Anno 1800 The Anarchist #03 - Expansion || Let's Play English Sandbox Gameplay DLC [PC 60FPS]

well hello and welcome back everybody to an or 1800 in this episode we're going to finally settle on a new island so my flagship with 8 tonnes of steel beams is already on its way back to Sleepy Hollow where we are going to take the other two steel beams because I think we need some 10 tons of that and we know we actually need only um eight ton so let's go for this unsettle Island here with lots of potato grain and hops fertility so the perfect Ireland for bread and beer production that we need and it also has lots of coal lots of copper so those things are something we really need and what I want to do though is find the right suitable spot so this one here is batcher because it looks more inwards to the map and we don't have to no actually let's no let's stick down there yeah let's go for this one here there we can settle it and it seems like we're definitely get going to get it and there's another quest here so lots of quests now a delivery quest you lumberjack bring me more timber there's a bottleneck in my prime opening strategy and I keep running low house fun mouthing used to own entire forest until the state repossessed them and he wants me to deliver five tons of timber right away sir I'm doing that of course five tons for 2,400 gold of course I'm doing that mission sounds like a very good deal to me but for now I really want to settle on this island a real quick then we do those two missions there with um that just offered to us and then we're going for more steel beams and settle on the other islands there but I'm eager to get get this one here because this is a very strong island just as strong as this one here actually if not strong add this one has wine grape that's still pretty cool for champagne later on but yeah we could still take this one then let's just settle on that one in the meantime I've got so much timbers I still need to expand on my on my town here just like that along the the main road here more houses and also we can do that here of course I need to think about my three lanes road here just like that to have more trains than on this side and yeah also on this side there now that's actually a bit too far away I think from the marketplace there yeah it doesn't have a hundred percent satisfaction anymore and let's see how far we can get up here because there is the separation uh actually quite far we'll see how close I'm going to go there and yeah eight steel beams it is eight tons of that so now we settle on this new island here let's go back to so Archie nope let's go back to Mercier because he has the sausages for us actually we do have so much timber here I'm going to stop on this one here right away but it's close by so why not just deliver the five tons of timber right now five tons – from matching very nice so we can finish the quest and in the meantime we can start here so that's the money that we get here and get out of that for steel beams then so he is indirectly financing our new islands then as well our opponent and we also need a name for this island here it's not going to be a pretty born you know there's a lot of sausages going to be on this one here and soup a soap so what good name to have on an ugly island then hunts the mice I still think about you that's right ants the mice very nice and here we can hear we're going to have lots of ugly buildings first of all as usual we need to start with a population workforce production our workforce production as a workforces that we need your for timber for the timber production so let's start off with a smaller Island so a smaller village down here let's see right that should be good very nice that's the marketplace right there and of course you're going to get rid of those villages if we want to at some point when we have the commute appear and that's a next quest gives us some reputation and some 2400 points and now let's get back up here to Mercy ere he still doesn't have enough steel beams right no only five tons that's fine and in the meantime we can now start here with we do have enough money for that I think we're starting with the steel production so we need some iron here some charcoal of course for the coal some furnace do we have that down here there's iron very nice so let's start that so we needed on a warehouse for that and then we're going for an iron mine a charcoal kiln and represent very nice and of course a furnace very ugly looking building I think we need two of them right it's 30 seconds yeah two of them and then we can have the steelworks this huge building here producing the first steel beams on our island and of course this also needs a lot of work force let's upgrade the next ones here and also here and also new buildings have been unlocked now we are able to build a police station so we should do that soon because the first riots will appear once the police station is activated and yeah my people still want the schnapps that is my next goal now okay my flagship is on its way to Murcia and I think he's actually just giving us sausages for now okay that's the quest yeah 24 tons of sausages she just give it gave it to us let's have a look at this city real quick here so as we can see it looks a bit different so he's got this ornament here the dissemination of truth so he's all about propaganda and Eric um okay some voice over from him there I don't know what he's about yet so we'll see that at some point let's get that sausage to Sleepy Hollow and then I'm going right back again to Archie and getting my steel beams there right so here we got more workers let me have a look at the productions of fish is still and different again balanced work