Anno 1800 The Anarchist #04 - A Small Setback || Let's Play English Sandbox Gameplay DLC [PC 60FPS]

hello and welcome back our flagship is now arriving here for the destruction mission so let's see if we can do that if my flagship can take them they shouldn't be firing back too because I don't think that schooners can fire so let's see what happens yeah not much seems nope they can't fire back home so I'm just going to destroy them and be happy with that and here we are producing now more schnapps so we can soon start with that traitor out there however the work forces a bit low at the moment so I still want to race that a bit more I think I'm need to start out with cold here to unhandsome ice then I can upgrade them into workers because I need two workers for the other production chains that we have here that is soap and sausages so remember this is going to be the pig island so everything here is full of it's going to be full of pigs for sausages and soap something we really need and that's that very nice and here we're going to have wait a second yeah this is going to be my bread and fur island so we also have to start here with a city of course because we need the workforce for farmers and workers alike so grain and hops very nice and we should start with that also right away but I'm a bit worried about my ship there yeah very nice to the first a schooner has been destroyed let's get the quest item there and where's the other one so there is a fake proof of Malcolm's wreckage and it seems like that's the quest right there is no other ship here anymore that I could destroy and when I mouse over I have to get back to him so it seems like that's the end of the quest sir so let's deliver that that's some nice juicy cash that we used to nine thousand gold coins very nice and yeah the fishery again so let's build let's build two more here okay and my town is still growing like that a lot let's see yeah that this is looking good more people here and we also should increase deep sheep form or the sheep production here will cloth production let's do that by building yeah one two three let's have three there three more okay and also three more framework knitters yeah it's going to be crowded here though soon so probably will need to build a second warehouse there one medium warehouse can only take as many careers that's nice that's working out but III I need to wait for my money there we do have enough schnapps here so there's an al quest here available very nice but he doesn't sell these ships right now we wait for my flagship now to come back then we have enough money and what I can do in the meantime though is I can start your enteric the next city so we need a marketplace there again right now we only will be having like no that's too much actually yeah those five that work in both the marketplace those four houses we're nice to get um the first people living there and the marketplace so we do need to get a bit of more timber over there to tarik dough that we can start with our own timber production over here and then also go for the workers right away so the workers are quite easy to get you only need to look cool for that so I'm doing that here as well and then we can have the bread here bread and well no bread and beer here I think yeah there's enough space for that you have lots of grain farms and lots of hops farms and we could also complement that with another grain form here if we want to and here we have the pig forms right there's the quest now nine thousand gold coins very nice and also some good reputation with him and this reduces the chance of riots but it's a usable item so I don't like the usable items that much let's just put it all on the item stack here with the other ones together with them they have some nice bonuses here as you can see so the puzzle as navigation and force we are soon going to start with the first expedition and of course we need that done let's get some more that 30 tons of timber over here tarik I'm a bit torn right now because this one looks too black the better island for her a beer and bread and the schnapps over there it's just much more space here actually mm-hmm this one here has not done a lot of space but it's important for the red pepper this one here is important for the fur which also takes a lot of space so one more island would be nice actually to have four mmm I don't know there is another one over here they all have some nice fertility here though you know this has a grain and hops as well it's a third island already this one yours green and hops and I think this one down here only has hops okay and there's a one in the middle I'm torn I'm really torn right now what to use those islands for let's get deep the timber on that one now and let's also get another steel beams and timber for another island I want to settle on another one either this one here but that one here I think that one here is battered because I would have a smooth line here then of ireland's also very good for protection easier to handle though this one looks nice too oh this is a hard one let's get the resources first and also then the crates from her I still have 12 minutes that should do yeah that's another 5,000 there so we definitely want to do that right now I want to get another ship though I don't have another ship and so many quests here popping up everywhere a pickup quest for 4,000 oh goodness the storms wrecked the delegations transport the treaty cannot be signed until they've been returned to my Harbor you'd better hurry down there with a good of those smelling salts and revive them to cast the waste down there that I need to collect seems also to be easy enough let's get some timber here and some steel beams with that 10 tons of steel beams and it has cold a lot of cold air sink copper we do have enough copper already right and enough sink no we don't have enough oh yeah we have enough copper there okay I don't need that more copy copper but let's get this island here even though it's in the center here Oh guys I hope you're not angry with me right now that I think so much about that I think I