Anno 1800 The Anarchist #02 - Where's Archi? || Let's Play English Sandbox Gameplay DLC [PC 60FPS]

and welcome back to any teen hundreds the anarchist we have just found now dr. Hugo Mercier so this is the island of him that says that's the anarchist we're going to deal with him a lot in this game I think and we still have to find the traders I know some of you told me that you can find the traders by looking at the at the fog and some islands there could have them you know so they have there are certain layouts there and the reason why I didn't do that yet is because I thought that I would find them just by sending my ship around the island but unfortunately it didn't work this time let's send my ship down there there's a smaller island here that looks like it could inhabit eight a trader here in the middle somewhere needs to our should be the pirate that I haven't found yet either yeah I don't know seems a bit strange I mean we've discovered almost everything here now and when I just look around I can't find any additional islands anymore and the pirate should also be looking somewhere this fog of war here is empty there's definitely no island here there are some islands over here on the other side so we have to go there yeah I don't know anyway while my ship is on its way we do have a lot of timber here I am neglecting my town totally so we definitely need to do something about that so let's get to it shall we let's get some more houses here more farmers for our capital to grow let's get some more houses over there so we have the marketplace here so the influence area is perfectly fine photos you know they're still here almost 100% yeah 100% actually that's good and we have a ruin here as well I think because of the fire and the pup is also doing its job so we can start with the next production which is let me just have a real quick look here I think the work clothes yeah let's go for the work clothes we can do that somewhere far away from my main stuff so I intend this time I tend to have the work clothes here forever I don't want to relocate that since you don't need that many forms of it so in this case we could have it over here just like that and then we start with a few sheep forms here oh wait a second yeah I don't get any anything back here though so it's like an extreme mode we need to be a bit more careful with how we built that's three of that and now we can build three of those a framework knitters so I'm going to have sheep forms here all over the place and then the framework knitters someone like this three of them here and he commands me on building framework knitters thank you he seems to be friendly so far so we have to work close there let me just have a look at the diplomacy here so we got all three opponents now on the diplomacy menu so Carly oh not from mouthing and talk the humours here so let's have a look we could flatter him yeah that gives us a bit of diplomacy there diplomacy a reputation let's do it with him to its medium-high okay that's that and let's ask him for quest he has no quests at the moment unfortunately we still have the quest oh of the photo that we have to take here there is no traitor here let's send my flagship um to that ship of the line that is waiting somewhere here so we can take a folder down and get out this quest here and then we continue on the journey with the traitors there is still yeah totally frustrating I mean there are three traitors on this map here and I only have found one so far even though I've discovered almost everything else I don't know yeah we're still a little low on the under the money side so let's continue building here so we could have oh wait a second that is something I should keep in mind this time since we are going for trains here as well I need to have the main streets here in the in the centrist let's make it a three lane here one the same goes for this one you know so at some point I'm probably going to have a power station here somewhere so I'm going to have here's the harbor the oil Harbor and we're going to have the trained and running the train then running here and here in the middle going over there and then over there up there and here we can have a power station then it's powering this district here and then we could have one here that's powering this one here so I intend to electrify my my town more than I did in the previous episodes okay and for this one here let's just have it like three like that and then four like that that works very nice and we should also be starting about a second marketplace here somewhere now but looking good so far and it's the law of the graphics I still love the game over 100 hours now Anna is still such a beautiful thing and for me I think it's the best in the Anna franchise so far so it has that the highest replayability aloft anna 1404 because there was so much to do but this one here is just more complex especially in the later game in the end game so let me just real look here real quick of the layout so we need to have a marketplace here of course would you quit place like that no not that for loader yeah I think I can have another block here of buildings just like that and then we could have the I mean it should be going down now yeah the need is going down so now we can have another marketplace here and I think I'm doing it like here with the pop then up there I like that and the pop I think needs just the pop there it is let's build the pop yeah because if I built a pub like up here it wouldn't extend its reach down there so let's build the pub oh this is a difficult one let's have more houses here and then we can build the public here right right that that's going to work and the marketplace here right that's that and then we can have another two houses here if you want to and we could also have the fire station then another one a second one somewhere here but I'm going to