Anno 1800 The Anarchist #26 - Steam Carriages and Diving Bells || Let's Play Sandbox DLC [PC 60FPS]

and the new tourists arrived just now in Sleepy Hollow welcome back we're here in the Harper and just watching some news and visitors to our beautiful city fizzing to sue the museum soon the world exhibition and just enjoying a beautiful day in Sleepy Hollow and it is a beautiful city indeed and still lots of work to do for us first of all last time we finished two production chains that were very important so the champagne and yeah champagne is already in now here as well let's have a look real quick we do have 30 champagne now and 72 gramophone so it's growing quite fast actually since we just finished those productions and what I can see though is that coffee is basically empty now so we definitely need to do something about that the World Fair World's Fair is just finishing up now the next phase and we can now upgrade to the last one we have now the infrastructure and now we finish this phase here to the last one I think it's going to need a lot of class now let's have a look oh it doesn't need any class at all it needs filaments that we don't have here it needs two thousand engineers that is something we can afford it requires electricity easy couch oak easy and light bulbs lots of that here everything's fulfil except the filaments so we need to do something about that before we do anything about the coffee so just want to have a look here do we have enough filament let's see I mean I don't need to start a new production now just because of that but I can see that we have 250 tons of that already there's fire it seems yeah the oil refinery is on fire let's see if we can do something about that that should work here in the New World whoops oh what's he want now actually yeah it's 40% productivity for cigar factories let's let them in for now perhaps you can use that item that at some point there are so many items for so many cases I apparently used them actually I don't know I feel like I just find with this report those items give you the last tip on the iceberg for productivity and to get the maximum efficiency but I don't see any reason to do it right away you know because it's so pretty well everything and if it gets close or something we can still use them or if I have the time for that right now I don't we have to get that those filaments over here to Sleepy Hollow so we get this building your quick done quickly so it's one cargo ship let's get it over here how much should we need again I've got 300 so we're just short of 50 filaments then it's someone selling I don't think anyone's selling filaments no even my best friend here humor series I'm selling them ok so we definitely need to wait then for another 50 tons or something like that no problem we do that that is that that is working out now – champagne should be a hundred percent it is everything's working ok so let's get to the New World real quick and have a look down here Elsa Rao this is where I have the couch hook so for the last or for the next production chain that I also want to do real quick steam carriages I need a bit more culture you know for the coachmakers so two things I want to do in the New World first of all I want to improve or increase my cut reproduction even though I think we're quite full on that already that I don't need that much of it but let's just for the sake of safety let's just build four more because we can afford it oops that's not so good here oh come on what's going on let's get rid of that again okay I think my mouse button is we right now now it's working again it didn't want to uncheck it that's one and then we have this one here going all the way over here we don't need that space for anything else so we can just use it as freely as we want to what we don't want to close though is the gold deposits here we need them soon so it definitely want to keep them open but that's fine here we got four perfectly fine we have to workforce for that as well just a bit more couch ugh okay that's that and something else yeah let's get those bricks up down here because I think we have two gold mine here then yeah so the gold mine needs some workers we don't have that many so we just will need to upgrade first l sorrow but not now now post cow shock and coffee is here over there I think yeah that's the coffee working at a pace hundred percent let's see we should do that they seem to be pretty unhappy because the butch okay yeah but it does nothing happened yet you know because this unhappiness there how's it looking we still have a Content population here plus three so for now it should be fine we can use I'm not going to increase productivity here I'm just going to add a few more coffee farms thank you very much sir nine thousand gold coins why not and to get a new oh thank you mr. Scrooge okay because he sent us some money and let's put on there 250 filaments I'm just waiting for another 50 tons now and then we can deliver those 300 on net wait let's do it just now because you know it needs time anyway let's do that and we've reached level 50 very nice forty thousand people forty thousand eight hundred that means level fifty so we just wait now for the ship to come and let me just have a look here we do have the couch we do have the lumber we do have steel oh yeah we do have enough of steam motors here and I think I'm not even going to use that item for the steam motors you know so I mean I would have to transport those filaments to Sleepy Hollow when I can just use steam motors that I don't use anyway for anything and selling them for what instead of three I would have four million doesn't matter that much that's 250 filaments so that should be delivered now to world fair so we can start with that very last face here everything else is almost full as culture cooking should be down