Anno 1800 The Anarchist #27 - World's Fair Completion || Let's Play Sandbox DLC [PC 60FPS]

and hello welcome back to enter eighteen hundred's requite for year now and she demands on payment now as well and Harlow so of course with pink that look at my money it's three point three nine million and I kind of stopped a bit with the micromanagement I know because I have so much money um I just don't care at some point to tinker here and there but you truly right if there's a surplus on my especially high value items let's have a look down here especially my glasses I could just you know sell some of them like this so that when a trader comes along perhaps he wants something from that but and I have to say a huge part here um traders usually don't buy high-value items thanks for the tip I'm doing that as you can see but I don't see that much using it okay wait a second champagne let's have it at that threshold there so it's still climbing there pretty high but once it's over there I want to sell it then and yeah glasses the price everything is pretty high that is high value for codes let's do that so we can of course you don't get some additional money in there but you know at this point I don't care anymore with that much money and it's only getting more from this point onwards anyway we finished the world's fair foundation so let's open the screen here and world's fair phase 5 completed let's finish the face just like that and once again we have finished the world's fair a beautiful big building so let's open the event screen and now we could choose those events again I really don't like the architectural marvels so I tried a few more after finishing my sandbox let's play and you always get a little set item out of the ornaments you know like a little path a little fence a little tree a smaller stature or something like that but always very small it's just not worth the reward what I want to go instead is archaeology and science so let's start with science as we can see we can only do a modest right now so it costs twenty-five thousand we don't have enough engineer investors yet to do large and sumptuous so let's do a modest one it costs us a bit but not much as we can see plantain potatoes and schnapps and we should get those things rather easily that's the world fair of course what we also should do here is now putting some ornaments here so we have two paved streets like that of course everything here is um electrified no problem there also let's have a street over there on the back of the of the entry of the monument here I also like to have some paved streets here because there's another entrance here and on the side it's on the Main Street there anyway so we can do that this warehouse here is going to supply the World's Fair from now on with goods so it should also look nice so let's upgrade it one more time just like that and perhaps let's place it somewhere else it's a bit too close here to the World's Fair so we could either put it over there but nope that's not looking good let's put it there yeah just like that so there's a little room here now that we can use for some ornaments if we want you just like that very nice so let's see what we can do here we could of course have some more structures here that would be fitting for such a building the investors ornamental are unfortunately a bit while disappointing to say the least so there's not much to it the engineers have some more interesting things available I like the equestrian stature so we could do that somewhere here if we want to or on this side here like that like that yeah I know that doesn't fit very nicely here that is a biggest that sure who do it like that well let's see what else we have here not much unfortunately we have some benches if we want to I don't think that I want to bench though let's have the smallest lecture here Oh in Murillo now that was okay only two buildings let's have a look what else we can do here the Lions Thatcher no you could have the chess here against people can play chess in front of the walls fair why not that would be a nice place for that so you can sit here and have a beautiful view of the city with the World's Fair in the background why not and here I would like to have a fence so let's have a fence here this one here again starting like that going up to D the rider here the questions that sure like that okay few fences here what let's see what we can do here oh they're still offense missing and then we still have some room here where we can let's see the investors they have the fountain plus of course we can have two of that when here and one here one here and one here that doesn't look pretty though some trees are never wrong lots of some groves here on either side or it's not that easy I've never been really the type that is really good at that you could have some fan arms some benches here yeah where people can sit and a smaller gazebo here perhaps no that doesn't fit you know by a runaway tight now let's just have some flowers here you know I don't want to put too much too many things in here so some flowers from tumblers my mistress nice as well yeah that that's okay that's perfectly fine Kate doesn't look so bad I think so no it doesn't look bad okay and over here what else we could have some more trees and just like trees here from time to time just like that surrounding it and all surrounding the fence here we still have some room here I don't know what to do there yet we'll see about that okay so it doesn't look so bad that's the World's Fair completed now let's go back because last time I sent a ship here back again look at that with lots of artifacts and a harbor master item here effects the public mooring attractiveness plus 20 and increases the visits by 7% so we want to use that and I also have a second horror harbor master office items so let's build this one the harbor master office it's a smaller building so we can place it where we own this lack of Town Hall it works just just like that and yeah we could have it here look at that it just fits like that and I think it also fits to the depot's so let's build it like that or like that let's build it like that there's the Harbormaster office now and in here we can play some items now so we actually three the first one here attracted to plus 20 and increase visits very nice get some more people there the second one harbour activities 15% increased so it's I think it's faster and every time passive trade happens at the Trading Post there is a chance to tax 500 coins well I think that's a good thing here a good bonus let's activate this one as well and then we have yeah the same thing again Harbor activity plus 10% and