wait for that with that for now that's going to work right let's have a look at that so we have the flagship here to ship of the line and we can take a photo now of that let's take a photo of that it seems to be interested in a photo of this ship of the line submit it and that is the first quest for an opponent we get some money out of that and more importantly some reputation right my ship is here let's continue on boards through the next islands and I can already feel that this is a bit more relaxing than the extreme mode of course a game doesn't always need to be as difficult as possible sometimes you just want to play and through the atmosphere and right there is nothing here so let's send my ships my ship down here that looks to be an island here yeah that's definitely an a trader because the music kicks in if you can hear that I think that's where our G very nice and it's it's about time because I want to get this island and I'm afraid someone else will take it soon we need to be careful there Kayson in a new marketplace here is now in town and the pub is working the nacho and the work loop should be in here very nice everything's working as intended so far and this beautiful city lots of space here like that especially the oil is located here very nicely and there hasn't been a newspaper yet I'm a bitch I wonder about that a bit okay let's see if if one of the other opponents has a quest for us again so he likes us now quite a bit and humours here let's look at that in no quest yet but I think we can get a treat treat with him yes let's do that that boosts our reputation within quite a bit so he sells stuff now and we can buy stuff but nothing too serious at the moment but he's got items look at that that's pretty cool so he's got items now as well that we can buy off him something for the trade unions for military ships here – 20 % of workforce needed for all the production buildings nothing too special yet it's all just common items but I'm pretty sure it goes up as time goes by very nice and let's also build another block here more houses and we've also reached level 4 now again yeah and I don't need that one here for now I want to have another clock here before I build a three lanes Street here I'm very curious how it turns out then with a three lane three lanes here how this is going to turn out later down the line and of course you also need three lanes here then up there when we continue up there they're nice so I'm snaps would be the next one since we want to get more tax income and of course those things are always the most important ones for happiness getting that schnapps hi there and we could also advance to the next stage let's also do that right now and see proofs of your workers very nice and we've reached now the next stages that is H of industrialization with the Booker's once again and very important to start early on is the clay production so let's do that and now we have the newspaper okay so it was with the workers then and yet it's quite simple at the moment so could have a bit more tax income there and a bit more happiness here and new trade partner is one of the special newspaper articles zero minus fifty percent right chance for free of course I take that that is quite a successful addition here okay and here we can start now with the clipit and we also get influenced wordsmith because we used propaganda and those are influence bonuses so a pony you get them with more influence but influence is not a problem anymore really since the latest update where you get so much more out of your population and especially with the influence with the investors down the line so that's the first clay pit there and the second one is over here so I don't even need a new warehouse for this one here that's two of them and of course I need four brick factories for that and yeah perhaps I should also get another sawmill here so we can still have one more here and then endosomal there and we should also upgrade that warehouse here and soon for a bit more timber since we're waiting on that's quite a lot let's go down here again my ship has arrived ok there's no trader here are you kidding me I am a bit confused now because there was the music for one of the traders when I went here the last time let's go to to that Island over there where the traders now finally Madame kahin no at least not Archie but Madame Carina and also the Pirates they're both here there's the pirate on the edge of the island of the map usually she's in the middle and there we got Madame Kohinoor she doesn't do anything yet she has some some seats here as you can see so um with that one here that is used well with the latest patch so um yeah and now he's settled on my island here because I was not able to get there as quickly as possible that's because I didn't get the trader Archie he would sell the steel beams and with that I could settle that is a bit problematic so I need to get those islands here but I don't know we're not finding him the trader but she sells now seeds as you can see so we can add fertility to islands you know that to our wishes like if there's no hops we could get the hops fertility there and where is Sir Archie has he been kidnapped there is another Ireland here let's go there looks good could be him right tell em were building stair and let's also upgrade that block here two workers since we need the workforce but of course we can always get this island back at some point either by financial power or with military force we'll see about that but there's still three good islands up here this one has hops fertility and fur this one has red pepper and this one has another potato that's good for schnapps and they all have a lot of mineral minerals here especially the cold which is so important later on yeah well we need to readjust your a bit and that's a pity that's a real pity right there anyway let's