Anno 1800 The Anarchist #05 - Refugees of Anarchy || Let's Play English Sandbox DLC [PC 60FPS]

okay welcome back and we can now turn in that quest here let's do that once those windows disappear and very nice and now oh yeah we got the quest oh perfect right we have the escort mission up here let's send our flag ship up there and we do have the money now to finally build a sail a shipyard so sailing shipyard it's called and we can do that over here or over here let's do it over here because that is just further away very nice that was very expensive but now we can finally start with let's start with the schooners let's get two of them and then I will have te frigate at artisans of course I could also have done the Charter route as you remember you can have the chowder odds to do that more quickly but I definitely want to get the achievement this time so in my main sandbox game and collected at the achievement there is a you play achievement that if you reach investors or engineers without any charge outs so I want to do that this time alright so the first schooners are being built now so the first schnaps is then coming in and that will push our tax income bike or significantly I should say and we do also have enough income again to start the next productions here so first of all we have pic island down here there is some small amount of timber here so we need to start with that to have a smaller settlement down here now so we're starting with I think a block of three a block of two let's FD mark a place than here just like that now we have enough timber left for a warehouse a smaller one he wants trade but he wants 30,000 for that I say no to that and let's have a look over here right let's have my timber production up here there's the warehouse and then we have the lumberjack Hut one two three and forth they don't cost really that much so let's just have four of them very nice and also of course the streets for that that's the production here I've been running now we still have more resources for one more house here so we have enough workforce very nice let's start the escort mission and let's see what happens there hopefully not too brutal and I'm just waiting for my first trip there now I'm eager to give my people schnapps finally okay another district here and the still of course always needs to look out for my fish production so since I don't want to clutter up everything here anymore with fish I'm going to have my fish production over here then in the future we do have lots of coastal area here and also here so we need to sand mines then as well if you remember 40 the glass production then and that's the first schooner here a morning dew and with him we are now going to create our very first trade route from Bell Rock to Sleepy Hollow with snaps on it as much as possible at 350 tons for now we'll see if that is enough ah he's only got two loading bays anyway doesn't matter hundred tons is enough as well and what I need to do though is as you can see everything is full here look at that it's totally full so let's build the second warehouse here and also upgrade this one here to the next stage so we should get in more snaps here by quite a bit that is something that I prepared and this one here is the next upgrade goal cost us a bit though but we have a nice income at the moment so let's just wait it out for more money and then we can also upgrade Bell Rock there very nice so far Big Island how are you looking the first timber is coming in now and we also reached level 14 here and I think there was something up here right yeah the fish so people here on fish we have enough timber here now I still haven't started the production here on Terok let's have one fish fishery and then we're going to have my timber production up here somewhere right 100 percents in 100 percents and let's have one more here very nice souls that Eric has now it's on timber production so as you can see it's a bit it was a bit slow in the beginning but it gets faster now since more of our productions start to actually work and on Hayley sham we also wanted to have a town since we are starting here with what are we starting here with we have the red pepper here yeah that is something for future stuff so we don't need to do anything here right now we do have the Big Island oh that is important that needs to start to work ASAP so probably wait a second we have four of them no I'm going to wait for that now yeah that's working um where's my old mission there it is no fighting yet I think that's it already right there was a fighting because this one you lost a bit of health other than that I think we've managed Oh yeah well they're spawning right in the harbor here so no problem I didn't need to do anything right so this is coming in that's some beautiful money there and we also have a second schooner now up and running and there's the first no there's no schnapps coming why not this one's on its way back but the shitty schnapps you're right yeah there's schnapps so why didn't it take any oh no he still on his way down there my dad so we need to look this way right okay very nice that get some lot of money there now we can start with other things here so the school for example and the police station both of them cost me quite a bit a police station and the school here for another demand that it has been met now and in bell rock I wanted to upgrade the Trading Post where we still need to wait a bit for the bricks so let's have the second clay bit here let's work with that now so the warehouse there and then we're going to have to clip it here and to brick factories just here on the side of it very nice so we have that now too and workforce wise still need another district here in Bell Rock so let's do that up here right here we can have done another marketplace just like that and beside that a pop course since we always need a pop but let's have it in blueprint for now and of course also a fire station just like that you always need to