clothes yeah I still need to work for star and let's go back here to hunt the mice we do have the work force here now so let's build a warehouse over here and then we can start with a timber production on Hunt's demise let's have two for that [Applause] three for that just like that very nice that's the timber production now enhanced demise and of course you also need a fishery here let's have two fisheries to support my population here that's about it for now we still have a positive balance that's good to see there's the sausage coming in of course having only like 24 tons of sausage is not enough so I'm going to deactivate sausage the amount right now until we have that so we produce it on our own otherwise the population would go up now and then would go down again so that's not really cool can we sell something I don't think we can let's just get back there to Archie yeah he's got enough steel beams again so we can start on a new island and soon right we do have enough timber now let's start with the snaps production finally after lots of talking about it I'm not happy to with it because it takes a lot of space so we at some point we are going to relocate the potatoes the snaps or should we do that here right away we do have potato fertility enhance demise and we do have no I'm not doing snaps here sorry sorry for that I'm not doing that here it's just a waste of time let's just use the timber to build some more houses to get more taxing come this way just like that okay and I also need to think about the work clothes because I know it's going down a bit but it looks good so far I'd say we still need to get the other islands and it'll be good and we've also reached village enhance demise and I think I'm going for another lumberjack huts here just like that very nice okay so far so good let's upgrade those house this year we are growing and yeah this one here is going to look nice I think at some point then perhaps we have the ball exhibition center on this one here on this plateau looking down or down here we'll see about that I think we're going to have it up here just looks better it's surrounded by houses then and perhaps the suit down here or something like that we'll see about that right everything is working so far let's have a look at our steel beams there yeah we still need another charcoal kiln I think because it has 30 seconds there yeah so we need that one let's build it here for 100% productivity and results need some more workers there so let's do that let's upgrade some more houses just about there fish and we're close yeah we're close that's my next goal as soon as we have enough timber again and let's also check the diplomacy again real quick here medium high very nice that worked medium low we're not doing that very likely and the pirate it's low okay let's ask for quest he's got no quest at the moment no quest no quest and she certainly doesn't have one and none of the other ones have a quest right now it reflects the times the newspaper in let's look at that so relations sour with Ann Harlow have datoria tutorial to recently say disgruntled ambassadors okay so that's not good and what's that anarchy propaganda that's a new one increases the amount of work force in all sessions by a hundred and twenty five but increases the consumption as well so that doesn't sound like a very good thing to me so let's just get more happiness here and more money income here so we got ten more happiness there for the moment very nice and we should to upgrade a few more houses there now we are positive from the worker workforce again and how's it looking here and of timber again very nice we do have some eighty-four farmers here I don't think that's enough yet for schnaps certainly not so we still need to build a workforce here and of course we should also get a pup here and a fire station I'm not forgetting about those things anymore school but I don't have to like anyone okay my flagship is down here now let's get ten tons of steel beams that cost us quite a bit again and some timber let's get let's get a bit more timber actually that's good and let's sail for the next Island so this is the potato and grain and this would be the hops and grain this one has to cold this one has one coal but it has Singh and copper I think this one's the better one and he offers as a non-aggression pact and he also paid us twelve thousand for that of course we're doing that from melting so we are a non-aggression now this one has more building space though I think yeah then this one but this one has the red pepper I just need to think I'm evaluate how many more islands I can settle on you know so I don't know when mercy air starts to settle on your islands perhaps never I don't know how he behaves but the other ones are definitely settling on your islands as fast as possible and there's a fire it seems where is that over there right we don't have a fire station over there yet now we have one no problem and another workhouse is here and then we can start now with more sheep production over here so let's get more sheep forms three more and three more framework knitters for that and of course we also need to upgrade the warehouse here which cost us a bit of money but that's good for now very nice that should solve the problem with the work clothes steel is now up and running too so I don't need to buy that anymore in the future I bought it once now one more time that's it and it has demise we have enough timber again let's build some more houses there and soon we are going to be able to start with the schnapps production here which is already long overdue to say the least so we do have enough pharmacy we do have enough timber let's start with it right away