Anno 1800 The Anarchist #18 - The Frozen Chasm || Let's Play Sandbox DLC [PC 60FPS]

hello everybody welcome back to and region hundred well that was quite a busy episode last time and this is going to be even more busy since we were going to start with the class and steam motor assembly line so lots of new things and we also want to start then with the couch look here so that should be easy actually so let me just have a quick look if we have now all the resources that we need down here in Bell Rock the ship has arrived with the resources let's unload everything very nice and let's built those two copper mines that's it two copper mines here very nice and they're working out too so let me just wrap this up we do have now one sink mine one cup of mine here we do have two copper mines here that makes it three copper mines we do have one comment here that makes it four copper mines one sink here to sink here so now we have four sink mines and four copper mines very nice we need two ships for this one now since I want to have a steady supply of those resources to tarik so let's have a trade route now with Hawk Haven with Bell Rock with heavy sham and with tarik that's quite a long one and in Hawk Haven we load zinc and copper in Bell Rock we load copper and inhibition we load copper and in Tareq we unload everything and let's get done the clap and let's also get your ocean spewed on that trade route okay so we got those trade routes now fully working delivering all the my are the the or that we need for tarik for the brass smeltery I'm going to have to on that because I want to have a steady supply of those oars for tarik that we don't waste and it's us time here okay so that's that very nice and we also need we also shouldn't forget Sleepy Hollow in all of this so in Sleepy Hollow we produce sink two times let's get this trade route here Sleepy Hollow to tarik in Sleepy Hollow we load all the sink that there is so I'd say hundred tons won't be more because the ship has a rather small distance here to to cover and in tarik he can then load well I think yeah do we say brass or should we say bicycle a spectacles let me just have a look at that I think we are going to have the spectacles there as well yeah we just need that for that so let's yeah let's say int Eric I didn't save it now right nope let's create it again so Sleepy Hollow to tarik enteric reloads sink and unload that enteric and tarik we're going to load we're going to load the glasses let's say on returns each and returns and then we say although the steam motors that are coming in then at some point let's have them there of course this has a risk here that means if there is too much sink in Taric we can't load any glasses if that happens we'll find it out I have it in my back map in my mind now so that could be a threat on this one here oh wait a second we could actually make it a bit different here let's say let's say classic because you won't be having so many steam motors in your you know so that at least you get a one batch off of classes there and of course we need to unload that in Sleepy Hollow let's keep one ship for now because it's a small distance I don't need two ships on that that's that right but four steam motors we need lots of reinforced concrete and steel beams the same with the spectacled factories so I definitely need to get more of that let's get my clipper here back and I also want to build another clipper here and another ship of the line very nice so we want to get more building resources to tarrick for those factories that are coming now and while all this is happening let's go to the New World real quick and get that cow choked production up and running so we do have else around here where we I think we have the coffee here right right no we have the sugarcane here the rum production and that is quite sufficient anyway anyway for quite some time you know we have lots of rum with that and we have lots of timber here and what not that much workforce so let's work and work for Co real quick I want to have another marketplace over here just like that and then we can have some farmers here in addition oh that doesn't look good here let's get that fire station over here so we have some more space here again it seems like one ceasefire and that no it didn't wise my ship under attack my cargo ship is under attack by whom oh I got a a quest here from the Admiral I didn't even see that finally a quest from the Admiral he wants me to destroy a frigate and a gunboat with this one here that that explains why my ships got attacked but the problem is I don't have the naval powerful that at the moment I think I do have a free yeah another one here and let's also purchase that battle cruiser there and let's get those ships to Eli and at Eli's I'm going to collect my gatherer my fleet and then we're going to attack and do that mission because it does increase the reputation with the Admiral a bit which is quite too low anyway right and reinforced concrete and steel beams that's that anything else yes some bricks very nice let's get that to Terry so we can finally start with the production then you should have some decent amount no we don't have any copper here at all at the moment there's some sink coming in now the first copper dough should also come soon there it is there are small copper coming in he's just having another to stop here