Anno 1800 The Anarchist #28 - LEGENDARY Items from Exhibition || Let's Play Sandbox DLC [PC 60FPS]

what's up everybody welcome back to Andrew 18-hundreds look at that beautiful city here and there is our World's Fair and last time we started this sandwiches exhibition and it's still running so you need to wait in another four minutes and as you can see we have unlocked all the chests here because we provide all the goods so the rich furniture noble funerary material whatever that is Natural History mythical artifacts and ancient architecture so quite a lot of rewards I expect out of this a sumptuous archeological exhibition for more minutes and then we can see what's coming out of that perhaps if we are at it let's go down to our feet have a look at that beautiful city it's a beautiful day the sun is shining some clouds here and there and there's the exhibition running right now that's the latest fashion bicycles they're high-tech having a whopping I don't know five kilometers an hour amazing let's go in here I think we can still do that right let's see yeah we can still enter this one here now we're in the exhibition center and we have some dinosaurs here looking good and there's another one but that's a different one I think this is a plant-eating dinosaur and this is a meat-eating one yeah that is a predator predator sorry for that a predator of course nothing else you dope some people that is the latest technology there as well so you can you know stand in the air no problem there you definitely should have a closer look at your sport though if you're in the in the air there that's that yeah well let's get out of here again I don't know if you're really supposed to go in there I don't know if that's just another glitch or something like that from the developers and we're out here again because we still have work to do we still wait now a bit of course this should end soon and while we are waiting for that we have something else here we have some new artifacts down here the report so let's activate them and you sue pic of the museum but because of course I want to reach the next level there so that is a silken fabrics that's that then we have to sell the ring and then we have the ammonites still not a huge variety of buildings here I don't know it seems like I just get the same artifacts all again and again you know and it always looks like this then but that's the suit are the Suey I say at the Museum the series over there and the suit is complete for now feature complete you can just replace some of the we weaker animals here to provide only 20 like the black bear and we can just replace them at some point when we get batch right inside of that and yeah something else you told me that I'm weak that I don't have any fleet that at some point you like to see some war and that the pirate is demanding money is so often because I'm weak so let me just show you something real quick I am not weak anymore do that is my fleet at the moment we have a lot of battle cruisers here four of them and lots of ship of the lines so this is definitely a fleet with it and a new ship of the line has just joined and with that I intend to well I want to destroy someone at least I don't know who yet probably the anarchist the anarchist well he's been a bit disappointing to say the least I don't know he's not very active and he's not very strong either so I could already destroy him but I don't want that of course there are some achievements tied to him so one thing is that we need to have an alliance with him and that we also need to do his special mission arc so his main quest line and I don't know when that starts so we already had some quests from him but it's not much and I didn't I certainly didn't get the achievement yet but that's something we need to do plus we also need to do 20 residential anarchist quests so I think those are the quests that the refugees demand after some time so we need to get more refugees into our city so whenever they ask now we're going to accept them and we probably probably going into conflict with him then at some point you do have very high reputation for now I don't know perhaps there's a twist behind this and it changes them you know and perhaps he declares war on us or he has some special quests that we need to do right now we could already go for the Alliance no actually we can't do that why not everything is great here okay so perhaps there's a there's a special quest coming that I need to fulfill for the Alliance then might be an option might be something yeah and I also have some expeditions here to scull unfortunately only there's a very little chance of actually getting a rare item a defers to skull exhibition so expedition so I'm not doing that I'm going to delete them I hopefully get a three skull I should be able to do some three skulls by now that might be something okay okay so these are just exhibition is finished it's over I look at that viewer like that that frame here beautiful gardens the investor buildings everywhere and my monument and what I can also see right now is that because the land here is not flat as you can see it goes up here up help look at the monument it's higher here it's elevated on this side and it's lower here to that deep building you know stand on on on on on on an equal ground on an even ground that's interesting that's a nice detail here I didn't realize that before let's see what rewards we get out of this sumptuous archeological exhibition a really inspiring exhibition we had only the best in this monumental place the success of the century yeah well let's see what we get out of a success of the century oh that looks very nice indeed the temple of