Anno 1800 Morning Session - Quests and New Cities || Waiting for Anarchy | English Let's Play

the fire left ruins behind for the Commonwealth and confident it's ready to go influence don't trust me okay let's see so we do have that we still don't have a quest yet forty main questline so what I want to do there is just focusing on normal quests smaller normal quests that should do it and of course we're also going to do some expeditions there here and there there is a quest over here somewhere which I don't find it's on the map here but I can't find it in here somewhere ah there it is well it's a tea harbour actually a photography quest another one of a steamship yard of that steamship er okay so that Sarah let's take a photo of that and submit it a woman invents something it may seem Co incited to ask to have your photograph taken besides one's own invention and we get a penicillin usable in Town Hall chance for illness – 60 % well I guess that's a good thing and welcome back to Sleepy Hollow in this episode we are doing everything that we can to trigger to finally trigger the anarchist main questline I really don't know when it appears but I think I'm giving it another few hours of gameplay and then we can you know just take an alliance with him probably when the military's high enough and then I'm just going to defeat him entirely because there is no way for me to get anything else here the main questline is just not triggering and as long as that's not happening I can't do anything here so we're doing a few quests here see if we can see or find some new quests um in my in my city here so there's a quest here somewhere that I should find it's on the map here the red doctor there it is just in a century as that sure of me will galvanize the layabouts of the city interaction productivity will so sore and so will prophets and I need to build a memorial garden okay we need to find a memorial garden for that for that building I think it's over here somewhere that's a fountain a memorial garden let's see there it is memorial garden generates a small amount of attractiveness and we need to build it anywhere in the city it seems so we still have some space here where we could do that I think or behind here can we can we place a street over there yeah we can do that so we could have a smaller garden here let's have a paved Street for that right I want to have some trees here first and then we can have this garden here memorial garden right in the middle like that and that solves the quest and we get more than conservative playwright bonus income for engineers and let's have another paved Street here and then we can have something around it like I think two fountains might do nicely around that that's too big of course there was another one oh it's so hard with those ornaments here there it is okay and some benches here where people can enjoy that day okay so we have done that another quest and as you can see when the city is big enough you have like quests everywhere so really there is another one over here somewhere so if I solve one quests I get another one right away I just need to find this one now the map is a bit unprecedented at it right now over here but it's actually here in the past resection a genius in a new city a fruitcake can you help me find my cousin he's a huge old fellow who never part from his spear unmissable the puddle quest fine and collect the pastry chief and the cook is exploring the market wearing a white apron there's the market I hope it's that one here and he should have something white on him let's see if we can find him and oh I have an epidemic in Sleepy Hollow let's have a look there oh yeah over here I should have a hospital close by doh there it is it's a big one let's see there's a market here with the chef should be here somewhere I can't miss him oh that looks like someone's passed out there but it's not the quest item that we need hmm that's him strange it's not here obviously but according to the map oh it could be over here there's another market over here somewhere let's see there he is look at that easily found and we get an epic item out of this one effects a bakery productivity 40% for the bakery that sounds good wait let's see wait a second he and Balrog we do have bakery as well as you can see we have quite a surplus of bread already I don't have I don't think that I have a trade union here yet I have one here for the breweries that I'm not using actually there's the big free pastry a chef and nothing for the bakery here yet but it doesn't matter you know if bread is so full we don't really need that for now what I definitely want to do though is another expedition so that's something we can do and yeah we do have another rescue mission I like to do those because they kind of are like a surprise at the end and let's send we don't need a battle cruiser for dad but a cargo ship here the walls warm oh no that's LD whilst one is in in Al Jarreau actually it's not even close let's see let's build another cog ship there and I think I can also just um you know purchase one yeah there it is okay so let's get that cargo ship there over here it's taking Iver and Kenny where we can use now nope not for the archeological one but for the rescue mission so you should be close by anywhere where are you there okay and let's see we do have not for sales burg but for Sleepy Hollow crafting and force oh yeah that's a huge bonus there but I would like to have something that's equippable on ships we don't have much on that right there's something for diplomacy that pushes it quite high for medicine and now we just need a few things for with diplomacy faith crafting a navigation diplomacy let's take her for diplomacy no we need something for faith let's take the medicine there ocean apps for Asians and medicine and then we need something for hunting let's see obviously we do have lots of the chilliest now we're still low on coffee totally low we need to do something about that bread was for faith as far as i remembers let's take the bread there it is and now we need something for hunting I think the fur coats are perfect for that very nice so that's a moral morale of 95 percent poor the rescue mission here and it's on its way Guinea we're on another rescue mission there let's check it real quick we don't have any anarchist quest so far let's go back to the New World and see if you offer something here but it doesn't get no new quest here at the moment it still doesn't like us much ok and let's have a look at that the military again we are still pretty close there but we have to get better than him for the military power so let's expand our Harbor defenses that we have here mounted gun no that's not the one the cannon tower that's the one okay so let's have a few more towers here it's totally too much but we have to do that and I I don't even know how the anarchist gets such a high military might you know it's just amazing how high that is let's get the bricks that we have here on the battlecruiser and the weapons and let's get this over to let's see buona Lucia I don't have any harbour defense here yet though I do have a quest there let's have a look let's look at the quest my grandkids keep pestering my to play with them and I'm not the only one kids here seem to be utterly bored with some alpaca wool I would make plush toys for them okay twenty tons of alpaca wool in ponytail ooh Thea I think we have that here yeah you have that perfect that's the quest let's see what we get out of that another epic item for animal farms maintenance cost – eighty percent extra goods not that important and we do get another quest right away perhaps it's a quest line let's see we are lucky enough to be living times of peace but many of my comrades are still fighting against the grip of La Coruna they require weapons but it would be too risky for you to smuggle them yourself if you entrust me with the supplies I could send them to my comrades through our undergrad Network let's see what supplies that our 20 weapons okay that's good because I am already delivering some weapons now – balut Bonita Lou Thea and then we can finish this quest here – and there's a hidden reward for that and we do have quite some weapons in else around to do is I want to build more cannon towers here as well oh I