Anno 1800 The Anarchist #06 - The First 10.000 || Let's Play English Sandbox DLC [PC 60FPS]

hello and welcome back from 1800 here in Sleepy Hollow still a smaller town but it's getting bigger and bigger soon we have now the first freight coming in now as well bread and schnapps so schnapps should be in here for a long time but a hundred tons each is not enough so what we want to do here is we build a few more schooners like two more to get another one on the schnapps trade route so we have like two hundred tons for each trade and here we have two bread now taking the first tray up bread then from Bell Rock we also have the newspaper here again I like the articles at the moment so – 75 % writes here a bit of happiness and I want to get the income here – that your instead of some happiness so we get a bit more money there since we're quite low on that I'm also still waiting on the flagship which is very slow because it's sailing against the wind more or less to deliver those bricks to build fresh where we then can start with the big production so here we have now wait a second we have the timber product rack up here but we don't have any clay pits so we always need to import that but isn't that bad it's it's a bit of a hassle in the beginning but it shouldn't be that much of a problem in the future so we just we can also just buy it you know like that so perhaps some trader is selling some bricks there and we also want to upgrade now even more buildings here choose the workers because we will need that that workforce soon I calculated around 500 farmers that we need so I want to build like plastics and reforms that we need 20 pig farms okay so 600 farmers and we can upgrade the rest so about 300 of them for now – workers for the slaughterhouses for the rendering works and for the soap factory which also as far as I can see need some steel beams yep so the flagship is going to take another turn there and on Sleepy Hollow we do have a lot of Steel as far as I can see so what we can do with that steel for now is get a weapon factory up and running so I want to get a bit more out weapons there to build some more fighting ships battleships that we need so let's get this one here there so that's a weapon factory now working during this very ugly district for now it's ugly getting some weapons there very nice and yeah the school year should be finished soon and sausage the bread is should be fulfilled now soon that's not a big deal what we can do here though is build a school another one because we have a school over there and there's still one missing here so I want to have a school here and this one looks like a good spot let's get rid of those houses there there's a street in the middle that is a bit annoying so yeah that working that works let's have a school there just like this fulfilling that need and yeah we should get more focus out of that we have a second school now halibut a third one actually let's put halibut here on the schnapps trade rod and it's that easy and we have two ships now on that trade route and bread should be coming in more now oh yeah he's going up now with the first fully heat tons of bread very nice let's have a look at that so snaps is looking good but I want to have more of that and bread is not looking that good at the moment let's have another fake free here we can also have those to your houses there cost us a bit again and yeah let's also increase my schnapps production by a few more potato farms and for that I'm going to have this one here upgraded and then we can have like five more at sea very nice five more and five more distilleries on the other side working like that beautiful motion apps and we need a few more farmers here for that so let's put a few more here and yeah there's some empty buildings here's the blue printed buildings nope I don't want any trade agreement with you for 28,000 I'm sorry that's not going to work out for me and yep fish is going down a bit so let's build some more fisheries here on this coast that's a four of them for now that should do okay and my flagship has now arrived here in bill fresh we do have a lot of timber in store right now so let's up create a few more workers or farmers to workers and get that brick overboard to port town I'm also going to upgrade the Trading Post here right away unload the rest of the bricks and sail back to Sleepy Hollow right away for those steel beams that we need right and another ship has been constructed we are using that additional schooner for the bread blobfish beauty and that's a fitting name for a schooner right well fresh it's looking good we can start here now with the pig farms I'm doing that I'm starting here on we could have the productions here actually that looks like a nice spot and then we can start with the first warehouse here let's get a fire station there just for safety reasons let's have a look at the pig farms here 20 of them that was the calculation I'm going to build 10 for now that should be enough for sausage and the soap so I don't know how many fields there are five of them okay should still be possible to build one more here that's four of them now let's build a fifth one here they don't take up that much space anyway it's good to see actually we can have more there okay that's another four and five years so we can have like two more here very nice so that seven pig farms so far we shouldn't end here though let's build some more they're producing every one minute okay so what I definitely need to do is I need to upgrade my house here already and let's get one two three four and five that's five