Animal Farm 1.13: Communists Care

Animal Farm 1.13 Communists Care… a la Shmoop. Communists Care. Seriously. They want nothing
but the best… for themselves, anyway. [Communists walk into room] They didn’t care at all about
the people they overthrew. But that’s another story. Remember the ideals of communism? We’re sure you do…,
but here’s a refresher, just in case. A stateless society. There shouldn’t be powerful
people with authority over the populace. [Powerful people hit with a gavel] Instead, everybody works for the common good, everybody is treated with respect, and everybody
shares the fruits of their collective labor. Egalitarianism. That’s a fancy word meaning
everybody is equal. There isn’t supposed to be rich or poor.
And nope, no middle class, either. [Communists standing together] Everybody is supposed to be equal. Without
private property, nobody has more than anybody else. Classless. Equality doesn’t
just refer to money and bling and stuff. [Communists holding pile of money] A classless society doesn’t have kings
and queens, czars and supreme leaders. It has comrades. We’re all in this together….a la High
School Musical. [Communists on stage and curtain closes] Freedom from Oppression. If you don’t agree
with someone, you don’t have to be afraid of freezing to death in a Siberian slave camp
or disappearing in the Great Purge. [Communists freezing in the cold] Collectivism. Everyone sits around the campfire, hashes out the issues, and decides how to
handle them. S’mores optional, but appreciated. [Guys round a campfire eating s’mores] So, communists really do care about creating
a new society, even if they have to kill off all the rich and powerful to do it. It’s the regimes like totalitarianism and
fascism that don’t care – the kinds of government that take over when communist ideals
are subverted by corruption. Let’s see. Do any of the communist countries
live up to our list of ideals? [Map of the Earth] Well, Russia isn’t even on the list. Is China a “Communists Care” country?
Nope. It’s got leaders, rich people, poor people, private property, knock-offs, and
tons of tchotchkes. Cuba. Hey, they’ve got a president, vice
president, and a whole bunch of ministers. [President and Vice-President of Cuba appear] And don’t forget the cigars so famous that
John F. Kennedy hoarded a bunch before he slapped a trade embargo on the country.
Laos. Um, they’ve got a secretary general, a president, and a prime minister. That doesn’t
sound very stateless to us. Besides, people own property. [A private property] That’s red flag number one right there.
Or should we say not-red flag? North Korea. If there were a parallel today
to Stalin’s Russia, this would be it. With the whole laundry list of propaganda, rule
by terror, oppression, their very own version [list of propaganda for North Korea] of “Spontaneous Demonstrations,” and the
people’s adoration of their hot-looking leader, this place is like a Stalin-era clone.
Vietnam is similar to Laos. It has a president, [President and Prime Minister of Vietnam appear by a river] a prime minister, and a market economy where
people own things, unlike a collective economy where the state owns things. It’s much more
pink than red. So what the heck is going on here? We call
all these countries communist, but according to our “Communists Care” meter, they aren’t. [Communist care meter moves to a low reading] What’s up with that?
Well, they all have one political party…and that makes it easy for the party to stay in
control and rule without opposition. And what about them is like Animal Farm? They
all morphed into regimes that have authoritarian [Windmill spinning] rule, rely heavily on propaganda, and practice
various degrees of oppression, despite potentially good intentions at the start.
So, communists started out caring about their ideals. They just got lost on the road to
“how do we do this?” and were left eating [Communists left in a desert and car rides off] the dust of the power grabbers.

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