can't do that why not it needs a lots of bricks there let's see I do have lots of bricks in Morello let's send one of our cargo ships over there and then we can just buy the bricks there and continue building those are finished now let's see how much that pushed us you're not not very close – we are at 100% here for the repetition and still doesn't want an alliance with us so we are battering an economy but we are not that good military so we need to get better there even though it's kind of hard to achieve that it seems especially because it costs so much influence what I could also do I could build some more battle cruisers let's build two more battle cruisers and right that's about it what I also see is that we don't have any oil in Sleepy Hollow anymore that might be something I need to do okay so let's get some more oil over there I think we do have some well in the new world we definitely am producing quite a lot here as you can see it's way too much actually so we need another oil tanker there for Morello so I'm going to just purchase one it's much better to purchase one that to build one building one does cost rate our resources purchasing one just cost me a bit of money there and lord and lady that's the oil tanker lord and lady let's get Lord and Lady on that well trade routes that we have somewhere here from Marill oh there it is we already have three oil tankers there now we have four on the straight route and let's get this one there to the Wild Thing those names and the wealth thing is also going to be on that trade route and I know they're a bit close together but we have so much oil in Murillo I don't think that it's going to matter let's have a look at the new Walter again let's upgrade that well no actually I do have some well storage here already they're producing at nine hundred said I could have a trade union here somewhere if I have the item that effects the oil wells no I don't have that here at the moment I do have it in the old world oh let's get the bricks there from Murillo over – Elsa Rao and in ponytail luthier I'm unloading the weapons and the bricks I can finish the quest with that that gives me a millstone cigar factory and flour mill not that important not that useful but we need more bricks here – I'm using a battlecruiser as a trade route here right now of course I shouldn't do that we do have at least one cannon tower here though that we can build I can use every little thing that I can find let's see no for some reasons we don't climb there anymore on the military power despite building so many defenses and having so many ships let's also oh yeah compels ship of the lines anymore hmm it's a tough one yeah doesn't matter we need to wait a bit I think we need to wait a bit before the defense is kick in you know and and it counts towards the military score and right there Shawn La Fortuna he's selling a lot of weapons there so let's get one of our trade ships cargo ships over there and quite a lot of quests are over here all over the place so I'm going to do one of them at least and we've also constructed a new ship the cargo ship that I'm going to send right for n because she's also selling lots of weapons and as far as I can see no quest so far still no quest okay that's that what we can do though is what I can see is that Shawn actually has a quest for us we should always do the pirate quest because they can open up quest lines as well and La Coruna is preparing to strike again we need to be prepared please take a picture of the Armada they're gathering so we know what we're up against he wants me to take a picture of a battle cruiser up here I'm helping a pirate there and that's the picture here we can submit that photo has been taken and we do get a bit of reputation there with him that's the quest for now let's see how high our reputation is with him quite higher actually in the 90s now I think we could go for Alliance at this point yeah it's certain I don't know an alliance with a pirate let's do the Alliance there so we are at an alliance now with Shawn la fortuna and I think we're also going to have a alliance with N and the anarchists actually likes that that's good that's good to know okay and yeah we're pretty much on an alliance with two pirates now of course that's dangerous you know I usually don't like alliances it's dangerous because if if you go is now going for war with one of the Pirates I'm going on war with Hugo probably not going to stare lines are too long I'm just I would just want to unlock a few quest lines there and the thing some special ships that you can have all right and whilst Warren has returned with some bricks so we can build some more Harbor defenses here in L 0 and we to like some influence now so I can't do much else influence wise since the ships also cost me some right and this is this looks ugly here in a in Sleepy Hollow right away we drove the hospital in action there but there still a sickness there probably need more hospitals here in this area riding something else wait a second something that I just popped up in my mind I do have an item that effects oil wells right something like that somewhere let's see it should be here I don't have that anymore seems like I don't have that anymore oh yeah and they are again with a rare item for the cloth industry let's take that I don't know if that is actually a hindrance to the main questline or not you know taking in the refugees it's kind of hard I don't know hard to tell we do have some influence again do and right the epidemic is over so we can rebuild that era here and we have enough pharma so let's just upgrade a few more here to workers okay and there's still a marketplace here that we probably don't need anymore but I still yeah I still have the problem there with the oil well I definitely need more oil there was an item I certainly certainly got an item at some point that effects ah there it is refiner oil wells 20 percent right let's get this item there and I know you can stack those items you know so if I have a second item that affects the oil wells by 20% it it pushes that even more I seen I've seen some crazy stuff there with oil wells being at 1,400 efficiency or something like that but we definitely need more oil so let's get that item over here to Sleepy Hollow we can use that then in a trade union here that would fit perfect it affects both of the oil wells and we could build it then but it needs 20 influence influence is the main problem right now that means we should get some more investors since investors give you lots and lots of influence I can still upgrade a few here since we fulfill all the demands again for the engineers that's good that brings us a bit of influence there again we don't have any investors up here yet and I definitely want to have them here so the only thing that's missing yours electricity so a power plant will be eminent here instead of the marketplace most likely because we don't need that here anymore we have some yeah unhappy farm up here unhappy because I think yep there's no pop up here and also there is no marketplace here it's a very weak marketplace so let's block the pop here and the marketplace here just for now you know they're just performer I'm going to delete them again once I don't need once I don't have any farmers of workers here anymore right we have that appear now so we can get rid of the marketplace here and off it goes and instead of that we can have a power plant here and that's it that's the power plant there and we should of course that of course pushes my oil consumption even more again we need to look out for that but we should have electricity here in this at there at district 10 and then we can have some more investors here and let's also build another tree line here to kind of hide power plant there a bit more ok and my frigate should have arrived down here now perfect nope that's the clipper where's my frigate it should be well on its way there it is to get that item okay that's that so we can have more investors up here then we need them we need more influence there and let's also check it once again yeah it goes it went up a bit like 10 points there we still need 30 points though before we can high get higher than him and that is important so let's yep the influence there let's build another