Anno 1800 The Anarchist #17 - Complex Logistics || Let's Play Sandbox DLC [PC 60FPS]

what's up everybody welcome back to a new 1800 well we are quite good on here now so I want to expand my city a bit since we have a surplus of almost everything we start here with a new district so I've placed a market place you're ready let's also continue your my Main Street kind of over here so it's going to be three three ways again as usual and here we're going to have now another district so I'm going to start off with another fire station it was very important to have that you can have it here and then we're also going to have a pub since we are going to have mainly farmers here for now let's place that pub yeah right next to tea market place and then we can continue with some more houses like that let's have those blocks here just like that very nice and the expedition also needs my attention again it never ends this expedition seems a bit odd to me it's a long one a nice let's have a look so love Islands a matter of the heart the crew have been enjoying some Island hospitality Oh yen I know that convinced the king last time this wasn't very successful but since we're at the end of this expedition I'm going to get go for it more loss because I note this one here if it fails I'm going to lose some crew members an unfortunate loss oh yeah okay we also do something here no matter how you chained up turn it you always going to lose some item there are teams and let's continue here with some more formers on this block here and of course you can also have some more forms here then yep just like that there's a bigger crossroads here then because I'm going to have something here of course but over here we can still build some more houses just like that are nice and let's also build some more houses here so in blocks of three let's go up hill like that and yeah let's do it like that and then we can have a block of to here this one fits in nicely and also here very nice let's see how far it goes we could also build something here let's do that few more blocks here farmer sweet we actually need some farmers anyway for the mines just like that very nice with the pup here and I think we also should have a pup over here to keep my people happy just like that and also a fire station just to make sure very nice a new district has been born oh yeah and we can also pull something here those houses they're very nice okay that's finished now this district aired let's upgrade some houses we do have a lots still lots of workers there so I want to get more artisans let's start down here with this block here very nice more artisans and my city is now quaint capital so we should have more tourists again yeah they pay some nice texture in addition and also the chance for some better items increases as well with that alrighty that's that we need to wait for some timber at the moment and while that is happening what we can do here now I'm going to send I'm going to send this ship here off again because we have finished your on Terok for now I don't think that we need to do anything else here I mean this one here the brass or the brass smeltery does cost attractiveness though so we probably should have the brass smelter here as well as I said already we have to commute P here so we only need some resources so bricks a reinforced concrete especially that's looking not so good and yeah when we deliver that um over here we can just build those press a smelter is over there so we'd save some attractiveness all together that might work and the spectacle factory yeah we can have that on Sleepy Hollow since it doesn't decrease the attractiveness too much and we already have a fire here but lucky for us we do have the fire station right there as well yeah I could still build some more furnaces if I like to because we have so much coal and iron in here and we should also get while I'm at it we don't have any bricks here let's get that clipper here to Sleepy Hollow now I'm unloading your timber so we can upgrade more houses but what I want to do is I want to get more bricks here so let's take 100 tons of bricks and steel beams and all the windows then we're going to need your enteric soon and I also want to get some depots here since it's not looking that good you need to send it over there do we have another clipper ready there at this one very nice because we're the second but you have to sink here one sink here that's enough but we have two copper here and one copper here so that would be three three that would be perfect but the copper as far as I know no it only cost work is very nice so we don't even need any additional workers there we can have this one copper mine here we just need some resources for that and there is a clipper let's get this clipper back to Sleepy Hollow let's unload the chamber here and upgrade some more houses what are they missing the pup here okay there's a pub we'll second table no they should be able to upgrade now there are very nice let's upgrade this block here does Kozlov timber again let's see what else can we upgrade here there are more artisans just like that very nice okay that's that now we just need to wait for the Clippers to arrive at their destination Utley want to have a community PA here let's all do that because we'd like some brokers here we do have timber here enough but we need bricks steel beams windows and reinforced concrete's of four items let's get one clipper for that this