Angela Davis on Socialism and People of Color (1972 Interview)

and the present effect of socialism on people of color you look at the Soviet Union the Soviet Union has large areas populated primarily by Asians by people of color I visited while I was there as the Central Asian Republic of Uzbekistan and I was far more impressed by what I saw then I had expected to be because there was a there was a situation in the second Sun in Central Asia where prior to the socialist revolution in 1917 they were living under the worst time the futile oppression and repression imaginable the women in this Pakistan because the traditional religion is was the religion of Islam the women like in many other Arab countries other Islamic countries wore long robes and horsehair veils they weren't allowed to show their face to any other man except their husband and if their husband suspected that that that another man had seeing their face that was reason enough for him to kill her with impunity I mean that's the kind of situation which exist today and now you see women in Uzbekistan in participating fully and lesan political economic social life partitions in the party and the government the chairwoman of the house of nationalities which is one of the two bodies of the Supreme Soviet and the Soviet Union central asian woman from uzbekistan just a couple more words about the relationship of socialism to people of color we were in Cuba and in Cuba of courses the vast numbers of black and brown people and if you compare the situation before the Revolution in 1959 when there was the worst kind of racism promoted encouraged perpetrated by a u.s. imperialist to situation now there is a any point of comparison at all I think I think that if you ever went visited the Soviet Union or Cuba any other place where the people of color socialist country today you have a totally different perspective totally different notion of what socialism is all but today what they are not black people to learn about socialism they have imperialist though because in in the world today who is growing stronger socialism the nationalization of forces and and anti-capitalist anti-imperialist movement in capitalist countries whose growing weak and puny little is going with good the situate the situation and they don't want us to relate to this worldwide movement because they feel that we might become a little bit more confident about our ability to win and we might be a little bit bolder and we might start doing more things that would challenge the power of the monopolies here but things are going to change because they're more and more black people more and more people of color in the country today who are thinking very seriously about socialism about Marxism and fundamental revolutionary transformation of the whole system

  1. Angela Davis with all respect but she was incorrect about Soviet union and muslim/Arab countries, anyone can just search on youtube about videos of egypt, iraq, or even iran in the sixties and see it is not like what she says

  2. It's surprising that such ignorant stereotypes of Arab men as misogynistic brutes prevailed back then. Even more surprising that they infiltrated the radical left.

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