Anno 1800 The Anarchist #22 - Investors and Expeditions || Let's Play Sandbox DLC [PC 60FPS]

hello everybody welcome back to a no 1800 the city is growing and in this episode we're going for quite a right here quite a lot of things that we need to do first of all I will finish the power plant here now so let's build this very nice and I think the power connection the train is here already very nice – this is working – this district here is going to have electricity electricity quite soon and then we can upgrade our first investors and there's also some space here so let's make it a bit more beautiful with a few trees here just like that very nice ok so the other thing that I wanted to do is we have finally finished now the steel Harbor down here but the steam of course the Steam Harbor also needs electricity so we need a second power plan and I want also to build a third power plant just over here where we have a riot right now I should have police stations close by one is already tending to them there it is there is one and there is the other one so they should be tending to that rather quickly what I want to do here so first of all this marketplace is no longer needed here ok so we have a marketplace here for that for those buildings here workers and farmers and we have one here so we don't need that one here anymore and I want to have power plant here as well even though hmm I need to think about that because here we're going to have the World Exhibition and I don't really want to have a power plant just beside that so we're going to have a little smaller area here and this popu needs to go unfortunately we can place it over here the artisans as far as power I know don't need a pup very nice so only the workers and we still have to pop here so that should be working out tom and what I want to do is let's build the power plant here let's have an imprint mode for now just like that and I also want to have a second one down here so we have the steam shipyard and it should be here very nice so let's get rid of that building here those trees and that Bellini and then we can have a book yeah let's get rid of that street you now we can build a power plant here let's see just like that I think yeah let's build it down and then we could also have a real way going over there very nice so I've blue printed those two buildings now let's also build the railway here right away just down here such an amazing idea to have a three-layered street here it's working out so perfectly now right so this railway is going up all the way over here and now we can just place it like that very nice so this is working out we do have some space here now on either side so what I want to do is getting rid of that Street here and to fill the gap you know we're going to have um a few more houses here in between I know it looks a bit cramped you might say but it's still better than I'm looking at a power plant from the world Exhibition Centre then let's have another one here just beside that hmm yeah this might work so let's build them and we have a little space here so let's use that space again with some trees on either side and we could even have let's see something for playing chess just beside railway is that a good idea or let's have a less of a spring here and again a few trees here just a little quiet corner here in the middle of my town and we can both now this power plant here and also this one here that's a lot of new oil consumption that we're going to have here soon so let's let's wait it out then and see how my oil reacts to that we do have quite a good oil production here but we are using 50 oil already over here and Tarek and now I have three power plants for power plants in Sleepy Hollow right that's the oil refineries here working already at its maximum so the only way I could also still increase that would be with a trade union just here but I would have to have the required item for that let's see if we have the item so I do have quite a lot of items here that are equivocal in a trade union so those are the items that I'm looking for unfortunately I don't have any item here now that would increase the productivity of an oil well so let's have a look down here so our chips it's got nothing of that kind unfortunately madam convener I don't think that she's got that eager she's got artifacts and animals nothing really useful for me right now Oh my expedition Olsen it's my attention again a so logical expedition that I started so the crew needs some common ground and again I don't see any hmm I don't see any overlay here doesn't matter and Eli perhaps he's having some figure ships Town Hall townhall Harbormaster doesn't look good trade union all mines and quarries nope that's not it perhaps Eli has something he's got a lot of new items military ship that's actually a particular item there 30 force trade union effects all production buildings but only for the workforce – 10 % nope Town Hall Town Hall but only two residences nothing with the trade union so unfortunately I can't do anything here right now but this would be a possibility of course to just increase the productivity of those oil wells very nice that's that let me just see that we can't operate them yet I would like to do that we need to wait for them to reach our yeah kind of 10 oh wait a second speed this whole thing up let's get rid of them here just like that and let's just get hmm yeah let's just move those engineers from over there to this area here unfortunately yeah it doesn't as you can see it doesn't it just it doesn't look that good here then that's one engineer building let's just take them from over here does that look good I don't know yeah I suppose it does I also need another corner engineer item here to fit this one here just like that no one knows why it is being built like that but it must have a reason oh wait a second we could also turn it around just like that then it would fit yeah let's have it like that that fits this one looks a bit off but it's okay for now actually this one looks pretty good there let's move away let's get this with you're over just like that and we should move this one here in this looks good because this wood looks this looks like it's been cut off here yeah I like that that's cool building you're by the way trade union miners no great they just have demands then when I let them come in so no problem there right so we have it like that now and here we should have electricity now we have electricity here so we can now use the steam shipyard very nice too let's build a cargo ship and we also have powerful and pokey here now how's the oil looking oh it's going down hard but that could be because we just delivered all the oil let's wait it out a bit more and see how much it is actually that we need all right so that's that