there two three four five and also here five there and then here again very nice quite a lot of pig farms there now so we have twelve now that means we can build built I say six of them now six slaughterhouses we can do that we can start with that let's have the warehouse over here and of course another fire station as well and then we can start with that one two three four five six working out perfect six of them that's the beginning of course we also need to Commission more screeners let's get two more my flagship has arrived let's get more no I don't need timber I need bricks and steel beams and let's get down to down to go fresh with that very nice so the sausage production is now up and running – and with that very easily is the soup production so production here with the rendering works and the soap factory both of them I can have on this island here too so Brad should be looking good so far I do have a lot of money there Brad should be looking good so far I do have a lot of bread what we can combine bread with a spear so we do have the grain farms here so all I need to do is build some more grain forms and we can do that on the other side here of course and then start with the beer production right away we do have or we need steel beams though – yeah and the Hopf arms they don't they take a lot of that actually a lot of time I just want to check if we have enough in store here no we don't we still don't have enough in store Brad is looking good but schnapps is down again as usual stair sound returns of nuts coming there are 70 tons of nuts coming so it seems we need to produce more schnapps here but my people here are really happy so let's just increase their productivity here by a bit by 25% for the potatoes and 25% for D oh no that's not possible yeah let's bail a few more debts the racier let's select for more distilleries there yeah and we need more farmers on Bell Rock as well let's do that over here and of course we with that we also should have a look at my work cloth which is going down definitely going down with so many people there so where was it there it is there we can just add a few more sheep farms here wait a second how should we do that it was have one more year 1 2 3 4 and then for more framework knitters very nice and I think we do have a space here for trade-union later on down the line yeah that could work we just need to readjust this reach here but that should work very nice so that's that more workers are coming in than here as well more farmers that we need right what else another quest would be ready I don't know if I have time for a quest to another school nurse here now that's going to be the schooner for the sausages so let's start with that trade rod trade route for the sausages from Vil fresh to Sleepy Hollow with foundry tons of sausages CRP and a second schooner should be finished soon which is also going to be on the sausage trade route and I'm going to build another one then right away right and we do have sausage now coming in here and we'll fresh very nice of course we have too many pig farms at the moment so I need to wait for the steel beams and the rendering works right and here we still don't have enough farmers that's a bit odd do we really need that many farmers seems like we need seems like we do need so many so let's just have another lock here and block here yep just like that woopsie working out what's going down now and I really want to check if that is enough schooners that we have here so we do have we do have some schnapps now over 100 tons that should be enough we do have yeah we don't have enough bread though it's going down and this schooners here only brings in 5 tons is there another schooner coming with bread nope case of bread is definitely not working out at the moment it's not getting full so that's not enough here we need more of them not as easy as I thought it would be more green form seer than actually like let's build them here to save some space since we're going to need that space soon enough and I'm going to have another warehouse here yeah we could have a trade union here perhaps that boosts the productivity of them so the flagship is still on its way slowly as ever and we should have now a second schooner yeah the wild thing it's wild so two schooners for each trade route that should work let's hope it does brad is going down no no we have like a hundred tons of bread now was that a display bug perhaps perhaps it was perhaps it wasn't who knows anyway we have enough bread anyway so we don't need to focus that much on bread anymore we do have enough money there too nothing to worry about we at the moment I don't want to waste my weapons on gunboats though so I want to wait for that for that frigates okay so soap and sausages all we need now and church and beer is something we could also go for then but right now I really want to focus on sausages and the soaps the sausages are being produced now and the flagship is soon coming in now with the steel beams that we really need on this spot here and here we have the fur Ireland and I think it was it has enough timber so we can also start your tarik let's just keep that name and here we can also continue with building our village it has a wood production timber up there very nice and it has a fishery down here let's hope but that is too small yeah we need to have the fisheries over there then let's have some more farmers here for now they can lead a happy life on Terok at the very end of the world the northernmost Island gosh I'm a bit afraid to see what how the new world looks like I'm so late to