Anno 1800 The Anarchist #16 - Steel, off you go! || Let's Play Sandbox DLC [PC 60FPS]

hello and welcome back to Anam 1880 anarchists and we are looking down now on this proud city of Sleepy Hollow with engineers so we're pretty far as we can see it's a big city here of course there are lots of work to do here but at the moment we can just marvel at this beauty here of this game here very nice let's continue we have lots of things to do so first of all and we have now enough reinforced concrete so what I want to do with that is I want to start building the commute piers and we can do that by well just clicking on this button here because I've already only built the layout here the blueprint so we have the first one here now I've moved the shipyards over here so it just looks better there and that was a building to ship of the lines here for each and just going to sell them because we need lots of money I want to buy some epic items and they're quite costly most of them use very nice we have done that another thing that I want to do here is as some of you pointed out rightly we don't have enough storage here in Balrog so let's just add a few depots here so we can build one right away I think that we can build two so let's book – that's a hundred tons more storage here in barakatuh we can afford now definitely important and there's a small riot here but nothing too serious those riots are never really serious at least as far okay and here in tarik we can now build the other commute PRF send a ship here with reinforced concrete already so let's just unload everything that we have here and built this commute appear here just like that is very nice and now we have to work for Syrian tarik as well and this ship here starts now well commuting between those two islands very nice and now we can use the workforce here now to finally finally arm start with our steel production in tarik and what I also wanted to do just wait a second we do have sync here with of the cement coal and iron very nice so those are the things that I want you to do and of course we also want to get more steel because bicycles are going to need steel a lot of that and also the steam motors are going to need steel so lots of things actually that we need to do and I think I'm going to have the motor assembly light here and teurac than as well since we have to steal we only ate the brass here and then we could have the motor assembly line we'll see about that or I just have it in Sleepy Hollow having two of those factories it's only minus 20 percent at 20 attractiveness I think we can afford that but we'll see how it is for now let's start with the production of steel on Terok so we do have an errand deposit there so let's start with the iron mine and we're second one here's the second one that should actually be possible let's build it and let's have a paved Street there so the carriage is faster to the warehouse here so that's that then we have two iron mines and of course we also want to have the coal mines but I think they're here yeah there's the coal mine producing coal every 15 seconds as well and I think what just will go we need a warehouse there okay and a second coal mine over here just like that very nice now delivering the cold end to that warehouse there I hope that's fine yeah it's fine but let's make it a paved Street they're just much faster when the street is paved so for such a long way here let's just do it like that and now we producing coal and iron very nice what we can also do now over here is where is that what's that let's sink right but here I want to have my my factory so this is going to be a very ugly place Sumi and hmm it's close to harbor so it might be good to just reserve some space just in case we want to have a train here as well with some electricity you know so we could have it like here let's just keep that space here reserved for now perhaps we are going to have something like a power factory a power plant here to power everything here without electricity since Taric is quite close to Sleepy Hollow it wouldn't be such a bad idea to do that since we can have some lots of factories here especially the ugly ones here and then just power everything with one power plant um since we have two space here as well yeah that that's going to work so let's do it like that okay so we can have this whole area here here's going to be the power plant probably and that sounds like a good plan to be very nice let's continue we have the iron now we have the coal so what we need to do now is get the furnaces here up and running we have two of them each so one iron mine is for two furnaces so we can build four furnaces here and that's of course something I want to do now full furnaces here we are polluting the air just like that close to that warehouse there I'm going to have another warehouse here and on this side here we're going to have a steel works right I know how I just want to have this deal I don't want even I don't even want to produce steel beams because steel beams I don't need to produce them at all you know because I've got Mercier and Archie who sell us steel beams on a regular basis so I don't need to produce that male on my own it's rather cheap as well we can afford that with such a balance and we are also going to afford it in the future so I don't need to produce it by my own I just want to have the steel production up and running here but those are my furnace is now they're working let's see if we can raise the productivity here no we can't do that so what I want to do instead is now that we move the steel production let's have a look we do have I think one two three four or three let's suppose let's have a look we have four on this island okay four furnaces are want to move them all to tarrick that's four and I'm still producing enough Aaron here as well so what I'm going to do is I'm going to remove those furnaces now and the attractiveness goes up here and although those heavy factories here very nice and also the charcoal kilns since I don't need them anymore and that's a lot of attractiveness I get back there and as you can see the air clears up immediately let's have a look at the expedition first the arid spazzin water has rippled almost nothing during inland survey on route to the rendezvous but nope hope springs eternal a muddy river strikes the arid Basin the crew are delirious when they release realize it is not completely dried up do you stop for water or press on let's look for the source of water since that gives me the highest boons here finding a river source is easy but turning it into a shortcut that takes brains high above the dry Bazin water piles blissfully into the gully the man wouldn't miss a swim