have room for one more island that I want to take so oh this one looks good here look at that those are some new articles here with the minus 50% right chance let's take that one right away yeah let's go take this one here let's just go take this one here it has lots of space this is going to be the big island after all I just need to get one more Island here so Hunt's demise is not going for the pigs it's going for to be the depth of bread and the beer there's just so much more space and you need a lot of grain forms later in the game and I'm probably going to neglect one of the quests now I don't know if we make it you know but we have another quest here that's that's fine and I also need to focus on another on my on my Harbor now so I need you to build more ships since I'm not buying them they're not available anywhere let's upgrade some more houses here very nice now we can get more timber let's have a look at my production here looking good so far so enough more clothes and a fish that's good so we should focus now on the shipyard we need the sails for that we do need a sheep farm let's have a look back here do we have sheep a wool no we don't okay so I'm doing that over here the sale production so let's have another warehouse here for the sales 30 seconds very nice so let's have two two sheep farms here [Applause] and then I can have two sailmakers very nice they're producing sales now for us and then we can have the shipyard sailing shipyard cost ten thousand I need to do a few more quests before I can build that but now we have the timber and the sails then soon so I can start with my own ships let's upgrade some more houses in the meantime over there and why is this one of possible okay because there are not enough people there I've rebuilt this one right and I also want to upgrade that trading post here okay and my flagship is now over here on this island there let's settle and we also have enough timber here now so I can build a few more houses there but I really need to wait right now for my money let's build this trading post here very nice so this is going to be pigs island big island and now let's focus on the quests here real quick this is not going to work anymore I think three minutes but we can still get the crates there which is over there actually so let's try it let's try to get there in time that should work and if it doesn't we still can do the crates here the castaways over there for some more money and yeah I need to I need to build more houses here more taxes below on that right now let's have another block here and another block here and I'm going to have some special building here like um school school might work here just fine and the police station as well yeah police station and the school yeah school works here perfectly very nice so we could have the blueprint for that so remember where we put a filter the school or planned it so look there real quick um influence goes over there as well so let's have another block here of buildings over here very nice and over here and it's growing where's my flag ship yeah that it's not going to make it on time but we can still take the castaways here that's some money there I was focusing focusing too much on expansion which is also of course very important since you know once the island has been taken it's very hard to get those islands again so Hunt's demise after all is going to be a useful island which is fine so we could rename it don't you think I think we could rename it let's have another bell rock here again village the last one was quite successful and my last playthrough so this one is going to be very successful as well and very important since we have lots of space here and lots of timber too so we definitely should build a few more houses here and yeah I'm taking it slow on purpose a bit now you know the last playthrough was really stressful and I just analyzed all about relict or relaxing so I want to just relax a bit well playing here and just enjoying also the music the scenery again it's such a pretty game okay my flagship is down here now we can collect the castaways and also this one here very nice let's get this back to Archie over here and do we have another quest I think somewhere was another quest here is another one another pick up quest amateurish checked ours who couldn't handle a few waves it would seem apparently some have survived but what do I care bring me back my possessions okay to flat seems over here easy done easily done and not a 4k there or even 5k almost and we also reached level 11 and with that another influence bonus alrighty we have enough fish here enough work clothes yeah about the schnapps I know I need another ship with that right Val Rock is green as well do we have an official yet so let's start with the work clothes here we can do that far away here let's have some work clothes reductions here since we also want to upgrade my people here quickly what's happening here that is there's the quest actually why's there are some enemies there let's get away from here I don't know why there are enemies oh it's the Pirates damage let's get ceasefire Oh No ceasefire is not possible there it is for 17,000 damn it dammit I'm losing my ship there I don't know why some pirates just wait sit there now and the harbor of our G that was really stupid how much does a new flagship cost me come on that is still annoying that when there is a notification here and no notification pops up here so you always have to wait for that one to disappear and yeah that was really annoying now they just waited there at our G right it cost me 5,000 that's not so bad but it's still a setback and I do yeah I have a bit of a problem right now because I don't have any ships to transport my goods let's wait on that I need the money for my work off production here so we're going to have 1 2 3 4 that's a 4 she performs okay ten-four framework meters for that very nice that works and we have some space here on the coast then for fisheries and stuff like that that's the work clothes working out now so my people you should grow and I can upgrade them soon in