Anno 1800 The Anarchist #24 - FINALLY: Museum & Zoo || Let's Play Sandbox DLC [PC 60FPS]

hello and welcome back to anything under it or to our beautiful city here Sleepy Hollow the foundation of the World's Fair is now complete so the first phase here out of five for the second phase I perhaps this is a a Phase two is completed okay very nice so the foundation and now the phase two has been completed so let's start this one very nice and we are now in the third phase so let's have a look what we need to do here reinforced concrete we have none of that so we need to look for that we have enough steel enough bricks we do like some bulk of workforce so with that it's going to take a while let's start this one and it takes a while anyway now what we actually do have enough workforce there right yeah it takes a thousand thousand workforce that's that's fine we do have as much that's working now we only need a bit of reinforced concrete now I am producing that right oh no I yeah because of the cement I stopped it that's the reason so we need to put it back to work here so that we get enough that again we should have a lot of cement now I it's okay actually 98 under so that's that's fine that's what I want to be here and we just need to wait now so we're producing enough of that just for that I'm getting my cargo ship just to speed it up a bit um – I think it's Archie that he's selling that right Archie note is not selling reinforced concrete who is no one I think looks like no one is selling that the power it's certainly not nope okay then we just need to yeah wait a bit we're producing it anyway Oh the anarchists actually selling it so let's get to talk to Hugo Mercier and he's going to sell us a lot of reinforced concrete there that we need anyway and yeah money is not a problem as we can see we have 2.3 million credits there perhaps the kids got some nice items here as well so there are so many new items you know I don't even know those symbols here this is all for Town Hall obviously and it increased the attractiveness of my town then by 30 this one here as encumber houses minus 15% but the chance of riots is minus 50% as well stuff like that you know but I don't know I don't like the payoffs that you have to do here all the time minus 10% income for the house I rather take the riots from time to time they're not that often anyway especially if I use the minus 90% AM riot chance in the newspaper so I don't see much reason here to use those items the only way or the only items that I'm interested in is that increase the productivity of my buildings but even that at the moment is not really necessary since we have a surplus of everything you know despite all those upgrades here everything still maximum beer is a bit low there as I can see that run perhaps but rum is on a very long training route where I'm always waiting for the ships to come other than that I think it's pretty fine how's the oil looking we actually have some oil now in store so it's not zero anymore and there's another oil tank you're coming with 400 tons of oil so we definitely have enough oil for now choose supply all our power plants and the trains are doing their business here that's all working out quite well okay so we have the foundation here that's going to take a while here what we can do now is we can start the museum so the museum is here that's the location for that and the zoo we have here so I want to start with the suit but I think we have more items for the museum let me just check that again we have quite a lot of animals here as we can see and we do have some artifacts here museum artifacts that's oh that's a trade universe was an artifact workforce needed – fifty percent for all production buildings that might be nice extremely loud Bell we could use that here perhaps but you know then again workforce is never really a problem this one's pretty cool dough effects the cab assembly line instead of steam motors the building processes filament so the cab factory I think it's this one here cab assembly line right yeah that's the one so instead of steam engines it takes the it takes filaments that the um the light bulbs produce you know this one your filament factory so sounds like a nice deal actually because steam motors are really really expensive so if I could save that and save them for just selling them that would be a nice addition there and I could just make those steam care are these these thing carriages out of coal and not out of steel yeah it sounds a bit odd to me but it should work and the coach maker needs couch hook and wood but we are not there yet we're not going for this video I think we're starting with the museum so let's do that there it is that's the building and of course we want to make this a bit more beautiful here so it's not looking like that first of all let's have the main entrance here or here and let's have the main entrance here it looks better coming from this side here so what we need what we need to start with is the paved Street here again just like that and let's make it a double-sided Street there very nice and also speed up there so now we need some ornaments that we have in front of it I could have like yeah just like that let me just move that a bit more here then we could have a gazebo over here what we also know it yeah we could have any questions that sugar just to make it a bit more beautiful and that we have the museum I think that looks good actually so we can do it like that there's the Museum now we