any said the one any sat down that's 50 attractiveness for the museum the Augustine forum oh I like that 50 attractiveness as well and the truck are carving 40 attractiveness oh yeah I do like that okay so we could have another archeological one but let's go for science and innovation now some chess and let's go for that we need to pay in coffee we have that we have the gramophones what is that I don't know what that is and tortillas we don't have to till years unfortunately but that was there were some nice rewards there guys I'm a bit flabbergasted let's have a look how they look so let's see I want to have tea I already know this one here here yeah I like that it's over there so that's a ship and out here we're going to have the silver sword and let's have a look let's have the Augustine forum beautiful and the temple lots of lots of attractiveness there and I got the next stage attractive metropolis now beautiful so we can you can select um you can gather sets so you can get those set items there so this is part of a set the alien cultures and you probably get a bonus out of that once you have collected all of the the set items and this is Empire of the Eagle part of the set oh I like that okay so I still need to figure out what this one is but we need to Chile as perhaps um the madam is selling that and yes we accept you know she doesn't have that perhaps there's a tooltip for that item there I mean ah there it is it's the felt for the bomb bins for the ball ahead okay okay okay right so we need to go to the New World and here we can do that so there's the bomb bins and there it is the felt producer and it needs alpaca farm and then the felt producer we should already have some ultra caster oh yeah the farms okay but we need the valve producer there and it needs farmers only so we can actually produce that let's do that right away we do have some time to collect it ooh ooh I don't have much space here anymore yeah let's do it up here oh the only demands 14,000 now I guess my fleet has its effects that this is not good here what I've done there let's get rid of that one there I only need three anyway and let's get the the felt producer three of them and it's been produced now and how much do we need of that seventy okay and we've got 36 minutes oh that's a closed window and about the tortillas can we buy them now we cannot do that hmm she's got good items there as well for the new vault coffee roaster productivity 40% increase well of course we're doing that let's buy let's buy this battlecruiser here since it's close by and buy that item there for the coffee roasters and let's get this to Marilla and as you can see my cargo ship here has arrived and the cargo-ship has lots of items there so this one's here for the crop farms so that increases productivity of 25% for the coffee farms this reduces the work force needed and then some building materials so when we go up here now to the coffee plantations I want to build a trade union here there it is so we are probably going to build it like that okay so I need to get rid of those fields here and it doesn't really match because I'm just going to build them somewhere else yeah I'm not going to build them somewhere else oh yeah I could move this one over there and then I can build that oh this is not working out why is it so hard like that 10 let's see let's get rid of this one there and now it works okay now we get it all up the way the way up there and we only lost a few dares it doesn't really do anything and in an administrator because we've all so many of think trade unions there and let's get the crop farm up here and it effects those buildings there now they are working at a hundred twenty five percent now because of that and this is also a coffee plantation to another 12% very nice and this one all production buildings but they don't need that many workers or farmers so I'm not going to use this epic items there but that's nice that's that's working out so a huge bonus there they're working at 140% now 150 almost without any happiness pound penalty and we've also got this one here for the Coffee Roasters so we can get another trade union we have enough influence there are my Coffee Roasters so let's install her here and now they work with 40% increased productivity and occasionally produce extra chocolate ok I guess that works people can fly in this game so I think this works as well and for some reasons my oil refinery was destroyed I think because there was a fire on it that I didn't extinguish ok that's that's we're producing that let us see – look how much do we have already 14 so I think it could work at the end I think this could work done okay so let's just wait that out and yeah we got a new expedition there three skulls I think pirate hunt let's see if we can do something there let's take the battle cruiser Black Rose got a lot of morale there you need to see what's the closest one cause the way so the battle cruiser casts the winds there it is has already some naval power we can install lots of items there now for example the sinks steel double hull then the captain Ibrahim oh yeah that's working out a lot of morale here another Vice Admiral and lady Lou the Redeem pirate we need some hunting is any one of them providing us with some hunting no it doesn't look like it so let's get some additional items / but it looks good we could get that one for serrations and medicine or is there a better thing let's have a look the rum no doesn't provide that much we need the fur coats for the hunting and let's get these knobs here for durations in medicine that's 69% some champagne for diplomacy sake No no 69% it is and that should be fine and castaway