and we have lots of engineers now what we do with that well of course we upgrade we go for investors now and let's see where I want to have my first investors probably over here somewhere I could make it like that I could have hope Locke here of Engineers I could also make it here in the middle just like that and I think that's a good idea and very nice that we have it now the first engineers I investors in Sleepy Hollow but also have this block here and also that those two blocks there I do have enough resources for all of that that doesn't that look nice let's also have this block here investors Andals this one here going all the way up here and we are now at metropolis as well and of course I need to build some more formal houses here now that the needs of the road the ones that I've moved very nice so we got a lot of investors now and reach the last stage so here we have the wolf foundation let's have a look at the spaces enough it is perfectly enough very nice you can even have some ornaments around that here I like that we could also have it down here but I don't like it down here that much this one looks much better just on the hill here overlooking everything that sounds like a good idea right we have the investors here now let's see we don't need a pop here anymore as far as I know so we can get rid of that cup here and we can also get rid of that market place there and my expedition Richmond let's have a look with your items we get a balloon fish at least it's rare and two common items uncommon items so not that spectacular but at least one blue item and a Jaguar a Jaguar check are very nice let's get all my items here that I have still over and the tack boat meant they're that bad yeah also another propagandas that we need to get on like no we don't need that money here let's take minus 30 consumption and 15 happiness and minus 50% right chance so we keep those rides at a minimum there's a bit of rain coming down now and there are some rides here just the normal city picture here that we have right and there is the power plant also getting some oil so let's have a look yeah it's definitely going down now hard so lucky for us in the new world what we've already did is having a cargo ship here with lots of resources ready for another oil production that's that and I think there it is yep there is our oil wells so what we need to do here now is first of all we need an oil Harbor here just like that and then we need the oil refinery over here very nice looking good and now we can have the railway from over there Construction no steel beams are missing again and I thought I was prepared if she's selling some steel beams here for us I doubt it you know she doesn't do that she's got lots of items though hmm no I need to wait a bit I need to get those team steel beams over there so we do have a cargo ship there fortunately so let's get a few of those fortunately for us the cargo ship is quite fast so it shouldn't be a big deal and let's get this one over here let's say under fifty tons right away since I don't need that much steel here anyway we do have bricks and timber in the bull a new world so yeah perhaps some windows now and some reinforced concrete just to make sure and I really don't want to waste any more time here let's give this one to the new walls on its way shouldn't take that long for a cargo ship and the oil tanker we can also send to the new walls here the second wall tanker so this one's going to deliver some oil then and while we're at it let's build a second wall tanker so I want to have two oil tankers on this route then today we have a steady supply of additional oil in the harbor here even though we do have quite a lot of oil now again 300 but I already have an oil surplus ok I've upgraded a lot of buildings here let's look at the investors they want glasses coffee lightbulbs bicycles of course so let's have a look if we have enough of that bicycles glasses fur coats light bulbs everything is still full here no no item here is in serious struggle very nice that's good they want the members club though let's have a look there's the members club it costs quite a bit fifty thousand and especially a lot of resources so I don't want to build that many of them so let's see where we need to place this one here we don't need a marketplace and a pop here anymore so this would be a very nice location for a members Club just like that really really expensive and what we can have here yeah let's have two fountain causes sleep making this whole thing they're a bit more beautiful so they should have some a members Club now being a bit more happy here how far does it reach Oh quite a lot though so we don't need to build that name many members clubs and I liked how the balloons beautiful so if we go down now at my beautiful city have a look at the members club where only the rich are dining right he has some high demands now for keeping the peace and he still doesn't want to have any treat here yeah let's get our reputation higher still does money trade rights we had fully eight now probably when I reach fifty yeah let's do that as well right that's a good offer the ride is over now and yeah let's also create some more farmers here I mean I need more farmers so what we can also do is add another district over here but wait we are now at our food production here so we need to move that away we need to get those Timbers somewhere else so let's have them over here far away I'm going to have that one here and then I can have my lumberjack but you know the second one here and the third one away yeah that's not good I mean it's ad 82% that's still fine and let's move those saw melts then over here okay let's get rid of that we don't need that much anymore 75% is fine for me too we don't need that much timber anymore plus we're importing it anyway okay so there we have a bit of space in our again and here we can have a new district all the way up here and what I was thinking about since we have a pretty large and beautiful street here now I could just have to sue here wouldn't that be a nice location for sue up here so let's look at the sue real quick there it would just be perfect here you know with that even space wise you could have it like that let's have to Street somewhere else just like that and then we could have this ooh here I like that look at that so you can see the sooo far away already that would be a nice idea yeah and then we could have here a beautiful big suit surrounded by other buildings why not so first of all let's continue here with another district and as always we need to start with the marketplace where's the other one down here so yeah they're still a good rip influence here so let's just build it like that okay then we have the marketplace somewhere here oh wait let's just have