have these exhibition so how many can I put here one two yeah two is enough on this side here so that works out so we can have some ornaments here if you want to okay let's see we definitely need paved streets in front of it and we could have yeah two small statues there like this one here okay and then I would like to have a fence around it should we put a fence around it would not beat this one about with this one here right yeah so we can have a fence here of course we also pull this here and there let me just look at that that is um the right size here actually so how many compounds can we have their exhibitions that would be one two so we could have two here and then going all the way over hit there that seems like a good idea so we could have it like that very nice that is working out and just like that I think that looks nice we can we can of course and put some more exhibitions here and here if won't true but right now yeah let's let's put them here and here another one okay looking like that it's not an represent identical here I don't know see we don't have enough space here I mean I've built the defense there so having it like that definitely a huge museum though so this is working out look at that that is now symmetrical and we also get the new influence that curator curator something like that okay and then we have a bit more space here that we can use we could have first of all I want to finish the fence here it's it's an ornamental fence of course it's nothing like keeping burglars out and stuff like that we don't have any burglars in Sleepy Hollow it's a peaceful town after all Gabe you also want to have some parts let's have a look but the investors have in store that's too big now if this gazebo parks and I could also have let me just look yeah I could have probably some investors let's take the investors from here and put them here some benches perhaps where people can sit and on this side as well so we have for either side and yeah just like that also let's have some trees here at the outer edge or on the inner edge yeah let's have it outside here like that okay and then we can have something on the inside like a path or something like that and of course some ornaments too if you want to now let's have let's uh like so and just able to and either side and perhaps some trees again there okay and then I also want to have something where people walk around I hope you're not too bored with this rice to her right now but it's part of the game so we need to do that what is that well that's another garden here yeah I don't want to have those ornaments right now because I want to see how this one here looks like so I can integrate it into that so let's just put some items on display here a silver Hamlet a silver sword ham helmet and a tarnished silver coin and as you can see people are now moving in coming into my museum here visiting all the precious things that we have acquired so far end its I gotta say it's pretty pathetic so far we have nothing here three ornaments that's it we increase the attractiveness a bit by that but well let's have a look madam can heaters will be selling something and I do have a ship here oh and I already have two items in there let's find something else for a museum it's all uncommon that's a gorilla we don't have any gorillas yet right but then I do have two IR animals again I'm confident it's ready to go hmm I want I won't have a fart effector Museum this is getting expensive oh come on yeah a coin let's get this one so I've got two more artifacts coming in and the newspaper once again so we have the minus ninety percent right chance e+ on the money and the minute 34 consumption and my balance looks nice and juicy because of that as well so that's the museum we can always of course um you know expanded here if you want to Annette I think I'm going to because we want to get that data crap attractiveness there up to the highest level and that is a long way so we need a huge museum for that all right let's the unites a level-one skull that is not very not very interesting okay so we keep it for now like that it has its flavors it has its style there is still some space here that I could use no not another certainly not another fountain here and perhaps one tree or two trees here besides that gazebo and there we have a sue advertisements of course this series also coming now that's a museum for now and let's get up to to north of my city and here we're going to have the zoo now so there it is the entrance this one's the front okay so people can see that gate there from afar already just like that let's start with the compounds first so empty compound very nice okay just like that and yeah we can of course expand it to I don't want to put it out too many of them so we do have this ornamental path here let's see if I can find that oh I need to repair that here real quick oh it's just Oh holy moly that was quite the epidemic true thing going to repair that we do have enough materials so actually I should be able to build a hospital here look at that that was a lot I don't have any Hospital here in Bell Rock yet so let's build one just here in the middle no I was upgrading I didn't want to upgrade that now we get half the hospital here so something like that shouldn't be happening anymore on this scale so many buildings destroyed oh and the next problem there was an explosion here something you can't really I think you can't really prevent that someone you can build of course by station you