at heavy sham for a think more copper yeah but it's two ships that's delivering them so that's fine let's just speed on that right oh my is distressful here let's get another ceasefire where now she doesn't even need money anymore so we are high enough let's get a peace treaty let's see if we can do that very nice for 3,000 so we now had peace with n and I think he's still going to take quite some time yet so zero there let's give him some money very nice so we have peace with her perhaps trade rights that's possible very nice and we're at rate with n now too let's have a look at that in what she sells but right now I want to finish this one here and what I can also see is that the expedition needs my attention the frozen chasm the crevasse swallowed your sailors attempting to cross the mountain pass was risk and it crew paid the price for their desire to test the odds the rocky path turned to frozen snow then to the still body of a glacier its ominous presence plaguing the air with the smell of winter nights while faster than anticipated and it didn't take long for the less cautious explorers to discover the frailty of ice mentals look for another way a way in following the glacier and identifying its contours by the bumps and gaps of its no cape your sailors find a spot of crunchy and brittle ice which covers the entrance of a steep slope leading into the crevasse one wounded man I don't see any chances here when I'm asked over that I don't know yeah it's neutral at least but I would like to see the chances in the future do you have any production here we don't we have to run so people are quite happy with that right perhaps should get some Poncho's at least here in l0 let's do that let's get some Poncho's for my people here just over there I do have enough timber and it only needs some alpaca farms hips at least they have some punches there of course this cost me some farms but I get it back once they once this one fills up there okay that's that and then we could have the couch you just cost some timber and some farmers we can do that right away and let's do that on the other side of this whole island here quite up here yeah that looks like a nice spot let's have a quick look how much space it needs 144 fields that's quite a lot so we should take another route here I'm going to have two warehouses here and they produce every one minutes I need to look that up now so let's have a look at that every one minute this one produce every 30 seconds and this every 30 seconds we do have enough steel I want to get like safe for let's say five bicycle factories for now so that's 60 seconds that's not a good idea submits let's make it four bicycle factories for now or six let's say for Sweeney 8 couch oak plantations for that eight one two three four five seconds seven eight that's that another warehouse perhaps and then built those cow truck farms here groves how to code grooves called and the time of course is running I know we have the mission for the Admiral what this is too long I'll look at that a competitor's island is undersea this is going to be a close one this is not going to work let's put it over there yep just like that meant this one here the last one very nice that's the character and of course wolves you need a trader for that a ship she's not selling any ships right now any good ones so I need to have a clipper down from the old world doing that right and that was something about that mission there so Oh the fleet is done you know let's sail down here Oh someone lost in Ireland over here so there are hard battle Yogi's with each other okay so that's that's something here we do have yeah we drive on free clipper here hippopotamus – lets get this one here on a cow shook trade route trade route from the new world and we say Elsa route where we load cow truck let's say 150 tons every time and let's deliver that to Sleepy Hollow for the bicycle Sun and hippopotamus number two is on their trade route now he's not going to be the only one dough so let's have another clipper and with him then we have yeah well we have two ships then on this on the straight route therefore then for the cow hook since we're going to need quite a lot and it's very important as well so it gives us a nice boost to money then again whew that's that let's have a look real quick at my consumer good so purism down a bit but just a bit we'll see how much that is actually the rest is looking very nice so life is like seawater so we can upgrade a few more houses here I want to do that we still have quite a lot of farmers there its upgrade they're here and also here that's that and also here I'd say so let's have this whole line here if it's possible it is some brackets there very nice and let's also create some more hmm workers to true artisans I'd say so where should we do that up here this is going to be there Richard district here very nice no more chamber now that's that more artisans there and now I wanted to start with the production ear of two very important items in Terry we do have enough resources now and what I considered that is the porch is getting quite busy here so I'm going to use Oh Oh was it really that expensive get a second clear here so I'm going to need more resources there again since that pier is really expensive ok so steel is full that's good and we now should have copper and sink quite a lot of that very nice