defense down here okay I think I can build two more defenses cannon tower costs me seven influence Oh it can actually build three more let's do that no of course you want to make this a bit symmetrical here three more there costs me more influence of course I mean there's no way that this military might is higher than mine but what whatever whatever okay and one of my expedition is on its way now to the rescue mission there we should get a pop up there soon another fire there and I think we also had quite the big sickness there in Bell Rock yeah Oh Bell Rock doesn't look good right now Jerry's here now with the yep we get this item there with the oil wells and yeah that's about it I don't need any other item there for now let's get this one back to Sleepy Hollow and there is the first attention that the expedition requires The Treasures of Hassan Benza Heat Oh if you're an investor and you probably know us a son Benza heat so he's the pirate in Ana 1404 an old man claims to know the location of a great treasure you've stopped over at a sense web port a gaggle of offices are enjoying sweet cardamon infused coffee in the Morning Sun when one of the patrons approaches he's old and blind his clothes dirty I have need of an adventurer like yourself for the treasure of the pirate her son Ben Zahir this year it is just waiting to be found belief the old man I'll follow him that's a very low success chance there let's do that we're on a treasure hunt there the old man leads you into a trap he chatters amaya bleah all the way to a hammam a steam bath where he insists a descendant of Penza heat now works before they can realize how misplaced that trust is in him your officers naked and relieved of their weapons are surrounded by a gang asking for payment fight your way out that has a 20% success chance let's take that it's a bit of a wrestling match how do you like that as Sara layers your punch east officer emerging from the fight the victor his adversary left gasping and bloody nosed on the marble floor what do you think you're doing rage is the proprietor of these fabulously fresh cute baths this is a place of peace you have the files so much for relaxing Shores leaves that's it at least it was not a total failure there and let's continue and of yeah we also have the newspaper there again let's take the minus ninety percent their income and right I don't I don't even have T influence there Kailas reversed it let's take the minus fifty there that sounds like a good deal and yeah let's take minus 20% and minus 10 here that fits so we do have some influence there left though not much all right and with that in mind I think we've done enough there and Barak and welcome everybody to my stream I know you're writing messages probably one of you but I think my chat is dead so my I can't see any texts there and now I can see you guys that was that was a buck there I needed to refresh it now I can see you off Knudsen hands worst SJ welcome to the stream here I thought it would be a good idea to have like a good morning stream there of n oh yeah I'm just I'm just I'm still waiting for D put a freaking main quest for the anarchist it's kind of hard to get this one I don't know it's not triggering for some reasons I'm doing some quests here and there I'm also recording some episodes for the let's play so don't worry if I'm talking like I'm talking to strangers and from time to time right now I'm not recording and I'm just waiting I'm doing I'm doing some stuff here and there and we found Salzburg so Salzburg is over here now in case you missed it that's the new Island there and it's a little town right now I'm just waiting for timber but it's full now of course because we did a lot of things there yeah I need another oil island um the thing is I do have two full oil islands it should fit for now it's low but we got a frigate there there it is with way affects you all well by another 25% so all I need now is a bit of influence there and we can upgrade some here now so I think that one is working now yeah it's working now so those investors have oil now electricity so I can upgrade them look at that so many new investors coming now beautiful and that gives me Oh over 110 over 110 influence there and I can build a trade union now here oh I used all my bricks there let's build the trade union anyway I can do that here so we've upgraded now all the investors and we got over 100 more influence I can use that to get my item here check that effects the oil wells but what I can see right now is that we don't have any engineers now in Sleepy Hollow anymore I definitely need to upgrade more artisans we have enough artisans there so that should fit but we need more timber so what we do now let's get one of our many ships not that many cargo ships unfortunately I should have a free cargo ship somewhere I'm building another battle cruiser there so that takes a bit of time oh and we've reached a new influence there the tycoon because I think we have so many trade routes now and that effects all my ships by 15% speed this influence bonus there that's for trade that's for the trade there oh yeah and that's another battle cruiser there and we're still we're still trying to we're still trying to to also reach the highest up here look at that it's so close now 30 more points then we can supersede him in the military might and that hopefully will trigger at least some quest again so I read it in the forums it's probably one of the strategies lots of people have the problem that main quest is not triggering I'm still hoping for a patch there but yeah that is the main goal right now let's go back here to the new world in Al Jarreau we have some defenses here and I think we still have some weapons there as well is that right yeah 70 tons of weapons there and also in bonito luthier so let's get some more bricks those 150 tons of bricks down to Elsa Rao and that I can use then okay so that's that um we are not producing any timber anymore in Sleepy Hollow as far as I know we're just having some lumberjack huts here for the locks that we need for the suing machine factories so what I want to do is I want to get more timber of course to Sleepy Hollow I think Archibald is selling lots of bricks there yet so we kind of could have a trade route I really don't have any free cargo ship at the moment let's cancel that bail crews that aren't built to more cargo ships no I don't have that oh yeah well their cargo ships over here and Salzburg I do have cargo ships let's get one of them to Bell Rock and let's get one of them to tarik got lots of timber there as well no I'm not making a timber farm a timber farm is just totally useless actually because I'm producing so much timber anyway and I don't need it all the time you know Plus that I want to save the space here and there is no warehouse in range I think something's going on here as well oh he's not got enough area there anymore for cultivation yeah let's just get rid of that one here no I don't think that I have to restart you only have to read I only had to restart last time because the anarchist is an opponent but patches usually don't need you to restart the game that is just not in Noe at least I haven't experienced that yet Admiral Vicenta Silva offers you a delivery request let's do that and it's in the new wall as far as I can see yep 10 tons of copper ore come on that is not something that I do have in a new world nope I don't have any copper here well let's get some yeah let's get a battle cruiser there for my copper I don't want to waste a cargo ship for that I should have plenty of copper in Taric yeah so let's just get the copper there and deliver it then to him and I always check the anarchist islands there for quests nothing yet we do have enough timber now though and influence a week what we can do here is having the trade union for the oil wells like that and he's praising me for building a trade union that's good and let's get that item up here now so affect your world 20% in productivity goes to 625 no it should actually go much higher because I think it affects every oil world that we have you know so that's like 25 percent 25 percent 25 percent and so on I think it's much better than the bonus for that anything else here nope not like Oh or wells productivity 25 percent of