now yeah but not much okay so that's working let's go back here for the coffee there we have the warehouse so let's have a few more coffee farms here we need two of them for one coffee roaster oh and we need workforce for that as well so what I want to do first I want to get rid of the wood production here so close to the city I see a little reason for that we need that space for more buildings here so let's start off with another market place here and I know there is a quest we do that quest right away when I was a young boy my father took me sailing with him every day the sea missed the sails in the wind I miss it all as much as I miss him if I had a but a picture to bring back on all these memories from par I need to take a photo of this clipper here even with the fog of war in background beautiful what do we get out of there Oh an epic item toy tonic technicals secateurs let's see and we have a cast a catcher to mass the cat increases productivity of lumber jackets charcoal kilns and hunting her all hunting heavens that's good to know so we don't need to build that many of them around the trade union 40% increase going to keep that in mind and who doesn't want to live besides the railway yes yes you old fart of course I'm going to pay you 90,000 so you're happy he's never really happy that's fifty two for you now come on do something here oh that's impossible it doesn't want to pay a bit more workers there let's upgrade a few more of them Oh 150 for one roaster and sounds like a lot and new buildings here what did we unlock the museum the suit reflects the times edit that again see just the usual the same procedure as every year okay that's a few more farmers up here yeah I don't have much space here any more room okay so it's growing a bit and we should be able to use that let's have for some more coffee plantations here so yeah let's say six so I can build three coffee roasters oh my goodness it's a long way up here okay perfect and now three more coffee roasters so let's place them yeah here three and the world's of course and yeah we need like eights workers that's fine it's not dramatic let's upgrade one more and problem-solve so three more let's see if that helps I mean they produce quite a lot technically so what we can also do is let's just increase the productivity here well let's say 25% and the same goes for the coffee roaster yeah but that's pretty that's high penalty there I don't know why it's so high but I'm pretty sure we have some nice items back home that we can use for coffee roasters okay so that's at least the coffee and the cow joke should be coming in more as well let's have a look at the trade rod well click there coffee I've got two ships on the trade route and two cargo ships at that that should really be enough yay another 50 filaments perhaps it's there perhaps it's in stock oh no it isn't it totally isn't you think we need coal for that right lots of coal where are they let's say 50% increased productivity and hopefully we get that out of that we should be okay beautiful this is working which has been 50 more than to finish it and yeah we can now start with the next production chain that is the steam carriages so we do have the wood here we do have quite a lot of wood so I want to have them here at the end of my town and one is missing a road here just at the end here where we have some productions let's have a Wow's here and let's have a look we do have enough steam motors here so I oh I really need is the coachmakers oh that's a huge building here though I need two of them for one cab assembly line so I need four to start off with – oh that's a lot fit three coachmakers on this side and then I can vote two of the cap assembly lines minus ten attraction for each okay I take that it's not that bad it's one item that I can compensate this one with yeah and I want to build it here even though this could be tight for my foresters that's ninety percent eighty-seven is fine too it's still fine we're just producing some lumber here nothing else and then I can have two cab assembly lines here that's huge oh they need electricity well then shoot okay what else but now I probably will have to build them over here yeah so we do have electricity here still I don't like that because of course it means now that I need to readjust this whole production here the coachmakers I can I can leave them here I've pulled them now or should I have another power plant over here I would have the street and I don't know or I just built them here somewhere no that doesn't look good those huge factories how far is it going no I don't like that let's not do that let's let me just see you have enough power anyway enough wails right let's have a look Matt well storage yeah it's almost it's climbing definitely it's up there at 600 now and I would push everything here so yeah let's just build a power plant here let's do that I think we need to get rid of this one here done yeah tough the power plant here somewhere Hannibal a railway railroad around here let's have a blueprint mode for that can I have a blueprint mode or standing no you cannot have a blueprint mode for the railway okay look that's not looking good let's see this should work somehow do have the space here done yeah that works okay and now we can have just the street over that it's working out and here we have the power plant then I'm going to build some trees somewhere else trust me going to plant them it's no waste okay so that's that so we have enough power plant over here and the Train should be coming soon and then we can fire up those cab assembly lines here and finally produce the steam carrier just the most complex production chain in the game but only because it's so many steps but most of the steps are already completed at a previous state you know like I do have couch you've already I do have