan star the object and collect your reward there it is oh it's been placed right away I just saw that now this one okay fine so that's the quest and I think we got another one out of that yeah seems like a quest line it's perfect after studying this picture new museum meticulously I have come up with a new design something I believe has never been done before in the world of fashion but I need materials from this source oh if you could bring me something to me delivery quest of alpaca wool and felt we do have both of that in the new world so I should have a free cargo ship here no I want to use that actually for my cigars but I should be able to buy one here yeah there's a cargo ship I can buy it Isabel and we need some alpaca wool we should have that in Murillo there it is lots of that alpaca wool and the felt perfect we can get those two things Judy to the guy in Sleepy Hollow um seems like quite an interesting twist line there we'll see what else we get in we get out of that and aura we can send now on a trade route there as well for the cigars I just need to find them now there they are is going to be the second ship now should be quite full anyway yeah it was full so oh no we do actually have some Depot's here then it's not full we do have lots of tobacco Joe some wood veneers so we could actually extend expand this when you're doing that in the next episode stay tuned

  1. Your play throughs are wonderful and I look forward to all of them, but I must say that your ‘first person walk throughs’ are amazing!!! Please keep the videos coming. BWT, needless information here, I’m watching from Portland, Oregon.

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