is on its way the blood I don't think that this is going to work out we've already got two items that the third one is finished and at least we are at machines so agricultural revolution would be nice to get there but 15 years there is certainly not something I can do so quickly it's someone's selling it anyway there's a quest no we're not doing that for 12000 that's not enough nope what we just have to hope that it works we can't become purchase it anyway here and he I don't think that he's selling it nope so it's not going to be the best exhibition that we've seen for the past three wards I don't know I haven't seen those items before you know like that one here it's for the bomb bins but we should start with those products of course as well that is something about to start now for that reason I have already sent two cargo ships to Bonita Lucia but a luthier who need a luthier and here we don't have that much space but you have to backhoe fertility and we need tobacco for the cigarettes cigars that's what we want to do now two ships for that let's unload first of all we start with some Depot's and then we can unload many more goods let's have one more Depot a lot of timber ok and now we can start with a smaller settlement here of course we need the workforce so that is something I don't like that much that you can't have like a commute appear in the new world at least I didn't find it yet there's a public mooring here but that's it so I don't I don't see any commute to Pier that we could use here nope so we always have to build a smaller settlement first before we can do anything else and that's what we are going to do now and we also need a chapel okay so that at least we get some farmers here we need those farmers but we need also workers in Pune telethia and that's a problem so we do have plenty in here but it's taking some time again as usual let's start with that first of all we do have enough Timbers I'm not going to start with the timber production now we are starting with the fish all right away you should be enough for now and let's see we can do that over here we have to market the warehouse and then we have the plantations three of them should be enough for now okay and three of those kitchens that should do it and we also have to build of course the alpacas for the Poncho's and that's over here so the alpaca farm let's have three of them that should that should be enough for smaller settlement oopsie I was a bit too fast there okay and three punt returners and yeah let's upgrade that warehouse there and there's a pretty tell warehouse they're working out I still need a bit of timbers let's end this partnership back to Marilla for the bricks because we produce lots of bricks on Murillo and let's end this one here – Elsa route because we produce a lot of timber on Elsa row and let's see she's selling anything useful no she isn't she's totally useless actually she's got some items of course cigar factory productivity 30% that sounds reasonable the pearl farm tobacco plantation 15% yeah she's got nice items at least not the best goods but Knight nice items to the edge of the world okay one of the expedition's on its way now and we should be also producing lots of more coffee hopefully there's a ship coming soon that takes coffee nope there's no ship on its way let's assign andromeda to another coffee router where is it and Ramallah – there you are let's transport coffee since it's piling up on Murillo another 200 tons okay so we are producing that how much of those odd cloth do we have now 68 I think that's enough right it was something like that 70 perfect so it's it's about time I'm going to use my battlecruiser for that it's also a fast ship still need to wait a bit and then we can send it to the to the old world for the exhibition and aura I'm going to send with another 150 tons of bricks to punative live here and I'm doing the same with Lalibela Lalibela to that Island here with 150 tons of timber let's make 200 turns out yep that's 72 now let's get this one to the old world to Sleepy Hollow oh my bad you need to click on the old world here of course and let's hope that it makes it on time to get there the thing with the talk tedious though nope that's not going to work not on this time but we can still reach the the second highest tier here next time I know it I'm going to prepare two tiers for this production for this exhibition then alrighty there's the timber what I will do with that one now is of course get some more buildings here okay and I can also upgrade some of already too let's upgrade those buildings here so we get more workers we need them for the cigars okay that's that we have enough farmers now and enough workers here and we can start now with the cigar production and that's exactly what we're going to do in the next episode then we can see what rewards we get out of that welfare there of this sumptuous exhibition there hope to see you bye

  1. I said you were weak in the new world. Which you are. All your war ships are in the old world. Send some to new world.

  2. Keep the black bear and brown bear in the zoo if you complete their set you get minus 5 to all needs consumption which is a nice bonus and only takes 3 animals

  3. Ey man, you should try to prepare for the world's fair, try to get some bananas, tortillas and felt and other random stuff the worlds fair may need, then you be better prepared for it. The more and better rewards you get

  4. Btw, you should store a lot of raw products from the New World like bananas, fish oil, tortillas on your main island in the Old World. You will need it for the exhibitions

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