beneath a waterfall for the world and the morale Rises because of that on this rescue mission here we don't have any other expeditions right now and I'm going to delete the one skull expeditions right away since they offer nothing two skulls is a bit better three skulls of course is the best but we don't have the resources at the moment to do that okay so um that is that I've deleted that all the furnaces here what I want to do now is I want to create a trade route between Sleepy Hollow and Tareq and in Sleepy Hollow we say hmm I want to get you know what I want to get 50 tons of iron and I'm going to deliver that to Tareq so we can have like two or three more furnaces enteric to produce more steel for me and in Tareq we are then going to load that steel and deliver it to Sleepy Hollow that's that and let's take the clip up for that let's see if there's a free one here the mouth shrimp the mouth shrimp is now going to deliver iron to tarik only fifty tons though we produce a lot of iron here because we have all three iron deposits not working of course we do need some iron in advance as well for the cannery but I think it also suffice we'll see about that iron mines are rather cheap so we can belt them whenever we want to and now I can build like hmm let's say two more here producing that enough steel that we need for Sleepy Hollow for a lot of productions there so this is only the beginning of a bigger steel production here I think I'm going to deliver even more iron in the future – Tareq and so we can use all of that for steel production and yeah we definitely need to increase the cold dough since I'm not producing any coal here in Sleepy Hollow anymore and I have two coal deposits here of course coal is produced quite quickly but with so many furnaces we'll see about that as we can see right now they're missing goods so we definitely need to wait a bit and perhaps we even need to build a charcoal kiln or something like that let's do that there's the sink right yeah oh yeah every 30 seconds its producing some coal so that should be enough for now and we just wait how it turns out how much steel I'm actually producing here and there's also d mild shrimp coming in with some Aaron now delivering that and getting some steel back to Sleepy Hollow that is nothing though so it needs to rise the population here isn't that happy I think I'm just going to you know remove them I don't need them here I don't see any reason for all those farmers here it just costs me let's just get rid of them all together oh gee I declare war on us again so let's get that ceasefire thank you very much and that's another two minutes I need to think about that need to keep that in mind yes we are not going to be best friends here but if he has got a quest for us it doesn't we somehow need to raise here the repetition with him this is looking dangerous now all right so this is looking good I don't know what those ships are waiting here and now both of them are going for it hey that's a bit buggy there both of them are talking now doesn't matter what matters is that we produce now oh yeah we definitely need a bit more cold oh let's see I do have a coal deposits here at you have three coal deposits here in Bell Rock and an iron deposit so what and two iron deposits here in Haven ham so what I could do is yeah I could open up another line for that so for coal I think you need deep bricks yeah let's get back here my brick trader what I want to do is I want to build those three coal mines and I probably also want to have a community here soon because I really don't want to expand the city here any longer let's get that brick overboard and build those three coal deposits there's one here then there's one over here this is going to be a bit more cramped coal mine see if we can build it here and we can't let's get rid of that street there no one needs it just like that okay and also a third coal mine here of course this is way too much coal but I rather have too much than too little and we have some room for the future to expand this one here right that's that and we also have one iron deposit here so let's jump that over here as well there's the iron mine very nice now we have that and we also have the oil deposits here two of them we can build them right away they need workers though we do have a smaller settlement here but I think I'm just going to have another commute appear in Havis Hampton as well that's not that easy so that's that this one here can continue on it's straight right again and this one here dauntless is going to be a trader trade rod from Bell Rock – Tareq and he's going to load while iron and coal let's see a hundred tons of coal and dauntless is going to be the ship for that very nice and let's also get the ceasefire back here with Sean oh that was likely and it failed it's medium high now a whole look at that chances are not on my side at all in this game I've lost quite a lot of letters so far right this is looking good this is looking good oh and schnapps is definitely not looking good it's full output storage yeah because schnapps is just way too high you despite the fact that we build some depots here so I'm going to build a third Depot once I've got two more tons of bricks yeah and this one's delivering Aaron and Cole now to tarrick where we can then produce more steel with that and yeah moves the expedition let's have a look song of the sea the lookout is sure of himself he has sighted a mermaid and hot noon Sun sailors suspend their duties and rush to inspect the mirror a waters for a sign of the creature low there is something a glimmer of silver tail and the sweet yet melancholy melody that follows behind it surely it's a mermaid song convinced the sale of sweet nor the creature with beard and that was successful alrighty so that's still there do we have a host looking here we have lots of irony now and Cole so let's build two more furnaces and what we definitely need here is a fire station very nice so that's a lot of Steel there now let's have a look at the steel storage in Sleepy Hollow it's definitely going down a lot now and there's another steel coming in now how much juice yeah hundred tons there's also a fire up here and the workforce is not looking that good but we're going to build a commute a pier here anyway soon so and there's also another Depot here now in Bell Rock so we get all the schnapps that we can produce and those warehouses are all quite overwhelmed let's build one more here and whoa upgrade that's not possible it's a lot of snaps that we produce that's good I rather have a surplus of everything and many wise it's not a big deal very nice so steel we do have some steel again we do have a trade route for