course we're doing that let's stack it up it is stacking after all so yes that get that pushes the productivity even more and let's also see this one here sunken that's unusual the breeze floats among the waves mold grid and planks of wood strings of cloth fragments of broken plaster all tinted by the gray shade of time filled with childish excitation the crew discusses the possibility of going underwater to uncover data breeze origins oh it's the diving bell again lucky for us this time we have a specialist for that 40% chance and the diving bell looks decent and feels solid to man climb aboard and the Bell plunges into the depths while a whole group of sailors plumb pumps air into its ventilation tube hope that it will resist the dive and push the Bell into the hole only 5% there the Bell doesn't resist the fall instead of gliding along the sides of the hole the Bell tilts letting the water in the man called for help and the crew immediately tries to pull him up fighting against what rocks snare the Bell doing their best to save their mates and unable to react when the Rope snaps into the hands they're left oh okay they're left to mourn their seabird companions we lost some there but we didn't lose any morale oh we lost Morel okay it doesn't show that in the expedition menu at least not every time and we are here now at seven hundred eighty percent productivity and we also have four ships on the trade route from the new world and we're still down to zero here I hope that goes up at some point right and the other thing is that we still don't have the engineer book force anymore so we definitely need to get more timber and I sent our cargo ship over here to Bell Rock which has lots of timber so let's get that over to Sleepy Hollow and I do have the battlecruiser here for the copper that we need it's 10 tons of copper and 10 tons of gold which yeah the gold we can get in a new world so I think Sean is selling gold yeah let's send the battlecruiser there to the new world and let's get more timber with crusty beard the second that should do oh and what I can see there is a quest at the anarchists island oh hello apparently some people from our community have arrived at your docks by mistake that were meaning to go or somewhere else as they have no means of return I must ask you that you deliver them to us back to the friends and families of course a pickup quest residents our drift oh look at that they're on all my islands yeah that's a problem now if I click on yes here they're going to be boarded to any ship that is at the port right now so that is a huge mess no I don't know how to do that now I've got so many ships in Sleepy Hollow it's getting on one of the random okay so on which our ship is the dissident now on this one here yeah Neptune oh let's deliver that item to the anarchists docks it's only one as far as I can see right I hope it's only one item please let it only be one item otherwise I will have to look for a lot of ships here none of them have it though I think it's only one ship oh yeah looks like only one and yet Balrog is still not looking good we still have to wait for the illness to pass there's no road connection here let's remove the building and replace that with something more beautiful and we have a write-in Hawk Haven – but not a big one and we have a police station there anyway okay just looking for the ship now that is sending the item there it is yeah that would be fun indeed right having a pirate flag on one of my battle cruisers and just destroying his ships though I think I will need more pirate flags for that I have one because one battle cruisers just not enough he will just attack it with my hole with his whole fleet then right and what we can also do is in the meantime while the ship is on its way there we could get another sumptuous exhibition so let's go for archaeological again let's start this one it is champagne prep plantain totally offer and cigars we have everything there I think the fried plantain dough could be a bit low let's see there it is yeah so we need a bit of that bit of fried plantain there no big deal though since we're producing that there it is let's get Wells one to deliver that and he's ready to have the Questor let's get how many do I need again sorry sixty sixty fried plantain let's deliver that to the new world to the old world of course and let's turn in the quest there we do get a useless item there I don't care about and we can send the foot trader on its straight ride again that is one quest so the quest work like that that there are several tiers of quests in the anarchist quest line so every time every time you finish a quest you have a chance to go to reach a higher tier in this quest line you know and once your tier is high enough I think there are three or four tiers of quests sets once you're high enough in the tier list and you get his main quest line and you should see that quite easily being marked as number one or number two or something like that and with that you get the achievement then that I'm after but yeah it's a bit difficult there are three major achievements that I want to reach with him the first one is of course this main quest line the second one is having an alliance with him you get the D Alliance after the main quest line or when you do like when you have higher military power or something I think otherwise he doesn't you know except o chance of access is low we have an alliance with the energies I'm talking here and the function is available to us look at that and we have the achievement there perfect we have an alliance with you go finally after so much time we're pretty close we're pretty close there to choose military power and DLC is cynical ISM influence point what is the bonus there no bonus as far as I can see but finally we are on alliance with him so that is the first major the first major achievement that I want you to do the second one is his main quest line perhaps we get it now now that we've reached the Alliance and third one is defeating him of course but finally we have the Alliance there I was waiting for that for quite some time now okay let's unload the timber that we have here and now let's upgrade more artisans to engineers first let's upgrade a few more workers there right there we can upgrade some artisans and lots of artisans here yeah that solves the problem for the workforce let's also operate this row here and probably those buildings there as well okay now I'm down on timber again but that was enough so we have a positive work balance there again okay so that's that we've upgraded some more we've solved this problem there as well I can unload the rest of my goods though on my cargo ships I have a few cargo ships now free again that that's definitely good so look at the expedition exhibition they're filling up except the fried plantain so that's on its way too then we don't have to worry about that anymore and while I'm assets I'm just going to upgrade a few more workers over here in this district there and I could also upgrade them to engineers there yeah keep getting more people in fifty five four thousand alrighty now that was very useful that was very good very successful here and now we just have to wait for the main questline once again the expedition is still on its way the copper is still on its way we don't need to worry about that for a moment what else could we do we could do another quest and the expedition also requires our attention again Fistful of doubloons let's track down the thieves 25 20 percent chance they're the fleeing footprints are easily found look for pretty rough to cross the river there was a safe passage let's attempt to catch the wild horses we had that several times now and we get a reward out of that a common horse for the soup but we're going to refuse that since we don't really need a common item they're clogging up the cargo space okay and let's go now to Salzburg we still have some we have some time now in our hands and continue building this town here at the moment we have only farmers here's to the main intention right now is to get enough farmers here with the commute appear that we can built now by the way because we have enough influence again let's do that that's the commute Pierre and now salzburg is connected to the world and