it with paved streets right away all the way there so I don't like any bricks let's just have some paper streets here everywhere since this is a new district as well it can look beautiful right away why not okay there's five here you should have a there it is if I ever get already on its way oh and the power plants on fire as well but it's on its way that should be Z no problem there so let's continue here let's see if you like that and another block here of course they don't want to have it too close here so let's get rid of those bellies because I think I want to have the suit chest here yeah okay and then we can have like some trees here as a buffer right should we do it like that hmm because the marketplace here is kind of a waste and spilled it there and here we want to have a pop so that's the pop right beside the suit in the soup up that we can have just here but we can have more residents bowling Co down very nice and we have a lot of influence yourselves so let's just continue with some additional buildings over there we're going to ends the main street here I think since I don't intend to have anything else here and so here we can have some additional farmers now just like that and also here that's a lot of new buildings let's just continue with the main street I don't care looking good so we have that but of course we need some service building Sears so let's have them here in the middle we definitely the police station here and we definitely need a hospital we need to get rid of that Street here I think yeah very nice so we do have a hospital and the police station just up here doing everything here tending to my people and perhaps while we're at it let's have a no I want to have a school here let's have two school we do need a school here just like that hold those people here as well and a church that's the church overlooking out this district that should work it's a perfect but look at that it has a huge area of influence very nice so we can upgrade some additional buildings here now to our artisans just like I wanted and again I just want to have my book is here so it just fits you know having the artisans here and then going into workers and into my factory builders very nice okay and here we you want to have some more to show trees as a buffer just like that so we do have to pop here now with the marketplace we'd have a church here there's some free space here variety theater we could have that here no actually that would be a waste because I don't intend to have any artisans here anytime soon or do we besides the zoo we definitely should have artisans let's have a variety theater here as well yeah let's have that here and of course we need some ornaments for that so let's have another statute here beautiful right and so we're going to have to train I think for another power plant if you want that up here yeah I can just do that you know having a railway going all around the city now let's do that there's the railway again let's get this one over here and all the way over here oh no I don't have enough construction materials Oh timber okay I thought it was only steel beams but no its timber as well doesn't matter we just wait for some timber to come in what has come in though is additional construction resources in the new world there are this so let's get them to murillo yeah it needs a lot more steel beams there so lucky for us we got some and then we can have the railway here the oil Harbor we probably also need an oil depot here but it's that oil storage we can put that it adds how much 200 let's build two of them that's the cotton right and I should also get another people here and the realist since we get a lot of cards on here in production so where's my ship should be close by now there it is with that okay well this is still on its way let's have a look back because I think my money is kind of low they will lose something here no it's all looking really good and we have enough timber again so let's continue with that and a little bit they're very nice so we have now the railway just around our city here completely unlike that and of course we also need some crossings here and there so let's have a crossing here and cellphone here also important for electricity it's the dirt road here some dirt streets one here and definitely one and one here very nice looking good and I don't think that we're going to have power plant up here whether sue is going to be so instead of having a third street you in the middle let's just have an ally ally something like that very nice going all the way up to the suit you could actually do the same here as long as I don't have any intention of having another oil power plant here just all the way up there beautiful Street a street of trees and let's have a crossing very nice and we do have enough wood now again so let's up create a few more houses here especially your worm good you have the soup just like that looking batch already and let's have a short look at my oil storage it's definite down so there's a traffic jam here so let's go to a new world and build that oil connection there or supply I do have the steel beams now with them and let's have the railway down there see there it is very nice going all the way now down here to the oil harbor and then I'm going to upgrade as well think can we afford that let's just build those things here first the oil wells ok quite a lot of them and can we also increase the productivity here very nice 50% increase that's quite a big one here now as we can see it goes up there 750 perhaps looks like it's going to be 750 up that's a lot of well that we produce now and now we can have a trade route with oil from murillo choose Sleepy Hollow having well of course as much as possible and we're going to have two ball tankers on that trade routes very nice that's it and as we can see it's filling up rather quickly here having the toil here he can also increase the storage room once more that should be enough for now and I also have a still have some steel beams so we could have a second one here then you know that the train goes all the way down here to the oil hard work we can do that perhaps we do that at some point let's see how much oil we actually produce here and if we have enough none of that very nice stay tuned

  1. After watching 5 episodes of Nivarias in a row, what I can say is:
    1) Very nice!
    2) Get rid of the fishing boats on Tarrick and get some docking piers. Very nice.
    3) Very nice!

  2. I cried a little bit inside when you skipped over the item @ 5:43 such a good item! easily 90-150 coins per investor house which would probably be another couple of thousand coins worth of profit! (based on base income without all the needs and luxuries obv)

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