one here and get 50 tons of Windows 50 tons of reinforced concrete five has been vanquished 50 tons of steel beams and 50 tons of bricks to Bell Rock we can then have a commute here this one here okay so we just need to wait for that as well and here in Tarek we get more resources now we still need the reinforced concrete then for – does it need that yep the brass smeltery doesn't need that so we're going to build on three mines of each type I think that's 30 seconds each and this one here needs one minute oh that's that's stupid but we only need two brass smelter is then even though we could have yeah we should get a fourth mine of each type then down here Hawk Haven has one of each type then so we could do that here we even have some brokers here so we only need to deliver the materials for that but this is a bit more complex now okay so Tarek let's unload the resources there let's get a Depot here to depose that should do the trick that's that let's get my clipper back because we need to get some reinforced concrete and for the breath smell trees and here we have more timber again we also need that of course for some more upgrades let's get some more artisans here and this beautiful town yeah let's upgrade some more here just over there so we have more artisans and the royal tax should go down a bit because of that six timber bricks yeah we just need some more timber now again but that's just a matter of a small amount of time what we need though is the reinforced concrete so let's get that let's get another 50 tons of that over to Tarek we're still waiting for the Clipper here with the resources taking its sweet time those are not the ones but doesn't matter yeah right we also wanted to have those mines here in Hawk Haven so it's two mines right yeah one copper and one sink mind we have bricks enough yeah enough bricks here but with n steel beams actually so all we need is actually 20 windows and 20 reinforced concrete and then we can afford that 20 windows and 20 reinforced concrete and 20 windows there it is down to hawk oven and here we can have those two mines then and impel rock we're still waiting yeah and then we can also have those oh they're together here that's good that's very nice makes it a bit easier where's the Clipper with the resources so it really taking that much time there it is on its way okay hmm we just some timber again let's upgrade some more houses over there right I like this town artisans today is the only de marketplace no they don't need that so at some point now we have lots of artisans here and we have the marketplace over here so we don't need that marketplace here anymore there is some work is there but well you know what just get rid of them and have a smaller Park here for all I care that looks nice I would definitely want to live in such a town here like this one here very nice just beside the ocean looking good right oh and the expedition has returned let's see if they have some nicer items they are common common some penny farthing far things here and a tree surgeon as an expedition bonus for crafting no those items are crap let's get this um ship of the line to Archie whom to sell the stuff on board and then the ship itself all swim to sell this ship there we have another cargo ship that I can purchase here nope that's the monitor and a battle cruiser that's it for now she's not selling as any ships yet Oh Angie's got some nice items there like the silver shield we we probably should get one ship over there madam Kadena there is waiting for your items before it disappears again and I'm going to also descend one forget here to Eli just in case he has some good items again right and here in Tarek now the sink – over here so let's build that one it's going to be the first one first sink mine I think here we have to write requesting asylum reverberatory furnace affect all Aaron works and foundries productivity of 50% increased sounds like a good idea to me yeah let's take them in okay so we have that one and also this one here and a sink mine done by now the ship should have arrived down here there it is in Bell Rock let's unload now we can build the commute appear very nice so now we have two shared workforce here as well what we eat though for two copper mines we don't have that we need a bit more steel here steel my appeal so let's get one clipper down there as well and down here and Hawk Haven yeah we have now the ship here as well let's unload and build one copper mine over here and one sink mine very nice working out we need a bit more workers here though so let's just upgrade those two houses there now let's make it four houses and felt like one more farmer here and a bunch of farmers over there very nice working out so we got all the three sink mines now for actually we got four sink ones now and that's a start choose call – let's have a look at that first needs hunting naval powers – definitely one of our ship of the lines the Andromeda I'd like to have a ship that it's my Harbor to look this one here the ice edge okay the ice patch so we have the naval power there and yeah let's equip the tugboat man always a very nice morale boost then we need some rations as always I like to take the schnapps there since it gives a nice morale boost relations and medicine and then we need something for hunting as well yeah let's take the fur coats they're very nice and we still have some spot left hmm I don't have any other items though that I can