and I fourth each so that means yeah let's have five breaths mal trees for now I mean it's too much no actually wait a second I've got four of each I need I need eight breath smell trees and there's the fighting now that happened a bit quick here now the very weak ships there's no big deal there very nice let's see I need to get the proof of destruction let's get in with my battle cruiser it's just faster the other ships I can get back to Sleepy Hollow for this expedition does nan does it let's get that proof here and then we can deliver that to the Admiral get some bonus reputation there something I really need come on do it pick it up thank you over there there's the mission let's see the skilar and carry this harab dis something like that the crew attempts the crossing of a vicious Street like Odysseus along the coast of Sicily they see a subsidary current running counter them avoid the whirlpool and maneuver to dodge to shore but the search didn't have the ability of your navigators and we were able to cross that and let's continue the newspaper once again boy this game is really busy at this time is it let's get some – consumption there and some bonus income hey that's that my clipper should have arrived now here again there it is and we need I think yeah we definitely need 50 of each I'd say so 50 bricks 50 steel beams 50 windows and 50 reinforced concrete let's get that to tarik and now we can finally start with that so we need 8 breath smell Therese as we remember for that two three four six seven that's six only a tease so I'm going to have another warehouse here done you just like that okay yeah I need many more resources there though that's just a lot that I need there is another clipper coming up and I definitely need one more looking good so far we do have the resources though we just need to ship it over to tarik okay so their first breath smell trees are now working them let's get some trees in here it's an ugly area but you know some trees might we get a bit more beautiful for the workers here right that's the price smell trees we have each of them done and right I need six six spectacle factors than that I cannot no actually not because I need to press as well forty steam motors so let's save for breath smell spectacle factories and to motor assembly lines that's good that sounds about right I drove another clipper the wild pigeon and I'm putting him on the couch shook traitor out there while pigeon tooth on its way now to the New World and off you go have a safe journey wild pigeon let's get another clipper Derrick first we can buy one now cut the influence of broker I don't know why and this one you could be faster a bit we don't have that much time there's another cargo ship very nice let's purchase that mic Juan I really don't like it that when the message is here enough no message can pop up here you have to wait forever sometimes just for the purchase right we have another cargo ship there that's good while we here let's also purchase some steel beams right no we don't we don't need that perhaps some items no I don't think so let's just get my cargo ship over here okay I got more resources here now so let's yeah let's build those breasts small fish here four of them and I need resources again especially bricks and steel beams this is going to take quite a while here but it's a big production we have two big productions here that we are finishing them that's good so I wanted to have four spectacle factories here we have the power plant than in the future so let's keep the space here open I don't know how big it is anymore so this should suffice and then we can have four of those spectacle factories here just like that we also have to upgrade to ours here of course that's the four of them so we can build some more here then and let's have a warehouse here and then we want to have two of those motor assembly lines they're very expensive just like that so we can build additional factories here than a future yeah the quest very nice 40,000 and some repetition which is more important and they actually require the electricity here in spectacles to know okay so I I have to wait with them here anyway because we need to get the electricity up there first that is our next goal actually electricity and trains I'm very eager to do that let's see first of all we need to get more resources let's get a hundred tons some steel beams yeah let's get even more bricks there since I need a lot of them so tarik oh this one here doesn't have a warehouse there my bad looking good so far at sea and I think Rome pretty friendly terms with him now look at that 65 yeah we could have trade rights very nice 120,000 but let's do daddy's I rather pay dad's much and have him on my side then having to worry about war all the time he's the only one yeah that kind of doesn't like us at the moment but he's coming to our side as well at some point your problem very nice so that's that we have finished this one now to spectacles is the next one and then electricity stay tuned

  1. Wow, first to comment. Ha ha ha I really like the way you play this game……no war so far. Others are blasting everyone all the time and that gets tiring to watch over and over and over again. This is a game I wish I could play, but I have an older Mac Mini….*sigh*. Keep up the GREAT videos.

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