every time passive trade happens at the Trading Post there is a chance of gaining five tons of grain hops potatoes grapes or red pepper okay I don't see that that much use in that but let's just activate it since I have the space here right so we got three items now activated as we can see now the Trading Post is affected by that and public mooring near as well so we should get some more people out of that at the moment that we have a foul metropolis and I would like to know why there's probably a huge sickness or something like that or fire oh yeah look at that there's a huge riot here and yeah by the way I already reduced the propaganda that I was using I mean I know I used too much propaganda and I always take the chance of the riots but this is definitely a bit too much but it's in a poor district who cares right smaller right they're going to be dispersed soon and then we can continue and something here was a mess right there is a street missing here from the iron mine that I accidentally deleted last time when I put the railway there of course we don't want that let's place the street there again very nice the iron mine and there was something here oh that was up porn immense here so I can't build the street I totally forgot I put ornaments here everywhere and look at that that's the latest edition of the newspaper I can't stand it like that like I need to have -30 consumption and minus ninety percent for the rights and fifty percent increase for tax so I get some more money out of this I get minus thirty needs a present consumption which is pretty cool I think so I saved a lot of production buildings with that and we have minus ninety percent right chance here anyway that I'm using for the cost of some income and of course I'm not reading those titles here anymore all the time because one or two of you said that of course because they they're always the same details you know the family is in danger and purge the demons it's kind of the same so I'm not reading that all the time if you want to read them from time to time with my sandbox let's play a read them several times so that's that okay for the world's fair though I think it's already running now is it open event screen yeah it's running okay so I was a bit too late there with the goods but I think only deed the bananas were missing so not that bad the first exhibition but of course the the modest like exhibition is not that worth it there so it's not a big deal the trial the face play yeah once again faces the bloody customs of foreign lands this time we have a few specialists here send your brightest offices for a trial of wits let's try that oh and we even get something out of that an array of coin the foreigners are drawn in by your office's pace he inspects the body noticing knife cuts of varying depths and bleeding through methodical questioning the officer presses the foreigners and reveals the deception each wound was made by a different hand the victim was killed by all of them the prints by the sale of silence and they leave wondering what could have motivated the curious murder right however we are kind of full here so I'm not going to take that quit we do have two coins already it's not that important um and we also have some more artifacts here right yeah we have a coin as we can see so let's use this coin over here and we're going to rearrange that at some point don't worry at the moment it looks kind of similar it's the same buildings here and of course we're going to change that once we have more artifacts and we can also do the same here in the zoo so I've built a smaller guard here as we can see I think it looks nice in the middle here of the zoo where people can sit down and enjoy a beautiful afternoon he wants an alliance and would pay forty thousand but I I'm going to decline I don't like Alliance as an arrow since they throw you into Wars and you have no choice over that and then you lose all your reputation with the faction so that is not something I want to do over here let's have the swordfish and so instead of the parrot let's have the crocodiles and over here now we can have the parrot again I think or a cockatoo let's use that that's the same building and a PL econ 30 attractiveness and down here we use the parrot 420 attractiveness okay so the zoo is full it's a huge one and of course we can still you know build some additions here and there if we want that and even here perhaps we're going to do that at some point other than that I like the zoo the museum still need some more artifacts though ok the exhibition is still running we need to wait a bit for that and what's happening with the riots over there do we still have some rights yeah we do over there the police is tending to them let's rebuild some ruins here they reduce the attractiveness quite a bit so let's have a look as we can see instability -150 and vulgarity – hundred twenty that's the ruins there do we definitely need to get rid of that okay I'm going to send my endeavour back again to ya madam kahin nur because she's selling some artifacts from time to time they're pretty nice there's a coin here again something that we don't need right now of course and the port dealer here for diplomacy 15 are not that important but she's always selling some nice items there he unfortunately is not that exciting so the anarchists he's got a lot of items but most of them at least in my opinion are pretty useless so we have the trade union here trade union item workforce needed – 20 percent you don't really worry about workforce anymore in the later game we've got so much of it and it's usually just uncommon items I want its ran rarely a rare item I mean that's the name of course rare but it's just not happening very often and when it happens it's a rather useless item like this one here effects farmer worker residents the artisan happy a happiness by +5 I mean I'm not paying a hundred thousand four five happiness and I've seen some good items here some epic items from time to time but they disappear quite quickly there I'll get the right is gone we get another thousand attractiveness okay and we are now a picturesque metropolis I think we've seen everything there is to see a picturesque scenery that beckons like a siren song oh that's poetic and we need I think another two hundred for the next level so that's the museum or the next exhibition of course and let's unbury unveil the rewards of this first exhibition that we have so began an uncommon item there trade-union effects the crop farms productivity of 25 percent that might be just the item that we need for the coffee plantations trade union grill clip it's all pitchers and mine oil well productivity 