steel beams as far as I know yeah that's the one so I want to have another see our trade rod with steel beams from Hugo Mercier and we're going to purchase or we can't purchase steel beams here why not it did sell them didn't he okay so it seems like the offer for him changes he doesn't sell any steel beams right now it doesn't matter still enough there and this one here looks pretty good effects all production buildings productivity of twenty five percent increase and the work force needed is minus forty percent that's a very nice item I'm it's a nice bonus but it's not worth two hundred thousand in though it's pretty cool definitely definitely worth something I just want to wait for some really cool items you this one here looks good so crafting forty and delegation for the expedition that we want to do so let's get this one let's get this one this item over here on several could bear Rock there was a riot and we have some ruins it as it seems but I don't see any ruins here nope I don't know what message that was we have some fire up here but I don't see any ruins okay and we also had a big ride here in Sleepy Hollow well let's rebuild that house there that's it for now very nice we do have a lot of resources in Sleepy Hollow those let's upgrade a few more houses especially about farmers as upgrade some more farmers here just like that very nice and of course over here very nice and let's also upgrade some workers we have to so many workers 6,000 of them came more artisans over there and let's get more artisans here as well just like that very nice so they'll get more artisans of course canned food a fur coats answering machine demand is going to increase because of that I think the next big step yep is there with engineers so engineers and we can then reduce the demand for bread sausage and so since they don't need that anymore engineers to the more engineers we have less we need of bread and soap so I don't think that I need to increase my soap bread and sausage production at all anymore since from this point forward we're going to have more and more armed engineers then what they want is glasses though so that's that should be our next golden and there's a smaller right here to have a police station there is one let's mobilize and there's also question let's do that quest comic opera requires authenticity as much as any theatre and the audience will cheer if the Pirates don't swig rum for the duration provide the residents with ten tons of rum of course we already have that and we get the Boys Choir flyer okay that's not very useful it affects schools and and churches and chapels maintenance cost – 10 % but attractiveness plus 10% that's nice but you know we'd have to build a town hall for that every single time not something on my list I definitely want to get this right no he's gone the a big item is gone it has been reroll since oh my hmm this one looks good though diplomacy and faith quite a lot of that faith and medicine but 100k there those items are really expensive recently posted let's get one – food consumption there and let's increase no let's don't let's not use anymore propaganda there oh my that is that is disappointing there was such a good item there this one looks good though diplomacy in faith let's get this one 400 300 K okay there's something new now hunting a navigation that's pretty good too and that's navigation diplomacy let's take this one dad those prices though I don't know I mean it's pretty good hunting 40 and navigation 20 but it's equipped in trade unions I need to look out for that I didn't look out for that here now so that is the Town Hall of course which gives me a bonus income for artisans and engineers that's pretty good so I'm going to use her I get that money back but I should watch out here there is a trade union item that is a harbor master office item that is a Town Hall again bonus income and the rest is just town walls so I don't I don't want to waste our money on that let's see what Madame Carina has she usually has some good eye animals not today doh that's it for now nothing else we need to do so let's get this item there back to Sleepy Hollow and we can use it in a town hall then somewhere here in the center since we don't leave the school forever you know perhaps I'm going to replace this one here with a town hall den where I can have a bonus income on engineers since we're going to have lots of engineers there and I've got four ship of the lines now let's bring them to Eli and sell them 50k each that's a nice price so that's two hundred thousand and yes some of you told me that I should also have harbored defense so let's also fill some I I don't expect any war any bigger won't you know or threat to my island here but let's just do it anyway I'm going to have one here I'm going to have two here and I'm going to have to here that should be a nice defense there than for Sleepy Hollow at least let's have a look at that that's a long expedition here this full of doubloons we had that already let's track down the teeth the thieves and let's look for an oak tree the rough to cross the river and attempt to catch the wild horses and we got a reward out of that what is it a horse but we don't need a a very very weak horse let's continue the journey and yeah I also want to build two more ship of the line so needs of weapons there let's build a clipper in the meantime ah he doesn't buy chips so let's get it to Archie there's another clipper that we can buy I like the Clippers or we need a lot of them actually and let's have a look at the steel there once again yeah steel is climbing now very nice it's over 100 tons we do have lots of iron here and cold so I can even build two more furnaces very nice and of course also another warehouse so two more warehouses they're very nice that's a nice steel production there and we have a quaint capital now no more steel production here that was very useful very successful let's get rid of the fire station there and we also don't need that warehouse there and this framework niches comes down here again to the rest of the lot I'm going to keep this one here though very nice and we can use this space here for something else then in the future that's looking good and yeah next up would be now so we have we have stabilized everything there also our products look good everything's climbing so far so two things we can do now is we're going to expand the city a bit so much that my products actually go down I want to do that I want to grow here Sleepy Hollow and then we can focus on the spectacles which only needs brass as a new thing so Singh and copper mines and we can do that then stay tuned


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