we need a warehouse just over here somewhere far away is that a good idea how much money does that yeah it's five hundred it's okay over here and let's have the warehouse fires out of control oh yeah it's a bit bigger than I thought but the fire workers are already doing their job and it's just some smaller houses there it's not really important there's a street missing here right so far so good though let's upgrade a few more here I can't do that the other okay and we are now finally at this island here with my ship there it is this one's good for red pepper dam and also has the great fertility for the champagne that we need potato and green fertility this has the fur no yeah well anyway let's settle on this one up here first because it has the fur that's much more important and we could actually settle on the other one right away because we have enough steel beams there so let's save the time let's settle on now I think I'm over complicating things right now there's the Trading Post and let's get the materials and then we can settle on this one here and then I've got all the notes on Ireland's almost that should be a good foundation then and over here yeah we're now starting with the schnapps so let's get some potato farms up here 1 2 3 4 5 okay looking good that's five let's have two more than we are at seven very nice and now we need seven schnapps distilleries one two three four five six and seven just like that very nice and of course we also need a fire station here because fire happens quite often in distilleries very nice my flagship is now here and is ready to get the materials for the last settlement that is up here let's go there real quick yeah fish is also going down so I need to look out for that we can't be running loan fish and my money is also going down quite a bit it's still not that dramatic but it definitely should watch out for that let's upgrade some more buildings there and once the fire is gone I can rebuild those ruins there we've also unlocked some new propaganda and yeah let's also get more houses down here one hunts the mice for some more tax income that we need but we can take our time now more or less I mean we still need to rush for the for the party sense though because we want to get good islands in a new world that of course is still a culprit very nice so now we will settle on this island here very nice so now we got all the four Islands here in the north that's pretty good especially for defending my territory than later and that fire seems to be pretty tenacious let's mobilize my fire department there get some more and we're also producing stuffs now now not not yet because we need some more workers okay balance is getting positive now soon especially since my pharmacy will get snaps now and then we can start with the first trade route he's not selling any ships yet that might be the next option Anders pulls requests at Madame Carina for five thousand are you looking for an exciting task I have something for you to do one of my providers failed to load an item and I specifically request it and I need you to come look for it thrilling isn't it pick up the crates to where the crates so I need to get my flagship which is not working at the moment anyway pick up at Cohibas bounciness clipper or some crease okay let's get there that seems like a lucrative quest for just picking up some stuff the fire's gone now choose let's rebuild those ruins they're looking good and we also yeah we have a slightly positive balance now so I don't want to destroy that right away we do have enough work clothes again as it seems that it's all going down and fish as well and he's offering as a destruction quest that is a problem though because I don't have the firepower for that it's a lot of money there I don't know I mean some destruction quests are really easy let's accept and I need to destroy two schooners down here yeah that should be possible schooners don't even fire back when consejo yeah let's do that as well so two very lucrative quests as it seems let's do there let's do the destruction quest first so there is two schooners they're my Imperial flagship should be doing the trick and I like how the ships are waiting for you below the the quest givers are coming to your Harbor and then you can do the quests I like that that's a nice touch to it okay so more workers here very nice they also pay nice taxes and we're looking good again financially and we should also have some decent amount of schnapps now very nice and are going to continue with the first straight route then stay tuned

  1. YOU HAVE A MONOPOLY ON THE ANARCHIST IN ENGLISH AS RAPTOR AND KERALIS HAVE GIVEN UP IT SEEMS ON ANNO 1800. ie your ships must have eliminated them from the map and you are the only one left maybe they don't like commies and only like greedy capitalism and monetization. Who knows but what sucks is that when search ion youtube for anno 1800 anarchist only you come up and a bunch of Germans and other weird languages which I can't seem to filter out even when I change the country in youtube language settings youtube is totally broken now and they are also removing access options in the next month too. So lucky for you are the only true anarchist left playing anno 1800. I mean does the game get boring after all your ships wipe the opponents off the map and there is no more fun building things anymore?

  2. May i suggest if you can. Try to have Carl as a Allied opponent. He would be a very nice buffer against the Admiral between you and the Admiral. Island position wise. The Admiral would have to sail past Carl to reach your islands in the future if the Admiral declared war against you.

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