reduce the probability of that but it still happens and it cost me some bricks and teurac so I need to send some ship you need to send a ship down there or over there just some bricks here okay let's get back to the soup I'm still trying to find the right path here so we definitely have to workbenches that we can use just like that yeah it's the same tiles and then of course rules we'll have something around it again a fence I like those fences there it is beyond the inside like that this is going to be a bigger sue so let's just have some more compounds here right we can have something here in the middle like a bigger ornament and yeah this looks good this is something we can have and we can put more ornamental buildings here like those on benches with the same tiles in here then once this is finished so let's continue with the fence up there and yeah hold more than over there to the other side oh there's the mountain so you can integrate that mountain into that ornaments here it's also finished sooner off and this one here and the cornice one here one here and one here okay you could have some trees here to make the order air ok cumple anything here so that's just part of it okay and let's also have on either side yeah a gazebo okay and now we can put some animals in there we have lots of them swordfish a checker the balloon fish a puma and the attractiveness goes up there Kingfisher the Elks two black beers on either side here we are now Pleasant metropolis that is good to see we have a jellyfish over here a parrot looking good and people are coming into the sewer ready and I still have to think about something here so more ornaments with those um tiles there and then we can have something here like a Plaza where people can just enjoy and relax okay so I just want to know we are pleasant metropolis now I can't see the other stages I know you can go pretty high here and I definitely want to get higher you of course get more attractiveness than with the wall exhibition so that is something when you have bigger exhibitions stuff like that I definitely should get in more tourists than now soon and also a better chance here to get better items there and I am there's my frigate now with the additional artifacts and animals so let's have another artifact here for the Orioles coin unfortunately those buildings look all the same and a decaying mummy in that one I don't like the museum that much so you need to have a much wider variety of artifacts here to get different buildings so the zoo looks a bit more diverse in this regard you know it always has different compounds for each animal and has beautiful buildings like this one here cage for the parrots the water compounds he likes so to swim with the jellyfish yeah but I like to sue much more and we can definitely do much more out of it with more animals than hopefully more attic animals out of the expedition's once we can do 2/3 skull expeditions that's that and we just have to wait now for the World's Fair to get to phase 3 and we are also going to start with the next production you would put B champagne and cigars chocolate and steamed carriages to get those investors high and we can close this episode with another few upgrades here so we do have enough resources let's get some more artisans two engineers here yep also on this side here um over there what's missing I had the University okay so I should build another oh we have one here they are not missing anything here right now we can upgrade a few more here our deck let's have this block here full of Engineers looking better and Thatcher oh we do like some partisans now so I should also do of course I should upgrade a few more workers there so we have too many workers anyway yeah oops there are some more books here and also appeared to the Sioux have a few Morrison stairs so we can upgrade then here more once we have enough timber and he's really demanding a lot of money there lately I hope we can go for the next stage soon which with the trade rights I think then only he stops okay we're at 50s 50 still not enough there he's a bit harder now than the last time that I remember that at least and also nice and come now almost 50 K could soon start with um overtaking other islands if we want that and right there was something that was the reinforced concrete that we need some putting everything here into my cargo ship have a look at the items there again oh that looks nice major psych leave cyclin exhibition literature attractiveness plus folio let's take this even though it's it's damn expensive let's just take this one and get it back to Sleepy Hollow and frigate here let's get let's get the frigate back to Madame Kachina for some more artifacts there and this could be here to eli bleak with okay and do we still have something else nothing there oh yeah we got another balloon fish here 430 attractiveness and the zoo is growing as well okay and with that we are going to leave it at that and next episode to continue with the world exhibition

  1. "Mh, very nic …"

    Wait, no, someone commented I'm saying that too much. Let's save it by going for the thing I say the second most often.

    "… okay, JUST LIKE THAT!"


  2. Maybe you should use blueprint more, when you built a lot of empty showroom you waste a lot of maintenance cost.

  3. Can you work on your citizens happiness next time? We shall see more frequent festivals which rises attractiveness more too dont you think?

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