Anno 1800 The Anarchist #21 - Keeping the Peace ain't cheap || Let's Play Sandbox DLC [PC 60FPS]

what's up everybody welcome back to a no 1808 our town is growing and we've also got a quest now the long arm of the law that is one of the new quests here so the police have been overwhelmed lately as they try to uncover the anarchist infiltrators but you people have other problems they need to help with help them on earth aren't anarchist gangs to free up some space on their plate okay so we need to find and collect anarchist gangs five of them otherwise we get a riot let's have a look it's on Balrog actually it's not on Sleepy Hollow and here they are a small group of anarchists in the middle of my but my town so that is I think a quest for a quest line a longer one so there are some here and this is one of the first ones so one of the beginner quests there nothing else yet and he still not selling any steel beams that's that's a pity but it doesn't match really yeah what else um something new has happened and so Archie has us been selling oil tankers now so we can finally finally come transport oil between our Islands this is the first one here cartago and we're going to use him right away as a route as an oil route between Sleepy Hollow and tarik and we're going to say hmm I don't know I mean it's quite fast here so let's let's stick with 54 now I think 50 might even be too much already but I don't know and this is the first oil route now so this one here cartography is now going to transport that oil over there and we'll see if that is enough or not just like that very nice and he's then going to get it over here to tarik we've already got a powerplant here I'm going to activate this one again and the harbor is here so we just need to wait now for this oil tanker to arrive here and then we can finally have some electricity here and tarik and boost all of those factories here right something else I've sent one of my cargo ships over here with some more building materials because my engineers have one more demand and that is lightbox electricity comes last but lightbulbs is what they want now so let's give them lightbox even though of course they can't use them yet but they can stock them until I've got a power plant for them and then we've have to cut everything I actually the engineers won't and cannot create them to investors so let's get those building material Tarek very nice and we can start with the light bulbs so the light bulbs don't need much they need class we do have a lot of glass here on Terok we're producing way too much anyway think we could even have one more here since we have lots of sand actually we don't have that much sense we'll wait for that because it I think it's in the reach of the power plant it is as you can see so the sand mine here those two at least I'm going to be electrified as well so we're going to have a huge boost of glass and production there as well but well then again the glass the spectacle factory also has a boost there so let's just boost the scent mind for now you definitely need a bit more scent there and a bit more for the glass makers oh that's not possible so let's just have one more glass maker I've told them very nice that's that and then we need um the filament factory so that it's coal and last I remember we had lots of coal here and Tarek no problem we even have two coal mines here that are working at 50% increase so no problem there and this is also further improved by electricity so it's coming close here now to that one here let's look this one needs one minute and this one here needs to be needs one minute as well so I think we built four of them for now of those filament factories just like that and then we can build like four of that one year even though that will well mess with my balance Act one quite a bit so there's the power plant what I'm going to do is I'm going to have another warehouse here then first of all let's build those lightbulb factories just like that then we can have a street here right and let's also have a street here and get rid of that one year okay and one more should be possible very nice light bulb factory there oh my oh look at my coins there let's put them to sleep right away I totally did not see my the costs of that now that is surprising what how expensive was that now are you kidding me forty five thousand for this one thirty thousand for this one Wow I gotta say that was a lot of costs there and I don't want to get bankrupt of course so let's really quickly sell some stuff and I'm also going to put those motor assembly lines to sleep because they cost me quite a bit and yeah I'm also going to say bye-bye to you and bye-bye to you so I have a positive balance again but what the hell I did not expect my money to get that load anyway we got the first train now coming in here as well for this power plant so all those factories you're getting some power now that's going to be interesting let's wait it's only 50 oil I hope that's enough for now and that's it now we're producing electricity here and just look how it goes up there to 200% very nice I hope those ones here – yeah – and 50% for my sand mines and for the class sneakers they're very nice very nice that's a nice booster um but with the cargo-ship yeah let's get 50 steam motors so that's a lot of money there and lots of bicycles would you have lots of them you know what let's just get another 50 steam motors I really want to make sure and