1. People should just become a consultant with a niche. Then they can actually make more than their sweat equity would allow under a contract with an employer. The days of being an employee are going to be over soon. People stay working for companies because of healthcare benefits. Employees make far less than consultants. Most workers don't consider going into business for themselves because they are simply uneducated on how to go about it and just how much money you can make with the same or less amount of work you would give an employer. The masses are stuck at jobs working for employers at low rates because they are given incentives that the employer negotiates with insurance groups that give them kickbacks/price cuts to allocate insurance opportunities to the employee base. With the healthcare situation all up in the air and a mess in general, I can see more young people opening up businesses to make more money than as opposed to graduating high school and going to work for some company. Granted you need to have some experience to gain any leverage, there are ways to negotiate as a consultant that will give the client/company leverage in the beginning. You will take merit-based contracts where you won't get paid until you deliver a service or product to the client/company. But when you do deliver you will get paid better than an employee and the client/company will not have to pay for taxes and insurances of an employee. Everyone should consider revolutionizing the market by contributing to capitalism and starting their own company. This will incentivize more growth financially and force the healthcare field to cater to small businesses as opposed to big businesses. This isn't socialism, this is capitalism in evolutionary progress. Don't beg or demand more as an employee that's dumb. Start your own business. If you want to work for a company and not start your own then you are choosing to be lazy, entitled and a scourge on the world's buttocks.

  2. Socialism is weaponized stupidity that uses equality as oppressive weapon to equally victimize free people by forcing them into modernized slavery! There is no freedom in democratic socialism, and the only thing truly equal in a socialized society is the stupidity that was forcefully bred into that society! We are stupid, so we must force everyone into stupidity is the democratic socialist way because all socialist are diseased parasites that survive off the stupidity of stupid people! Stupidomizing people’s freedom to create slaves isnt equality! It’s oppression, slavery, and the tyrannical genocide of freedom that only a fool, or a tool would ever accept! Democratic socialism is a disgusting diseased way of thinking that breeds stupidity, and forcefully drags everyone down into stupidities abyss! Stupidity is the most dangerous weapon in the world that is always underestimated until the damage is done! Socialism is the Ebola virus of stupidity, and it should be treated like the goddamned disease that it is!

  3. a so te capitalist wo sits in is office all day doin fuck all but workin out new cruel ways to exploit people is te ard workin one and te 99% of people wo arnt capitalists but instead work for one are all lazy, even tou tey work teir asses off for a wae tat tey can live on 5 days a week. ot it.
    also sorry for my spellin two of my keys dont work and i CANT AFFORD TO ET IT FIXED

  4. Just because it's possible to beat the odds and rise up above your plebeian position under corporate dictators doesn't mean it's easy. It is in fact so difficult that few people born into poor or low income households will ever succeed at striking it rich. It requires skill sure, and even a drive to change your life, but it also requires an extreme amount of luck. Not everyone can do something like this. We need to stop treating our laborers like sh*t and help them so that they can have decent lives like us

  5. People today are screaming for more democratic socialism / my opinion is that we will all vote ourselves whatever we want and demand it to be free right along side this whole journey we lose our freedoms slowly until it's gone all together every last drop .. That's what disturbs me when everyone my age (20's) immediatley jumps to support Bernie I don't think none of us including me truly appreciate what freedoms we have left and no one living today can ever feel the freedoms the founding fathers fought for then felt themselves simply because we didn't live in that era of enlightenment

  6. this sums up European socialism very nicely taxes go up the roof and its higher on the rich and lefties talk about equality

  7. the focus of this wasnt about government it is about putting the ideal that blacks are the ones who are tearing down our society this shit head really thinks low of white peoples ability to reason and think willie lynch is now being used on whites there are more poor whites than blacks as a whole who depend on welfare3 to feed their children but if this and other hate mungers can make you (whites) believe that its only the blacks then they can trick fuck you and cut your welfare WAKE THE FUCK UP WHITE AMERICA the top 1% isnt all white they dont care about you being white they use what ever tactics to stay on top

  8. you are a disgusting racist shithead more whites are in poverty and receive welfare than blacks more whites commit crimes than blacks you dumb ass

  9. Socialism is the surest way to promote true equality, for it ensures that everyone is equally poor.

  10. people arguing about capitalism and socialism here should understand that their views of the systems were inculcated by the systems so definitely you will find the other one inferior. The truth is there should be a fine balance. people have become so brainwashed that they enjoy things that were given to them by socialism without acknowledging it or being oblivious to it. Scandinavian countries have the best standards of living and thats because they have the basic amenities like healthcare and education socialised. and contrary to what you think they have better education and healthcare so your notion that anything that is socialised or run by the government is bad is false. maybe you have to ask your capitalist overlords whenever something fails like your public transportation (remember the GM streetcar fiasco?) or your education system. remember it is common practice to deliberately run down a system so that they can own it for less. The only reason UNFETTERED capitalism works is because it stifles logic and reasoning and kills any opposition by either hook or crook (read as lobbied laws, propaganda overload and calling anybody who opposes their "fair trade'' practices as conspiracy theorists communists or socialists), CAPITALISM IN MODERATION SOCIALISM IN MODERATION. LEARN FROM THE SCANDINAVIANS. for once look over the ''America is great'' propaganda cloak and you will once again lead in education and standards of living.