build those fire stations quickly and look at that the Admiral is spreading quite extensively now so I think he he has reached artisan so he's going for the new world now and I really need to speed it up a bit so pig island we do have some farmers here not enough dough let's pull up up here and the fire station right and we also should start with the book clothe production year soon let's do that now so it blueprinted for now because then I can save some time later that's three of them okay and three framework tutors at that that should work so I can upgrade them to work as I need those brokers for their there's slaughterhouses okay Indian Barak it's still not looking that good since we don't have enough bricks though let's build those houses there get some more farmers and we can also outline the grain production here first I think this this whole area is just going to be green forms and here we can have some hops then right definitely a lot though that we need any quest somewhere quests are always appreciated since they give you a lot of money and they don't seem to be that difficult no quest at the moment are there's one mutiny other nice that's what it is unheard of one of my most subservient commanders tossed into the sea by his own man find him and bring him back here I want him to be there for a court-martial and subsequent execution of his men so he can witness how his weak leadership has caused his whole fiasco where's that poor soul oh just around the corner let's get my yeah let's let's make the schooner to the top here so I can save my flagship very nice there's a room over there okay let's have a look still looking good here so we can expand another district over here just like that Bell Rock is a fire but we should have a fire station nearby very nice let's mobilize them – that's working out and we do have enough timber here now so let's start with the the bread production or the grain production for now so let's have a warehouse here it's always difficult to decide how it begins there is the timber production so I'm going to have my windmills and bakeries here and then I can have my green forms over there let's just outline them from now while I'm building a few more farmhouses done here I need the workforce right and wait a second before I do that with green let's also build those houses here those productions so now we have the work clothes down here in Pig Ireland producing the work clothes and of course I also need a few more people for that and also a new level because of course when I built those houses I get more people and more experience for my level very nice that should do the trick in Pig Island and pic Islands yeah pig island doesn't have any clay dough so we are going to transport those bricks then and when I look at my taxes I think schnapps has been delivered now to Sleepy Hollow is that right yeah very nice so we do have schnapps now finally and some anarchists defectors are requesting asylum on your island that is a new quest dr. Mercier promised us in a choker but the things we saw there we have managed to escape is to tell it Harry in Hell but now we have nowhere to go all we want is an honest life please let us live here oh this is interesting so I could let them in that would give me some money but it reduces murid reputation with Mercier and yeah let's accept okay so that's some nice money that we get but of course he doesn't like that let's have a look okay so we were able to come and say that up it again with some flattery oh that is not working with her huh let's request a ceasefire 17000 for an hour let's do that since we can afford the money and this also starts our relationship with her now and there is my schooner now picking up the castaway that's some money there again and we're still looking good on money so no problem there right Bell Rock the bread let's start with the outline mode again I really like that mode and start with a few green forms here how many do I need so one okay so 30 so I want to build like five mills for now so that means I need ten brain forms that's the five five for now and probably now let's just have all of them here one two three four five and then I can have another warehouse here waiting for them okay so that's the green farms and then we can have our flour mills here so I need five of them one two three yeah let's get rid of that again five and then we can have the warehouse here again very nice and then we need ten I think big fries right yeah ten bakeries then we can have that here so there's going to be its own warehouse just for that so we have two warehouses here I mean we're going to expand into this area here anyways so it doesn't matter but that's the reason why I built them so close together this one is responsible more or less for this area here and this one's going to be responsible for the bakeries of which I need ten so one two three four five six seven eight nine and ten okay we still can build a few here and we probably need another warehouse here then as well very nice and yeah I do have I do have the timber for that let's let's build them here now that's ten green forms and of course that's going to stretch all the way over here very nice unfortunately there's still no copy function as far as I know that would be so so useful since that is just rinse and repeat now we put I love it okay very nice beautiful forms and I also have the money now to build those five windmills flour mills oh this has been blueprint mode huh I think that is a bit too much no it actually is affordable oh my goodness yeah very nice huh for a moment I thought the game would crash but now we have those grain farms grain fields over there very nice that is working now of course that puts a huge strain on my balance but I just wanted to build so many because I need them of course and workforce wise it looks perfectly fine the bakeries are going to cost me a few workers I think so 50 bucks each we have ten of them that means 500 so I need to