continue here we have to work is now we still lack a bit of workforce there for them let's upgrade this one here very nice and now we can start with the brick factories we'll do that where should we do that actually let's have a look yeah let's know I want to have them on this side here so where where we can't see them I don't like to see the factories we need on the warehouse for that and then we're going to build for brick factories and doing that in blueprint mode for now until I have enough timber for that each one of them to build and they also need a lot of workforce there so I can't build them right away anyway right that's that and my ship is still on its way my goodness I'm slow this time I'm talking way too much and the fact that I haven't found Archie yet really cripples me he's so important early on at least my balance is positive now I don't need to worry about that anymore let's have a look at my fish is still looking good my work cloth is climbing now even though not as fast as I'd like it to have so we are going to expand on my sheep there as well come on Archie we need ya there's nothing here doe anymore I can't see anything nope nope nope so at least the parrot is far away from us but I can already see that this is going to be a very interesting let's play here a playthrough of this map lots of islands and yeah strong opponents as far as I can see so two of them already settled on other islands I don't know how they do it I mean they must have found Archie quite soon quite early in the game so yeah we are it's really that the our island so on the other side of the map hidden in the corner I can build two more brick factories so I've built all four of them now of course we lack some workforce with that now so we need to upgrade more houses as soon as I can and we get the first bricks in here now – and Hyuga Mercier has a quest now for us to – look at that once you extract all the crooked incentives that have been fabricated by capitalism to hold property people only take as much as they need we produce so much and gobble up so little we can barely close our storeroom doors take as much as you need think of it as a sample of what our system can achieve and he offers a me a pick-up quest of 24 sausages okay so I need to sail my ship here is he actually just giving me sausage now seems like it and no Archie here yeah this is hmm guys if you have any tip on that please leave it in the comments because I'm at a loss here I definitely clicked on Archon in the beginning but I can't see any other Island anymore nope there's nothing here we've discovered everything down here there's a smaller island there let's go over there there's something here still but it doesn't look like big enough like it's big enough for our G nothing here in the center I've already looked twice now nope and nothing here yeah well that's a problem have a look of my diplomacy there we have now the other traders the pirate especially so let's try to flatter her that didn't work this time you still need to work on that obviously oh there is okay there is I can see that because there are some buildings here so that's Archie finally I hope I'm not losing another Island because of that let's upgrade some more houses here and we're not poor town very nice and we also unlocked a few more more buildings here with only two naps though so I was hoping to get on another island and start the snaps there because I don't want to waste so much space on one island for the potato farms especially we have two hops fertility the grain fertility the fur fur we are not using on this island because it takes way too much space but grain might be a possibility [Applause] I present my humble duty to you and I'm confident you'll transcend your prayer I was almost talking to me yeah so Archie thank you holy moly I had quite some quite a lot of playthroughs now and it was never this hard yeah and he's got no steel now because the the opponents poured it all oh we don't need yeah let's just buy this much there six tonnes how much do we have here we have two tonnes we need ten tonnes I think four or eight tonnes for a new warehouse so we need to wait a bit now to get that seal and of course we should think about doing that ourselves on this island here the steel production we have enough timber now workforce is still a bit low though on the workers and there's also a new quest here so my mates wanted to see you strong and turns out I want but I may or may not need bricks to rebuild something six tons of bricks let's do that let's turn it in and new propaganda articles have been unlocked with that quest and we also got a bruiser Harbor activity is increased by 10% if we put him in the harbor master office right that's that and 1500 people now at least now we know where is and we just buy the steel beams right away so we'll need another three tonnes here and then we go for the next island right away which is this one here which has hops and grain away the second potato this one would be nice no let's go for this one because this one's huge that might be the most important one and to finish this episode off let's have a look at diplomacy again real quick medium high that didn't work this time very likely he seems a bit easy here with the reputation let's see that looks good so far we've got a few people here now and yeah I'm just waiting now for the steel beams then sailing over there I'm settling on this one here and starting the snaps production and then we can sell the schnapps here and also on Sleepy Hollow we should start with our own steel beams production now and the sails because I want to start with my own ships sooner than later so lots of things to do in the next episode stay tuned

  1. Minute 13:30 : A bit more happiness and he uses a +5 happiness modifier on an already +5 happiness 🙂 Good job.

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