steel brass quite a lot of that as well everything's full of course there going to be some readjustments with the consumption but that's that and two of them should be enough for now now a train should be on its way over there from the harbor at some point and then we have that electrified as well how far does it reach it goes all the way over there right something else yeah I wanted to plant some more trees here to get that Judy up again elm tree that increases the attractiveness a bit just elm trees I think there is a temperate growth I think yeah that looks more natural than the other one let's just have some trees here in the dirty factory area that's a nice effect what I don't like there's the texture on the grounds here so this looks very very arbitrary very superficial here that we have like yeah square gardens or square grass here I don't like that that would that was that was a better solution previous games no train yet I'm hoping for Train soon what's going on we do have a like we do have the connection here did I miss something I don't think so there it's coming right yeah perfect that's the tree on its way now over there okay and something else I wanted to check the filaments do we have enough of them now please please please please please Oh 23 it's climbing at least slowly but steadily and we still have a bit of time there so it's not stopped yet the working here and it's coming to a conclusion soon and right oil is being unloaded let's also operate that warehouse here and yep electricity is flowing and now they can start getting the goods all right we also have some motorists again 753 now and I would definitely visit the city I would definitely live in here if it's possible I mean it's always sunny isn't it we have some rain from time to time but not much and I still have too many workers so we're going to work on that as well to get them to artisans to engineers and to investors takes a bit of time everything and write coffee I hope we we are okay now with coffee perhaps you have an item for that that we could use that's weapon factory oh that looks good coffee plantation productivity 12% yeah that might be something let's take my frigate here I don't need that well let's wait a second let's take my cargo ship they're just much faster and let's take that for a coffee plantation I don't think there's anything else here yep let's get it to the new world with just one item but who cares and one more thing the rescue mission has a dialogue sunken depths improvised the diving bell should we go down there seventy percent increments and what led to that first special visitor a bit it seems like he's a very normal item and he is one of the weakest ones effects churches range by 10% oh my totally useless yeah let's improvise something and see what's in the in the underwater there the diving bell looks decent and feels solid to man climb aboard and the Bell plunges into the depths while a whole group of sailors pumps air into its ventilation tube the Bell descends until it is stopped by a surface of coral underneath the colourful shapes the sailors noticed a silver coin on their left and a gaping perfectly circular hole on the right hope that it will resist the bat resist the dive and push the balance to hold their trust in a work of their comrades pays very nice the bowels live us in a slow fall which allows to be rich that divers to take in the view there is no sunken ship the engraved hole was a window among a hundred more lining a hole of ridiculous proportions a single ray of light pouring from the hole accompanies the bells descent until it lands and what might have been that shook alcoves a shining green pearl lies in the lowest part of the alcove let's dive in the darkness Lady Luck does not smile for the faithless as the ball descends into the dark so does the pressure rise and press against the makeshift protection the sailors pull the signal rope in a panic but despite their fervent prayers they are not pulled up in time all that the crew manages to retrieve from the sea are broken bail and it's broken contents okay but we didn't lose any morale here it seems and no item eater we didn't lose anything so that should be fine for now and with that in mind we'll continue next episode and finish the World's Fair stay tuned

  1. build another oil harbour, on another shore and make 2 parallel rail lines across the island . try 2 lines woek better faster?

  2. I reckon you have an item that change steam motor consumption for steam carriages into filament instead, do you still have it?

  3. "I'm going to build some trees somewhere else, trust me."

    Sounds like CDU/FDP propaganda to me!

    But big fan of your reforestation program! Always much in favour of beautiful natural forests over pompous marble monuments.

  4. Even this game has BLM strategies and threats nailed. Finish the bastard as I said in ep25 he will never be satisfied or keep paying them over 100k next time. In Australia, Aboriginals get double the pension than normal pensioners yet that still want top priority for public housing, food vouchers and help with gas and electricity bills and any other goodies the stupid govt keeps giving these insatiable rogues.

  5. I ve been watching you for a long time you are a good player. But i have to tell you something. You re using too much propaganda its cause unhappiness. Just a reminder from a friend

  6. Thanx for this Mattias.

    You lost one mine's conection when you was building the new electrifiy building.

    More storage capacity please since you got several wares full.
    Sell surplus, if you got a max of 500 units, set sell on all over 400, this should help to make it more efficient.
    Now several big products are standing still because full storage, not very efficent, or?

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