Annandale Pop-Up Park Provides Community Gathering Space

We’ve had a number of
programming days this summer, we started with a clean up back
in June, then we also had Nature Day that was primarily
hosted by our partners at the Park Authority. In July we hosted Arts Day where
we did mural chalking with Community Art for Everyone. And then in August, we had
Fitness and Fun Day with the Park Authority where we had tons
of people out here playing games and running around, and then we
are closing our season today, October 5, with Community Day in
conjuction with the Taste of Annandale. This is the 5th Annual Taste of
Annandale. It’s not just food, we’ve got across the street with
the Child Development Center and our new Pop-Up Park, we have
childrens activities and we got community boothes. Well I’m very happy right now,
it’s just the best feeling ever because you are giving back to
the community and I wouldn’t be able to do it if I sit at my
desk. We have a number of services that we offer and most
patrons are not aware of them. So we are doing conversations,
we are giving out books, we are also talking about
different services, we have a lot of digital books now. So
if people have questions we are answering their questions
and we are giving out Library Cards. So the best way
to reach out to people is to actually go to the people and
that’s what we are trying to achieve over here. I think it is
very important to come out to events like this because you get
to meet people, and you get to know about activities that you
may not be aware of. And I think it is a good idea to
come out in the open and meet people and enjoy this good
weather. Well we gotten really positive
feedback, it was really exciting to see every single event grew
in attendance from June all the all of the way to today. People
have told us they’re really appreciative of the fact that
they have a space to come together and they’ve had a lot
of fun bringing their kids and their families and they’ve
just really enjoyed it and are are already giving me
suggestions for next year.

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