25 percent that's that sounds pretty cool and the fried elevator for mines productivity of 25 percent okay so not so bad those items the expedition once again I think we're going to lose this expedition there we get some morale out of that again but not much you know minus 9 is going to be again minus 10 even we could return home of course let's return home I don't want to lose that expedition ok so that's that before we go for the higher exhibitions though we need more investors and I think investors we do have a problem though we do have coffee I just wanted to say that we don't have enough coffee but we do have enough now so let's upgrade a few more engineers to investors especially those buildings here in the center I knew there was something about you and also here closer to the World's Fair and let's move upgrade those artisan Sutra engineers and those workers the artisans Oh a special visitor let's have a look that's a blue one at least a superintendent let's see what he got expedition bonus force and diplomacy could be useful okay we have some more investors now how many do we have 8500 so we can definitely do the middle now the large one yeah but I want to go for the sumptuous of course we need a few more investors I can still upgrade okay I don't have enough timber anymore I should probably get some more farmers from somewhere and while we're at it where's my cargo ship there it is of course I can still build like two more let's do that and let's get my cargo ship here and get those special items so the the furrow plough for the crop farms and it's all extremely loud pal – 50 % workforce that might be very useful in the new world so we send it there and let's see I don't think we need anything else though okay so let's send this one you're in your world now the cargo ship or wait a second before we do that let's also load some steel beams I don't know for what but we might use it at some point and window and reinforced concrete where are you there it is let's just send it there I don't know for what on its way is there that might be useful then for the coffee plantations and yeah the expedition has also returned let's see what regards out of it oh yeah but I didn't find anything only the coin but we didn't take the coin with us but at least it's back safe and I got my items back here didn't lose them and while we are at it I do have four coats in there and let's get some steam motors like 150 and some classes and let's sell that at our cheap is because he is selling quite quite nicely okay there are some new things here for steam ships steam ships military ships no no no any special items would be very much appreciated this one look it looks good equipped in ships navigation 40 hunting 20 let's take this one very good item townhall happiness my people are happy enough there's the repair train again don't need that not really right he is that oh yeah that that's okay navigation 30 but that said let's just read it out a bit more here perhaps he's selling something batcher and of course we also have some over here and look at that I've got 4.4 million now and the cargo ship has over 150 steam motors that's going to be another million okay what else a Jagger once again we do have one already do oh we get weapons dynamic advanced weapons or sails decaying mummy we have that already a silver ring that's new let's take the silver ring and ammonites for the Museum we don't have that either two more artifacts oh it's good to have money battle knows dolphin I would like to take foodie attractiveness at some point there are silken fabrics we don't have that yet No that's it for now let's keep it there and let's get to those artifacts back to Sleepy Hollow it's 70,000 only now so he he turned it down a bit miss demands again we also have some more timber again so I want to upgrade some more engineers like that and also some brokers two artisans I have a lot of Booker's there over there I don't have that much timber anymore so let's have another block yeah here okay some more artisans there and reduce the number of workers that we have and how many investors 9700 that's a close one okay we only need a few more let's get just flock here from that should fit now to be enough and 10,000 investors very nice and now we can have the sumptuous exhibition the biggest one so let's start on science and innovation archaeology yeah let's go for archaeology now relics and antiquities preparations let's invest for we do have that ghoulish we have gramophones we have rum we have chocolates we don't have but we can buy chocolates let's get chocolates then from Madame kahin no I think she's selling that down here let's have a look she's got 150 chocolates there let's get them where's my cargo ship there is one I'm just building them by the way so that that's why there's always one always a cargo ship over there and let's sell these the motors look at that one million out of the steam motors some classes here at the fur coat there are 200,000 almost on top of that and perhaps she he's got something though yeah gramophones because we get I'm just getting like oh oh 100 tons cost me three million gramophones are you kidding me that's a lot I'm not doing that of course I'm not buying gramophones and we allowed 74,000 income perhaps you can push that 200,000 at some point get the cargo ship to Eli oh I have one year already because Eli sells some good stuff from time to time the trade union okay let's prepare this sumptuous exhibition put some artifacts on display and continue with the next production change we do that stay tuned

  1. If you won't raise your military stats pirates will always ask for big money, BUY them dawrn battlecruisers!

  2. Would really like it if you show the AI's Cities from time to time. How they are progressing through their game and city would be really Interestng to see

  3. Heya! You are now setting the trade limit to ''buy or sell to a certain amount'' or ''level'' so you've put champagne at a higher treshold, this means that a trader will now sell you the champagne, meaning you lose money. if you left click you can cycle through ''buy'' ''sell'' or ''level''! Be careful, it can cost you a lot of money!

  4. Would very much like to see you start streaming Anno. As believe many long time viewers will like to help you build a City alongside you giving you live feedback. Overall though a very enjoyable series this is has been so far.. Really happy the 3 lane roads worked out well for the railways. 👏😊

  5. Try to get the sets for the zoo/museum interested to see what all the bonuses you can get for getting your collector on

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