I also need that second oil tanker there because we want to transport oil then from the new world to the old one so let's do that as well this one has lots of money there so that's so that's over 700,000 here those Goods I'm pretty sure of that so let's sell that and yeah let's use the free space here to build three more ship of the lines I can then sell them but oh my goodness that money that that sends shivers down my spine just now because you're pretty quickly bankrupt in this game I think – ten thousand – 100,000 so if I would have bought the two or three more factories I think that this would be the end of it that was pretty close right this one's still producing right yep and the next world tankers coming in so I think 50 is quite enough should be enough done patience okay and here we got enough steel beams and windows let's upgrade a few more people here so I wanted to get rid of artisans here in this area to completely let's do that let's upgrade some more here very nice there's one more down here let's get rid of him let's have something instead some flowerbeds perhaps like that very nice okay so we have lots of engineers here now we don't need to pop any more here we don't need the marketplace anymore we don't need the school here anymore that's important so I can get rid of those buildings then some more engineers here and all this will grow their engineers now very nice right so I won't be needing those anymore but I can't build any other buildings right now we are going to have investors here at some point so I think the members club might be nice in there we also can build the bank soon of course that is a monumental building there as well the bank no idea yet where to put it and the Town Hall I think it was right there is this Town Hall yeah we definitely want to have something like that because I've got a nice item for the Town Hall as far as I remember I hope I still have it somewhere trade union Town Hall it's not that there's Town Hall yep that's it effects artisans and engineer residences so bonus income of three per building that's not that much either oh it provides a bonus income for pocket watches any foul things rum beer variety theater so actually quite quite a lot that we have here rum variety theater any foul thing some more anarchists let's let them in and I should be able to sell my cargo now where's my car there it is it's going to be interesting how much money does we get out of that so let's have a look that might be quite a bit there just look at that yeah very nice it's almost 700,000 actually it's a million I think no it's on a million eight hundred thousand are very nice hue it was close though it was close not anymore here we can put them up to work again since they produce quite some valuable items there those motor assembly lines and let's also continue now with the light bulbs over there okay to the filament factories and there the lightbulb factories very nice yeah we definitely should have let's have a fire station here okay that should do it that should at least reduce the possibility for fire yeah it's going down now low explosion chance very nice so we do produce lightbulbs now and of course I want to see some money out of that so Ave Maria is going to be the trade route for the light bulbs from Tarek to Sleepy Hollow and we say nothing actually only light bulbs yeah it's a bit no it's it's not worth having a cargo ship for that since it's such a short distance I'm pretty sure we still have a clipper somewhere no Clippers anymore then I will have to buy one Stephanie I definitely need another oil tanker there that's what we need let's have the monitor for that the monitor has two cargo spaces there are slots so let's have the monitor for the light box from tarik just leave you hallo very nice that's it it's all working out he's not changing his items though you didn't change it so quickly in the past and now nothing okay we do have some resources again I want to have create a few more buildings here more engineers very nice those are the engineers and also some more workers – artisans that might be possible let's do that here just like that very nice I want to keep some workers here though close to the factories so I'm not going to upgrade everyone here okay looking good so far just old church do we need the church I think D yeah the artisans of the church the engineers don't need that anymore they want a bank though but the bank is so so expensive look at that 100,000 and we need a very special place for this oh yeah I need a bit more timber there before I can do anything right the lightbulb should be coming in soon he's now going for it we do have quite a traffic jam here again just want to make sure that we have the raw materials that we need here so zinc and copper enough enough glass here and of Steel especially Oh even though we do have a steel route between those two that gets a lot of steel there look at that 150 tons each turn and it's still full let's get it let's get a second ship on that route here down yeah let's get my command ship it's not doing anything anyway to definitely want to transport as much steel as possible to Sleepy Hollow all the time okay so tarik is quite useful now and yeah look at that steel is full because the productivity was boosted that much and looking pretty good so far that's that and we've also there's a strike here let's have a police station out here at the plantations and a fire station of course