Bell Rock and what we can also do here is since we have enough resources start another clay production of wick production now but I want to wait for the money do right and we also had that one here this one needs to wait for now because I don't have the money this is annoying oh my goodness stupid Ann Harlow I'm going to pay her back she's definitely going to feel it even though I like the pirate ships that you get from her okay that's a few more workers here and that pushes me to the positive side again but with the next article I'm definitely going to get more income again as propaganda and here we should have the or clothes coming up soon so I cannot create them too and let's have a break production here and to to brick factories here okay I'm definitely falling behind now in the new world so hopefully none of them has reached that yet has anyone reached artisan's yet nope no one has reached artisans yet he hasn't no artisans here very nice so no one's in a new world yet but I definitely need to hurry up there and I can't do the quest right now because I don't have any shift I could have create a few more here right and – looking good here fish and Brook cloth very nice okay so for artisans we need the sausages the soap and the bread so all those three things I wanted to do on the other islands so here is going to be the pigs so soap and sausages on pig island and here we can start with the bread and beer production soon beer is very important since it increases the tax income quite a lot and we should also be up grew up grade now rap perfect let's upgrade some houses here in Bell Rock and we've reached port town as well very nice so now we have a bit of a balance there again the quest still has 23 minutes on it so the quest will pay for my flagship more or less it's it's not optimal but once I have enough money I'm going to buy this one for 5k again to request and get 5k back almost 5k any other quest here let's have a look there's another quest an escort quest oh my I don't care who they are or where they come from if the establishment has them squeezed under its heel they will be welcomed in our utopia we can't allow them to suffer any harm please shelter them on their way to our open arms 9,000 for that and which ship to win each escort oh it's here and the fog I hope it's not a too difficult mission there because I only have one flagship could walk here again and here in the middle I'm going to have my train then I think this is going to look nice in this beautiful town of Sleepy Hollow I just love that perspective here very nice and yeah I'm just going to wait now for the money and we could do yeah we could upgrade a few more houses here in the meantime more workers in Bell Rock get a bit more money out of that and we should be able to afford that right yeah it's all looking good so far but about the schnapps yeah we'll need to ramp up my schnapps production there and this one's of course full so the second warehouse is coming soon once I can build or once i purchased my flagship there and there it is now we have the flagship again let's do the pick up quest first the flotsam where's that over there let's get them real quick there's some money coming in again and then we do the escort mission there and yeah if I do the escort mission right if my flagship survives and we do have enough money we can then buy or build the shipyard and I can finally finally get some trade ships up here I'm still wondering why he doesn't sell any none of them is selling any ships at the moment nope there's nothing I can do there with our ships you're really crippled in an island based game like this one okay so something else we could do though is we could have another district here since I have enough timber in the meantime so let's see where we go should we go up to here into this area there I want to keep this screen here though for the moment since I don't know what I'm doing with that so let's get up here you know I'm going to have my Exhibition Centre here probably so I'm going to build here and here let's build here first yeah so we can have some more houses here there's the police station here then as well so I'm going to leave that open here for now and let me have a look at the very nice so that works out let's have the police station here as a blueprint for now yeah let's get rid of that street there then we can pull it chest in here very nice and then we have just beside that one the market place like that there's the marketplace and now we can have some more houses here very nice and I think my flagship is there now yeah there it is let's get those quest items they don't pick it up if you if you don't tell them twice okay let's get those crates back to him gives us some reputation some money and then we can start with the escort mission very nice and your district has been born and here we can sell build a few more houses there and that's that is very nice so those oil Springs here they're very close together so I think one well well in the middle we'll do for all of them we'll see about that and of course we have the the street for that right there and what we also need what I just missed here I think is yeah and a street here so we need to get rid of them again right you need to get rid of them because I'm going to have my railway down here you know so that's a three lane street there again going down here in the middle that's not a big deal those we could have just some ornaments here if you want to some trees but that cost us too much for now at the moment I can't afford those trees but we're going to have some ornaments here and here's the train then going through that that should work out very nicely let's have a look at my flagship there again still on its way and right we still need to wait a bit on money and then hopefully we can soon start with the first trade route some really slow on that front but it took a bit longer than expected to build the foundation here of five islands now that we have very nice think we all well set for a beautiful and long game stay tuned


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