now we have enough farmers so I don't need the farmers in Sleepy Hollow anymore so I could just get rid of them then at some point not at some point let's make it now I can upgrade more here why can I not upgrade them they don't have a pup the puppies here doh oh look at that they don't have a street connection that's a pity now it fills up now I can upgrade them just need to wait a few seconds for them to grow and we have lots of farmers here that also need something I guess no they don't need anything so why am I not up I can upgrade them why not it's a Content farmer but it's an unhappy population why probably because of propaganda and because of the work conditions but I should be able to upgrade them ok not possible at the moment yeah doesn't matter let's just leave it at that and focus on Salzburg so we can do more buildings here on either side and what we definitely need to do in Salzburg is sketch snaps but as I said already at some point we do have so much snaps because we don't need that snaps in anymore in Sleepy Hollow we could just have a trade route with snaps from in from Balrog where we produce all that snaps so there it is and we just get 150 tons to Salzburg and we choose one of our free cargo ships there let's see Godspeed that's an idle cargo ship Godspeed is now on its route I don't have timber yep that's the reason let's get one of my cargo ships back to tarik note to Bell Rock there have enough timber got a big timber production in Bell Rock so I should probably also get a trade route there and pear Rock still looks in a bad state but not anymore okay that's that synopsis on its way now to Salzburg as well and yeah there is my fried plantains just arriving now let's get that to Salzburg our to Sleepy Hollow not Salzburg of course and only the fried plantain is missing now but we still have 30 minutes time okay let's have some ornaments here that's an apple tree let's use the apple tree there I like that one okay and the fried plantains should be arriving soon just eager ly waiting for them there are no quests right now here in the old world as far as I can see and no question Sleepy Hollow despite being such a big city and where's my battle cruiser you should have arrived by now there it is right with copper and oh yeah it's already here so what we also need though is some gold and we can buy that from shambhala fortuna and i also want to get such a perform worship there that's the special items that you can get when you reach a high enough reputation with the pirates it's a flamethrower ship and it's also steamship of course and fast because of that so let's get the gold from Sean and also some weapons right and let's bring that to the Admiral over here then we can turn in that quest with ya a crosshair at least one item there that we can use on expeditions and we still have enough we still have enough influence there so hmm I still want to kind of have a power more powerful military than him so that still needs more orbit defenses but I don't have any cargo ship here anymore as far as I can see let's get the mone to him because the monitor is fast and better than a clipper in my opinion anyway a fast deliveries and I wanted to get more timber oh there's another epidemic again in Bell Rock let's get the timber over there Sleepy Hollow yeah another big one very strange by Bell Rock has so many epidemics we have in hospital here we should have some schnapps no not yet schnapps in salzburg should be coming soon to make the population a bit more happy and let's also see what she has in store for us – 90 % sounds good and also d – 30 % there and some income perhaps no some happiness that's that okay and probably another block here and then we can have the marketplace here as well or here let's have the marketplace here okay attention again let's see calicos rope snare a merchant ship a helpless merchant brick is being pillaged by despicable pirates its captain is a friend to many of your crew who are ready to die in order to save him the pirates answer to calico Roberts the last terrible pirate but the light is dim and they have not noticed your ship well in this rescue mission we have had more pirate contact now than on the pirate hunt missions this is the second pirate encounter that we have lady Lou the redeemed pirate has a guaranteed success and we get a reward for that as well some gold and pocket watches though we don't need that actually but doesn't matter some money at least there's war somewhere Oh No the Admiral is trying to overtake an island from the anarchist they're at war with each other and I'm not dragged into that war despite being an ally of the anarchist – perhaps they changed that okay 100 tons of bricks over here – Elsa Rao met specialist I haven't seen them yet there are some items that reduce the chance of illness that you can activate in the public-houses so in those town holes there that I could do but it will only affect a small area here they could still get sick up here and that we can also hand in the mission there for the Admiral and befalls it than that jolly good okay that's that and Elsa Rao is also looking good so far let's focus on sales book again we still have lots of timber here that we don't use at the moment and what I could do here yep the work clothes that is something we can know wait a second we can definitely that get this from Sleepy Hollow as well it's full here too because we don't we almost don't need a new book off here anymore workers need it but we don't have that many workers here anymore and artisans don't need it anymore and we've got quite a big production there on this side so let's just have another trade route of work cloth from Sleepy Hollow to Salzburg cast away and he's getting that work load there let's say hundred fifty tons there again off you go so we don't need to produce that and we don't need to waste workforce or time building up a work clothes production here my address one ruin not bad and I kind of make I kind of want to make a more beautiful city our cells procure we don't need that many farmers you know so instead of that we could have a smaller park here something like that so let's have a look we have some beautiful fences there all the time like that one here and a gate that we can use wait a second let's just no let's keep it at that let's leave it like that and then we can have a statue in the middle could have an entrance here or two entrances yeah – looks good too and perhaps a little puff there in the middle no let's let son have that let's have some benches here and some trees in the background or some flowerbeds there are the flower pads here also here and here and here we could have a small s now that doesn't look good though there are no places that we can use here it doesn't fit so it doesn't connect with this one here when I build it that doesn't look good do yeah doesn't matter so we have some free space here I could use do we have grass I think we have a grass yeah just like that so it's just some grass where people can walk around I don't see anything else so that I could use here still looks good though in the middle of Salzburg right and I could also of course sell my wares more of them and the expedition has returned as well my rescue mission let's see what we get an epic item that's a new one towards the dura Lucia cigar factory productivity 40% right so let's get this item right to the newellton to the cigar factory that we have there and off you go to the new world and there is my fried plantain it can be used now on the world's fair foundation the world's fair exhibition still have a bit of time their oil is still at 0% not good I was the oil storage in Murillo there's still a good storage here though so I think we still don't have enough ships that one of the reasons perhaps we have four ships now delivering 400 tons of oil each and we still have enough oil here I probably will need to get another oil tanker on this route there is no reason right now to have another oil island if I'm not even using all the oil that half right now when marilla has a full storage of oil that means I don't utilize it there's no reason to have another full island of oil at the moment though Al Jarreau is going to be the next one because we have well here yeah so if I need more oil I'm going to