and yeah we do have a surplus of almost everything actually so there's not really much that we need to do right now I want to get more oil dough to the old ball and that we can do here now so I've got my Caravan here my cargo ship as you remember with lots of resources to Elsa Rao because we have so many oil fields here that are also close to the ocean I just need a bit of bricks there that I get a Morello Marilla doesn't have so the oil fields in a good position like it's here actually that that would be a good one too let me have just a recheck here no actually this is better this is much closer to the ocean and I can just extend my my trains than my railway no actually Murillo is better let's get everything to Murillo because in Murillo I do have the oil fields here so I can use that and I do have them here so pretty close to each other and they could then just go to that area here you know to the oil Harbor here it would be much more difficult in l0 because first of all this one here I would have to remove some buildings here first and it's only that one here the other oil field is where over here and it's pretty scattered so that is not a good idea here so I'm going to move everything to Murillo and Amarillo we can then use it plus Marilla has the better workforce I think yeah it has more workers that I will need for the oil here right so let's do it like that and then we can transport that to Sleepy Hollow the oil so invincible let's get me back my reinforced concrete to instruct well let's give me back my windows and my steel beams just like that and let's get it over here Murillo and have another ceasefire very nice and we had peace with Sean la fortuna swell and trade no trade is not possible yet okay so without we need to wait a bit right I want you to see what and is actually selling so let's have a look weapons weapons some gold but that one looks good and this one's pretty cool too so a lot of naval power there hmm we can think about that some point you should have now delightful yeah yeah filling up now very nice that means more engineers also and also have more resources again let's upgrade some more engineers here and also here yeah and I'm already down on on artisans again have some more artisan problems there but I'm going to upgrade here everything okay let's pay that 20,000 to keep the peace but that's the first threat that he's made okay my wall is still pretty full here despite us having a trade route here of oil already so it doesn't seem like I need that much oil anyway at the moment at least right and we can now get rid of that school here and at least build the blueprint for the oil powerplant for now just like that and then the railway Queen in here very nice before okay so now we just need to wait a bit for our windows eight tons more windows and then we can have here everything electrified and this would be it then then we would have all the needs for the investors down here for the engineers to become investors of course and look at those missions here I've got like only three scale rescue missions let's take my cargo ship here let's see if we have enough good items you're a tugboat man that legendary item gives us some boost there some schnapps for medicine we need some beer for diplomacy I'd say some fur coats for hunting some coffee for force our love white coffee force because we can spill hot coffee on to enemies of what this would be for crafting but let's just look at that despite me having so many good items there it's doing barely above 50 so it's totally useless there and level one is not interesting here let's get rid of that as well what makes you yeah let's get one ship here to Eli again and let's get that forget down here oh we do have to forget here with already some interesting items let's have a look perhaps there's something else here the Kingfisher we have them already oh look at that ninety thousand four four to keep the peace okay let's play that like that is a bit that is odd that looks very nice good for a museum a silver sword okay let's get those artifacts and animals back to Sleepy Hollow and let's also sell some more Goods because I dropped quite hard there now since the motors some bicycles I think brass is quite valuable as well let's get fifty breast air and 100 glasses let's do that and let's finish this episode by upgrading a few more houses so we're doing that here very nice similar artisans up here looking good so far you have enough windows now so I just wait for a timber and then we can have dual power plant here and Electrify this district here and who knows perhaps we go for in investors but I don't want to rush that for now stay tuned

  1. You dont have much of harbourmaster/center or townhall or whats that buildings name is?
    Theres are alot of bonuses that you can have and the same goes for the unionbuildings.

  2. So you did not except to have so low balance, I told you like 4-6 episodes ago to upgrade your houses more, you got more then 5,500 WORKERS who give more TAX if they were engineers or artisans, let's say an artisan give 1 coin per each inhabitant, upgrade 4000 workers give you 4000 coins adding to you balance, how higher the buffer you more you can spend and have a higher balance over all

  3. You can increase your oil storage capacity by adding oil storage depots. they are there in the place where you build the oil harbour. hope it helps!

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