the party there I was taking my time with the foundation way too much this time we have enough steel beams here now and right let's start with the soap production so we need to have another warehouse turn to the room I'm going to keep this here for the sausages I'm going to leave it here so we're going to have soap on the other side right soap is going to be over here that's the timber area so we could have soap yeah let's have it here okay for soap we need to have for each pig farm we do have 12 pig farms we do have six slaughterhouse six pig farms are already so we need six rendering works one two three four five six another block here of course we also need a fire station here and we can also upgrade a few more people here because we need to work a workforce those blocks there should be enough very nice six of them and then we need the soap factory so we need three of them because they produce every 30 seconds and I hope that's enough for now I'm not I'm not entirely sure it it is but no I can't do anything about that right now let's have another warehouse there so we can continue here than with a another block of rendering works and here with the soap factory and we have reached 10,000 and the population out to let's end my flagship back against Sleepy Hollow get some more steel beams just in case and two more schooners that I also need to build and yes in Sleepy Hollow is kind of sleepy right now let's add another district up here there's going to be the marketplace so it's just like yeah that's working out perfectly let's have them here very nice and more people here no let's do it like that okay we also probably will need a another pup here and another fire station up here too yep just decide the pup and I want to keep that space you're actually for the exhibition then and we're going to make a big exit exhibition there I want to see some epic items at the end and not a block here very nice yeah fish is definitely too low let's go to Bolton fisheries here no I didn't let's have some more fisheries here I thought it did very nice more fisher fishes incoming and the work clothes i start looking at let's looking good it's above hundred tons brad is looking very stable up there now and she naps is another problem nope not a problem so schnapps is full there as well very nice to see no problem here so far and then we can focus on the beer production here since yeah soap is being produced now two sausages is there do we have another schooner we do have so let's have another trade rod this time for the soap from well fresh to Sleepy Hollow and here we're going to say soap soap always a soup soup is something to eat and the soap comes here Neptune's gifts the first trader on this trade rod very nice definitely lucky looking better organised this time than in my sandbox let's play even though I'm a bit slow I know and he's got a quest for me to mocking let's see what this is all about 8,000 destruction quest oh no no I don't want to do that right now sorry I don't want to risk my flagship but Mercier has a quest for me a pickup quest an easy one for 4000 capitalists love to blame the ratchet policies on natural order but our community exemplifies that humans are nothing but kind to each other when they're not being corrupted a social Darwinist has expressed his desire to see for himself what our ideas translate into we agreed he needs only safe transport here okay I need to pick up dr. Harvey's brucer on the lighthouse let's get my flagship over here let's get that down here this one here down here to pick up as your archibald over there and so are you will also have a quest for me that's very nice and all but I don't have two ships for that right now I do have another schooner just finished up and the schooner is going to transport some more bricks and steel beams to build fresh very nice over there and I'm pretty low on steel beams on Sleepy Hollow and since I'm going to upgrade to artisan soon I need more more of that so I think I'm going to need another steel works that right over the seconds could we increase that here yeah by 50% it doesn't decrease happiness too much and it works a bit faster with that very nice yeah so lots of things have happened and I think we can soon have the artisans stay tuned

  1. Best Anno player out there.. Your Videos always bring Satisfying results for people that love these types of games.

  2. As you are the only English guy still playing anno 1800 its good you put English in your title to be searched more since you have the monopoly on English players it seems this game must get boring for most other players as those 2 guys raptor and keralis can play skylines for ages because you aren't bound to rules like satisfying each levelled group until you level up and do the same all over again. That's all this game is; satisfying each level. Ir also sucks the train tracks don't look more realistic what train ever goes in right angles? You also cant track each citizen like you could in skylines or sim city but to have that privilege you would prolly run into agent limits like skylines did.

  3. Can someone show me how to lose the game is there any link how a player loses the game ie how much in debt do you have to be I think its like 4 or 5 k in the red is this true or can you be 100k in debt and still play albeit very limited and waiting until it gets in the black??/

  4. can u do these layout in u r game for efficiency no one in YouTube has tried this and maintain 20 k investors with 2 worlds fair and only doing scientific research .

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