use this one here I just need another oil tanker because we have too much oil here in Murillo anyway and I didn't even utilize well well here because there are some items that increase the productivity for that let's see perhaps she's got an oil tanker nope perhaps Sir Archie got one not at the moment so we need to build one that's the oil tanker there and the exhibition started it should start with the highest reward perfect ancient architecture to fill up the space there I just love that building especially when there's an exhibition it's all painted now with red carpets and red flags and this beautiful Exhibition Centre okay let's see we do have work clothes now in Sleepy Hollow and we could upgrade them now yeah – Oh Chris I'm not doing that right away doh let's just continue building here oops nope more like that I like those small gardens here so I'm going to do more of them and people actually go to them and sit down just enjoying a day it's always very good to use that here it and let's have some more apple trees here let's see what could we use here a church probably like yeah like that even though wait a second we could let's let's place the church a bit higher up here it's a bit too close to the coast otherwise yeah good morning all right and this one doesn't have a street connection doesn't matter which is use that as a smaller park here a fountain perhaps might fit in here nicely perfect or up get Cebu Park no it's a focus no gazebo doesn't fit in there let's have a fountain Plaza just like that not much SJ not much so those trees they don't they don't give you much attractiveness really I've tried it once it's beautiful let's see let's have a major tree there and I've got some free space here so watch it I mean we're pretty close not to the next level so this probably will push us yeah it pushed us a bit there so that's like I think 200 more attractiveness the artefacts give you much more but yeah I could just place everything with trees like that but I don't like that you know it looks a bit too generic then if I place trees everywhere even though that actually that has something to it yeah we have fridge also next attractiveness there are beautiful metropolis let's do this again it's just a bit as you can see so of course I can do that but it's not much plus I don't even have that much space anymore yeah it doesn't look good though especially because those patches of grass here it just took me to you know artificial the whole thing but I don't like having so many trees everywhere unfortunately you can't like you can't place natural trees that's not possible unfortunately to all the trees you plant are always ornamental trees and look like that I don't know why there is no option to place trees like this one here that doesn't have a patch of grass around it but perhaps there is a moat coming from this we already have some mods for an O so there are already some what's available and perhaps we're going to install some of them soon eh right a new expedition there but it's archaeological okay oh yeah and the oil is really low dose so it's I think it's time to have another oil island you're totally right about that no actually it's not it's still so high here where's my ship where's my oil tanker I should have built one by now no because my shipyard doesn't have electricity that's that's difficult though and become buy one yet oh yeah that's the one for the cigar let's see what we have two cigars here and ponytailed Thea I think yeah that's that and we also have a special visitor in Sleepy Hollow salesclerk okay what's that doing Marketplace's range 40% totally totally useless yeah I know if I need more tankers and building I've already got another one in my queue okay what I want to see though is this one here is travelling to traveling back with oil in store actually why is that oh yeah it's filling up there look at that it's at the thousand now I need more oil storage in Sleepy Hollow most likely there's that's the old storage there unfortunately I think you need a harbor space area we have some here left that's 200 each that's not much though what we could do is we could use another code Coast for that yeah we have some new ruins here in Bell Rock as usual let's repair them quick I have upgrade the oil harbors it's at the highest stage there I can't upgrade it anymore it was not letting me building like that I think because of the commute appear here now I can do that okay so that's that we have a bit of oil storage there again let's see right let's unload more oil here and we're down to zero again this is really really strange we were at the thousand just now are they delivering the oil back yeah they're delivering the oil back to the oil refinery probably because there was not enough storage here let's unload and let's send this one to Murillo again hmm I don't think that that happens told arena so trade route between the old and the new world my escort ships just stopped sailing when trade ships leaves the old world or the new world that shouldn't happen that didn't happen so I think the escort still go with these ships even to the new world let's try this out let's have let's have cross the beard to here and crusty beard to is going to have Neptune or two and argument here okay and this one's going now to the new world so they should stick with it now oh wait a second let's let's have this one here as an escort for Neptune and sent an opportunity to the new world like that because they have the same speed okay so arguments should then come with it to the new world okay we do have some oil here again let's see I don't think that I have accidentally cut my rail line so that would show it I think I think it would show then that there is no connection to the harbor because the every building you need the connection to the harbor in some way so if I cut the connection somewhere there should be a symbol above the building then and as far as I can see wait a second there is a power plant here as far as I can see there is no symbol anywhere have some more investors over here oh and the exhibition is over now we get some nice rewards there again so let's have a look there what new rewards ancient architecture another miss one temple miss one house I think that is new and attract our carving once again so I think T I don't think we have the house yet let's see if we have their solo attractiveness miss one house and let's see how the whoops set looks like lost city we still need two items there so many things here that we haven't got yet I haven't even finished a single set and I think I will need a second Museum can you build a second one I think you can yeah we can build let's see if I can built this one yeah okay I can't build a second museum here if I want to and a big city should have two museums not only one no quest from the anarchist not in a new world not in the old nothing there yet okay but we can have a second museum then if you want to if we have more artifacts than and what I also want to do is have a trade route for the fried plantain I think we have one but that's not enough no actually we don't have one nope so let's have a fried plantain trade route from Elsa Rao to Sleepy Hollow for the fried plantain for the exhibitions and let's use pulse one but that but of course we're doing that we also need to get a better fry plane production than and the oil is still down to zero but I should have another well tanker now where is it Terry this starfish let's put starfish here on the other trade route on oil there at least I've got five ships on that already I've got six ships on that trade right now and murillo still has enough oil in store okay let's add so we wait a bit now for the oil the new oil tanker to kick in here let's build another cargo ship in the mean time getting that over here and that's it for that and let's go back to Salzburg since we can build a few more buildings here whoops and I'm going to have another park here in front of the church okay auntie we can have another park if we want to so let's go back to my ornaments there perfect so that's in the middle at least this time having two entrances here on either side and then I'm going to yes I'm uploading this to YouTube as well afterwards I'm also recording episodes right now for the let's play so you