  11. Only in America can this happen where people will argue against their own rights because they are so brianwashed into defending the system that keeps the rich people rich no matter what. Socialist unions were responsible for eight hour work days, abolition of child labour and other worker benefits that these ignorant people should find in their own history. Wait they don't teach that in their capitalist schools. they teach unions were the reason manufacturing jobs went elsewhere. they dont want to see the basics of profit maximising. get more done by less people as much as possible with as little as possible. that explains their basic wage discrepancy to inflation. Did your manufacturing industry go to other countries because of profit maximising capitalism or socialism?. people should realise it should be a fine balance and not a monopoly of any one system.Nowhere is ignorance more glorified and it shows here. Unites states postal service?. there are some things that should be run for the benefit of the people and not for profit like healthcare, education and basic services like postal services. you cease to be a nation when you deprive your citizens of their basic rights. Basic rights include healthcare and education. all the Scandinavian countries are welfare states and they have a better life oh no wait they don't teach that either. America is the only country which doesn't have paid maternity leave in the developed world. hmm why wouldn't the job creators be benevolent and do that afterall?

  12. this attitude is an example of egocentric, self-centred individualism that sees people at the 'bottom' as lazy who don't deserve to have the same as people who 'work hard'. If only things were that simple ey. keep piling out your excuses. who is really greedy?

  13. Did you even live in europe for at least 8 years? I bet you don't even know the reality because this video is almost completely wrong

  14. Only in America could you find such moronic dribble. Honestly the person who created this elementary school hogwash should be ashamed and embarrassed, not only for his very basic understanding of economics, but because of his askew world view, or at least outdated and stubborn view. In the video, it's automatically assumed that Peter has the opportunity to create a better circumstance for himself. It's automatically assumed he has the time or funds necessary to go to school. It's automatically assumed the chef created his food chain himself, and he wasn't born into the silver spoon of opportunity. When one creates a straw man, it's pretty easy to burn that down. All I'm asking is for a realistic goddamn consideration of how the world actually works, and this corporate "everyone has the same opportunity if you work at it" propaganda, fucking disgusts me. Explain to me, how a poor man born in the projects of harlem, has the same opportunity, AT ALL, as a fucking wealthy businessman or banker, or even a goddamn middle-class person. The abandonment of realism is shocking and frankly shows the stupidity and ignorance of the publisher. Good day. 

  15. in an economy where you can't get jobs easy socialism encourages working class and in turn helps the people.

  16. Bad video. Crazy business owners thinking that money > life… heh.

    So *everyone* that has a terrible job is just too lazy to do better? That's some fuckin' generalization right there.

    The part at :30 where "Peter thinks" is just retarded. The boss doesn't need to conspire, the system is already built *for* him. And who is to say that the "nationwide chain of restaurants" was built legitimately (i.e. without coercion, hostile takeovers, underpaying employees…)?

    Capitalism sucks.

  17. I dont think you truly understand what comes with socialism. Yes its a pretty painted picture but in the end alot of control comes into play.

    Also please explain to me how someone who is a doctor, lawyer, works in IT etc who is wealthy effecting your everyday life?

  18. Yea its human nature to be greedy! Just like humans like to fight by making wars!And Btw, Its the main goal of socialism to prevent poeple to get wealthier so that everyone are equal!If we all distribute the wealth equally, everyone would be poor.Dont u see the situation in Cuba?Life is horrible here!They need to find their own food to survive! During the Cold War,All the communist poeple in the west of Berlin risked their passing trough the Berlin wall for the capitalist system! It doesnt work!

  19. and so we should just be content with the greediest 1% hoarding the majority of the wealth? Because it's human nature to be greedy? Well I think the majority of people would prefer wealth to be distributed more fairly. Socialism doesn't prevent you from becoming wealthy, it just stops super-rich people living an effortless life whilst exploiting the poor who never had the means to become wealthy. That is what you have under capitalism

  20. Interesting how people make videos about things they don´t understand… Well everything is possible ….

  21. I'm not against socialism but its not the best system. Socialism doesn't work because the human is just too selfish to share. I Mean…. It's an awesome system but it's just too unrealistic. Its not fit for us! well… not until the human begins to be altruistic.

  22. correct ,this is the main difference of socialism and communism.But If you go by the Marxist definition of "communism". then the Soviet Union was certainly not communist.Because Marxist consider that communism was the final stage of socialism.with the establishment of "the dictatorship of the proletariat", social ownership of the means of production.Under this definition.USSR was never closed to communism.Sure USSR did tried, and cause the economic collapse March 1921

  23. Btw, it's important to note that when talking about equality in communism and socialism: ofcourse people are equal in socialism but not financialy. Being equal means equal in your rights, not in the amount of money you earn.
    In communism people are often equal on a financial base aswell since everything is owned by the government which decides how much each person gets.

  24. Well it had socialistic traits, thats for sure. But it was mainly communism. There is no arguing in that, its a fact. Just as the USA is capitalistic and has a few socialistic traits in it. As such I say: the Soviet Union was communistic which is not wrong.
    Socialism means people provide for eachother, for the non capable. In communism, everything is owned by the state anyway and everyone gets the same. Like you said: everyone is equal. This is NOT the case in socialism.

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