use I would love to use a bit more item we could have equipped the military ships this one here somewhere L there and this one here for navigation very nice that's it that's high enough let's go for it skull to navigation expedition and then here again let's have minus 30 consumption minus 90 percent right chance that sounds like a good deal for a bit of less money but we can get that with this one here again so hopefully that helps a bit with the right frequency even though I don't have that many rights as far as I can see it's kind of okay those four right so we have that down here what we need here is a bit mysterious I remember let's get them and also some bricks for the two copper deposits here and we also need like 10 tonnes let's sleep let's make 30 tonnes a windows and a bit more concrete there let's get that u2 Bell Rock furniture copper mines that we have right and then there is one more copper mine that I want to have here so we need some steel beams windows and reinforced concrete for that one more clipper let's get reinforced concrete ten ten window let's make it thirty reinforced steel beams and that's it let's get this one – hey wysz hem it's just one mine I mean I know I'm kind of yeah well let's let's get rid of one brick factory so I got the workers for the the copper the copper mine which is just here very nice and then we have everything we need that this is going to be a bigger a much bigger spectacle production that I'm used to and probably have some breasts um surplus here than as well which would be nice because we need that press for the steam motor assembly line and yeah we can also probably just do it here because we have steam a steel and brass stand here on Terok so with that we can have two productions right away you notice – the spectacles here and the steam motors which are very important for the battlecruisers the oil tankers and the cargo ships then we need them so I definitely need more yeah windows reinforced concrete stuff like that so let's just get it because Terry geese won't be quite central central part of my production lines and here we can still have the power plant then very nice I like that layout so we're going to have another one here then let's have that warehouse here and here then we can have the brass smell trees and over here we can have the spectacle factories and here we can have the motor assembly lines then I like that a lot that layout we still need to wait a bit here for the resources for those two copper mines that and dad very nice I like that let's have a look at what the traders actually sell me now I do have some ships you're ready to take whatever comes sea horses just some common items that I don't care about that much let's see oh that looks nice Kingfisher for the sooo let's take the Kingfisher sounds like a nice item for the suit because of course we want to build a suit soon an elk also adds 30 attractiveness let's get that out there too you still have one slot let's have a look nothing here so far one more time okay nope then I'm just going to beat you with my frigate that's for ships naval power navigation but it's a common item let's wait for the epic items like this one here very nice one of our expedition is on its way again equipped in ships lady loose the redeemed pirate that's a Chinese woman pirate and she gives us medicine 45 it's just one bonus dose or not very nice let's reel one more time the tack boat met another one he's very nice so let's take him he's only rare but he gives a nice morale boost and has three boney for the expedition Hawk joven it's built a police station there oh these Clippers really take their time I can't wait for them to replace them with the cargo ships that are just much faster he's there it is now heavy sham I was waiting for you and let's get ya this copper deposit here very nice so we do have copper year now too and sink would be possible here as well but I don't need it now I mean I want to keep the ratio for for for now to for mines for each type and we definitely need some steel here as well for the steam motor assembly line then and lucky first we have lots of steam steel and yes steel beams so one of my frigate should actually purchase them it seems like it's not doing that very often where's the angel angel Clare down there purchasing the bricks and the steel beams okay but we can also do now is a create a few more houses while we wait you definitely have a smaller Park here so from Friday and Monday just like that let's get some more peeps treats your while I have the bricks still so many streets that I need to pave going to take me quite some time here doing that okay looking good so far of course I want to have paved streets where we have artisans already is inside I can't let them run in third streets on the under streets just like that ad with rich level 47 very nice let's see if we can reach a even higher level than on my first sandbox pretty sure we can let's go to have some more here and with that beautiful music and beautiful view of the city we could close this episode stay tuned

  1. Is it an idea to make a city once with a total different layout then that you normally do ? I see you do the same 4×2 or 5×2 city layout on every island. Time to change things up , dont care about efficiency . Make something spectaculair 🙂 (p.s. i do the exact same in my games, its no criticism. Just something fun perhaps)

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