can see the livestream then and I'm also going to have like the 25 minutes episodes as well out of this one here okay so that's that we still need some ornaments here let's see I definitely want to have something big in the middle again that's too big a statue or something like that would be nice again at that that's not symmetrical do so what's the problem here with the tiles there okay what if if I get rid of that one here again get rid of that Street here and then we can have another ornament here ornamental fence okay and then symmetrical now we can place it here in the middle the big one nope that's not a good idea though an ornamental garden yeah we just have to live with that here with that cut here there is no other way there's no other tile that connects with this one there no that was look pretty okay so we don't need that extra one here after all just going to move it over there like that that we have another small nice park new defectors yeah let's accept them and let's pull the street there again okay that's that a beautiful park there in front of my church let's have the minds chance and the -30 and happiness happiness is more important than income to me at this point so let's just raise the happiness there to have a happy population and you think we can still have some more houses here oh in Salzburg there's a fire right here let's have a fire station and one over here yeah that should be enough perhaps one down here no I don't think so okay perhaps I should have a mole parks like this in Sleepy Hollow too and yes let's also have a let's have brick roads here since I have enough bricks anyway for now though I don't have any workers here yet but a good thing is I can I don't need you to have new productions at the moment since Sleepy Hollow doesn't need those basic goods any more like bread like schnapps so I don't need to build those productions again for sales put yet okay I don't need a hospital here yet since I don't have any artisans in salzburg yet so I think the catastrophes are tied to the tier of your highest population and islands so I can only have a fire here at the moment if I go to workers I can have rights here too and if I go to artisans I can have illnesses here too I think that's the idea behind it let's have some workers here now the first workers in South Brook and it is a port town now I think I like this this park here just in front of the church so if we go now all the way over there into the park can sit down here and just have this beautiful building there beside it and yeah there is a brick road that I need in front of it of course and also here looking good let's check if the battlecruiser has come back with the auto-ship there my ship returned from the voyage there it is Neptune Oh and it seems like tips like the other one is gone the only one ship is here yeah I think it stops patrolling actually it stops escorting the other ship when it comes to the next world that is definitely a book that should not be happening I remember doing this though in the campaign and in the first sandbox game that it actually worked at some point ok storage here is finally at zero so that means we have finally got enough ships in Murillo or for Morello for the oil production there so I don't need to to work on that anymore so we can focus on a new oil island if we need that at the moment we do have some oil here now in Sleepy Hollow and I don't think that I have any shortage so all my power plants are working at the moment nope oh yeah everyone is working this one's just waiting here it's being delayed so I think the optimal route you would be to have two train tracks but that is a bit too much I think so it needs to wait here sometimes you see because they don't they don't collide they can't collide of course so there can only be one train on one track at the same time oh he buys a share on one of my islands see and this one here no you don't let's buy that back right away okay no more quest from the anarchist since we got alliance with him since we got allied with him that's a bit strange and hello nope or no v so that's that hmm we still have to wait so if the wait for that quest here but well that's part of the game on this in this case so we can use the time of course to continue building in Salzburg we still have the marketplace here and we can still go all the way down here up there again I want to have some trees there perhaps let's have some more trees there nope apple trees I want to have apple trees I like them because they have a flower bed and the trees and I cannot do Aniki now so energy is something I think that's part of the main questline I can only help spread Aniki with doctorhugo I could do Aniki of course if I delete or him or all my police stations then I would have riots all the time that would be anarchy okay now I can upgrade some more farmers here in Sleepy Hollow again since we have enough timber and we certainly do have enough bricks here okay this district looks better and better now we still don't have a timber route Co dose let's have another timber trade route run Sleepy Hollow – yeah Bell Rock nope wait a second yeah Bell Rock let's get 150 tons every time and we should still have one more there it is skinny bear but that's in the new world as far as I can see Olympia that's the one I could certainly do that I could certainly have a parasite city out of Salzburg though I don't think that name is funny doesn't do much justice to Salzburg but yeah I could have a huge city here with just investors at some point we'll see mostly about that it's a lot of work to do that again and I think Sleepy Hollow looks quite nice there we're close to having only investors in Sleepy Hollow since I'm getting rid of the last farmers there and then I can start getting rid of the last workers here and so on but it's really a long time the thing in Anna is you can't do everything at once so it's only gradually that you kind of upgrade your city step by step that's something I like about the game though you can't just have boom an investor town investor island out of nothing so you really have to let it grow organically over a period of time okay that's that so looking back from battery we still need to wait for some timber I do have a timber production up here kind of yeah four sawmills there that works for now and we do have the work clothes coming in and some timber here as well and we should be pretty full there yeah on schnapps and work clothes that's good and we could also start being full-on bread since bread is something we have quite a lot here in Bell Rock and it should also be full in Sleepy Hollow yeah so what I'm doing is the trade route with the bread no with the with the schnapps to sleep out to Salzburg there it is and let's use this one here as well for bread and for beer since we have enough of that too and let's get all of that to Salzburg at least someone is using those Goods again in one of my arm cities still no quest from the anarchist always looking we could have another X exhibition though I've done quite a lot of archaeological exhibitions there's let's do one for science again and see what we get out of that we do need canned food beer cotton fabric and chocolate that's not much is that nope oh no that's the large one let's cancel this one I want to have the sumptuous exhibition there that's the one so that's champagne fried plantain tortilla felt oh my I remembered the name there and chocolate Oh cigars not chocolate I think we have everything there for this exhibition we do have the trade route for the fried plantain where's the felt we do have enough coffee again and we have so much felt here 650 tonnes so we should have everything there we have enough to tedious and the fried plantain should come in then oh okay I didn't know that so we could try that so apparently if you build a town hall with Anika's items on it people will decorate so we have River district here the perfect district to try that out because I don't have a town hall here yet so let's have a town hall no wait a second I want to have as many buildings in its area as possible let's have it here and let's have a town hall here head miniature new influence because I think I've built so many town halls now and of course we're also going to give this one some ornaments