upgrade a few more farmers here to reach that 500 looking good so far they will get the bread of course as well and increase looking good so far let's go back to Sleepy Hollow parts my production looking so brightest I'm soon coming in then and we can also start with the pig island soon hopefully big islands here let's get a few more farmers here let's end the blueprint mode as well okay that's some more farmers coming in now and yeah we don't have the Fisher's yet so let's get some the two fisheries for that and the workload is there now – coming in very nice and we can upgrade them to work as then and then we can start with the pig with the sausage and soap production here – it doesn't need that much space fortunately you know so I can have pig farms here all over the place and then just have the production buildings here or vice versa I don't know yet but it doesn't need that much space so if one full island should be enough for that while the bread of course needs much more space because the grain farms they need so much space here to take up a lot right and the second schooner where is it there it is it has taken the captain there let's bring him back to the Admiral over there and then we can start this schooner here P n to be the first bread trade route once let's reach that very nice this working out it's all starting to work out money is the only problem right now but it's still going up and we should also look for that beer then came our schnapps is coming in yeah that's a problem there the schnapps because we don't have enough storage here cost me 2500 to upgrade that one here we should have that soon and there's a ship coming in with the captain on board and we've also reached level 18 and coming in to 7,000 people soon that's the quest very nice five or four thousand just like that and we can start the next rate ROG here which is going to be trade bread from Balrog to Sleepy Hollow with the bread for now only 100 tons and PN is doing that trade routes very nice and with the money that we just received I want to do two things so first of all I want to upgrade the trading posts here on Bell Rock that gives us more storage and then I want to upgrade a few more big fries here but that is very expensive so my people here now are starting to have bread chew on bare rock it increases with that and the taxes are climbing too because of that that is good very nice and Sleepy Hollow still waiting for the bread but then it'll come in quicker than we think the bread sausage soap and beer for items for productions that are still need to finish here we do have so many resources here so probably I'm going to take some of that timber here that we have let's take like a hundred tons there and 50 tons of wait wait a second let's to it vice versa let's get 50 tons of bricks to Big Island's because we don't have any bricks here and here we can start then with the pig production for the sausages and the soap of course both of them are quite easy very nice and also on this side here so once the flagship arrives the timber storage here will be full again and then we can start with that pig production right and upgrades are now possible here as well very nice the first workers on Pig Island even though pig island is a bit of a problematic names let's call it ville fresh those of you who watched the sandbox less B will understand so we'll fresh down here is going to be the pig islands and here we have Bell Rock now which is going to be another thriving City I think okay let's have another bakery here and let me see yeah we could also have a few more farm houses here especially here just like that and also here two more blocks very nice and while we're at it let's also just check if we have enough fish for that no we don't it's good that we looked after that so we need to build one more here and one more here get a bit more fish there as well okay so this one's very slowly on its way now to build fresh and this one is the first ton of bread and of course we can also upgrade a few more houses here use the timber that we have so sleepy always growing as well right that's that let's have a look there real quick do we have yeah fish is going down a bit but it's not problem snaps just a bigger problem here so we need more schooners for that idea I need more timber for that again so I need to wait a bit here and there's a fire but no worries we do have the fire station here let's mobilize – no problem right lots of things have happened here and in the next episode we're starting with some serious production chains for Sleepy Hollow stay tuned

  1. Nice video!
    Though, I'm pretty sure the achievement you mentioned states: reach Investors using only charter routes. So basically the opposite ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. can u do these layout in u r game for efficiency no one in YouTube has tried this and maintain 20 k investors with 2 worlds fair and only doing scientific research .


  3. Could you also tell me what other things other the new opponent are added in the anarchists DLC I would love to know

  4. First thing it's better to watch in HP in bring the graphics better when you watch it also could you name Pig Island to Schwein which in German means Pig ( it is pronounced Sch-wein) or name an island woflerhiem which would be Industrial otherwise great video๐Ÿ–

  5. You could tell one of your Schooners to bring a small amount of Bricks back to pig island after dropping off bread.

  6. Thanx Matthias, love this and it seems going rather well.

    Sugestion- name your islands after whats their prime role is.
    Piggie heaven as example
    Or Boze town.

    Keep 'em coming ๐Ÿ‘

  7. That was unfortunate that Carl wanted 30k for a trade deal. He is in a perfect position Island wise to be a buffer against the Admiral if you become Allied with Carl as Carl would fight against the Admiral making his ships weaker before he reached your islands.

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