I want to have a fence around it that fits more or a hatch straight hatch like this but it doesn't fit doesn't look as good as I hoped it would so let's just have a fence here looks good so let's have some anarchist items there I think I got some no I don't have any here right now so what we could do is we could get a ship of ours like this one here flying dodo 2d anarchist and there's also quests now let's see utopia naive childish preposterous oh how these stuck ups at the medical school enjoyed mocking my ideals but I have always been the better man yes I will open up my doors to them let them contemplate what they once left that deliver them these in formal invitations and yeah let's pick up the invitations there some one of my ships is on its way anyway the last laugh I don't think that I've had this quest yet this might be good let's get one of my frigates over here as well to the anarchist and to disk Westland there too and what I wanted to look f-for is yeah some of those items here so we do have quite some nice items like the patriarchy the rout of class struggle let's get those items there and activate them in the Town Hall once my ships arrived okay still on its way and there was a explosion in Pune telethia I did not forget that there it is there is a ruin I will not be able to reach repair this this needs some bricks here though and some timber we do have that we do have enough of that actually let's get those things over here to Bonita and we also have the epic item there that improves my cigar production so I should have my cigar factories here and I already have a trade union there let's use this one also to affect the cigar factories and now it boosts the production there even more and what we need though is more lumber no more timber but they have a full output storage anyway as far as I can see the a cigars is full so we don't even need all the cigars that we produce right now let by some items here like this book and also the popular People's Court see what else he got that that alone looks good too democratically elected minister and a poster I don't think that I connect um equip so many items there but let's transport them over here and see then what happens yeah three items are possible so I can use the first three people there that I bought and the other ship should have arrived – now – there it is – forget let's get the invitations let's get the invitations there from the ship okay and where do we need to get it now deliver it to Sir Archibald oh there's the tower the lighthouse that we need to deliver those invitations then right let's continue in Salzburg in the meantime Southbrook should have do we have some bread here now stuff like that yeah we do have some bread here now and beer perfectly happy population in Salzburg there are all artists here you know no one of them likes to work so we only import everything that we have only artists artists living here and we can see that by beautiful parks and ornaments everywhere let's have another marketplace over let's have another block first okay and then what kind of a marketplace here and we probably will need another fire station and this time now to a police station since we have focus here now no let's just have a fence on the other side it's a police station after all not the most not the safest fence though okay yeah let's have some more buildings here and of course also more apple trees once again where's my ship with the invitation so far there it is still on its way okay and there should be my cargo ship with the items now let's unload them and let's equip some of them in the Town Hall so we have the court we do have the more than conservative plate right and we have the book patriarchy and as we can see indeed those buildings actually have some ornaments on them now with the anarchist and there's the quest that we hand in now okay that's another quest but there's no follow up quest as far as I can see thanks wolf but I'm not playing against human I mean you know I know it's not like command & Conquer or a Starcraft I love these games as well but Anna is like building something up having trade routes having a logistics stuff like that marvel at the beauty of the graphics but I'm not I'm not focusing on military power here though I'm definitely looking forward to Walker 3 reforged that's going to be another thing then okay no I don't think that she's going to kill Sir Archie perhaps he does but that would stand 10 I would kill sir doctorhugo because I need sir Archie Archie has always excite us a lot of useful items yeah we still lack a few fried plantains so I'm still waiting for the ship there does look very friendly this district – now with the red flecks everywhere okay and down here in Bonita Lou Thea we should have the materials to repair that mine here and what I can see is that Timbers going down here so we definitely need more timber production here – that's not going to work hmm somewhere else then there we still have some space okay that should work yeah and we do have a nice storage stuff will again where's the next oil tanker not many there not many well tankers here in the new world where are they it's always a good question where are my old tankers there's one they are too full with oil and there's another one on the other yeah so there are two back to marilla no but we do have enough oil storage now we have one over 1,000 yeah of course if I play with others I would focus on military power first because military is the most important thing otherwise you can't win you can't win with financial power you know as useful as financial power is when overtaking cities and stuff like that if someone sends a fleet against you financial power does nothing so you need a fleet and of course I would go for defense then and I think a game against other players would be much more stressful in the sense that I wouldn't focus on building my city but I would focus on defense and attacking the other players all the time oh we still have four free slots here in the middle of the town let's use this one here boosting our attractiveness a bit more and we also have a festival in Sleepy Hollow commemoration day okay right guys I think that's it for now I've played quite a bit now the whole morning actually um I've also recorded the episodes and you can see the whole livestream as one clip of course afterwards and also I think three or four more episodes in the let's play then in the next day today and tomorrow and that's it for now I'm going to have another life livestream today though at 1 p.m. probably for Frost punk the ark survival because I wanted to tackle that for quite some time now and I love that game as well so frost Punk it is in the afternoon and with that I wish you all the best enjoy your day have a good pop and well see you later hopefully bye you

  1. if you want to fill space with trees i reccommend the temperate grove. The trees are random and varied which makes it a lot more natural looking.

  2. Build a few big bettys on some of your islands to consolidate the fact that you indeed built everything the game has to offer!

  3. I told you to destroy the other Ai opponents except for the anarchist so why would you do the opposite and kill the anarchist , just to be obstinate ? If you do that then you will never find out about his quests cutting your nose top spite your face and you will lose many viewers because the main reason you had the monopoly of views was because you were the only English player to play with the anarchist on YouTube if you take away that they you are no more special that the other English players. A slave to our comments? ha, my ass! I don't think the devs would be happy with you abandoning the anarchist because people who haven't bought it were hinging on the anarchist and if it was interesting enough to finally buy it but if that's not working either then you've basically destroyed the propaganda for this game and they may not monetize you again for playing their game. Just a thought. But time will tell what you do about this.

  4. Hello! This is the Clip for today's morning LiveStream.
    If you don't watch a 2 hour clip – wait for the episodes in the Anarchist Let's Play! They're being uploaded at this very moment 😉

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